12 Awesome Yet Affordable Coworking Spaces in Philadelphia (2022)

At the very outset, every Coworking Space Philadelphia is fabricated with a unique mix of collaboration and flexibility. And that is how every coworking space in this city has been fabricated to work. In addition to this, they are efficient, work for the benefit of the members, and ensure that they get a kindred environment to what they desire in an ideal workspace. Philly is a creative hub, it has a considerable number of workspaces that provide a creative environment for the members.  

Not only this, there are a few coworking spaces in the city of Philadelphia which have a universal approach and others that cater to a niche profession. There has been a transition from working in coffee shops to shared workspaces. And apparently, they offer a better ecosystem and provide a good space to work, period.

The communal feeling, that work spirit and working amongst the like-minded people is what makes coworking a great success Philadelphia. Talking about these workspaces ahead, let get to know the best and some diverse Philadelphia coworking spaces. 

Coworking Space Philadelphia




Spacesworks is all about innovation, inhabitation of creative thinking and a game-changing attitude. Achieving your goals at this coworking space Philadelphia will be easier, better, and approachable. Be it a business, entrepreneur, or even a corporate intrapreneur, you will find the right community to work with here. Believe it or not, Spacesworks has a unique to itself which attracts people who are best at what they do. And, all of this will certainly help you expand your horizon. Further, with amenities like flexible contract terms, 24/7 access and security, locker, dedicated kitchen, relaxation area, meeting areas and much more, working here is super easy and productive. 

Location: There are two Spacesworks addresses in Philadelphia: 

  • 100 South Juniper
  • 1626 Locust Street

Website: https://www.spacesworks.com/

Membership Plans: Coworking here is cost-effective as you will get a coworking membership for $226/month. Further, a dedicated desk will cost you $311 per month, and the office space rentals start from $485 a month. 


The Yard Philadelphia


The Yard has to be on your bucket list if you are searching for a productive coworking space Philadelphia. This space which also has addresses in NYC, Boston, and even DC works to help startups and businesses achieve success. Not only this, but they are also motivating the members to dream big and achieve them. All this means that the Yard Philadelphia has to be your choice of for a coworking space if you want to get things done. The Yard has services and amenities that create an awesome environment for the member. This includes flexible terms of contract, print, internet, conference room, 24/7 access, and whatnot. Each and everything is facilitated to the members as per their requirement and plan structure. 

Location: 21 S 11th Street

Website: https://theyard.com/

Plans and Pricing: Open coworking at this Philadelphia based coworking space comes at $350 per month. Further, a dedicated desk membership is priced at $400 a month. Private offices are also available at this coworking space, for one to 6 members. And the initial price is $550/month. 


Industrious Coworking Space


Industrious Office Coworking space Philadelphia overflows with professionalism combined with a relaxed office environment. This is the best kind of work environment that you can get in a workspace and that too after putting in the least efforts. Not only this, since Philadelphia is a great city for commerce, education, and culture. A mashup of these traits is found in Industrious. In addition to this, you will also work efficiently with services like kitchen area, lounge area, internet, breakfast & snacks, office supplies, conference rooms, event spaces and much more. 

Find them here: You can find Philadelphia coworking space, Industrious at

  • 50 South 16th Street
  • 901 Market Street
  • 230 South Broad Street

Website: https://www.industriousoffice.com/

Costs: There are community memberships and office space rentals available at Industrious coworking space in Philadelphia. The open desk or community memberhsip will cost you $428/month. Added to this, offices are also available here to accommodate one to 19 team members. The starting price for the office is $846 a month. 




Philadelphia is a great city to do business and progress, there is no doubt in that. Added to this, if you would get an environment provided by WeWork, your chances for success increase manifold. WeWork is such a coworking space Philadelphia which has a global presence and is further known for its clean and eco-friendly workspaces. Added to this, you will get exposed to a harmonious and infectious community of people who are proactive and amazing at what they do. The community culture of WeWork is an amazing add-on to your business and it will certainly help you succeed. A few amenities at your disposal in WeWork’s four coworking spaces in Philadelphia are conference rooms, events, phone booths, lounges, common areas, printers, and meeting rooms. 

Find them at: You can visit WeWork Philadelphia at four different hubs:

  • 1430 Walnut Street
  • 1010 N Hancock Street
  • 1601 Market Street
  • 1900 Market Street

Website: https://www.wework.com/

Prices: Hot desk prices start from $350/month and it is available at three locations of WeWork Philadelphia. Added to this, the dedicated desk membership starts from $470 per month. Office spaces are also available in all the locations and the price of the same begins from $690 a month. 


Indy Hall


Eudaimonia, never heard of this word? Well, I also got to know it after I came across Indy Hall, a unique coworking space Philadelphia which endorses a good life filled with relationships and emotions. Indy Hall believes that working with a group of like-minded people is much better and productive than working alone. That is why you will find a well fabricated, hand-knit community of freelancers, professionals, and business owners at this workspace. Indy Hall in Philadelphia is such a coworking space that will help you build connections. There are online chat rooms for the members, this is combined with events, group activities, and other necessary amenities to get you set for working productively and efficiently. 

Located at: 399 Market Street, Suite 360

Website: https://indyhall.org/

Plans and Pricing: Indy Hall only has hot desking options for the members. There is the one day pass priced at $30/day. Then they have a Six Pack, Lite and Full Membership priced at $120, $200, and $300 per month respectively. Guest Pass and Night & Weekend membership is also available at Indy Hall, Philadelphia’s own coworking space. 


1776 coworking space Philadelphiacreative-space-philadelphia-image-hot desks

If startups are looking for a niche environment that eases growth and development at the initial stages, 1776 coworking space Philadelphia is the way to go. This workspace specifically focusses on the incubation of startups in Philadelphia and has also partnered with educational institutions to help them make connections and reliable sources for their development. They offer wisdom, resources, mentorship, and exposure that helps businesses scale. The workspace of 1776 is the place where the magic happens and you will find a lot of proficient amenities at your disposal here. 

Addresses: There are multiple locations powered by 1776 in Philadelphia:

  • The [email protected]: 1410 N 31st Street
  • Pennovation: 3401 Grays Ferry Avenue
  • Sun Oil Building: 1608 Walnut Street 12th Floor

Member Pricing: Becoming a member of this workspace depends on your level of business growth and its structure. There are options join them in coworking hot desks or even get a dedicated desk. Further, there are plans to get in the club as a startup pod member, startup garage or even hire your own office. The pricing structure for all is variable and exclusive to the locations of this coworking space in Philadelphia.


CIC Philadelphia


CIC is everything that any innovator can desire. It has the best in class services, an amazing environment for growth, and the community filled with like-minded individuals. At CIC Philadelphia, you will come across innovators and teams of people who are into this for development, growth, and scaling. This concept is unique with this Coworking space Philadelphia. Further, CIC Philadelphia will bless you with an amazing community, networking opportunities, global access to the CIC locations. There is a lab space within the premises too. So, they have got your every single business need covered. 

Residing here: 3675 Market Street, Suite 200

Website: https://cic.com/

Pricing: Coworking spaces, coworking labs, private labs, and private offices are available at this efficiency inspired Philadelphia Coworking space. Coworking membership will cost you $300 per month. Coworking or private labs are available for a cost of $2625 per head/month. Private offices, which can accommodate people from one to 70 are also available at $600 a month per person. 


Cultureworks Philadelphia


Cultureworks is not your usual coworking space Philadelphia, is an amalgamation of workspaces for artists, art communities, and creative organizations. This is the space where, as an artist, you can thrive and flourish in your niche. They offer both economic and social support to the members and also inspire them all to share their resources with each other. There are meeting spaces, conference rooms, mailing addresses, 24/7 building access, and a great community to flourish. Cultureworks is the right place for you, if you want a healthy companionship and access to proactive resources, for developing your business. 

Located at: 1315 Walnut Street, Suite 320

Website: https://www.cultureworksphila.org/

How to become a member? You can either go for a general membership that starts from $40 a month. This membership plan will get you sorted for workspace access and several other amenities along with making you eligible for discounts at various service providers and centers. There are other membership options too that offer a more ingrained and wider scope to the workspace and its many resources. 


The Loom Philly


The Loom Philly is yet another evidence of the creativity and innovative culture of Philadelphia. This is a quite different Coworking space Philadelphia which offers workspaces, studios, office spaces, and artist studios to the members. The whole building and workspace is built to make sure that the members work in a creative environment. The community of innovators working here is something that every budding or a well-established artist would want. You will full-time office maintenance and support staff to make things easier and more streamlined for you. 

Be Creative at: 2095 E Willard Street

Website: https://www.theloomphilly.com/

To become a member: Membership at this maker space depends on your requirements and availability. You can hire an office space to take care of the logistics and administrative functions or even hire a workspace to create something. You can find the sizes of dedicated workspaces available at present on the website and then contact to know the prices and rates. 


Pipeline Philly


Pipeline Coworking space Philadelphia or Philly as it is originally named offers a conjugal environment for all sorts of workers and entrepreneurs. Either you can be a freelancer, a solopreneur, startup owner, business owner, or even a professional looking to set your own office. Pipeline Philly has space, resources, and a well-knit community to support each one of the members. Amenities and services include locker space, meeting rooms, event space, internet, and much more. 

Visit them here: The Graham Building at Dilworth Park, 30 South 15th Street, 15th Floor

Website: https://pipelineworkspaces.com/

Prices and Costs: A Flex space is similar to a hot desk and it is priced at $199 per month. Further, you can also buy a dedicated desk space for $449/month if you are looking for some privacy. Pipeline Philly also has private suites starting from $649 a month and you can take an office space for up to 6 people. 


Nextfab Philadelphiamaker-space-philly-nextfab

Nextfab is yet another maker space cum coworking space Philadelphia and it covers a wide scope of services and helps give your creative juices a right direction. There is space for metalworks, photography, 3D printing, designing and software, electronics, jewelry, laser cutting, textile, and woodworks. You will get access to machinery, mentors, resources, education, events, and other professional services all within the workspace that is created and further curated to help you succeed while learning. In addition to this, Nextfab is combining the elements of digital technology with traditional tools. This is helping the members make new things, solve problems along with learning new things. 

Location: 205 Washington Avenue

Website: https://nextfab.com/

Member Pricing and Plans: Community, Flex, Standard, and Ultimate, these are the four types of membership plans available at this workspace. The prices for the same are $55, $99, $199, and $299 per month. You can also hire Project Space or Office space to get your business set up in a new and collaborative environment filled with like-minded individuals. 


So, it seems that Philadelphia or Philly as some of you may call it has two major types of coworking spaces. One is the universal type of workspace that has members from all fields and they offer services and amenities to cover their work scope.

The other is the creative and maker space shared work hubs. The beauty of it all is that every coworking space Philadelphia is equally efficient and promotes a shared culture of harmony, camaraderie, and productivity. 

Where there are workspaces to cover such essential services like internet facilities, printing, cleaning, and tea or coffee. I have also seen spaces that go one step ahead in helping startups and small business owners get the right mentorship and a controlled exposure to the market.

This curative ecosystem of gradually assisting the startups launch and scale is what I like best about such type of coworking spaces Philadelphia. Now it all depends on you to choose the space which suits your business and which has a community to let you expand, scale, and grow. 

Ajay Deep

Ajay Deep is the brain behind Coworking Mag. He founded this website to help startups and aspiring entrepreneurs find a coworking space in their city. He is a successful entrepreneur who started and scaled a bunch of startups – all from shared office spaces. He has visited hundreds of coworking spaces in different countries and is now an investor in this evergrowing idea of developing new coworking spaces. You may reach Ajay Deep at [email protected]
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