Top 7 Coworking Spaces In Phoenix With Perks & Prices

Thanks to the presence of Coworking Space Phoenix, the valley of the sun is a fertile ground for entrepreneurial culture. And since Phoenix is also home to the ASU, many startups are putting down their roots here. So to quench the thirst of success-hungry professionals these spaces serve as a one-stop solution to all things business. Another great reason to work in this Sonoran Desert city is the presence of all kinds of coworking options.

It is not just the sun shining bright in this desert city, but also the startup scene, and hence coworking. From global and national chains to local big brands and even women-focused co-working facilities, you’ll find them all here. So here is a little list of the top coworking spaces for you to narrow down your search. Hope you find the best!

Coworking Space Phoenix


Galvanize Phoenix


With even Google reserving desks for its remote workers in Galvanize Phoenix, it tops our list of Phoenix coworking spaces. And not just coworking or offices, you can also select from a range of courses to hone your tech skills. While their events are not worth missing. You will also love interacting with the great talent pool they hold under their roof.

Perks: Galvanize Phoenix’s round the clock accessible facility is super clean and has friendly onsite staff. They have the best business mentors and have equally awesome productivity rooms. And not to mention the gourmet coffee, ten conference rooms, communal kitchen, and much more at this coworking space Phoenix.

Prices: Prices of a hot desk is $249 per month at Galvanize Phoenix coworking spaces. While for personal desks, you’ll have to pay the monthly fee of $399. Private suites, on the other hand, start from $1500 per month.

Location: Galvanize Phoenix is located at 515 E Grant Street, just outside Downtown.

Contact: [email protected] 602 362 2670



Co+Hoots Phoenix

Boasting of being the first coworking space in central Phoenix, Co+Hoots is a top-rated coworking provider. Apart from digital nomads, even lawyers, photographers, architects, PR agents, filmmakers, writers, consultants, and many other forms of its community. And the way it nurtures entrepreneurial minds, it has emerged as a one-stop destination for all local startups.

Perks: Co Hoots Phoenix coworking space is a dog-friendly place that contains ergonomic sitting and standing desks, besides comfy lounges. Moreover, their podcasts and skype rooms, community events, etc, are all top-notch. While ping pong and free beer and coffee are other cool stuff you can enjoy here. Plus, they are also a great event space in Phoenix.

Prices: Co Hoots Phoenix coworking spaces are accessible from $35 per day onwards. While you can occupy any of their hot desks during business hours through the $99 monthly payment. A personal desk, on the other hand, can be yours for $325 per month. You can also contact this coworking space Phoenix for private office spaces.

Location: You will find Co Hoots Phoenix at 221 E Indianola Ave. which is between Central and Third Street.

Contact: Contact Co+Hoots Phoenix by calling on 602 264 6687 or send an email to [email protected]



Workuity Phoenix


Workuity Phoenix coworking spaces offer one of the best coworking cultures in the city. Covering around 4,000 sqft space, it can accommodate 60 coworkers, besides office spaces for 45 teams of various sizes. And also an event space for 350. It aims to render the same work environment to startups as the Fortune 500 companies provide to their employees. Sunlit and in a prime corporate location, this is the space where you can get some real stuff done.

Perks: Coffee, beer or wine person? You’ll get them all here! Their beautiful outdoor terrace is eye candy. While showers, bike racks, reception service are some other perks that make working a breeze from this coworking space Phoenix.

Prices: For unlimited access to coworking your package will start from $225 per month. While if you are a dedicated desk person, your minimum monthly bill will be $300. Workuity Phoenix also has a range of private office spaces. And $50 is what the minimum virtual office services shall cost you here.

Location: To experience coworking at Workuity Phoenix you will have to reach 2390 E Camelback Road, Suite 130. With the Biltmore Fashion Park directly across the street.

Contact: To contact Workuity Phoenix give a call at 602 761 9675.



WeWork Phoenix

Working next to creative minds in the sun-drenched Sonoran desert city is best possible at WeWork Phoenix. The artistic lounges, eye-popping wall decor, fine furnishings and all else that’s housed in the interiors is off the league. Their custom murals are just spectacular! So for sure, you will never run out of work motivations and connections when working from this coworking space.

Perks: Micro roasted coffee, fruit water, unique lounges, what does that remind you of? It works in luxury for us! Plus, WeWork coworking space Phoenix has a reputable staff and excellent conference rooms for all your business meetup needs.

Prices: WeWork Phoenix co-working space offers all-inclusive membership plans, so you pay for what you use. Hot desking prices commence from around $325. While if you prefer a personal desk, $650 will go towards your monthly fee.

Locations: You can access coworking at any of the two WeWork Phoenix coworking spaces in the city at,

  • 2425 East Camelback Road, Phoenix
  • 101 North 1st Ave, Phoenix

Contact: Schedule a visit to WeWork Phoenix co-working space by calling on their toll-free number, 1800 123 365 365.


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Regus Coworking Space Phoenix


Regus Phoenix coworking spaces are by another big chain providing shared workspaces in the city. Regus coworking space Phoenix also have offices at the best corporate locations, while their services are top class. And also all that you need to be productive, from workstations to video conferencing, and from lounges to virtual offices.

Perks: Regus offers one of the best Phoenix virtual office services. Other perks include onsite refreshments, staffed reception, and even outdoor terrace seats. Moreover, most locations have good access to some of the best gyms, bars, and restaurants in Phoenix. Besides good connectivity.

Prices: Lounge memberships start from a mere $93 per month at Regus coworking spaces Phoenix. While for coworking at Regus Phoenix, the price starts from $112. They also offer private office and virtual office services.

Locations: Where can you find the best Regus Arizona coworking spaces than its capital city of Phoenix. Naturally, Regus Phoenix office spaces are spread across ten prized locations. Of which the three most popular are,

  • 2375 E. Camelback Road, Suite 600, Phoenix
  • 20 E Thomas Road, Suite 2200, Phoenix
  • Two North Central Ave, Floor 18 & 19, Phoenix

Contact: Call at +1 855 400 3575 to get in touch with the Regus Phoenix coworking team.


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Hera Hub Phoenix


A spy-like setting with soft background music, and a strong feminine community. That’s Hera Hub Phoenix for you ladies! This Phoenix co-working space also has beautiful art pieces adorning the walls and always smells good. To top it all, they host amazingly informative and productive seminars and workshops that are absolutely free for the members. Plus, their fast-expanding chain is a testimony to their awesomeness. And yes, men too are welcome here!

Perks: Hera Hub Phoenix is an impressive coworking space that perfectly knows how to foster Phoenix’s female entrepreneurial talent. Apart from Phoenix coworking spaces, members will also get access to onsite gym and cafe, and even mother’s room. And as if it wasn’t enough, a lovely outer space with a lake awaits you for lunch or outdoor work.

Prices: For a full-time monthly membership at Hera Hub Phoenix coworking space you’ll have to shell out $399. While you can also go for a $269 per month fee for part-time access. And in case your coworking need is even less, $99 for a day per week access will suit you best.

Location: 2111 E. Highland Ave Ste 240 is where you will find this woman focussed Phoenix co-working space.

Contact: Call at 480 999 1615 or drop an email to [email protected] for any queries regarding Hera Hub Phoenix coworking spaces.

To Conclude!


Phoenix is not only the fifth most populous US city but also one of the best cities to work in. Freelancing, startups, small or big businesses, this city has all the variety. And if you have shortlisted the most suitable Phoenix co-working space for yourself, it’s time to schedule a visit. All the best!

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