Top 5 Coworking Spaces in Las Vegas With Perks & Prices (2022)

A Las Vegas coworking space is a difficult find. And here’s why! Self-declared as the entertainment capital of the world, Las Vegas is known for its buzzing entertainment industry. But the ‘sin city’ is not just about luxurious resorts, shopping, dining, nightlife, et al. As thousands of inhabitants plus another thousands of tourists have business interests. And to meet their work needs many coworking spaces have popped up in this Mojave desert city. And hence the dilemma of finding the best coworking spaces Las Vegas.

But then which are the spaces that deliver high on productivity, networking and future growth? And since coworking is distraction free, full of perks besides having great business amenities, so why pay hefty Las Vegas office rentals? So here’s a deal. We have picked the top five coworking spaces Las Vegas, which are way better than private offices or cafe-tables.

These are from among global coworking providers to local favorites, to even women-only as well as one for the chefs. So read this list, pick your laptop and stuff and head straight to your favorite Las Vegas coworking space. Let’s cowork the Vegas way!

Coworking Space Las Vegas


Regus Las Vegas


Working from a personal desk or from shared office space Las Vegas, you’ll have all your preferences met at Regus. Regus Las Vegas coworking space memberships will also give you access to the premium business lounges. And many like Regus Howard Hughes Center Las Vegas have high connectivity and great transit scores. So working is never tedious or tiring at Regus.

Perks: Most Regus coworking spaces Las Vegas are close to great dining places, gyms and fitness centers. While some like Regus Town Square Las Vegas, have beautiful outdoor decks with seating. So, this is where you can get your stuff done.

Prices: At Regus yearly coworking membership will cost you $300 per month. On the other hand, you can access any of the Regus lounges for only $99 per month. Prices for offices though start from $207 onwards.

Locations: Regus coworking spaces Las Vegas are spread across 12 premium locations. Of these, the three of Vegas’s favorite Regus offices are at,

  • 3960 Howard Hughes Parkway, Suite 500
  • Downtown Summerlin: 1980 Festival Plaza Drive, Suite 300
  • City Center Plaza, 400 S. Fourth Street, Suite 500

Contact: For any queries or to schedule a visit to Regus Las Vegas, just dial +1 855 400 3575.


WeWork Las Vegas


WeWork Las Vegas is the latest entrant on the city’s coworking scene. The Downtown Summerlin location is a perfect spot to get work done in this part of Vegas. So looking for a Las Vegas shared office space or a personal desk, you can choose as per your need. Besides, the WeWork lounges and conference rooms are another reason to go for WeWork memberships.

Perks: The soundproof alcoves for private audio video chats are a great plus at this  coworking space Las Vegas. And so are the beverages they serve, which include fruit infused water and micro-roasted coffee. The WeWork Las Vegas events are a must-attend for expanding and building strong business networks.

Prices: Hot desks at WeWork Las Vegas come at the price of $300 per month. While for private office suite you must ass at least $600 per month to your budget.

Location: All WeWork locations are eye candy and The Two Summerlin location in Las Vegas is no exception. The exact address is 10845 Griffith Peak Drive, Las Vegas.

Contact: For any queries or to schedule a visit, call at 1800 123 365 365.


The sole Women only coworking space Las Vegas


Bloom Las Vegas


Bloom Las Vegas is the lone women only coworking space in Vegas and is already making waves. This is the spot where determined Vegas women come together to work, connect and embrace their dreams. The interiors have a calming vibe and permit residents to reach high levels of productivity. While the outdoor sitting area at this coworking space Las Vegas is a pretty bonus.

Perks: While at work, ladies can pamper themselves with the luxury of showers, podcast rooms, lactation rooms and much more. And to be a part of a strong and like-minded community of women is a gain in itself. Be a bloomer to see the difference!

Prices: Bloom Las Vegas have multiple packages for women entrepreneurs, the minimum price though starts from $35 for single-day access. The highest price for a membership plan rises to $300 per month. While you’ll have around ten different plans to choose from.

Location: The place to Bloom is at 520 S. 7th Street in Las Vegas.

Contact: To schedule a tour, call at +1 702 462 9885. Or you may also drop a line at [email protected]


Vegas’s local favorite coworking space


Work In Progress Las Vegas


Coworking, Mentoring, private offices, event spaces, Work in Progress Las Vegas is one stop solution to all things startup. And they have a photo studio too with a long list of hireable equipment. Plus, this coworking space Las Vegas has clean and contemporary interiors that are nondistracting and to the point.

Perks: Of the many perks they have, blazing fast internet, tea, and coffee, lounges, mail services, etc are all top notch. Also, this coworking space Las Vegas has a lending library, which is not a common amenity among coworking spaces. And they have Ping Pong Too!

Prices: Buy a single day’s access to Work In Progress coworking space LAS Vegas, for just $30. And for a month’s $50 you can get the service of one of the best Virtual office in Las Vegas. While partial or full memberships to coworking or private team spaces are also available.

Location: Work In Progress coworking facilities are at 317 6th Street in Downtown Las Vegas.

Contact: Contacting Work In Progress Las Vegas coworking space is easy. Just ring the number, 702 819 6493 or compose an email to [email protected] and there you go.


Las Vegas Coworking Space for Culinary Artists


Vida Kitchens


Are you looking to expand your culinary business in a clean, licensed and equipment rich kitchen space in Vegas? We have found you your culinary den! Vida Kitchens is a commissary kitchen Las Vegas coworking space that can accommodate up to five teams at a time. With their spacious cooking stations and a range of equipment, you can start off with your food business with ease.

Perks: This shared-use commercial kitchen is a heaven of food storage and cooking appliances. From ovens, mixers, fryers to walk-in coolers, and freezers, you will get them all at this Las Vegas coworking space.

Prices: Vida Kitchens offer standard membership prices, which includes40 hours access to a workstation for $480 per month. Or go for an hourly kitchen workstation time for $15 per hour. Plus, you’ll have multiple add on services and spaces at your anvil.

Location: Vida Kitchens is located at 1370 W. Cheyenne Ave in North Las Vegas, And you will find ample parking space at its rear.

Contact: To get in touch with Vida Kitchens, send an email to [email protected] Or call Melissa at 208 308 9892.



One of the most visited global tourist attraction, Las Vegas is the city that never sleeps. So, its rich hotels, bars, and restaurants also serve as workspaces for tourists as well as the local startup scene. But ever since the advent of coworking spaces Las Vegas, working from bars and restaurants seems old school! And so is working from distraction laden home offices. So just try one of these great Vegas coworking spots, and see the difference it makes to your business. Happy coworking in LV!


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