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Coffee and Coworking Sacramento was set up to satisfy the growing entrepreneurial needs of the people of Sacramento. Considered as a hub of innovation, a lot of startups have come to existence here over the years. To cater to their requirements, this workspace provides a multitude of services. Furthermore, people from different backgrounds gather here to work in a collaborative environment. You will be working closely with a talented pool of people who believe in working together and achieving great feats. In addition to this, you can always help yourself with a warm cup of coffee at the center before switching to another task. Have you just started with your venture and are unsure about the next step? Well, in that case, they will help you establish yourself and secure a position in the market.

The motive behind launching Coffee and Coworking was to provide young innovators with a platform to grow and thrive. Besides being a budget-friendly option, there are plenty of reasons why this place should be on your radar. For instance, after you launch yourself in the market, they will help you with fundraising and other important things. Isn’t that amazing? You get so many facilities at a single place. Moreover, they have come up with membership plans which have been formed strategically. You can work in an environment that completely matches your requirements. Not only does this center offer workplace solutions but is also a great event space. You can organize your events here and impress your colleagues and clients. Keep reading further to learn more about this workstation.

Perks of working at Coffee and Coworking Sacramento

Coffee and Coworking offers complimentary services that are inclusive in your membership plan. Further, these additional facilities will help you to accomplish your tasks at a faster pace. The perks listed below are all the more reasons why you should become a part of this work community.

  • Internet facilities: To get your work done quickly, you require a good internet connection. And that is what you will get here. They will provide you access to a fast and secure Wi-Fi so that you don’t face any hardships.
  • Conference room: At Coffee and Coworking, you can conduct your meetings in a professional environment. Further, the conference rooms are fully-equipped and technologically advanced. A perfect place to conduct your important meetings.
  • Onsite management: The professional team of talented members is always there to help you. Whenever you face any difficulty, you can walk up to them and solve that problem in a jiffy. It is as simple as it sounds.
  • Happy hour: At Coffee and Coworking, every first Friday of the month there is a happy hour dedicated to fun activities. During this time, people interact and participate in various fun events.
  • Community events: You will have a lot of opportunities to build your network at the center. One amongst those includes community events. Further, these informative events will help you grow at an individual level.
  • Modern decor: The modern decor at Coffee and Coworking will always keep you motivated. The creative guru inside you will never disappoint you in this setting. All in all, you will always be driven towards your goal.


Coffee and Coworking, Sacramento






Coffee and Coworking Membership Plans:

Desk space: A dedicated desk space at Coffee and Coworking gives you access to a personalized space. While enjoying the benefits of working in a community, you get a private space. This monthly membership gives you and your team a fixed spot. Meaning, every time you come to work, there is a space waiting for you at the center. Further, this option provides you with a chair-desk, trash can, and a filing cabinet. Implying, you do not have to bother yourself with the security of your work items. Also, you can access the work spot whenever you feel like. The cost of this option starts at $150 per month.

Private office: Are you looking for a private suite for you and your team? In that case, this option at Coffee and Coworking is the right choice. These fully-furnished offices give you full autonomy. Also, you can access advanced services like mail and package handling and more. Apart from this, you can customize your work spot to fulfill your special requirements. This is a place that you can truly call yours! The price of this option starts from $450 per month. Not to mention, you will have 24/7 access. The number of people that can accommodate here is up to 3 people.

Conference room: At Coffee and Coworking in Sacramento, you can rent conference rooms by the hour. These rooms are built with the latest technology and offer great facilities. Further, you can use them for organizing training sessions, client meetings and more. You can even opt for services like projection equipment, catering to ensure all your needs are fulfilled. These conference rooms can accommodate up to 10 people. The price of this option starts from $50 per hour.

Event space: Coffee and Coworking offers a spacious event venue. It consists of a large room, an outdoor patio, and a theatre. In addition to this, they offer AV facility and that too for free. You can bring along anyone if you are planning to host a party or something. Further, the event space can accommodate up to 200 people. You can book the venue by the hour at a cost of $99.

Location and Contact:

Coffee & Coworking, Sacramento

Being located in a vibrant environment, Sacramento’s Coffee and Coworking is a perfect place to work on your inventions. The major attractions of the area include a post office, restaurants, shopping venues, and venues. All the services are available at your doorstep. What else would you possibly require? If you want your business to grow, this is the place to be.

Address: 3428, 3rd Ave, 95817 Sacramento, California


Email: [email protected]


Coffee and Coworking Sacramento is built on the idea of providing great services to millennials looking forward to establishing themselves.  With coffee and a great community, you will surely reach the zenith of success. For those who are new to the concept of working and lack clarity, you are in the right place. Also, if you face any hardship at the center, their team of professionals will help you overcome it. All in all, you will be working amongst great people who want to see you in a great position. This positive atmosphere is bound to make your work journey worthwhile.

Apart from providing top-notch workplace options, Coffee and Coworking has more to offer. That is to say, they offer conference rooms for you to conduct professional meetings. Besides that, it is an event venue also. To keep you recharged throughout, there are relaxing zones at the work center as well. Are you still pondering over your decision? Well, stop everything now and take a tour of this wondrous place. I’m sure you will fall in love with it. Happy Coworking!

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