15 Magnificent Coworking Spaces in NYC with Perks & Prices (2023)

Unique, Awesome and Outstanding. This is what I would say about every Coworking Space NYC. One of the most populous cities in the United States, New York is home to more than 250 different coworking organizations. Honestly, this has made my job a little too tricky. This is a city where everything is just great.

The people, the work culture, the entertainment, and everything is awesome about New York. If you would scream from the top of the Empire State Building (another amazing thing about New York) that New York is the greatest city in this World. I am sure everybody around you at that time will only pitch in. Ok, I am getting a little carried away here. Let’s get back to the coworking and the amazing spaces in NYC. 

Being a financial center it is only evident that a number of co-working spaces emerge in here only to channelize the winds of entrepreneurship. Not only has it reshaped how professionals like to work but every coworking spot in the city of New York has something unique to offer. And this is what I feel is the most astonishing fact about its Coworking culture. I know that it is difficult to filter out your favorite workspace from the hundreds of them that New York has to offer. It has every kind of co-working space in its kitty. From an affordable coworking space NYC to niche workspaces, there are a lot of options to choose from. 

So whether it is that you want a workspace near Central park like Spacious NYC or that you want to work from the financial center of the city that is Rockefeller. There is a workspace available for you in every part of the city. From Manhattan to Richmond Hill and from the Bronx to Staten Island, New York has got you covered. Let’s dive in and know more about the amazing and the best co-working spaces in New York City.

Coworking space NYC

Finding the top coworking spaces in New York is easier said than done. But, to make things easier, follow these spaces and choose the best one for yourself.

Unconventional Coworking spaces NYC


Centre for Social Innovation


Let’s change the world together. That is what everybody would say on your first day at this innovative co-working space center in NYC. If you think that your work can make an impact on society, then CSI is the space for you. On its part, this coworking space NYC will provide you with the tools and the ecosystem which only amplifies the impact you wish to make. All in all, Innovation is the key here at the Centre for Social Innovation. CSI is a 24*7 accessible workspace and is stuffed with passionate changemakers from different industries. They have an amazing work culture which reinforces your vision not to mention the meeting rooms and event spaces to further forward your impact on the people. 

Location: 601 West 26th Street, Suite 325, New York, 100001. 

Member Plans: There are in total of 4 hot-desking options at this NYC’s coworking space. The prices vary between $125 to $400/month. Then there is the private desking option the prices for which are $480/month. A team cluster (meaning up to 6 people can sit and work on a private table) option is there at CSI for $1115 per month. Lastly, they have private offices starting at $1400 a month. 


New Labs


Do you know what’s unique about this coworking space NYC? Well, for one it operates from a barren shipbuilding yard in Brooklyn. It is here that New Lab has curated an amazingly innovative and collaborative culture. The members at New Lab are proficient entrepreneurs with ties to several civic bodies and obtain venture capitalist funding. The motive of all the members at New Labs is the development of frontier technologies which are sure to be disruptive. New Labs boasts with members majorly from the tech-based hardware innovation. They have 3D printers, CNC equipment, industrial cutting and printing machines, woodwork equipment and machines for the Textile industry.  

Location: 19 Morris Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11205. 

Plans: New Labs makes available workspaces to the up and coming startups and helps them secure venture funding from industry stalwarts. They provide workspaces for the startups working in Robotics, Blockchain, Energy, Urban Tech, Bio Tech, Nanotech, Medtech, Agritech and much more. There are desking options which include FLex I, Flex II and Dedicated desk. For a bit more and to work with your team, there is the option of Private Studios at this NYC’s tech-savvy coworking space.


Makerspace Coworking


Makerspace is a one-stop solution for all your creative desires. This coworking space NYC is based out of Staten Island and provides the members with the latest technologies, top-notch tools and industrial grade fabrication techniques to make things happen. Makerspace can also be called as a creative coworking space NYC is the brainchild of two sculptors who with the help of volunteers raised an amazing platform for fellow artists and creatives. This spring season they have opened up yet another Makerspace in Brooklyn and are taking forward their mission. 


  • 450 Front St, Unit B, Staten Island, New York, 10304
  • Brooklyn Amy Terminal, Building B, Unit 1C 140 58th Street, Brooklyn, NY

Members Plan: The individual plans at Makerspace New York City is divided into three different sections. An Associate member will get 6 days of free pass to work in the workspace at an annual fee of $150. The Maker plan is where the individual will get to use the workspace at $150 per month and have full access to non-industrial prototyping services. Lastly, there is the Pro Member plan which will give the members access to everything at $250/month.




LMHQ is one of the inspiring coworking spaces in the city of New York. Members come to learn, collaborate, network and meet. As a community of a diverse group of people LMHQ represents a unique combination of workmanship and fun in the workplace. Apart from facilitating different coworking pricing options, LMHQ also provides event spaces on rent with a professional team to help manage and design your event. 

Location: 150 Broadway, 20th Floor New York

Membership: There are 5 different member plans at LMHQ. For occasional visitors, they have the Connector and the Drop-In plans that will cost you $200/year and $30/day respectively. In addition, at this coworking space NYC, you will find the Insider program billed annually at $600 and will give you 12 passes for the year. The Collaborator plan will cost you $2250 per year and the Activator plan comes at $2700 per year. The Collaboration and Activator avenues are for professionals and those who are looking to collaborate on a daily basis.

Culture Rich Coworking Space NYC


The Farm Soho


The Farm is a group of three coworking spaces NYC and has built a unique identity in the city. This coworking space is known for catalyzing engagement among the members and, in turn, developing creative communities. The Farm Soho, Soho East, and Nomad, these three locations provide an infectious culture for the members which allows them to navigate through and build upon their ideas. Be it an entrepreneur, creative artist, developers, or even social workers, this affordable coworking space NYC is a best for all. 


  • Soho: 447 Broadway, 2nd Floor, NY
  • Nomad: 1178, 2nd and 3rd Floor, NY
  • Soho East: 188 Grand Street, 2nd and 3rd Floor NY

Membership Plans: Member participation at the Farm can be availed in the form of a shared or a dedicated desk. Plus, you can also avail for an office at two out of the three locations. The single desk options will cost you something between $29 to $349. Whereas the office pricing options start at $700 for one member office and can go up to $12000 per month at two of the Farm coworking spaces.


Work Heights


Work heights is a community-focused coworking space based out of New York City. This workspace provides a rich culture of networking, collaboration and relationship building to the members. At work heights, you will be working amongst solo-preneurs and small business owners who are looking for opportunities to develop and increase their network. There will be freelancers and other sorts of workers. Fire up some conversations, illuminate the room with your knowledge, and enlighten your coworkers with your ideas. Work Heights oozes out the feeling of a luxury coworking space NYC.


  • 650 Franklin Avenue, Brooklyn, NY
  • 1037 Dean Street, Brooklyn, NY

Seating Plans: You can avail any one of the three different types of member plans at Work Heights NYC. These are Flex Nights, Flex Desk and Dedicated Desk plans. The Flex nights plan comes at $165/month, one Flex Desk will cost you $235/month, and the Dedicated Desk comes at $390/month. In these plans, you will get a varied portfolio of services and can leverage from the unique features associated with each of them.

NYC’s Home Grown Coworking Spaces 


Bat Haus NYC


Bat Haus is NYC’s Coworking space which established right here in Brooklyn. The common workspace culture here is such that the members will leverage from the interconnections. This is a community-driven space where the members take care of each other and help each other grow. The beauty of such an amazing coworking space new york city is that it allows for a unique combination of networking and work under one roof. For the members, they also provide rental space and organize events every now and then. 

Location: 279 Starr St, Brooklyn, NY

Membership Plans: Bat Haus offers various plans which are flexible and provide different options for joining. There are full time working plans, Fiver, Lite and Full desking options. And the cost of each of them is $99/month, $175/month, and $225/month. Apart from this, at this coworking space NYC you can also rent a desk for one day and also join as a virtual member. 




Convene is a hospitality focussed coworking space in NYC. Here the members get not only a work desk and an amazing culture. But more than that, they leverage from the gourmet snacks and influential caretaking facilities. Convene has made it a priority to provide exceptional professional office environment to the members so that they solely focus on their work and nothing else. Even the art hanging on the walls is handpicked and inspires a unique work culture. 

Location: Convene New York City has 14 different locations spread throughout the city. A few of them are: 

  • 101 Greenwich Street, Downtown
  • 530 Fifth Avenue, Midtown East
  • One Liberty Plaza, Downtown

Seating Plans: Convene is a major provider of office space and event spaces in the city. The office space solutions for Convene range between 5 people to 85 people. The food and catering service is also available from an in-house team and the aim is to provide each and every service to the working professionals operating from any of the Convene coworking spaces NYC. 


Serendipity Labs


Serendipity Labs is yet another USA’s own coworking space that has spread its wings all across the country. This coworking space is known for its efficient service provision and magnificent work culture in the country. There are four workspaces in NYC running under the banner of Serendipity Labs and provide part-time and full-time coworking desk options, and private offices. 

Locations: You can find Serendipity Labs in different locations around the city: 

  • 28 Liberty Street, 6th Floor, NY
  • 80 Theodore Fremd Ave, NY
  • 44 South Broadway, White Plains, NY

Membership Plans: In all of its coworking spaces NYC Serendipity Labs offers coworking desks and private offices. For a coworking desk, the price ranges between $49/month to $499/month. Private desks are also available and the price starts at $799/month. Further, a private office or a team room at serendipity labs will cost you between $1149/month to $2399/month. 

Life Fueling Coworking Spaces


The Assemblage Coworking


The Assemblage is one of the very few coworking spaces NYC which provide coworking and coliving spaces. At The Assemblage, you will be working with the ambiance of collaboration all around. The very cultural fabric of this coworking space exists to provide the members with a unique workspace where they can grow with each other. From innovation to growth, balance, and impact everything is possible with the proactive community culture everything is just perfect with The Assemblage. 

Locations: You can find three branches of this creative coworking space NYC in the city:

  • 114 East 25th Street, NY
  • 17 John Street, NY
  • 351 Park Avenue South, NY

Pricing: There are four different options for everyone to become a part of The Assemblage Community. These are Traveler, House, Desk and Resident Studio or Office plans. Among them, the House and Desk plans offer single hot or dedicated desk at $495/month & $1200/month. Apart from this, the resident studio plans start at $2500 and can go till $3900. 


Rent 24 Spaces


Another one of the coworking spaces NYC which also provide coliving spaces, Rent24 is a European based organization. They are the providers of coworking spaces, office,s conference & meeting rooms. Plus, the Rent24 NYC workspaces also have bars, lounges, and event space ever-present for the members. Rent24 is the space where you can live, grow and work all at the same time on the shoulders of their efficient culture and energetic community. 

Locations: Rent 24 has two affordable coworking spaces NYC:

  • 58 East 11th Street
  • 25 W 39th Street, Floor 14

Membership Plans: At Rent24, you can get either avail for a desk plan which starts at 50€/month. Also, you can rent an office space in any of the two workspaces in NYC. The office pricing plan starts at 250€/month. In spite of originating outside of the USA, Rent24 is very few of the affordable coworking space NYC offering their desks and offices at relatively lower rates. 


Bond Collective


The Bond Collective is one of the boutique coworking spaces NYC that offers unique work experience to every member of the community. The aim is to provide the members with everything that will help them thrive in their business. Bond Collective is a passionate team of people who are always looking to strengthen relationships and offer bespoke services to the members. 

Locations: Out of the 5 Coworking spaces New York City by Bond Collective check out a few of them: 

  • Bond Broadway: 55 Broadway, 3rd Floor, NY
  • The Bond Gowanus: 68 3rd Street, Brooklyn, NY
  • Bond Flatiron: 115 East 23rd Street, 3rd Floor, NY

Desk Plans: There are hot desks, dedicated desks, and office available for the members at The Bond Collective. This workspace is also known as one of the affordable coworking space NYC as its hot desks plan starts at $350/month. Moving on, the dedicated desk plan will cost you $450/month and office space for one person begins at $900/month. 


Primary NYC


Another one of the amazing and business-friendly coworking space NYC, Primary is there help businesses develop. They provide an energetic and ever-expanding environment to the members which further curates an inspiring and opportune pathway. Primary has curated a green workspace with a touch of white only to provide the most exquisite interiors in the city for a coworking space. At Primary, you can work from a coworking space or hire an office space for your team and develop your business with the help of an infectious community. 


  • Penn Station, 251 West, 30th Street
  • Downtown, 26 Broadway

Membership Plans: You can avail a coworking desk at Primary which starts at $300/month. For a private office, the starting price is $750/month for one member. This price is tentative to increase with the increasing strength. The Virtual office participation will cost you $75 for a month at Primary’s both the locations in NYC


Quest Workspaces


Quest has a welcoming culture and they provide the best work environment to the members of their community. They provide new age workspaces that are brimming with inspiration all because, at the core, they work with a mission to allow businesses to thrive. Quest Workspaces is one of the best in the Coworking spaces NYC canvas majorly because they are located in the Financial hub of the city. 


  • 48 Wall Street, Suite 1100
  • 800 Third Avenue, Suite 2800

Member Plans: With a top-notch work area and beautiful designing, you can avail either a coworking desk or even hire an office space. The lounge areas facilitate a chance for the members to connect and interact with each other. All the workspace are fully furnished and you will also get a signage post outside your office. The plans and prices are not shared by Quest Workspaces on the official website.

Techie’s Paradise in New York


Civic Hall


Civic Hall is an inspirational coworking space which has a unique and different model than other traditional coworking space NYC. This is a non-for profit organization and works with the collaboration of innovators, social entrepreneurs, engineers, hackers, techies and a lot of other sorts of professionals. The aim to find out permanent and innovative solutions for civic problems. The city government is also a part of this collaborative workspace. 

Location: 118 W 22nd Street, 12 FL, NY

Member Plans: Since it is a collective effort the plans are also devised with unique criteria. The pricing for civic hall depends on your income levels. The income groups start from $0 and the beginning of the last range is $7084, after this, there is no limit. Plus, the members earning a higher wage have the option to pay more than the set rate only to help the lower range members get full support. 




Galvanize is yet another NewYork’s technology-focused coworking space that provides a huge potential for tech companies to scale. At Galvanize you will be able to leverage from the network of fellow companies and members. More than this, the very location of this co-working space in New York’s Manhattan further increases its outreach and impact on the member businesses. 

Location: 303 Spring Street, 2nd Floor, NY

Membership Plans: Galvanize offers three options for all sorts of tech entrepreneurs. The open seating plan will cost you $399/month and is best for founders to start their journey. Then there is the reserved desk option coming at $699/month. Lastly, they offer private suites starting from $1700/month and can accommodate 4 to 35 number of members. 

Pocket-Friendly Coworking Space


Green Desk


Green Desk is an affordable coworking space NYC, period. There are 9 different locations operating under this banner in New York City. And all of them strive to help the members work from an eco-friendly and professional coworking arena at a pocket-friendly rate. The green desk makes for an eco-friendly and pocket-friendly coworking space in New York. From a professional perspective, you will find yourself working with encouraging and proactive people coming from all sorts of industries. 

Locations: There are 9 coworking hubs of Green Desk in the city:

  • 42 West St, Greenpoint, NY
  • 240 Kent Avenue, Williamsburg
  • 155 Water Street, Dumbo, NY
  • 34-18 Northern Blvd, Long Island City, NY

Becoming a Member: Green Desk recognizes the soaring high rents in New York City. Coworking spaces’ rents are affixed as per the location, services, and the brand name. Green Desk ignores such aspects and will charge only $150/month for a hot desk. Further, their dedicated desk will cost you $199/month and a private office membership begins from $350/month. 


Kettle Space


Well, it’s the Coworking culture of NYC that we are talking about here, there has to be something special about every coworking space. Kettle space is one workspace that is defined by its unique work model and its affordability. Kettle Space has partnered with several coffee shops and hospitality brands in the city. With this association, they offer shared seats and desks in several locations around New York. These spaces have a lot of additional perks and are super affordable, to begin with. 

Locations: Currently, Kettle Space offers seats in 10 locations in the city:

  • Distilled NY: 211 Broadway, New York
  • Hotel IRL: 1080 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY
  • The Ribbon-UWS: 20 W 72nd Street, New York
  • Merakia: 5 West, 21st Street, NY
  • The Ribbon: 220 W 4th Street, New York City

Membership Plans: At Kettle Space, you can avail a shared workspace at as low as $25/month. Yes, it is true. The pro membership that you will you 40 hours of access in any location every month comes at $49/month. Lastly, there is an unlimited membership plan which will cost you only $99 for 30 days. And you will be able to sit and work for an unlimited number of hours 

Startup Accelerator and Incubators in NYC




Beespace is not a typical coworking space NYC, this is an incubator that has a distinct style of operation. Several startups come to beespace only to reinvent, launch and capture the next generation markets. This is done with the of Beespace’s collaborators and how they help strategize according to the customer preference. At the core of Beespace is the drive to combine social innovation with social justice and help non-profits achieve the stage of success. 

Location: 242 W 30th Street, NY

Membership Plans: Beespace has no pricing plans as such. They offer rent-free coworking space to selected members and provide them all the necessary resources. This includes seed grants, counsel, tech assistance, and also provide an innovation fund. 




Company is yet another incubation center decorating the New York coworking space canvas. This center provides a workplace that drives collaboration in a diverse group of members only to provide them with a pathway to develop and grow with each other. The internal environment is such that is channelizes communication that helps businesses expand their network. They offer programs for startups and entrepreneurs which helps them grow. 

Location: 335 Madison Ave, New York City

Membership Plans: Company through its programs like the Grand Tech Central, Urban Tech Hub, Entrepreneur in Residence, and Expert in Residence offer assistance to some selected startups, members and entrepreneurs in expansion help support them to scale and expand.

Spaces for NYC Creatives


Con Artist Collective


The spirits are free and the soul has broken all the shackles, that is what truly defines the Con Artist Collective. This is not a community, not a coworking space and neither an art gallery. Con Artist Collective is a premier creative coworking space NYC. The very ambiance of this workspace cum gallery is infected with creativity, with innovation. Due to this, you will find yourself amidst several artistic endeavors operating from here. 

Location: 329 Broome St, NY

Membership Plans: Well, this is an artist’s hub and that too for the emerging talent of NYC. The membership at New York’s Con Artist Collective coworking space is just $20. And in return, you will become a part of an amazing community of creatives and new age artists. 


Neue House


Today what we consider as history was new at some point in the past. Similarly, at Neue House, history is created with the collaboration of people who meet, make new connections. This is where new ideas are born and people are able to combine art with commerce. This creative space in New York City offers coworking plans to the prominent artists and creators in the city. 

Locations: 110 East 25th Street, New York City

Pricing: The membership plans at Neue House are divided as Studio, Atelier, Gallery, Reserve, and Noir. The studios are akin to offices and will cost $4500 a month, where the Atelier membership includes dedicated desks costing $1500/month. With a gallery membership, you will get access to communal areas other social events at $ 900/month. 

Global Chains in New York




Regus, as you know is a global chain of coworking spaces and they have also built an amazing coworking culture in NY City. With such coworking spaces that have a global outreach, the members can leverage from the networking and growth-oriented opportunities. Regus NYC has the best office space solutions for all sorts of businesses. Be it a freelancer or a corporate office, everyone is accommodated at Regus. 

Locations: New York City is brimming with Regus operated co-working spaces. There are in total of 111 locations in New York City:

  • 100 Church Street, 8th Floor, NYC
  • 14 Wall Street, 20th Floor, NY
  • 41 Flatbush Avenue, 1st and 2nd Floor, New York
  • 104 West, 40th Street, suite 400 & 500, NY
  • 57 West 57th Street, floor 3 and 4, New York City

Membership: The membership rates for all the Regus coworking spaces in the city of New York are different. They are set as per the amenities and the space location. However, the membership plans start at $239/month for a coworking seat. And for the office spaces, the one month price starts from $539/month at this global coworking space NYC. 




WeWork, or now called as The We Company is yet another global coworking space operator also present in New York. It has a huge network of shared workspaces which are built to help businesses thrive together in a professional work sphere. Moreover, they have a mission to support the members build a life and not a living. You will find an interactive and diverse community of members at WeWork and will gain the ability to converse with them over the beautifully decorated lounge areas or have a one to one meeting.

Locations: With 60 different locations in the City, WeWork NYC has the 2nd most expansive network of coworking spaces in NYC. 

  • 199 Water Street, NY
  • 148 Lafayette Street, New York City, NY
  • 368, 9th Avenue, NYC
  • 575, 5th Avenue, New York
  • 430 Park Avenue, New York

Membership Plans: Here too the membership rates depend on the location and a few other specifics. In New York, you can get a hot desk with WeWork starting from $350/month. However, the dedicated desk starts from $450 a month. To avail an office space from WeWork the membership rates start at $750 per month. 




The last most important coworking space NYC and which also has a global presence is Servcorp. This coworking arena is a mix of people coming from various professions and different hierarchical. Some are freelancers and others are running their own organization from here. Servcorp NYC has a special place in New York’s Coworking culture, as it provides all of the patrons with a unique mix of amenities and services to the members. 

Locations: Servcorp has 5 different locations in New York:

  • One World Trade Center, Suite 8500
  • 17 State Street, Suite 4000
  • The Seagram Building, 375 Park Avenue
  • 1330 Avenue of the Americas, Suite 23A
  • 667 Madison Avenue, Midtown, 4th and 5th Floor. 

Member Plans: The three plans that are available with Servcorp in New York City differentiate as per the provision of amenities and facilities. Therefore, the membership rates start from $300/month, for a hot desk and for a dedicated desk this rate climbs up to $750 a month. These are just the beginning rates. For a private office in any Servcorp Coworking spaces in NY City, the membership begins from $1500/month. 


From the virtue of being one of the most popular cities on this globe, New York has a lot to give when it comes to expanding your business. There are a lot of networking opportunities around every corner. You can find your next client, partner or colleague or even a friend in any of these coworking spaces. 

It is both amazing and wonderful to finally explore the huge web of coworking spaces in New York. These workspaces are unique, they present several opportunities to the members and finally allow them to be creative, efficient, and achieve success. A coworking culture which is observed in NYC has to be replicated all across the globe. In addition to this, a place from where coworking got its true meaning, New York has truly upped the ante around the shared workspace culture. So, are you ready you join your favorite coworking space NYC?

Ajay Deep

Ajay Deep is the brain behind Coworking Mag. He founded this website to help startups and aspiring entrepreneurs find a coworking space in their city. He is a successful entrepreneur who started and scaled a bunch of startups – all from shared office spaces. He has visited hundreds of coworking spaces in different countries and is now an investor in this evergrowing idea of developing new coworking spaces. You may reach Ajay Deep at [email protected]
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