Top 13 Coworking & Shared Office Spaces in Brooklyn With Perks & Prices (2023)

New York City is the epicenter of coworking in the world. Within NYC, every Brooklyn coworking space is further inspired by this emerging culture and they ways in which it can help businesses prosper. Did you know that WeWork was born right in the city of Brooklyn in Dumbo?

Brooklyn is a place whose exquisite landscape and creativity knows no bounds. A place where you can achieve everything you can imagine, a city where entrepreneurship is just around the corner. Brooklyn’s coworking culture provides a proactive platform for every business owner.

Shared office spaces often happen to be home to many startups and businesses, whether we’re talking about a dedicated team, a freelance designer, a team of a software development company or an SEO agency.

You will find a diverse array of coworking spaces in Brooklyn. At every corner, block or street, there is a shared work hub working to help its members collaborate and grow together. Be it that you are a freelancer, or someone who has just come out of the 9-5 job profile, a Brooklyn coworking space is the best place to start a new journey.

NYC is the place where people come to realize their dreams, this is the place where everything seems doable. Brooklyn’s real estate scenario is filled with a lot of coworking spaces, so let’s get into the top ones and the most unique workspaces in the city. 

Internationally Acclaimed Brooklyn Coworking Space

1. WeWork Brooklyn


Brooklyn is where the idea of WeWork took form and the place from where it grew into an international coworking provider. Here, they have 5 different locations across the city. WeWork has taken space in various warehouses and shipping yards only to turn them into beautiful workspaces. There is not even a speck of doubt about the magnificence of the spaces curated by WeWork. Apart from the breathtaking interiors, the services and amenities offered will certainly help any business focus on one thing: success. Rest easy knowing that everything will be taken care of by the efficient management of WeWork. 

Location: WeWork Brooklyn Coworking space is found in 5 different addresses:

  • Address 1: 195 Montague St, Brooklyn, NY 11201
  • Address 2: 1 Dock 72 Way, Brooklyn, NY 11205
  • Address 3: 134 N 4th St, Brooklyn, NY 11249


  • Address 1: (929) 224-0003
  • Address 2: (718) 502-9714
  • Address 3: (646) 978-9959

Membership Plans: Four out of the five locations have hot desks, the price of which starts from $370/month. Coming to permanent desks, you can get one at any of the WeWork Brooklyn locations. The pricing structure for the same begins at $470/month. The private office rates start from $790 per month. Moreover, you can get a private office with everything inside pre-fitted in all the locations too.


National Marvels

1. Industrious Coworking Space Brooklyn


At the very outset, Industrious is a well-designed and meticulously planned coworking space in Brooklyn. It is here that you will get the full coworking space under one roof. Industrious has a presence in almost every single city in the USA. The workspaces are amazingly attractive, they have all the services that you may need. To name a few amenities at your disposal: wellness room, cleanliness, printing, phone pods, stationery supplies, Wi-Fi, and more. If you need more reasons to be convinced, the Brooklyn-based Industrious coworking space is also dog-friendly. 

Location: 1002 Dean Street #101, Brooklyn, NY

Contact: (503) 389-1700

Membership Plans: Industrious Coworking Space in Brooklyn offers flexible office spaces and a community of professionals. As a community member, you can take a dedicated seat within the workspace starting from $639/month. Moreover, the offices can accommodate 1 to 19 individuals and the prices start from $1,449 per month


Born and Bread in Brooklyn

1. The Yard Brooklyn Coworkingyard-shared-hub-image3 

The Yard is a place that is built to succeed. There is energy, creativity, enthusiasm, and a lot more at the Yard. This is the place where members push each other, they motivate, inspire and admire each other only to achieve that dream, and complete their professional journeys. At the Yard, you will get to work among entrepreneurs, professionals and at the best with people who want to grow and thrive in both their businesses and their personal lives. Every member at the Yard Brooklyn coworking space can work efficiently with coffee, tea, kusmi tea, access to a kitchen, on-site staff, Wi-Fi, secure offices with keycard access, media presentation equipment and much more. 


  • Address 1: 33 Nassau Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222
  • Address 2: 157 13th St, Brooklyn, NY 11215
  • Address 3: 195 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY 11211


  • Address 1: (718) 841-0207
  • Address 2: (646) 846-4429
  • Address 3: (646) 956-1902

Membership Plans: At all three workspaces powered by The Yard, you can book an open desk, a permanent desk, or even a private office. The prices for the open desk begin from $275/month. For a dedicated desk, the starting price is $400/month. Private office prices depend on your requirements and availability. Nonetheless, the costs for the same start at $550/month.


2. The Brass Factory

Coworking Spaces Brooklyn-The Brass Factory

A beautifully curated and spacious work area with luscious green spaces, ample natural light, and comfortable furnishing is the perfect setting every professional would desire. If you crave an inspiring environment and visually appealing ambiance, you might end your search at The Brass Factory. Occupying a convenient location at the prime North Williamsburg, this coworking space offers flexible coworking solutions, catering to your requirements to empower you in achieving your goals. If that’s not all, Brass Factory Brooklyn offers well-furnished spaces, mail & package services, a fully-stocked kitchen, indoor bike parking, coffee/tea printers, and whatnot. 

Location: 185 Wythe Ave f2, Brooklyn, NY 11249, United States

Contact: (718) 782-4050

Membership Plans: A fixed desk costs $750/month at the Brass Factory, while a floating desk is available for $500/month. A fully-furnished private office ranges from $950-$11,000/month, depending on the team size.


3. Bklyn Commons Spacebklyn-coworking-workspace-image4 

This coworking space in Brooklyn has the right mix of amenities and services to help you scale and grow. They have flexible membership plans and the meeting rooms are specifically crafted to help you impress your clients or teammates. Bklyn Commons Brooklyn has partnerships with several small and growing businesses. Other than this, they will also help you make connections and increase your network. Some of the amenities at your disposal are a lounge area, support team, meeting rooms, conference rooms, internet, AV presentation gear, reception services, and much more. 

Location: This Brooklyn Coworking space is found at two different locations in the city:

  • Address 1: 495 Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11225
  • Address 2: 7 Marcus Garvey Blvd, Brooklyn, NY 11206


  • Address 1: (718) 989-5703
  • Address 2: (718) 260-6441

Membership Plans: Open desk, Dedicated Desk, and Private Office are the three different plan structures at Bklyn Commons. The hot desk will cost you $300/month. The dedicated desk price is kept at $400/month. Lastly, private offices at Bklyn Commons start from $650/month.


Light on Pocket

1. Brooklynworks at 159 


Brooklynworks at 159 is yet another affordable Brooklyn coworking space which is supporting startups and freelancers in launching their ventures or work in a professional environment without breaking the bank. It is a collaborative space, this is where you can get access to several events. The diverse community that you will find here is a great supportive factor in the overall development of your business. It is closer to various eateries, bars, and a lot more. There are printing facilities, conference rooms, event spaces, full day access, phone booths, coffee, tea, kitchen and a lot more. 

Location: 159 20th Street #1B, Brooklyn, NY 11232

Contact: (718) 965-0159

Membership Plans: The prices of the various plans offered by this Brooklyn coworking space are not mentioned on the website. Coworking is available via hot desks, permanent desks, or even via private offices. Other than this, you can also opt for a virtual office address or even hire conference rooms on an hourly basis. 


2. 100 Bogart

Coworking Spaces Brooklyn-100 Bogart

100 Bogart has emerged as the epitome of coworking excellence, occupying a prime location within Brooklyn’s inviting Bushwick neighborhood. The workspaces at 100 Bogart Brooklyn are well-ventilated, illuminated by ample natural light, and carefully sanitized, fostering a bright and uplifting atmosphere for enhanced productivity. This unique coworking space serves the best interest of freelancers, startups, remote workers, and small teams, empowering them to succeed, grow, and expand their horizons. Becoming a member of this coworking space comes with a lot of benefits. Some of them are gourmet tea/coffee, fast internet, conference rooms, phone booths, a fully-stocked kitchen, a bike rack, etc. Experience the best of Brooklyn’s attractions thanks to Class & Co’s prime location, which allows you to explore nearby art galleries, vintage stores, coffee shops, and bars during your breaks.

Bring your furry pet to the premises, as this coworking space is dog-friendly!

Location: 100 Bogart St, Brooklyn, NY 11206

Contact: (718) 362-3539

Membership Plans: Purchase a day pass at 100 Bogart for $60 to gain access to their coworking space for a day. A private well-furnished office with all the essential amenities is priced at $600/month.


3. Work Heights 

Coworking Spaces Brooklyn-Work Heights

With seven locations across Central Brooklyn, Work Heights is another out-of-the-box coworking space that brings together people from diverse backgrounds. This dynamic, distraction-free coworking space is brimmed with abundant natural light, spacious ambiance, and fresh air, empowering you to engage in your work wholeheartedly. With several locations in proximity, you can effortlessly escape time-consuming travel and instead take a short walk to reach your workspace. The space is large enough, loaded with efficient services and amenities, including 24/7 access, conference rooms, high-speed internet, tea/coffee, printers/scanners, and many more. Not to forget the most significant aspect of this coworking space – its incredibly affordable rates!

Located at: 650 Franklin Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11238

Contact: (718) 407-0719

Membership Plans: You can access the space even during nights and on weekends with their Nights and Weekends Membership, priced at $145/month. Work Heights Brooklyn offers four membership options, i.e., Flex Part-Time, Flex, Foundation, and Summit, priced at $200, $255, $455, and $555 per month, respectively.


A Safe Haven for Artists

1. Friends Work Here 


With its clever naming, this Brooklyn coworking space is a great addition to the creative and innovative culture of the city. It is here that you can work as a designer, writer, illustrator, photographer, designer, filmmaker, or any type of creative. The raw exposed walls of the workspace will further boost your motivational levels and get you to think and imagine how you can finish that last bit of design or chapter. In terms of amenities, Friends Work Here Brooklyn offers phone booths, a kitchen area, a conference room, and much more. 

Location: 47 Bergen St floor 3, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Membership Plans: There are just two ways to become a Friend. One is by taking a floating desk at $450/month. And the other is to rent a dedicated desk for $675 per month. Both these options will get you 24/7 access to the workspace along with a whole lot of other services and perks. 


Tech-enthusiasts and Creatives

1. The New Work Project

Coworking Spaces Brooklyn-The New Work Project

Well-designed with serene interiors, The New Work Project is a buzzing Brooklyn coworking space for professionals from all backgrounds. This coworking space is sure to make an impression with its aesthetically-pleasing ambiance. The fully-furnished and flexible spaces at New WorK Project are specifically designed to stimulate the needs of innovative and creative minds. Moreover, this coworking space offers two uniquely crafted workspace options, Tenth and Eleventh. Tenth, opened in 2017, is a stunning coworking space adorned with black and white interiors, while Eleventh, their expanded version, highlights neutral shades in their captivating design. At the New Work Project, you can access conference rooms, dedicated social lounges, phone booths, coffee/tea, and fast internet upon purchasing their coworking membership. 

Location: 97 N 10th St #2A, Brooklyn, NY 11249, United States

Contact: (518) 554-8702

Membership Plans: This coworking space in Brooklyn has a straightforward pricing structure. Here, you can access hot desks, dedicated desks, and private studios, starting from $330, $725, and $2700/month.


2. Class & Co

Coworking Spaces Brooklyn-Class & Co

Unleash your creativity with Class & Co, a Brooklyn-based coworking space that offers a perfect blend of collaborative coworking and captivating classes. Here, you not only get the most inviting coworking space but also have the opportunity to elevate your skills through their diverse learning programs. The space has stunning interiors with cozy and comfortable working spaces, where each corner is lit with ample natural light and greenery. Class & Co is rich in top-notch amenities, including meeting/conference rooms, phone booths, freshly brewed coffee, mail & storage services, superfast Wi-Fi, a meditation room, and many more.


  • Address 1: 260 Ainslie St, Brooklyn, NY 11211
  • Address 2: 750 Manhattan Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11222

Contact: (929) 324-7980

Membership Plans: A day pass at Class & Co Brooklyn is available for $40. They have two membership plans for coworking- Open and Dedicated. Open Plan is priced at $250/month, while a Dedicated Plan costs $350/month. A private office can range from $1000 to $3300, depending on the team’s size.


3. Brooklyn Writers Space


Brooklyn Writers Space is a safe haven for all the writers in NYC. Be it that they are struggling to write the next chapter or even they are finding it difficult to even start writing, this writer-oriented Brooklyn coworking space will give them the right environment to thrive in. The space caters to all types of writers, academic or otherwise. Both its locations have an ample amount of perks. It includes a rooftop deck, Wi-Fi, 24/7 access, a lounge area, ergonomic seating, free coffee or tea, and proximity to train stations. 

Locations: 185 1st Street, Brooklyn, NY 11215

Contact: (718) 788-2697

Expenses: There are two Part-Time membership options: Part-Time 1 will cost you $135 per month and Part-Time 2 will cost you $180 per month. Further, the full-time membership cost is kept at $225/month. All these plans come with their specific perks and amenities that are well suited for your work schedule. 


Melting Pot of Creativity

1. Brooklyn Creative League


Brooklyn Creative League is a productive and amicable workspace for creatives from diverse fields. This space is for architects, designers, nonprofits, freelancers, lawyers, and start-ups. High-speed internet, printing, conference rooms, 24/7 access, private phone booths, mailbox services, coffee, kitchen, microwave, weekly events, and much more are available at this location. Everything is at your disposal at BCL once you are a member of this creative Brooklyn coworking space. 

Location: 275 Park Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11205

Contact: (718) 576-2104

Membership Plans: You can either take a flex desk on hire for 40 hours, 80 hours, or even for unlimited in a month. The cost ranges between $250 to $495 per month. Other than this, a dedicated desk will cost you $525 per month. Private offices are also available at Brooklyn Creative League coworking space for $1800 per month. This office space can accommodate 4 to 6 people. 



Brooklyn, a city that takes pride in its creativity and astounding culture of innovation, is at the helm of success. Partnering with NYC and other vibrant neighborhoods, every single Brooklyn coworking space is unique in its own form. Some take inspiration from their founders who are out there on a mission. And others are motivated by the success and growth of a specific industry. 

It is a fantastic experience to explore all these Brooklyn coworking spaces and now it is up to you to decide which workspace suits you the best. Some are affordable, and others are supporting a specific community of individuals. There are a ton of benefits of coworking that can set you on the path to success. So, go out there, get a workspace, and start growing, because that is what a coworking space that is all about, collective growth and success. Happy Coworking!

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