Top 12 Coworking Spaces in San Francisco With Perks & Prices (2023)

Looking for the best San Francisco coworking space? Well, they are on the minds of every entrepreneur of this North Californian city. And why not? SF is a buzzing hub for tech industries and has consequently motivated many to take the entrepreneur route. In fact, there are multiple spaces which cater to the diverse startups and businesses that call San Francisco home. Some lay special focus on specific domains like teach, retail, some lay focus on the women entrepreneurs. While you will also see some big chains operating from the city’s major corporate hubs.

And this very variety makes it hard to narrow down to one San Francisco coworking space from the bunch. But voila, we have done the elbow grease for you. As we have listed the best of the coworking spaces in San Francisco. Just go through the list and pick the one that impresses you the most. But first my dear take a little tip. While choosing a space, don’t just go through the prices and location. Though these are the basics, the amenities, community, and culture are also worth a look. As the kind of space you work from will have a similar impact on your productivity. May the best space be chosen!

San Francisco’s favorite Coworking Space


AvantSpace San Francisco

Coworking Space San Francisco-AvantSpace

Have you ever imagined a workspace that embodies efficiency and aesthetic appeal in a captivating environment? Discover AvantSpace in San Fransisco, which brings this concept to life. Get the feel of great food and beverages or explore the nearby shopping centers and popular bars, all within a short distance from the premises. This space is free of distractions, ensuring an optimal working environment where you can pursue your business endeavors seamlessly. Therefore, reserve a desk in this workplace that truly justifies every penny and hour invested, setting it apart from any other coworking space in San Francisco.

Perks: 24/7 access, well-furnished premises with ample natural light, or an inspiring community; this space is full of excellent possibilities. Apart from them, AvantSpace in San Francisco offers conference rooms, a fully-stocked kitchen, private phone booths, reception and concierge facilities, high-speed Wi-Fi, printer/ copier/ scanner, and many more.

Prices: For accessing the workplace for 5 days/month, avail of their Agile membership, priced at $275. For those seeking 10 days of workspace usage each month, their Drop-in membership is priced at $400. You can have unlimited access to AvantSpace shared space at $495 per month, while their dedicated desk is available at $850/month.

Location: 2181 Greenwich St, San Francisco, CA 94123, United States is the address to reach this coworking space.

Contact: To get in touch with their team, give a call at (415)783-9942.


Anchor Coworking San Francisco

Coworking space San Francisco-Anchor Coworking

Do you find it difficult to seek a workspace that not only effortlessly accommodates your needs but also boasts an eye-catching ambience? Then, Anchor Coworking in San Francisco is an incredible choice, catering to all your coworking needs. As you step into the contemporary interior of Anchor Coworking, you will witness a splash of colors, creating a visually stunning and energizing environment. The best part about this location is its fun and creative vibes, along with its ability to accommodate both individual workers as well as entire teams. 

Perks: With 24/7 access to the place, you have the freedom and flexibility to work at your preferred hours, be it during the daylight or at night. Other amenities at this place include bike storage, high-speed internet, phone booths, kitchen space, conference rooms, printers, a refreshing common area, and so much more.

Prices: A day pass at Anchor Coworking San Francisco is available at just $25. At the same time, the monthly pricing for a floating and dedicated desk is $250 and $350, respectively. Moreover, this coworking space offers private office spaces at a monthly rate of $1000.

Location: You will find the Anchor Coworking at 1540 Market St #100, San Francisco, CA 94102, United States.

Contact: Call (415) 336-3233 for any information related to their pricing policy, facilities, or location.


Ecosystem Coworking

Coworking space San Francisco- Ecosystem Coworking

Every aspiring professionals not only desire a workspace that aligns with their business goals but also one that fosters creativity and collaboration. Ecosystem Coworking in the dynamic city of San Francisco is one such workspace that excellently fulfills these criteria. This workspace perfectly suits the diverse needs of remote workers, freelancers, and startups, paving the way for their remarkable success within a community of like-minded individuals.

Perks: Ecosystem Coworking provides an abundance of amenities to cater to the needs of its members seeking inspiration. A well-appointed amphitheater, complimentary snacks and coffee, a podcast and creation room, conference rooms, and community events are some of the perks this place offers. The best part of becoming a member of this coworking space is gaining exclusive perks, including free entry to Temple Nightclub, VIP access to captivating events at Mirus Art Gallery, and much more. 

Prices: For detailed information about the pricing structure of various flexible workspaces offered by Ecosystem Coworking, kindly schedule a tour or reach out to their team using the provided phone number. 

Location: You will find this coworking space at 540 Howard St, 2nd floor, San Francisco, CA 94105, United States.

Contact: For direct contact with their team, dial (415)766-9556 for detailed assistance on any of your concerns with Ecosystem Coworking.

Coworking San Francisco – The Big Chains




Ready to make a dent on the world but have no idea where to start off? Coworking workspaces, boot camps, workshops, courses, and tech talent is what Galvanize San Francisco spaces are home to. And, thus you will get all you need to make your brand a success. So either join the coworking space or the Galvanize Data Science course and the like to let your abilities soar. On the other hand, its rustic and modern interiors are complemented with contemporary decor. And their beautiful terrace space and pool table will keep all your stress at bay.

Perks: Coming to the comforts, you may sip on endless cups of coffee. Besides, accessing any of the fifteen conference rooms and the relaxing lounges. Plus the spaces are spotless, round the clock accessible and host to outstanding networking events. And not to mention a great Cafe is also onsite, to satisfy both your taste buds and hunger pangs. What can be a better place than Galvanize SF to turn your ideas into prominent brands?

Prices: A hot or dedicated desk can be yours at Galvanize San Francisco for $550 and $750 per month, respectively. While for a private office Galvanize membership, your monthly bill shall start from $3,800. At this coworking space in San Francisco, you can make it large.

Location: SoMa 44 Tehama St San Francisco CA 94105 is the Galvanize address. Though apart from Galvanize co-working space in San Francisco, this chain has equally amazing spaces in nine more US cities.

Contact: Pick up your phone and call +1 415 805 1888 to book a desk or to join a Galvanize BootCamp. While their mail id is [email protected].


WeWork San Francisco


WeWork is the master of the craft when it comes to coworking. Such is its impact that the WeWork competitors take it as a benchmark. Its spaces are drool-worthy cool and combine work and comfort like no other. In SF, there are multiple WeWork locations operating from premium buildings. And working from any of these WeWork San Francisco HeadQuarters will give a great boost to any business. Plus, excellent business lounges are great spaces to make connections. And the best part – most of them are friendly to little visitors with four paws and a tail. So you own a pet or not you might get the chance to pat one here.

Perks: WeWork also pampers its members with several perks, including endless micro-roasted coffee and delectable fruit water. While in the amazing conference rooms at all WeWork headquarters, expect marble tables and custom wall decors. In addition, the acoustic phone booths, print stations, event spaces, etc are all worth making great impressions and experiences.

Prices: Hot desking at this coworking space San Francisco, begins from $370 per month. While WeWork pricing for dedicated desks starts from $500 and that for private offices from $700, per month.

Locations: You will find above twenty WeWork locations in SF, which is more than any other coworking operator. And their list is ever expanding. But if you ask about the Best WeWork San Francisco, here are a few of them.

  • WeWork Soma at 156 2nd Street San Francisco CA 94105
  • 44 Montgomery St San Francisco CA 94104
  • 1161 Mission St San Francisco CA 94103, also known as WeWork Civic Center.
  • WeWork Salesforce Tower at 415 Mission St San Francisco CA 94103

Contact: To contact any of the WeWork coworking space San Fransisco, give a call at 1800 123 365 365.


Regus San Francisco


Regus spaces are a rank apart from all other coworking spaces San Francisco. And you will one Regus space in almost every prime location in this northern California’s hilly city. Plus, they offer ready to move in desk spaces and a great bunch of amenities under all of their roofs. And you will also get the benefit of flexible packages, by the day, month or year. Plus their prominent business lounges spread across thousands of global locations are worth a visit.

Perks: The best perks of Regus San Francisco coworking spaces are its locations, memberships, and amenities. And a host of meeting and conference rooms, besides private and virtual office plans, are also at your anvil.

Prices: For unlimited access to the Regus coworking spaces, the price is around $299 per month. While for working from their premium lounges, you will have to shell out $99 every month. Though you can also avail these for five or ten days per month, at a lower price.

Locations: Regus has tons of coworking spaces San Francisco, of which the three mentioned below are the most popular among the city entrepreneurs. These are,

  • 1390 Market Street, Suite 200, San Francisco. Also known as the Fox Plaza.
  • 795 Folsom Street, 1st Floor, San Francisco
  • 350 Rhode Island Street, Suite 240, San Francisco

Contact: The best way to get in touch with a Regus SF is through their number, +1855 400 3575.

Top Coworking Space San Fransisco For Tech Enthusiasts


MindSpace Coworking SF 


The MindSpace San Francisco coworking spaces will surely please your eyes and mind of course. Leather couches, velvet sofas, solid stools, bar chairs, there are plenty of spaces for you to rest your rear. It will be hard to find a blank wall as most are painted or covered with great pieces of art. While the floors are covered in beautiful carpets and the nooks with green plants. And the coffee bar and Soda fountain will steal your heart away. Moreover, this place is lit not only with sunlight but also a great bunch of coworkers building connections and collaborations.

Perks: The most exalted of all the perks they offer are the boutique lounges, accessorized kitchenette. Also, this space is open 24 hours and the community events are organized on a daily basis. The Market Center San Francisco coworking spaces also have great transit connectivity.

Prices: MindSpace pricing begins from $600 per month for a community desk space. While for a private office for two has the starting price of $1,705 per month. Need bigger offices? They have them too!

Location: You will find MindSpace facilities at 575 Market Street, San Francisco. Though MindSpace company has 23 coworking spaces across different global cities, with London, Berlin, and Amsterdam to name a few.

Contact: Call at +1 833 663 7722 to schedule a visit or to have more information. Or leave your message at [email protected].


Industrious Coworking SF


Work out of this ultra-modern coworking space in San Francisco and see the magic happen. The interiors are super spacious and adorned with contemporary art and furniture. Moreover, the upper floors of this workplace’s location provide magnificent views of the windows. They can seat above 300 people across the two floors and still have enough space for you to think freely. While the game room has our heart. And don’t get addicted to the fruit infused water. You have been warned!

Perks: Apart from Gourmet Tea and coffee, be ready to be spoiled with a fully stocked kitchen at your anvil. Plus the Union Square location is laced with classy retail and dining options. So work, shop, eat and enjoy, all at one place.

Prices: A flexible hot desk can be yours for $300 per month. While they have a range of private office spaces as well. And if you love the comfort of your home, the virtual package costs just $50 per month. And not to mention, if there’s a bookaholic in you, you will love their library space.

Location: 77 Geary St 5th floor, San Francisco, CA 94108, United States is the home of Industrious SF coworking spaces.

Contact: For any queries, call at 415-548-6400

Business Accelerators/ Incubators in San Francisco


Werqwise San Fransisco


In WerqWise, we have discovered you a great accelerator cum startup office space SF. It has one of the most professionally designed coworking spaces San Francisco. And is also home to a great crowd of smart thinkers and doers. This accelerator will power you with all the weapons you’ll need to conquer the market. Creative and sunlit workspaces, lounges, kitchen, and a bar awaits you here. Besides, you will get a good idea of your business model, strategies and complexities before going into deep waters.

Perks: As to the materialistic perks, concierge, meeting rooms, kitchen, lounges, desk credits deserve a mention. But apart from this, you will get accelerated productivity, and a big push to your brand.

Prices: $45 is all you need to access the WerqWise facilities and events. Though for greater access to its happening lounges, the price will shoot up to $120 per month. While hot desking is available for the monthly fare of $380. And they offer dedicated spots and private team spaces as well.

Location: You’ll have to visit 149 New Montgomery St 4th Floor, San Francisco, CA 94105, United States to be at WerqWise. 

Contact: WerqWise San Francisco is contactable on 415 520 3270. 

Coworking in San Fransisco For Creative Artists


Center For New Music


Dear nightingales of the Bay Area, we have found a soothing space for you as well. Jass, rock, countryside or rap, sing to the beat of your own drum. And if you are just a bathroom singer or can’t sing at all, no worries. You can still be a part of Center for New Music San Francisco and lend support to budding musicians, singers, composers, etc. Besides, you can enjoy art exhibits, concerts and a lot more.

Perks: Need a desk space to carry out your work or a rehearsal room to make music, you’ll have all that you need here. Apart from this, another great feature of this coworking space San Francisco is its Library. And their library doesn’t only have books, but also music titles, with count beyond four hundred.

Prices: $15 per day is the minimum price for coworking at this location. Besides, monthly access to hot desks comes at $125 per month. While the dedicated desks and virtual memberships are priced at $200 and $25 per month, respectively. In addition, they also have rehearsal studio and concert halls which are hireable on hourly rates.

Location: 55 Taylor Street, San Francisco, CA 94102 is where Center For Music has its spaces.

Contact: Call at +1 415 275 2466 to reach the Center For Music team. Or shoot a mail to [email protected].

Coworking Space SF for Entrepreneurial Brains


Dynamico Space

Coworking Space San Francisco - Dynamico Space

A haven for aspiring and visionary entrepreneurs, Dynamico Space in San Francisco is wholeheartedly dedicated to thriving your business to new heights. Take advantage of their on-demand facility, allowing you to easily rent dedicated desks, office spaces, and meeting rooms with flexible leasing options. Whether you need space for an individual or a whole team, Dynamico Space efficiently accommodates businesses of all sizes. Here, you will connect with the right individuals who can open doors to more opportunities for business growth.

Perks: From comfortable furniture to energizing coffee, here you can find the best amenities, seamlessly personalized as per your needs. You can effortlessly explore different restaurants, cafes, and shopping centers within a short distance from the premises. With its easy connectivity to public transportation options, one can easily commute to and from this workspace. Moreover, they offer 24/7 secure access, high-speed Wi-Fi, conference rooms, mail service, lounge areas, and much more.

Prices: At Dynamico Space, a hot desk is available at a monthly price of $300. Rent a dedicated open desk at this workspace, priced at $450/month for individuals and $800/month for groups of up to five people. You can conveniently book a conference room for $45 per hour.

Location: To be at Dynamico Space, you have to visit 447 Sutter St, 3rd Floor, San Francisco, CA 94108, United States. 

Contact: Feel free to contact Dynamico Space by dialing their contact number at (415) 483-6050.


Spaces San Francisco


Spaces SF offers one of the chicest, flexible and productivity-enhancing coworking spaces in San Francisco. And the entrepreneurs of SF know it best! You will find a vibrant environment and an equally vibrant community. The sprawling locations ranging in thousands of sqft space, on top, have enough room for ideas to spark.

Perks: With a membership at Spaces San Francisco, you will also be able to access their clubs all over the world. And another important perk of this space is their community. And you will enjoy their events to the core.

Prices: The coworking desks are accessible from $378 per month. While if you crave a permanent spot the cost will commence from $547 per month. While they also have an array of meeting spaces hirable on per day basis.

Locations: Spaces San Francisco operates from two locations. These are,

  • Spaces Mission and 3rd at 95 Third St., 2nd floor, San Francisco
  • Spaces Levi’s Plaza at 1160 Battery Street East, San Francisco

Contact: Spaces teams at Third Street and Levi’s Plaza locations are reachable at 844 677 2237 and 628 208 6400, respectively. While their mail ids are reception.m[email protected] and [email protected].

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To Conclude!

Apart from the picturesque beaches and sunsets, San Francisco is bursting with entrepreneurs and startups. While coworking is no longer a concept but a mainstay of the day. And when we club the two, you will realize that not all coworking spaces in San Francisco can be the same. So with this little list that we compiled, we hope that entrepreneurs and freelancers will make the most of it. And that will suffice to make our day. Good Luck!

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