Top 15 Coworking Spaces in San Diego with Perks & Prices (2023)

Known as the birthplace of California, in recent years San Diego has emerged as a hub for startup ventures. With the University of California San Diego (UCSD) nearby, the city offers a growing pool of opportunities. In completion to these assets, the local coworking culture also serves as an engine for progress. In this article, we’ll delve into the best shared workspace options available, ensuring you can make an informed choice for your needs.

With every passing year, the city’s startup scene reaches new heights. As a result, coworking spaces across the city are expanding their reach into uncharted territories. There are spaces that cater to the young and fresh-out-of-college talent. Others have chosen a niche such as nurturing aspiring talent within the film industry, providing ideal work conditions for single parents, and more. Having closely examined the vibrant landscape of San Diego’s coworking spaces, we’re excited to share a list of the most promising and unique locations in the city, and help you find the perfect coworking space for your needs.

Coworking Spaces in San Diego

We will start the list with some enormous coworking spaces which have a global presence. Let’s see how they have changed the coworking culture in San Diego.

1. WeWork San Diego


This coworking Space San Diego is of paramount importance not just in this city but in every city where WeWork is present. Now known as The We Company, their workspace, and culture exudes perfection and collaboration. WeWork is the home to all kinds of companies and organizations, ranging from financial to entertainment. One reason for this diverse portfolio of businesses working here is San Diego’s excellent and seductive work-life balance approach. With its laid-back work style, San Diego has attracted a lot of people towards itself in terms of work and having fun at the same time.

There are two locations of WeWork San Diego and they offer amenities like daily cleaning services, craft on draft, and bike storage with much more to offer.


  • Address 1: 1600 B St, Suite 300 San Deigo, California 92101
  • Address 2: 8910 University Center Lane Suite 400, San Diego, California 92122


  • Address 1: (619) 202-1142
  • Address 2: (858) 215-6107

Membership Plans: There are three different membership plans at WeWork San Diego including hot desk, dedicated desk, and private office. For a Hot desk, you need to pay $350 per month minimum and the permanent desk comes at $450 per month. For renting a private office at WeWork Coworking Space San Diego you need to shed at least $630 per month per seat.


2. Spaces San Diego


Spaces Works is yet another huge San Diego coworking space, which has a global reach. In the city, you will find it in the University Town Center, where spaces shine as a light of hope for young students pursuing their dreams. Most importantly, what you will find at Spaces San Diego is an enabling environment. A workspace that lets you collaborate with other like-minded individuals and helps you build connections. All in all, you will swim in a pool of opportunities at this coworking space. At this coworking space in La Jolla, you will be working among entrepreneurs, businesses, and, freelancers.

Location: 4660 La Jolla Village Drive, Suite 100 & Suite 200, San Diego, California 92122

Contact: (858) 535-4800 or email at [email protected]

Membership Plans: The membership plans at an awesome coworking space in San Diego range from a permanent seat to private offices and club membership. A permanent desk will cost you $462 per month and a private office, $749 per month minimum. The club membership is where you get to meet new people on a daily basis and can build connections. At Spaces San Diego the club membership will cost you $112 per month.


3. Regus San Diego

Coworking space San Diego- Regus


It is not possible to complete this list without including Regus San Diego. Another world-famous coworking operator is also blooming in the eighth-largest city of California. Regus is an important coworking space in San Diego which has 20 locations in the city. Yes, you read it right. Regus is truly an enormous coworking organization. Not only has it blanketed all the coworking spaces in San Diego, but you will also find Regus in most of the other cities in the state of California. Regus has also set benchmarks in the facilitation of services and amenities to members across the world.


  • 9920 Pacific Heights Blvd Suite 150, San Diego, CA 92121
  • 9655 Granite Ridge Drive Serra Nesa, #200, San Diego, CA 92123
  • 10620 Treena Street Cush Plaza, Suite 230, San Diego, CA 92131

Contact: (855) 400-3575

Membership Plans: At Regus Coworking Space San Diego you can work from your own desk, a private office, or a business lounge. The per-month rate for the lounge plan is $91. And that for a coworking desk is $299 per month. If you are looking for a private office at Regus San Diego the initial cost is $539 per month.


Business Friendly Coworking Spaces in San Diego

Moving on, we will talk about a few San Diego Coworking Spaces that operate to help businesses scale and prosper. Although most of the coworking spaces that you will find in the city claim to be business-friendly. There are some coworking operators whose sole focus is to help your business in every way they can. Let’s see which are these spaces:

1. Avanti Workspace


A true business prosperity catalyst, Avanti Workspace is an awesome and vibrant coworking space San Diego. Each and every aspect of this coworking space is curated specifically to help you in business development. Their locations will give your business an upper hand when approaching clients. And the meticulous membership plans and their associative amenities also take good care of your business. Plus the membership rates at this coworking space San Diego are low keeping in mind the needs of a small business in the initial stages of development.

Location: 5857 Owens Avenue, Ste 300, Carlsbad, California 92008.

Contact: (760) 302-6030

Membership Plans: The reason Avanti Workspace San Diego is best for your business is because of the membership plans. There are 5 plans to choose from, the virtual office plan is priced at $69 per month. Then you have the coworking desk option which will cost you $25 per day. Next, is the dedicated desk membership starting from $410 per month. For a private office at Avanti coworking space San Diego you need to pay $695 per month which is the starting price. Yet another option for the Avanti Workspace membership plan is the Ready to rent offices starting at $1600 per month.


Which Coworking Space San Diego is good for tech startups?

Tech startups are a little different from other non-tech ventures. This is because the entrepreneurs working in these startups claim to have revolutionary ideas and build upon them. The coworking spaces on their part assist budding entrepreneurs by helping them confront real-world problems. And assess their startup idea from the beginning along with giving them a community of like-minded individuals.

1. Nest Cowork San Diego


Yet another tech-savvy coworking space San Diego goes by the moniker Nest Cowork. This coworking space is a part of a CyberTech Network which is a nationwide organization facilitating the latest trends in IoT and cybersecurity. At Nest Cowork you can hire one of the 20 hot desks available or even rent out one of their offices. Already there are various tech startups that call this coworking space San Diego as their home. This workspace further provides amazing coffee and has various other amenities to offer making work easy and fun.

Location: 1855 First Avenue, Suite 103, San Diego, California 92101.

Contact: (619) 341-4086

Membership Plans: There are four membership plans that you can choose from in this startup-based coworking space San Diego. First is the monthly membership where you will get a floating desk at $140 per month. The 24*7 floating desk is also available at $250 per month. Next is the dedicated desk plan, which will cost you $350 per month and lastly, there are private offices available at Nest Cowork. You can hire a private office on a monthly basis at this San Diego-based coworking space for $450.


The Homegrown Coworking Space San Diego:

1. Union Cowork


The Union Cowork is a San Diego-based coworking space. The motive behind operating a nationwide coworking space is to allow the members of the locality to indulge with each other. This coworking space San Diego has a welcoming gesture for all the members. The members of Union Cowork have exposure to amenities like a spacious workspace, coffee, kitchen, and distinct breakout zones. Plus, if you are a member of Union Cowork San Diego, then you can work from any Union Cowork location in the State.


  • Address 1: 111 C Street, Encinitas, San Diego California, 92024
  • Address 2: 3919 30th St, San Diego, CA 92104
  • Address 3: 440 E Rte 66, Glendora, California 91740


  • Address 1: (760) 537-4670
  • Address 2: (858) 999-3036
  • Address 3: (626) 899-4634

Membership Plans: At Union Cowork, you can choose from three membership plans. Starting with a flex desk, which starts at $300 per month and the semi-private desk will cost you $600 per month. Moving on, if you want a private desk space at this coworking space San Diego, the starting price is $1000 per month.


Coworking Space San Diego for Entrepreneurs:

What does an entrepreneur need the most when he is working day and night to set up his business. Well, according to me, it is the workforce or an encouraging and cohesive. Let’s check out then do these coworking spaces in San Diego can help entrepreneurs fulfill their dreams or not?

1. Moniker Commons


Entrepreneurship at the Moniker Commons comes naturally to all the members, courtesy of a vigorous ecosystem. This business development focussed coworking space San Diego is a part of Moniker Real Estate. You will find that you are working within a community that has a lot to offer. From expert advice to collaborative deals, each and everything is here at Moniker Commons which can help your venture move forward. Amenities include free parking, end-of-the-trip facilities, indoor table games, concierge services, and much more.

Location: 2869 Historic Decatur Road, San Diego, California 92106.

Contact: (619) 546-5888

Membership Plans: In this vibrant coworking space San Diego you can choose to work from a hot desk, a private desk, or an office. The common desk will cost you $300 per month and a private desk will cost $500 per month. The private office membership begins at $1500 per month at Moniker Commons, San Diego Coworking space.


2. Hardihood Cowork Space 

Coworking space San Diego-Hardihood Cowork Space Inc.

An inviting space designed and curated exclusively for the creative and energetic minds of San Diego, Hardihood Cowork Space tailors seamlessly to all your unique requirements. Availing a top-notch spot within the famous North Park, this coworking space offers 24/7 access to each of its flexible workspace options. Moreover, you can bring your furry friend to work as Hardihood encourages a dog-friendly environment. Membership of this coworking space comes with many amenities, including fast Wi-Fi, climate control workspace, conference rooms, tea/coffee/snacks, Kombucha on Tap, sit-stand desks, lockable storage cabinets, and much more.

Location: 4379 30th St #4, San Diego, CA 92104, United States

Contact: (619) 273-3414

Membership Plans: You can avail of their shared and dedicated desk, each priced at a monthly rate of $350 and $425, respectively. Starting at $1250/month, their private office space can accommodate up to seven individuals, including all the necessary perks.


3. San Diego Made Factory

Coworking space San Diego-San Diego Made Factory

Unleash your creativity with San Diego Made Factory, a coworking haven for individuals who seek an inviting and innovative space in San Diego. They offer spacious and well-appointed work areas to conduct events, hold meetings, or even record podcast sessions. With more than 20 fully-furnished creative studios, you can conveniently explore your artistic side, fueling your imagination. Amenities at this extraordinary coworking space include fast Wi-Fi, a conference room, two podcasting/private call rooms, photography areas, a print/copy area, a kitchen and dining area, and more.

Location: Made Factory, 2031 Commercial St, San Diego, CA 92113, United States

Contact: (619) 817-5517

Membership Plans: To know more about the pricing structure of different spaces offered by San Diego Made Factory, consider scheduling a tour of the premises. Alternatively, you can contact their team using the provided phone number.


Female-focused coworking spaces in San Diego

Not that women want a separate coworking space to grow and develop. The power of a woman is amazing and she can really turn the tide around everything if it comes to that. But by adding a little perspective as to how women can hone their skills and progress in a niche coworking area, Hera Hub is there for you.

1. Hera Hub San Diego


It was long due that a coworking space San Diego should come up in a city that is female-centric. Hera Hub is one of the few workspaces for women operating in the world. Born in San Diego itself this coworking space enables collaboration and cohesiveness within the community. The sole motive of Hera Hub Carlsbad San Diego is uplifting the women’s entrepreneurial spirit in the city.


  • 8885 Rio San Diego Drive Suite 237, San Diego, California 92108
  • 11011 North Torrey Pines Road #200, San Diego, CA 92037

Contact: (951) 404-4342

Membership Plans: The membership plans at Hera Hub San Diego are available for individual and team members both. The membership rates range between $129 to $369 per month.


Coworking space for Change Makers in San Diego:

1. Downtown Works


Why change makers you ask? This is because Downtown Works, a coworking space in San Diego is supporting startups and businesses to accelerate. Everything about downtown works is amusing and perfect. They have also won The Koolest KoSpace Award 2018. Along with associating with ScaleSD and Code Beetle, the downtown works is also an accelerator. In this capacity, they support young startups and budding entrepreneurs to scale higher than before and reach new heights.

Location: 550 West B Street, 4th Floor San Diego, California 92101

Contact: (619) 916-4844; email- [email protected]

Membership Plans: To start with you can choose from three open desk plans at Downtown Works San Diego. The prices start from $55 per month and go to $295 per month with a variable number of days during which you can access the building. Further, you can hire a private desk or a private office, the prices of which are not available. Lastly, there is a virtual office membership, for work-from-home individuals priced at $95.


Other coworking spaces in San Diego

1. Premier Workspaces


One of the most widespread coworking operators in the country, Premier Workspaces is also present in San Diego. Coworking space culture is on the rise all over the globe and spaces like these are quick to adapt to the new environment. With this enormous coworking space,  you will get professional and high-scale office spaces. Their amenities and services help them stand apart from other workspaces. Moreover, you will find a cohesive community culture at each and every coworking space operated by Premier Workspaces.


  • Address 1: 600 West Broadway, Suite 700, San Diego California 92101
  • Address 2: 8880 Rio San Diego Drive, 8th Floor, San Diego California 92108
  • Address 3: 4225 Executive Square, Suite 600, La Jolla, California 92037
  • Address 4: 12526 High Bluff Drive, Suite 300, San Diego California 92130
  • Address 5: 12636 High Bluff Drive, Suite 400, San Diego California 92130
  • Address 6: 11440 W. Bernardo Court, Suite 300, San Diego 92127


  • Address 1: (619) 272-7000
  • Address 2: (619) 209-6000
  • Address 3: (858) 242-5600
  • Address 4: (858) 792-3500
  • Address 5: (858) 724-2200
  • Address 6: (858) 753-1800

Membership Plans: Premium Workspaces San Diego has three membership plans- Silver, Gold, and Platinum member plans. The silver plan will cost you $300 per month and the Gold plan will cost you $495 per month. Lastly, the Platinum plan comes at $595 per month.


2. Gather Cowork

Coworking space San Diego-Gather Cowork

Located in the heart of San Diego’s vibrant neighborhood Hillcrest, Gather Cowork offers flexible passes and several enticing perks for working professionals in search of a productive work environment. At Gather Cowork, members are bound to find any and every piece of equipment they require for their daily tasks, from reliable Wi-Fi to sitting and standing desks, ergonomic furniture, whiteboards, or printing and scanning facilities, on top of a fantastic community of like-minded entrepreneurs.

Location: 1223 Cleveland Ave, San Diego, CA 92103, USA

Contact: (619) 330-7687

Membership Plans: All the membership plans at Gather Cowork San Diego include access to community events, kitchen access, and bicycle storage. The prices start at 35$ per day for a Day pass and go up to 1099$ per month for an office with unlimited workdays and hours of access. There are also options for open coworking, priced at 349$ per month, and dedicated desks at 549$ per month.



Coworking space San Diego-Smartspace

Need a break from the monotonous work-from-home environment? Do you also crave a productive and inviting atmosphere for elevating your business? If yes, hit the SMARTSPACE coworking space in the lively city of San Diego. At this coworking space, all your unique requirements will be catered to with the availability of their incredible flexible workspace options for either hourly, part-time, or full-time basis. In addition, they have a stunning art gallery within the premises, making it convenient for the artists to unleash their art & craft works to valued clients or guests. Regarding amenities, SMARTSPACE offers mailbox services, a printer/copier, a fully-stocked kitchen, storage lockers, professional management staff, multiple meeting/conference rooms, high-speed internet, a beautiful outdoor patio, ample parking, etc.

Location: 4455 Murphy Canyon Rd #100, San Diego, CA 92123, United States

Contact: (619) 453-0880

Membership Plans: For a detailed overview of the prices for different workspace options at SMARTSPACE San Diego, contact their team via provided phone number or drop an email at [email protected].


4. You Belong Here 

Coworking space San Diego-You Belong Here 

Looking for an affordable coworking space that focuses on boosting creativity and sustainability, eventually aiding in elevating your business? If yes, your search ends at You Belong Here. As the name suggests, this coworking space gives equal opportunity to each aspiring individual to empower them financially and nurture their talents effortlessly. Here, you get to work within an inspiring community that believes in sharing ideas, concepts, skills, and knowledge with one another. This coworking space believes in providing different tools and resources to support individuals in thriving on their entrepreneurial journey.

Location: 3619 El Cajon Blvd, San Diego, CA 92104, United States

Contact: (619) 736-0480

Membership Plans: At You Belong Here San Diego, you get to choose the perfect space as per your requirements from their four available membership options- #Starthere at $99/month, Grow at $125/month, Thrive at $195/month, and Creator at $325/month. Additionally, to rent the space for a day, you can buy their day pass for $20.



Keep in mind that our list of San Diego coworking spaces is not exhaustive. This city holds a tremendous amount of potential to help startups, entrepreneurs, businesses, freelancers, and individual workers achieve their dreams. You have world-class universities constantly producing talent, the economy is booming on the shoulders of manufacturing houses, R&D institutes, and international trade outlets. With the growing popularity of remote work, the San Diego coworking culture serves as an adaptable platform that ties all these areas together, providing ample opportunity for flexible work as well as networking.

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