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Blank Spaces Los Angeles is a coworking space that offers open workspace, hot desks, dedicated desks, private offices, and virtual offices for individuals and small businesses. It’s a lively community of freelancers and entrepreneurs sharing a common workspace to secure valuable collaborations and make a difference. The spacious location with excellent air circulation and natural lighting can accommodate several teams. 

The downtown location makes it an ideal site for setting up your startup venture. It’s not just the startups that benefit; the space has several plans made, especially considering the needs of freelancers and remote workers. However, It’s not a space specifically for business professionals; they also provide suitable areas to scholars and students. 

The space has become an integral part of the local community, providing a place where employees can work together on projects while being surrounded by an inspiring work environment created by talented professionals. The extensive coworking facilities can take care of your every requirement. If you’re looking for a place to work in metropolitan without breaking the bank, Blank Spaces is undoubtedly a great pick!

Amenities at Blank Spaces Los Angeles

They have all the necessary amenities that you will need for a productive day. Other than the standard amenities, some unique facilities are specific to this location. The Blank Spaces Los Angeles emphasizes “Work for yourself, not by yourself,” and you can see that come alive through the amenities offered to help you bring out the best. The wide assortment includes the following amenities:

  • Superfast wifi connection: It’s futile to imagine an office without internet. They give a fast and reliable wifi connection for seamless connectivity and help you get the work done without a hiccup! 
  • Tea, coffee, and snacks: You need adequate refreshments to make it through a hectic workday. Their complimentary tea, coffee, and snacks won’t let you stay low on energy.
  • Copying and printing: Paperwork and documents are a part of essential office equipment at any workspace. Omitting these is not a viable course of action, and they seem to understand it very clearly, as they have free copying and printing service for the members.
  • Member events and happy hours: The member events at Blank Spaces Los Angeles are a regular occurrence. They have a dedicated event space which is a sight to behold. These events introduce the members to great networking opportunities. They also have happy hours for the members to let loose and enjoy the company of the talented locals. 
  • Discounts and offers: The meeting rooms are available at 20% off the price for the members. You will also get discounts and coupon codes from the partners and surrounding cafes and restaurants. 
  • Access to other locations: The Blank Spaces is nested in several places, and the members get access to the different areas because of their well-built network.


Blank Spaces Los Angeles Membership Plans 

The wide assortment of membership plans seems like they are offering a bouquet of different colors and fragrances. The membership plans are flexible and affordable, and you have unique choices in each plan. Then to top it with the 2-days trial for just $10, you have no shortage of options with Blank Spaces. These are the membership plans you will find at Blank Spaces Los Angeles. 

Open spaces

In the open spaces, you get desks, shared workspace, workstations, and dedicated seats. To maximize your productivity, the open spaces memberships include wifi, tea & coffee, printing & copying services, discounted meeting rooms, and other utilities. It consists of the following plans.

  • WorkCafe: Grab any available seat at their open space WorkCafe for $175 per month. They are the best for individuals looking for a flexible workspace with all the necessary amenities. Considering it’s flexible and affordable, it’s an appropriate plan for freelancers and students.
  • WorkCafe 24/7: This plan includes all the benefits and privileges of the regular WorkCafe membership, but 24/7 access is an additional utility. You can access the workspace at your unique work schedule. The WorkCafe 24/7 plan costs $225 per month.
  • WorKStation: As the name suggests, for $300 per month, the WorkStation membership will provide you with a dedicated desk, including all the standard amenities. You have a private space to keep your material and work as per your schedule. It’s ideal for freelancers and entrepreneurs.

Private Spaces at Blank Spaces Los Angeles

 A suitable environment and services are essential for establishing and nurturing a startup venture, and the incredible offices at Blank Spaces guarantee that. The spacious and comfortable private spaces constitute fully-equipped offices. Get your materials and belongings and work privately without a worry. The private spaces membership plans include wifi, refreshments, 24/7 access, lockable storage cabinets, Electric sit/stand desks, and much more.

  • Private office: The private office spares you the hassles of buying a space or a building. Own an appropriate office with access to all the amenities. You can hire a private office for you or a small or large team at a starting price of $500 per month. 
  • Office anywhere: It’s a flexible plan which provides you with a private office at $500 per month. The catch here is that with the office anywhere plan, you can access an available private office at any Blank Spaces location on a day-to-day basis. 

Meeting Rooms 

The space has three meeting rooms that can accommodate from 4 to 18 people. They have all the necessary materials and can provide a suitable environment for a successful meeting. You can rent these rooms for the night but only on request. 

  • You can acquire the small meeting room with 4 seats for $30 or $35 per hour for 5+ hours—ideal for a small private meeting or an interview. 
  • The medium meeting room has 8 to 10 seats, and you get a large TV screen with a whiteboard. You can rent it for $45 to $55 per hour for 5+ hours.
  • Lastly, the large meeting room is available for $75 to $90 per hour for 5+ hours. It features a projector and a whiteboard. 

Virtual offices

The virtual offices at Blank Spaces offer business address & mailing services, DID phone numbers, 15-hour access to workspace, 1-hour meeting room use per month, and more. You can utilize your 15-hour access at any of their locations. The virtual membership plan starts at $90 per month, going up to $135 per month or above, depending on the services included. You have the option to pay for several months at once and save some money, or you can have a monthly payment contract.

Walk-in rates

Apart from the pre-framed membership plans, Blank Spaces Los Angeles offers coworking space and desks at walk-in rates. It’s perfect for your short-term coworking needs. These walk-in rates are applicable at every location, so you can walk into any of them and take up a seat in the open space or a private office for the day. The prices are as below: 

  • The walk-in rate for WorkCafe open seating is $20 for half-day, $35 for full-day, and $80 for a week.
  • For a workStation hot seat, you will have to pay: $40 for half-day, $75 for full-day, and $200 for a week.
  • A private office for one person will cost $75 and $135 for half and full-day, respectively. 
  • Lastly, if you need another person in the private office, for half-day it’ll be $20 and $35 for full-day. 

Location and Contact

The Blank Spaces Los Angeles is located at quite a unique spot. The centralized site has its natural perks, plus it sits among some popular local cafes and restaurants. You have no shortage of options to hang out both inside and outside the coworking space. Ideally, hardly any coworking space can provide you with such an exciting number of possibilities. 

Address: 1201 S Grand Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90013, United States


Contact: 213-550-2235, [email protected]


If you are looking for a suitable coworking space in Los Angeles, Blank Spaces is the right place to go. It’s centrally located and has some pretty cool office spaces that will make your workday much more enjoyable. They offer affordable and flexible work environments for people who want an office space to get some work done but don’t want to be tied down to it. It’s a coworking space for creative professionals. You can bring your bike to the office, plus public transportation is easily accessible. The open space, desks, or offices are undoubtedly the founding factors of this space, but the services and facilities reflect a noticeable difference. 

With so many member-centric plans and amenities, the convenience that the space offers is unmatched. And these factors set them apart from other coworking spaces. Honestly, Blank Spaces Los Angeles has something for everyone.

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