9 Refreshing Coworking Spaces In Manhattan With Perks & Prices

Are you searching for the best coworking space Manhattan? Then you have landed at the right place. This will be your one-stop solution to all your shared office requirements.

New York City, with every possible industry, is a hub of opportunities and incubators to support your startup in becoming the next big shot. Manhattan is one of the best locations in NYC, having a bouquet of Coworking Spaces. It knows how to serve freelancers, students, research scholars, and small business owners equally well.

Here you will find everything from luxurious and budget-friendly to highly professional and chilled-out workspaces. You can find the right vibe and place to plant the seeds of your futuristic startup idea. It hardly makes a difference if you are a freelancer, remote worker, or entrepreneur; Manhattan Coworking Spaces can offer just the right place as per your requirements.

Coworking Space Manhattan

There are tons of Coworking spaces in Manhattan, and with so many choices, you might have to struggle to select one, but don’t worry. We are here to help you narrow it down to the one that suits you best. Here we’ll provide you with brief information about the best Coworking Spaces in NYC business hub.


The Farm SoHo


Talking about comfort, among the best Coworking Space Manhattan hosts, has to be The Farm SoHo. You will find the most convenient and affordable membership offers and an environment perfect to nurture your startup venture. The insides with an abundance of natural light and bespoke reclaimed wood furnishings create a delightful ambiance for making it through your freelancing gigs. The Turkey model, ready to move into full-floor offices, a custom floor plan is a perfect place to base your startup or take your established business up a notch.

The Farm SoHo also features a TreeHouse Hideaway and a nap room. Enjoy the seamless services of a Virtual Mailbox like a business address and discounts on conference room and event spaces. With The Farm’s flexible membership fee structure, your shared office space NYC search comes to an end.

Address: 447 Broadway 2nd floor, NY, 10013, United States

Website: https://www.thefarmsoho.com/

Membership fee: The Day Pass will cost you $29. Hot Desk and Dedicated desk are available at $179 and $349 per month, respectively. They offer a promo price for three months, and after the trial period, the membership will automatically be updated to the full price unless cancellation is submitted. Prices for private offices start at $6500/month, and full-floor office prices vary according to the size: 3000 square feet – $25000, 6000 – $45000/month.


Workville (Coworking Space Manhattan)

Sitting very close to Times Square, Central Grand, Penn Station, and all major NYC subways, it isn’t easy to find the ideal location to set up your startup venture. Workville enjoys a reputation of being in the best place for startups in Manhattan, and it assists freelancers and remote workers with the best possible ways. Here you’ll experience a collaborative environment of professional and friendly individuals, the right amount of seriousness and fun. The amiable management style, open desks, relaxed Coworking Spaces, spacious offices, and private terraces for events certainly make it one of the top choices.

Over the years, Workville has won praise from the Manhattan Award Program, TravelMag, Buzzfeed, Joon, and VentureFizz. Full floor offices are among the latest additions, which can foster several teams of 8 to 25 employees and a perfect place for startup and established businesses.

Address: 1412 Broadway 21st Floor, New York, NY 10018, United States

Website: https://workvillenyc.com/

Membership fee: Workville offers a day pass for $49, and the dedicated/open desk will cost you between $350 to $750/month. The conference room with 6-16 seats is rentable as per your requirement concerning time and space. Hourly rate ranges between $50 – $150, Half-day rates are $300 – $400, and for a full day, the prices vary from $500 – $900. Workville has impressive private office deals; you can get a private office between $1400 – $3000.


The Commons


Sitting on the Upper East Side, The Commons is said to be the best for small businesses. The Community-focused Coworking Space has partnerships with local companies, which can bring in a lot of opportunities for your venture. The workspace is the converted Yorkville Theater building which features eye-catching architecture and a beautiful interior with skylights and high ceilings.

The Amenities at The Commoners include free WiFi, height-adjustable desks, printing service, a kitchen, La Colombe coffee, meeting rooms, flexible & collaborative spaces, and much more. They also offer night and weekend access, something different and convenient. Therapy rooms available at hourly rates are another unique addition to their list of amenities. You can also contact them for full-time therapy offices. The Commons is among the best Coworking Space Manhattan choices for setting up and nurturing your small business.

Address: 157 East 86th Street, 4th Floor, New York, 10028.

Website: https://www.thecommonsnyc.com/

Membership fee: The day pass at WeWork will cost you $35, and they also provide night and weekend access which you can get for $195/month. If you require a more quiet place, the Mezzanine Dedicated Desk for $525/month is the perfect choice for you, while the standard Dedicated desk is available at $550/month. The price for private offices ranges between $825 to $2700 per month. Apart from this, they also provide virtual office services at the cost of $50/month.


Green Desk (Coworking Space Manhattan)

What sets Green Desk apart from other Coworking Spaces is the concern towards the environment and the will to do something about it, which is reflected in their every step. They are environmentally responsible and in no way let their concern for mother nature get in the way of providing top-notch service to the members. Green Desk has 10 locations spread throughout Brooklyn and Long Island City. All the locations include fully furnished spaces with quality amenities, an outside patio, bike rooms, high-speed internet, CCTV cameras, and a cafeteria with organic coffee.

Green Desk promotes sustainability and has taken several measures to incorporate it into its workspace. They have installed motion-sensing CFL and LED lights which are energy efficient and use green office and cleaning products. Green Desk Coworking Spaces utilize renewable and traditional lighting sources, and they use recycled glasses and aluminum to renovate their buildings.

Address: 155 Water St, Brooklyn, NY 11201, United States

Website: https://greendesk.com/

Membership fee: A Hot desk for a day costs $29, whereas the weekly and monthly charges are $75 and $1150, respectively. Getting a Dedicated Desk will cost you $199 monthly. The starting price for acquiring a private office is $250. Charges for Event spaces vary as per the location, and if you wish to use their conference hall, you will have to pay $500 for a day. They also have several shops available to rent at a starting price of $500/month.




Beewake is like a plant with its flowers blooming in different places. They serve four Manhattan locations offering dedicated desks, private offices, and conference rooms. It has a great ecosystem, with all the locations working in great harmony to provide seamless Coworking services. The shared office spaces stimulate an encouraging environment, and the place will inspire you to make a difference.

They have an extensive assortment of amenities that the members get to enjoy at all the locations. You get free WiFi, coffee & tea, microwave, copying & printing facility, natural light, conference room, parking spots, phone booth, and much more. They also have some additional location-based perks. Beewake probably has the most flexible membership or space booking offers. Since they don’t have rigid conditions, it is the best Coworking Space Manhattan option for last-minute bookings.

Location 1: 226 W 52nd St, New York, NY 10036, United States
Location 2: 226 W 52nd St, New York, NY 10036, United States

Website: https://www.beewake.com/

Membership fee: Beewake is known for providing harmonious services in different Manhattan locations and has reasonable membership offers. All the sites have almost similar fee structures with some minor changes. However, the website does not give you detailed information regarding the prices. You will have to contact them for the same.


WeWork Coworking Manhattan

Operating in numerous locations all across the globe, WeWork is among the well-established Coworking Spaces. With around 76 sites sitting at the most convenient spots in New York, they have got your Coworking Space requirements covered. Talking about the amenities, WeWork leaves nothing unchecked. You get Internet Connectivity, phone booths, 24/7 access, enhanced cleaning, conference rooms, printing services, fruit-infused water, bike storage, and much more.

Providing open spaces and offices to remote workers, freelancers, and full-sized companies, WeWork has managed to build a strong community and serve them with a great deal of comfort. You only need to consider your preferences to choose from over 10 WeWork Manhattan locations.

Address: Harlem – 8 W 126th St, East Midtown – 450 Lexington Ave.

Website: https://www.wework.com/

Membership fee: The pricing details regarding the membership fee are not mentioned on the website and are only available upon request. You can contact them on their website.


Ensemble (Coworking Space Manhattan)


When you talk about the coolest Coworking Space Manhattan can offer, Ensemble is undoubtedly among the top picks. And as the name suggests, Ensemble manages to bring along a cool and serious working environment. You’ll find yourself in a semi-serious workspace that doesn’t get boring or too freeing to be unprofessional. Sitting at the center of Midtown Manhattan, the location keeps you in close proximity to almost every subway in Manhattan and several prominent startups in New York.

The 5,000 square feet Coworking area offers open and dedicated desks and private office spaces. You will get a plethora of amenities like a Conference room with TV, high-speed internet with backup options, printing & scanning, Communal spaces, a community library, and a kitchen. A light-hearted surrounding is ideal for getting the work done, and you will indeed find it at Ensemble.

Address: 10 West 37th, 4th Floor, New York, NY 10018, United States

Website: https://letsensemble.com/

Membership fee: Ensemble offers their Open Desk at $35 for a day. The $500/month Dedicated Desk provides you 24/7 desk access and 3hr/month access to the conference room. Virtual office services are available for a fixed price of $50. And lastly, the starting price for acquiring their private office is $2000/month.


Blender Workspace

Blender Workspace is a 13,000 square feet Coworking Space located in Midtown Manhattan. Established in 2017, they strive to make Coworking Spaces more accessible to entrepreneurs, freelancers, and remote workers. You get private offices, dedicated desks, shared office space, and virtual office services. Designed by Parts And Labor Design, the interior design and decor inspired from mid-century modern is a significant highlight.

The amenities include lounge places, private booths, meeting rooms, hospitality bar, cafe, and much more. Blender also organizes music, art, and cultural events, offering a perfect mixture of professionalism and art. They have 3,000 square feet of space for such events. The unmatched hospitality offered by Blender Workspace makes it one of the best Coworking Spaces Manhattan has to offer.

Address: 135 Madison Ave Floor 8, New York, NY 10016, United States

Website: https://blenderworkspace.com/

Membership fee: Rent the private and shared office spaces at a $795/month starting price. The dedicated desk spaces are also available at the same price; however, the cafe hot desk starts at $395/month. $150/month is the price for virtual office services, and a flex pass or a day pass starts at $35.


Kin Coworking Space


It’s sitting in the heart of SoHo, which is the hub of NYC artists, entrepreneurs, freelancers, and designers. Kin Coworking Space strives to fulfill Manhattan’s Coworking Space requirement with dedicated desks and fully-furnished private offices. With highly motivated and goal-driven people, you will find the energy to get going and accomplish your entrepreneurial aims or freelancing gigs. The shared spaces extend a close-knit community that will provide you with the right vibe.

They don’t lag when it comes to offering members the amenities they need. As a member, you get 24/7 access to the building, a fully stocked kitchen, refreshments like coffee, tea, wine, and beer. Adding to the convenience, they allow accessibility with an app and card key. The conference room offers an appropriate environment for meetings. For flexible membership plans, it is a great Coworking Space Manhattan has in its arsenal.

Address: 442 Broadway 2nd floor, New York, NY 10013, United States

Website: https://kinspaces.com/

Membership fee: Let’s start with the dedicated desks; The price starts from $500/month. Whereas you can get the virtual membership for $80/month. Kin spaces offer their private offices at the starting price of $1500/month.


The above article is enough to give you a perspective that whether you are looking for incubators or places to sow the seeds of your startup venture or a place to accomplish your freelancing gigs with flying colors, Manhattan Coworking Spaces got you covered.

There are many coworking alternatives available, but we mentioned the best ones, and we hope with the information in this article, your coworking space Manhattan hunt comes to an end.

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