10 Awesome Coworking Spaces in Dallas with Perks & Prices (2023)

If you are looking for a coworking space in Dallas, you are on the right page. Based in the north of Texas, Dallas is the 3rd most populous city in Texas and 9th in the United States. It is considered a rich city as it is home to 14 Billionaires, making it rank 6th worldwide among cities with the most Billionaires. The high rental of commercial properties in Dallas is easily giving way to shared offices. A number of startups and budding entrepreneurs operate from coworking spaces in Dallas.

The trend of coworking picked up in Dallas at an early stage. Today, the city has over 40 coworking spaces spread across the most premium locations and iconic buildings. You can browse through Dallas’s most awesome coworking spaces below.

Coworking Spaces in Dallas

To help out our readers, we have mentioned the pricing plans, location and amenities at each of these spaces.


Common Desk


With 7 locations in Dallas, Common Desk is one of the most popular coworking spaces in Dallas. Their locations range from Addison to Fort Worth and from Granite Park to Plano, covering almost the entire Dallas area.

Amenities: Not just for spreading its wings all around the city, Common Desk is also known for all the amenities required by an exclusive office. These include the mail service, reception desks, printing facilities, conference rooms, and above, you can eat whatever you want and whenever you want. It’s an open buffet, people, and if you gulp down too much for the day, the treadmill desk sits eloquently, waiting for you to climb on.

Membership Plans: The pricing structure varies as per your requirements. The Hospitality suite will cost $7500 for a month, but it will be nothing short of standard office space. Added to this, you can choose from many Private offices starting from $900 per month. The dedicated desks come at an affordable $450 per month, and the shared desks cost $225 for one month. The night crawlers and weekend workers can enjoy the workspace for $150 per month.

Location(s): Presently, you can find Common Desk Dallas in four locations, which are-

  • 633 West Davis Street, Dallas, TX 75208
  • 14555 Dallas Pkwy Ste 100, Dallas, TX 75254
  • 603 Munger Ave #100, Dallas, TX 75202
  • 2001 Ross Ave #700, Dallas, TX 75201

Contact: Pick up your phone and dial (214) 216-6913 or ping them at [email protected]


Industrious Dallas


A city that is recognized by fast-growing entrepreneurial ventures and budding young tech-savvy enthusiasts is further complemented by Industrious coworking spaces. The emerging business-friendly climate in the city has Industrious as one of the most sought-after coworking spaces in Dallas.

Amenities: The amenities at Industrious Coworking Dallas include free high-speed internet, conference rooms, lounges and coffee bar, power nap rooms and most importantly they have free printing services.

Membership Plans: For a flexi desk space, the rates start from $522 for a month, and if you are looking for private offices in the midst of an inspiring community of freelancers and organizational employees, the rates start from $833, incrementing with each consecutive employee.

Location: The Dallas location of Industrious coworking spaces is found at three different addresses:

  • 1722, Routh Street Suite 900, Dallas, TX 75201
  • 910 S Pearl Expy, Dallas, TX 75201
  • 7250 Dallas Pkwy #400, Plano, TX 75024

Contact: Want to know more about the space? Ring them at (972) 755-6500.



The tagline of GeniusDen runs, “Every company needs office space, every startup needs a home.” It is indeed true, as GeniusDen offers integrative and robust office spaces and a grooming culture among other coworking spaces in Dallas. From remote member subscriptions to private office spaces, one can choose from various desk space options.

Amenities: At GeniusDen Dallas, one can find skyrocketing internet speed @1 GB per second and a charming beer, wine, and coffee lounge. There are breakout meeting lounges and state-of-the-art conference rooms. For extras, GeniusDen also provides their rooftop for events and parties.

Membership Plans: The remote member who has only virtual access to the coworking space needs to pay $50 per month or $500 for the whole year. Added to this, there are shared and dedicated desks, both starting from $200/ month and $400/month, respectively. The private offices with a capacity of 4 or more 4 people start from $1000 for a month and can go to $2000 per month.

Location: Wanna check it out, call an Uber at 3106 Commerce Street, Dallas, Texas.

Contact: You can call them at 800-545-1130 to get answers to your queries.


Good Coworking

Coworking Space Dallas- Good Coworking

Working in an aesthetic coworking space where you feel surrounded by nature is genuinely stress-relieving! However, finding such a workspace can be a big challenge! But, with Good Coworking, you can embrace the serenity of working amidst nature with their beautifully curated workspace, equipped with lush green plants and a courtyard filled with trees. Being LEED Gold certified, this space offers a perfect blend of health and productivity by incorporating ergonomic furniture, natural light access, and refined air quality.

Amenities: Prioritizing the health and wellness of its members, Good Coworking Dallas has encompassed a fitness room, nap room, and parent room, all within the premises. A few other essential amenities this coworking space offers include free on-site parking, 24/7 access, a mailing address, meeting rooms, keycard access, and more. Another feature adding to its worth is the inclusion of a dog-friendly environment!

Membership Plans: For accommodating a team of up to 10 people, rent their private office space, available at a starting price of $920/month. A 10-day pass costs $120, while you can rent a desk of your choice with their dedicated desk membership, starting at $460/month.

Location: You can locate Good Coworking at 1808 S Good Latimer Expy, Dallas, TX 75226.

Contact: Need some more information about their spaces or prices? Call them at (214) 289-6069.


Business Lounge Dallas

Coworking Space Dallas-Business Lounge Dallas

Hit the Business Lounge Dallas, an impeccable and inspiring coworking space, to establish and elevate your business in the vibrant city of Dallas. Wholeheartedly dedicated to building a better community, this coworking space empowers its members by offering required resources, networking opportunities, and informative workshops. Moreover, unleash your creativity with their well-appointed podcast room, allowing you to record your podcasts seamlessly.

Amenities: Upon availing of their membership, you can access monthly workshops/events, a professional business address, well-equipped conference rooms, on-site support staff, a podcast room, and more.

Membership Plans: You can purchase a day pass, allowing you to work for 6 business hours, at $50. For coworking, they offer two membership options- Entrepreneurial Community and Entrepreneurial Leader, priced at a monthly rate of $97 and $197, respectively. In addition, a private office is available, falling under a price range of $499-$799 per month. 

Location: Business Lounge Dallas is conveniently located at 13740 Midway Rd Suite 528, Dallas, TX 75244.

Contact: Have doubts? Feel free to contact their team at (972) 971-2216.


WeWork Dallas


Have you ever looked forward to going to the office on Mondays? Most probably, no.  The WeWork Coworking Space Dallas is going to change that. They have the most beautiful offices and coworking spaces, which is why WeWork is known for transcending the workspace culture all over the city.

Amenities: WeWork Dallas focuses on providing an enabling environment to their members. Internet and coffee have become a norm in every coworking space. Apart from this, they have global connectivity platforms, private phone booths, mailing services and industrial-grade printing facilitation.

Membership Plans: At WeWork, you can also set up your office HQ which will exclusively be filled with your staff only. For other spaces like shared, dedicated and private offices, you need to shed $350, $500 and $700 every month.

Location: WeWork can be found in two locations in Dallas-

  • 1920 Mckinney Avenue Dallas, Texas
  • Victory Plaza, 3090 Olive Street, Dallas

Contact: You can call them at the toll-free number 1800 123 365 365.


Spaces Dallas


Just as we need money to make more money, success also needs success to reach on a higher pedestal. Spaces originated in Amsterdam and have projected an effective image in the city. It is not just any place to plug in and start dribbling with the keyboard; rather, the entrepreneurial environment of spaces makes it the most sought-after coworking space in Dallas.

Amenities: Spaces Dallas offers a unique mix of basic necessities in an office combined with some effective features. Its Think out of the box toolkit has been identified with inspiring the users to be creative and develop surprising ideas. They also give expert technical support to help you in an unprecedented situation. You can also have access to various professional meeting rooms.

Membership Plans: For a shared desk, the membership starts from $250 for a month. If you like to work alone, then the dedicated space is your best bet, but you will have to shed $375 per month. The patrons of privacy can have their own exclusive offices at $650 per month. Well, they offer a one-day free trial, so it is better to take a free shot.

Location: 2550 Pacific Avenue, Dallas, TX 75226

Contact: You can also call them at (214) 692-2800.


Hatchways Workspace

Coworking Space Dallas-Hatchways Workspace

Undoubtedly, Hatchways Workspace exudes the most aesthetically beautiful and inviting coworking spaces in Dallas. With a top-notch location within the iconic apartment building, The Vista, this coworking space offers enchanting views of the majestic White Rock Lake. Their elegant spaces are thoughtfully designed, ensuring a safe social distance between members. Without stepping outside, relish the delectable meals offered at their Hatchways Cafe, conveniently located within the premises. 

Amenities: Keeping innovation and creativity at its best, Hatchways Workspace Dallas has strategically curated a well-appointed board room, a collaboration room, an idea room, and a conference room. Other amenities include a free printer/copier facility, mail service, event access, high-speed Wi-Fi, complimentary guest passes, etc.

Membership Plans: Grab a day pass for $25 to access their space for a day. They offer three coworking membership options- Yellow Member, Green Member, and Blue Member, priced at a monthly rate of $100, $200, and $375, respectively.

Location: Looking for some inspiration to enhance your productivity? Just pop in at 2346 Victory Park Ln, Dallas, TX 75219.

Contact: You can also talk to their team at (214) 935-1655 if you seek a reliable solution to your queries.


The Slate Dallas

Coworking Space Dallas-The Slate

A coworking space that makes you feel at home, The Slate Dallas is built thoughtfully with a refined environment to support your endeavours. Here, you can avail the opportunities to widen your network while working among a community of visionary professionals from diverse backgrounds. Work diligently in their comfortable and welcoming ambience, eventually enhancing your productivity levels. Moreover, they have a high-end video production studio where you can find contemporary light kits, 4k cameras, a live streaming facility, a cyclorama wall, etc.

Amenities: With their well-appointed meeting room, equipped with ample natural light and modern A/V equipment, you can easily hold your meetings. Other amenities The Slate offers include a dedicated rest room, kitchenette, library-style work bench, power outlets, complimentary tea/coffee, conference rooms, high-speed internet, a podcast room, and whatnot!

Membership Plans: If you need the space for a day, grab their day pass for $35. A private office space, accommodating up to three people, starts at 1500/month. In addition, a Dedicated Desk membership is available at $495/month, while a Flexible Space Unlimited membership is priced at $350/month.

Location: Visit The Slate at 2403 Farrington St, Dallas, TX 75207, and book your space without any hassle!

Contact: To know more about its membership options, call 214-446-6031.


Work214 Coworking & Office Space

Coworking Space Dallas-Work214 Coworking & Office Space

Do you also find it hard to look for a space that exudes not only a fantastic location and flexibility but also a hotspot of extraordinary amenities and interiors? If yes, you can rely on Work214 Coworking & Office Space, occupying a top-notch spot in Uptown Dallas. You don’t need to worry about committing to long-term contracts in this coworking space. Surrounded by many restaurants, shopping venues, and fitness centres, this coworking space offers an enriched experience beyond work.

Amenities: Be it day or night, with 24/7 access, you can work anytime at your convenience. A hub of amenities, this coworking space offers free parking, phone booths, a conference room, ample printing allowances, sit/stand desks, nap pods, superfast internet, nightly janitorial service, etc. Moreover, relish their free snacks and complimentary tea/coffee in their beautifully crafted kitchen area.

Membership Plans: Avail of their Part-Timer membership at $95, allowing you to choose any open desk for five business days per month. For full-time access, utilize their open coworking membership, priced at $295/month. You can call a desk your own with a Dedicated Desk membership, available for $495/month, while a private office space with surreal window views costs $765+/month.

Location: Head straight to 3400 Oak Grove Ave Ste 300, Dallas, TX 75204, to become a member of Work214 Coworking & Office Space.

Contact: Dial (214) 214-7001 and ask anything you like about your upcoming office space.


Dallas has been extremely adaptive to the new trend of working, and hence a lot of coworking spaces are now a part of the city’s startup ecosystem. The demand for coworking spaces is rising, and so is the supply. If you are thinking of joining a coworking space, this is the right time. Choose one from our list of best-shared offices in Dallas above and get going.
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