Top 10 Coworking Spaces in Boston (2023) With Perks & Prices

With innovation taking over, there is a new wave of sector-specific coworking space Boston that is taking over the city. Boston is not new to the trend of coworking. Be it food startup, tech startup, ed-tech, fintech, and whatnot, coworking is being further segregated into niche shared community spaces that are better equipped to support and help scale the companies. Apart from this, we can also look after some of the biggest and fastest-growing coworking spaces right here in Boston and its nearby areas. 

From Cambridge (home to the prestigious MIT) to Dorchester and Somersville, coworking spaces have blanketed the startup and business culture here. For small businesses, solopreneurs, freelancers, and even entrepreneurs looking to get a cost-effective space and grow from there, Boston has a lot to offer.

Because within the proximity of a coworking space, you will find the right environment and an energetic community. And this is what makes the city of Boston as a good city to work from a coworking space. Which space you may ask? Well, here is a list of some fantastic coworking spaces in Boston. 

Coworking Space Boston


Idea Space


Idea Space resides in the Back Bay area and this coworking space Boston is an ideal place to work for creatives. This workspace boasts with its creative and like-minded community culture that acts as a pillar of support for the members. Collaboration and like-mindedness are the cornerstones of this shared workspace. Success is something that is celebrated by one and all. Moreover, the whole space is aesthetically excellent. The interiors are beautifully built to help you amplify your work efforts. Matted floors combined with ergonomic seating options give a unique touch of comfort and attractiveness to the whole space. 

Location: 867 Boylston Street, 5th Floor


Membership: You can choose to work from a coworking seat available on the common work floor and works on a first come first serve basis. Next, there is a dedicated space, or you can also hire a private office. Moreover, They also offers event spaces, meeting rooms and a virtual office membership. The pricing structure for these spaces can be enquired from the website directly. 


Industrious Coworking Space


The very culture of this Boston coworking space presents an ideal combination for success. Industrious Boston has set high standards of efficiency and flexibility through its workspaces in the modern work culture. The best thing is that Industrious has a solution for every type of business. No matter the level of your venture, they will have a solution for you that too combined with dedicated community support from a similar niche. This coworking space in Boston is decorated with good hospitality, amenities and flexible lease terms. Amenities offered here include reception services, lounge area, meeting rooms, spacious seating arrangement and much more. 

Location: Industrious coworking space Boston has 4 different addresses in the city:

  • Back Bay: 855 Boylston Street
  • Copley: 131 Dartmouth Street
  • Seaport: 22 Boston Wharf Road
  • Financial District: 100 Summer Street


Pricing: In all four Boston location of Industrious, you can choose from a community member or hire an office space. The Community membership starts ranges between $428 to $648/month. The Office spaces, however, are priced between $1121 to $1600/month.  Becoming a member of this coworking space Boston comes with much more than you can bargain for. 


WeWork Boston


There is a reason why WeWork has around 15 and counting locations in the city. It is due to the city’s infectious culture that invites entrepreneurs and dreamers to set down some roots here. As a coworking space Boston, WeWork provides flexible office spaces along with individual seats to work. You may be working with a team or as a lone wolf, they have just the combination of services and amenities to help you stay productive and never lose focus. At WeWork, you will grow together with the fellow members. The workspaces are designed to help you focus and get the most out of your work routine. 

Location: Out of the 15 different office spaces by WeWork in Boston, here are the most popular ones: 

  • 1 Lincoln Street
  • 745 Atlantic Avenue
  • 100 Summer Street
  • 1 Seaport Square
  • One Beacon Street


Plans: Hot desking and dedicated seats are readily available in almost all of the 15 addresses of WeWork coworking space right here in Boston. The private office membership may vary from space to space. Moreover, one hot desk seat membership starts from $400/month. And a dedicated seat will cost you around $770/month. 


CIC Bostoncic-boston-workspace-picture4 

CIC works on a whole other level in the realm of the coworking community. It works with innovators, supports them, helps them, and gives them a platform along with an opportunity to partner with the biggest players in a particular industry. CIC itself is a part of several networks and associations that can assist entrepreneurs to grow effectively. As a coworking space Boston, CIC provides its workspace to problem solves. The members here build solutions to rectify everything that is wrong with the economy and with humanity itself. As a part of this mission, CIC also provides networking events, next-generation labs to work from and an amazing workspace. 

Address: 50 Milk Street, Floor 16th


Seat Pricing: On the 15th floor of 50 Milk Street, you will find communal seats. Each of these seats is priced at $400/month. You can also go for a dedicated space if you want to work in private or do not want others to hear your calls. For that, the pricing starts from $750 per month. And this can go up to $1400/month per person. Even if your team size increases (which is something to be proud of), CIC will get you hooked to a bigger workspace easily. So, don’t worry about looking for another workspace. 


Workbar Boston 


Workbar coworking space Boston is where you will find the perfect solution for all your office space needs. Working at home may be comfortable, but it isn’t productive enough. Workbar has changed that notion and provides an office space that resonates with the comfort that you may get working from home. With state of the art facilities and an invigorating environment, working from here is easier, energetic, motivational, and overflowing with productivity. Along with a fully air conditioned work floor and private office spaces, Workbar has ergonomic seating options, wall-sized windows, internet, unlimited drinks, tech-savvy platform, and much more. 

Where can you find them: 

Well, Workbar Boston has three addresses in the city:

  • Back Bay: 399 Boylston Street
  • Downtown: 24 School Street, 2nd Floor
  • South Station: 711 Atlantic Avenue

Plans: Not all the three Workbar coworking spaces in Boston have coworking and private office membership options both. Back Bay and Downtown addresses have coworking spaces and offices both. Shared workspace membership begins from $399/month. Added to it, private office spaces are provided in all three locations. The price of an office starts at $1200/month at the South Station address. 


Impact Hub Boston


Generating an idea is not a difficult thing to do, sustaining that idea, this is what requires efforts. Impact Hub Boston offers an environment that is curated to help the members sustain their ideas, interact with people and connect with them. Working on a world-changing idea? This coworking space in Boston has the right mix of amenities and services that can help you realize that dream. Being a global network of shared workspaces, Impact Hub is at the highest point of collaboration. Amenities include printers, event space, meeting space, conference rooms, lounge area, kitchen and much more. 

Address: 50 Milk Street


Pricing: There is a coworking membership and dedicated seating spaces available at Impact Hub coworking space Boston. For a coworking seat, you need to pay $400/month. To get a permanent seat, you will need to contact them directly. Both the seating options apart from the Part-time membership will allow you to work 24/7. 


Oficio Coworking Space


Oficio can be called as an affordable coworking space in Boston. They have built the workspace to be a productive hub for the members and provide them with a rejuvenating environment. They have plenty of seating options to work from. Be it from the comfy and laid back lounge chairs or a standing desk by the window. Oficio Boston also offers private bathrooms, coffee, copy and print services, internet, phone booths, lockers, conference rooms and everything else. Basically, they will get you the full package of services within their different membership plans. 

Find them here: 

Oficio Boston has two workspaces in the city: 

  • Back Bay: 30 Newbury Street
  • Back Bay: 129 Newbury Street

Become a Member: Hot desking at Oficio starts from $39/month. Yes, that’s right. There are several other options within hot desking that you can take up. Added to this, the dedicated desks start from $299/month. And private offices at this coworking space Boston are available from $649/month. Apart from this, you can also avail for a virtual membership at Oficio Boston.


Learnlaunch Campus


Learnlaunch campus is a bit different from the other sort of coworking spaces in Boston. This is the only space that caters to startups and businesses from the education technology domain. There are entrepreneurs, investors, professionals, and consultants who are working from here. You will get access to a great support structure and the niche community culture found here will allow you to scale your venture. 

Address: 281 Summer Street, 2nd Floor


Pricing options: You can either work from a Nomadic desk or a hot desk at $200/month. Other than this, a dedicated seat at the ed-tech coworking space Boston will cost you around $400 per month. Lastly, a private office space here starts from $1600 per month. 


The Food Loft


Food startups are something unique and interesting to work on. Well, as fun as it can be, there aren’t many support structures that cater to this niche in any city let alone in Boston. But here you will find, the Food Loft, which runs a unique concept of helping entrepreneurs. Along with this, supporting other food technology development dreamers to make sure that they have a good structure in place. There are mentors, strategic planning sessions, investment potential, partnership opportunities, and much more. So, once you are a member of such a space, you can easily scale up your food-tech venture with a pre-made support structure. 

Look for them here: 535 Albany Street, Floor 5th. 


Cost: There are two options to work at The Food Loft, one is by taking a hot desk membership. And the other is to hire a private office for your team. The prices for the same are not available on the website, so you will have to contact them directly. 


Social Innovation Forum


Social Innovation Forum is itself a not-for-profit organization that works for the benefit of the society at large. SIF’s coworking space Boston further houses members and organizations who are working in a similar manner. Most of the members are non-profits who are trying to make an impact. And at SIF, they will get the right environment, support, and be able to work productively and obtain the best results. Amenities and perks include internet, printing, conference room, snacks, tea, coffee and much more. Further, there are networking opportunities, training, workshops, and mentorship sessions in all aspects of developing your business. 

Location: 2 Oliver Street #Suite 802


Pricing Structure: Hot desking at SIF’s coworking arena is available for $375 per month. And a dedicated desk at the same workspace will cost you $425/month. This is how you can get started with your own venture and begin making a change in this world. 


GSV Labs


GSV Labs is on a mission. A mission to connect the world the whole world with innovation and startups that innovate. At GSV Labs Boston you will work alongside innovators and startups, learn from them, and help them grow. There are endless opportunities here that will get you hooked with growth and success. With such a unique concept of running a coworking space Boston, GSV labs will take you on a journey of building connections, getting inspired and making an impact. Amenities include a dedicated lounge area, conference rooms, terrace, meeting rooms, concentration pods, 24/7 access, standing desks, storage space, gym membership, and much more. 

Find them at: 2 Ave de Lafayette 


For a Member: There are three ways in which you can work from this Boston coworking space. One is to hire a hot desk at $350 per month. Other than this, you can also hire a dedicated desk at a cost of $650/month. Lastly, there is the option to work in a private office. The prices for an office are to be enquired upon directly from the management at GSV Labs Boston. 


Venture Lane Boston


Venture Lane is yet another coworking space in Boston that supports and grows tech startups. Innovation is what makes any startup worthy of working from here. The aim is to provide the best work environment and a well-cushioned ecosystem for tech startups to move forward. Other than this, you will find world-class services, a great entrepreneurial spirit, and a well-fabricated community. Everything at the Venture Lane is targeted to give you the best coworking experience in Boston. 

Address: 55 Court Street


Plans and Pricing: A single hot desk at Venture Lane will cost you $400 per month. For a dedicated seat and some extra perks that come with it like a locker, you will have to pay $500/month. This coworking space also has private offices that can accommodate 4 to 13 members. The rate begins from $750 per month. 


So, we are at the end of it. Boston is a vibrant city. With beautiful and picturesque landscapes decorating the urbanized skyline of Boston, coworking has further added another dimension of creativity and innovation to it. Every coworking space Boston has something unique to offer.

Be it in terms of cost-effectiveness or good seating, ergonomic chairs, beautiful interiors, revitalizing and yummy coffee to a premium office location. So, the ball is now in your park. Choose which kind of service you want the most and then go for the right coworking space to work from in the city of Boston. 

The surrounding areas of Boston like Somerville or even Cambridge is also brimming with some stupendous coworking spaces. These are the spaces that pique the interest of every member and get their creative juices flowing all around.

They help fire up the thinking neurons and help you brainstorm ideas. So, come here and be a part of any of these coworking space Boston that you like and think can help you grow and be a better version of yourself. Happy Coworking!

Ajay Deep

Ajay Deep is the brain behind Coworking Mag. He founded this website to help startups and aspiring entrepreneurs find a coworking space in their city. He is a successful entrepreneur who started and scaled a bunch of startups – all from shared office spaces. He has visited hundreds of coworking spaces in different countries and is now an investor in this evergrowing idea of developing new coworking spaces. You may reach Ajay Deep at [email protected]
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