9 Awesome Coworking & Shared Office Spaces in Long Beach (2023)

Come on! Say it with me. Looooooong Beach. Yeah, we are here today to talk about the amazing Long Beach Coworking Spaces. The United States of America is the country of dreams and the country where anything is possible. This is the nation that made possible the trend of coworking spaces. Before that, who would have thought two lawyers were sitting beside each other and not belittling each other. Well, that is true. Long Beach coworking spaces have made a tremendous impact on our work culture. From building a conscience about other’s work to building a habit of celebrating for and with others.

Long Beach is not immune to this trend. The proof is spaces like Regus and WeWork have made their mark in this city. Not to mention that Regus has 77 locations in the city. Isn’t it amazing? Everywhere you go in and around the city, you will find one or the other coworking space blooming like a flower. Also referred to as the Aquatic Capital of America, this city is quickly adapting to the global work culture. Since the discovery of oil in Long Beach a number of Aerospace players have made it their home. We are diverging from the topic, well, let’s go back and get to know the top Long Beach Coworking Spaces.

Coworking Spaces & Shared Offices in Long Beach, CA

Check out our list of the best spaces to cowork in Long Beach, California.



Coworking space Long Beach-BLANKSPACES

Nurturing serendipity in every corner, BLANKSPACES is a top-notch spot for aspiring freelancers and energetic entrepreneurs in the lively city of Long Beach. At this coworking space, you will work within a community of diligent and innovative professionals, creating an engaging experience where your business thrives. With the inclusion of lively member events and happy hours, this coworking space adds an element of excitement and enjoyment to the workplace. Regarding amenities, BLANKSPACES Coworking Long Beach offers fast and secure Wi-Fi, coffee/tea/snacks, a printer/copier, 24/7 access, fully-equipped meeting rooms, and more.

Location: 309 Pine Ave, Long Beach, CA 90802, United States

Contact: (323) 330-9505

Membership Plans: Choose any spacious desk at their open shared workspace for $275/month. A fully furnished and lockable private office space will cost you $575/month, while a well-appointed meeting room starts from $60/hour.


2. WeWork Long Beach


One of the world’s largest Coworking space operators has made its presence known in Long Beach. The WeWork Long Beach coworking space is named The Hubb and resides on the busy Broadway street. The location is easily commutable, with a number of other eateries and entertainment venues nearby. You can reach this location via the Metro Blue line or also hop on bus numbers 1 and 170. Among the signature WeWork amenities here, you will have amenities like onsite staff, cleaning, private phone booths, internet facility, coffee, and unique common areas at your service.

Location: 100 W Broadway, Long Beach, California 90802

Contact: (562) 383-2216

Membership Plans: The membership plans at WeWork Long Beach workspace are divided into three parts. The hot desk, dedicated desk, and private office. A Hot desk membership starts at $350 per month, and the dedicated desk at $450 per month. Plus if you want to rent your own private office the starting price is $700. 


3. Green Pines Creative Coworking

Coworking space Long Beach-Green Pines Creative Coworking

Green Pines Creative Coworking– the name itself justifies that this impeccable coworking space is a hub for the creative and innovative minds of Long Beach. As you step into this coworking space, you’ll witness the stunning walls adorned with artistic designs, creating a vibrant riot of colors. Here, you will find a suitable space to discover and explore your creative side with their vibrant workshops, live events, and high-spirited event space. Other perks available here are 24/7 access, tea/coffee, high-speed Wi-Fi, personal and business development opportunities, an on-site therapist, a music room, and more!

Location: 129 W 5th St, Long Beach, CA 90802, United States

Contact: (562) 283-4845

Membership Plans: To access the space for a single business day, purchase a day pass for $30. A full-time coworking membership is priced at $200, while a workstation is available for $220/month. You can book their dedicated desk plan at a monthly rate of $350. Monthly charges for a semi-private office are $400, while a private office starts from $600 and ranges up to $800, depending on the team’s size.


4. Regus Long Beach


With Regus operating in Long Beach, the coworking scenario seems complete. Regus is also one of the largest coworking space operators, along with WeWork working in the same city. They have the best of services and a ton of experience in how to build the best Long Beach coworking space. Regus is known for spreading the coworking culture to every small or big town, irrespective of popularity. In this area, there are 77 locations, which is a mix of all the spaces that are in or near Long Beach.

Location: 111 West Ocean Boulevard, Suite 400, Long Beach, California 90802

Contact: (562) 216-8000

Membership Plans: The membership plans at Regus Long Beach range from lounge area access to private offices. Amongst them, the most important is the Regus Long Beach coworking space. Due to a higher number of locations, the price range for the membership plans may vary. The coworking membership starts at $299 per month. The office spaces, however, start at $539 per month, and lastly, the lounge area access comes at $99 for the whole month.


5. Premier Workspaces


This shared office plus coworking space in Long Beach is fast gaining ground in the USA. With more than 90 locations, Premier Workspaces Long Beach is becoming the next best alternative for various coworkers. The PB centers saw their inception in 2002 and work with an experienced staff that caters to all the member’s needs. The enormous community of all the locations combined will provide you with a free pathway for greater connectivity and collaboration. In Long Beach, you will find them at four locations.


  • 3780 Kilroy Airport Way, Suite 200, Long Beach, California 90806.
  • 444 W Ocean Boulevard, Suite 800, Long Beach, California 90802
  • 5150 E, Pacific Coast Hwy, 2nd Floor, Long Beach, California 90804
  • 100 Oceangate, Suite 1200, Long Beach, California 90802


  • Address 1: (562) 256-7000
  • Address 2: (562) 624-2800
  • Address 3: (562) 346-3200
  • Address 4: (562) 628-5500

Membership Plans: At Premier Workspaces Long Beach, there are three membership plans available. These are the Silver, Gold, and Platinum plans. For the Silver plan, you need to pay $300 and get a month’s access to your workspace. The cost for joining under the Gold plan is $495, and that for the Platinum plan is $595. Under all the membership plans, you will have access to the kitchen area, a lounge area, and blazing-fast internet.


6. Work Evolution Laboratories


The Long Beach coworking scenario has yet another addition in the form of Work Evolution Laboratories. Every startup, entrepreneur, and freelancer needs constant inspiration to work hard. The We Labs Long Beach will provide you with an amazing camaraderie that will instill confidence in you. Being part of such a community means you can scale easily and progress toward developing your venture. Along with an energetic workforce, you will also get internet facilities, in-house coffee, and various other amenities.

Location: 235 E, Broadway, 8th Floor, Long Beach, California 90802.

Contact: (562) 270-2642

Membership Plans: As for the membership plans of Work Evolution Long Beach, you can choose from three plans. The day pass, the communal desk, and the dedicated desk. In this, the day pass will cost you $25, the communal desk $150, and the dedicated desk comes at $250. Both the communal and dedicated desk rates are applicable for a month. You can also rent out a private office, but the membership rates depend on your requirements. Along with this, you can also hire the event space and conference room for any purpose.


7. WTC Workspaces


Every office space and coworking space has something distinct from others. Something which makes them stand apart from the crowd. Now, gaining such a feat in the USA is not an easy task. But WTC Workspaces has made it possible only because of its impressive concierge services. Operating from the Downtown area in Long Beach, this Long Beach Coworking space has a lot to offer to the members. Some of the amenities include micro-roasted coffee, internet, phone booths, conference rooms, fruit water, and cleaning services.

Location: WTC Workspaces, One World Trade Center, 8th Floor, Long Beach, California 90831.

Contact: (562) 378-4091

Membership Plans: The first membership plan at WTC Workspaces Long Beach is a Virtual office membership priced at $130 per month. Moving on, there are the hot desk, dedicated desk, and private office memberships available. The hot desk plan starts at $200 per month, and the dedicated desk at $300 per month. Among the private offices, you can go for furnished or unfurnished office space, which starts at $450 per month.


8. OfficeSpace Anytime


This Long Beach coworking space has a motive for which the work. The motive is to give you your own office space where you can make anything happen. It is evident that as long as you are not comfortable, you won’t be productive enough. Hence, OfficeSpace Anytime aims to provide you with the best-in-class office space, your own lair. A space in which you can be free to do anything and everything. Added to this, they also wish to create an ecosystem that exposes your good side and helps you connect with like-minded people.

Location: 3711 Long Beach Boulevard, 5th FLoor, Long Beach, California, 90807

Contact: (213) 334-5905

Membership Plans: At OfficeSpace Anytime, there are different membership plans that reflect their mission and bring them closer to their motive. Starting with the Open Seating Desk, which will allow you to sit anywhere and start working right away. The workdays are flexible, and this plan is best for part-time workers. Then is the dedicated desk membership, which will give you permanent desk space and your favorite seat. Another type of membership is a standard private office; every office has the required furnishing and will give you an energetic space to work in.


9. Bridgeworks Coworking

Coworking space Long Beach-Bridgeworks Coworking

A coworking space that is crafted beautifully to inspire you to work with enthusiasm, Bridgeworks is a haven for professionals looking for a way to unleash their creativity. They are wholeheartedly dedicated to providing all the necessary resources to bring your business to exceptional heights. Whether seeking a quieter secluded environment or a communal space fostering networking opportunities, Bridgeworks Coworking Long Beach has got you covered! Their aesthetically captivating workspaces are brimmed with skylights, custom hand-made desks, minimalist interiors, welcoming greenery, and a cozy vibe. Besides 24/7 access to the workspace, Bridgeworks offers useful office utilities, parking facilities, printers, surfboard storage, media/entertainment space, networking events, dedicated lounges, fresh coffee, a well-stocked kitchen, and conference rooms.

Location: 780 Long Beach Blvd, Long Beach, NY 11561, United States

Contact: (516) 308-9498

Membership Plans: Within this coworking space, you’ll find the flexibility to choose from three coworking membership options: the Basic plan at $45/month, the Entrepreneur plan at $375/month, and the Unlimited plan at $450/month. You can book their meeting space hourly, daily, or weekly, starting from $25/hour.



Long Beach is slowly growing up to the idea of coworking. Although it is a coastal city, the potential for growing businesses over here is impressive. With a number of airlines and oil extraction companies making it their house, you are amongst a pool of opportunities. The best thing about Long Beach Coworking Space is that there you will find yourself in an emerging coworking ecosystem. This is a time when people and coworking spaces alike are developing. There are new innovations every day, the large coworking operators are coming to the city. And the people are also ready to change their work culture. All in all, Long Beach is one amongst many cities in the USA that can transcend the existing coworking culture. And this is at a time when the world is just getting ready to adopt coworking, the USA is looking to innovate it further.

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