About Us

Welcome to CoworkingMag! We are your go-to digital magazine with insightful news and informational resources about coworking spaces. As the coworking sector is quickly gaining popularity, we made it our mission to provide remote workers – from freelancers to small companies – with the best up-to-date information. We cover everything from news & events, trends and tips & tricks on the best coworking spaces from around the world.

CoworkingMag is a reliable source of everything coworking related and has rapidly grown into a popular platform for tens of thousands of people globally. In 2022, CoworkingMag was integrated into Yardi’s network of commercial platforms, which provides a complete array of commercial real estate solutions.

Today, our mission is to help people navigate the rapidly changing working environment and find a tailored solution for their unique needs. Our genuine passion for the coworking concept is always motivating us to dig deeper, bring to light the latest industry trends and share the most insightful resources with our audience.

Feel free to get in touch with our team if you have any questions or inquiries that we may help you with.

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