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            The Future of Coworking Spaces After Covid-19

            Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many Americans stopped commuting to work daily and had to start working at home. Before…

            Benefits of Coworking for Writers

            As a writer, it is very hard to concentrate when you are you are writing. A conducive working space where…

            DeskNow Turns Empty Spaces Into Immediate Cash

            There is currently a space problem in our businesses – one with too many empty desks, closed gyms, and abandoned…

            Cash Injection For Flex Space Startup: infinitSpace Redefines Flexible Workspace

            Commercial real estate landlords who want to reposition part of their properties as flexible workspaces currently have two options only:…

            Working as a Freelancer in the Pandemic: Opportunities & Challenges

            The pandemic opened a window to new opportunities for freelancers but new challenges too. Finding the balance between these two…

            Benefits of Internal Mentoring

            Harnessing the potential, proper guidance, and mentoring can make the newbie become an asset to the company. It is through…

            Premier Workspaces Capitalizes on Industry Distress, Plans to Add 100 Shared Workspace Locations

            The pandemic has shaken up the coworking/flexible office space industry, with struggling and bankrupt coworking operators dominating the headlines. Many coworking operators closed their…

            Australia’s Dedicated Festival for International Students Expands with $500K Funding Boost

            State Library Victoria’s StartSpace has once again teamed up with Study Melbourne to launch an expanded, year-long Future Founders program for international students thanks…

            Traveling and Working Remotely: How to Get Started

            With remote working now more accessible and coworking spaces around the world making it possible for anybody to work from…

            The Good That Casinos Do for Communities

            Casinos and the Economic Impact They Generate on Communities Casinos have long been a hotly-debated topic in many jurisdictions around…

            Creating a Coworking Space with Your Partner

            One of the toughest things about working from home is keeping everyone happy. In many cases, all adult members of…

            How to Prepare Your Coworking Space for the Post-Pandemic Landscape

            In the last few years, we’ve seen an increase in the popularity of coworking spaces. In 2019, there were about…

            4 Aspects Every Fresh Business Administrator Needs to be Mindful of

            Administrating a business is not a task for just about anyone – it comes with both great responsibility and great…

            The Rise of Women in the Workplace

            From athletics to STEM careers, women are rising through the ranks in the workplace and helping to lead us into…

            Increase Access Control Safety for Coworking Spaces

            Coworking spaces are smart workplaces where individuals or teams with diverse specialties work independently or collaboratively in a shared workspace.…

            Why Students Choose Coworking Space

            Coworking space is on the rise amongst students and small businesses. There are many business centers and office space companies…

            How to Save Money While Using a Coworking Space

            The idea and implication of coworking have revolutionized the way we do business. No longer does one require large office…

            What is Coworking & How to Get a Coworking Space Job

            Coworking generally involves several people gathering in a space to get various projects done. It’s not the same as a…

            The Optimal Office Space Design for Productivity

            Your workplace may have a tremendous effect on the way you work and your overall ability to be productive and…

            How Can a Co-Working Space Best Keep Their Customers Updated?

            Co-working spaces are used by more businesses than ever with new places opening up in every major city these days.…
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