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WeWork Oakland is a constituent of one of the largest shared space provider firms across the globe, WeWork. This work centre allows its members to brand their products within the office space so that it is easier to launch them in the market. In other words, if you have a business goal that needs efficient execution, then this workspace is meant for you. They will help you in achieving your goals by providing great resources and assistance. Apart from this, the workstation has commendable interiors and gives away a professional aura. So, at this place, you have the chance to grow your business operation.

This unique workspace houses large coworking areas in addition to private offices, conference rooms and telephone booths. Not to mention, these are the main attractions of the centre that are tailored to meet your requirements. Also, there is a bundle of amenities available for your convenience. You have various flexible options at WeWork Oakland when it comes to membership plans. From hot desks to a dedicated space, you will get everything here. Besides, there are communal areas as well where you can take a short break to recharge yourself. To know about the place in detail, continue reading!

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Amenities offered by WeWork Oakland:

WeWork Oakland is encompassed with positive energy that can elevate your spirits and transform work into a fun task. To help you reach your desired goal more easily, this workspace offers a number of additional facilities. Furthermore, these amenities are included in your membership packages so you don’t have to pay any extra fee. Take a tour of this place and see the difference for yourself!

  • Phone Booths: WeWork Oakland has private phone booths that are completely soundproof. Moreover, you can comfortably talk or video chat with your clients here without any intrusion.
  • Onsite Staff: The dedicated team of this coworking place is always ready to assist you all through the week. Not only do they offer front-desk services but also customized support. So, feel free to ask for help if you need any!
  • Internet facilities: You can access the high-speed internet of WeWork Oakland. In addition, you will get full IT support from the workspace.
  • Breakout areas: In case you are tired of sitting at a desk and need a change in scenery, you can access the communal areas of the centre. Moreover, these areas are for relaxing activities and games.
  • Exciting events: WeWork Oakland organises social as well as professional events to help the members network with each other. Also, these events are a great occasion to grow at an individual level.
  • Printing facilities: All the floors of the workspace have their own printer and stationery items. So, all the supplies are within reach and you need not leave the premises.
  • Caffeine fix: Stay active by drinking freshly roasted coffee at the centre. No more power naps are required during work hours!
  • Cleaning services: WeWork Oakland is always in a presentable state because of the regular cleaning of the place. Further, the cleaning crew at the centre keeps the area at its best round the clock.
  • Beverages: Fresh fruit water is available at the centre to keep you and your clients hydrated and refreshed.
  • Conference rooms: Full-equipped conference rooms catering to the professional requirements of a business team are available at the workspace.

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Membership Plans at WeWork Oakland:

WeWork Oakland offers flexible membership plans which cater to different needs. So, you have the liberty to choose the most suitable plan. There are facilities for an individual as well as a full-fledged team. You can either choose to work in a shared space or hire your own office. Either way, you will get the best coworking experience!

Hot Desks: Hot desks are an ideal place to work if you require a workspace for a few days only. Moreover, you can choose a different desk every time you drop in and enjoy the change in scenery. Not to mention, this is a cost-effective solution as you do not need to rent a whole office when all you require is a single desk. The membership price of availing this option at WeWork Oakland is $375 per month. There are some additional benefits associated with this plan. For instance, you will get two credits a month for booking meeting rooms and desk space in the common area. Additionally, you can opt for mail and package handling at a mere $50 per month. You access the workspace 24/7 and enjoy working in a collaborative environment.

Dedicated Desks: Dedicated desks are suitable for full-time professionals. In this option, you will get a fixed spot to work every day. This means you and your team can settle down comfortably and customize the space in whatever way you prefer. Also, you get the best of both worlds! How? Well, you have your own private spot while you can still work with the vibrant community of WeWork Oakland. Another benefit of this option is that you don’t need to carry your stuff around when you leave for home. That is to say, you can safely leave your work materials at the workstation. Enjoy all the benefits of dedicated space at the cost of $550 per month (per person). You will get a chair, trash can and a filing cabinet as soon as you opt for the plan. Additionally, you can avail the facility of mail and package handling and enjoy five credits whilst booking meeting rooms.

Private offices: WeWork Oakland houses a variety of private offices meant for individuals as well as a whole business team. Moreover, these office spaces are well-designed and offer a great environment. All your requirements and essentials will be taken care of. Apart from these eminent features, there are other advantages to booking an office space at WeWork Oakland. For example, the prime location of this workspace can be beneficial for your business operations. So, this is your chance to expand and grow your business in a prominent neighbourhood. The membership prices of this plan depend upon the number of individuals in your team.

  • 1 Seat: $810/month
  • 2 Seats: $1,380/month
  • 3 Seats: $2,060/month
  • 4 Seats: $2,700/month
  • 5 Seats: $3,000/month
  • 6 Seats: $3,450/month
  • 7 Seats: $4,850/month
  • 8 Seats: $5,350/month
  • 11-20 Seats: $8,500/month
  • 21-50 Seats: $15,000/month

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  • 1111 broadway

Address: 1111 Broadway 3rd Floor Oakland CA 94607

To have an office in an extremely accessible location is a luxury that can prove to be very beneficial. This location is easily accessible as well as a vibrant place to establish your business. Further, the workspace is at a small distance from 12th Street/City Center BART station and Bay Bridge. Also, the place is teeming with restaurants and popular bars where you can take your clients for lunch or dinner. Ample parking space is available within a two-block range. So, you will not face any problems regarding placing your vehicles or bikes. In short, WeWork Oakland is situated in an ideal place where all the basic facilities can be availed. To know more, contact them on 646-491-9060 or visit their website https://www.wework.com/buildings/1111-broadway–sf-bay-area–CA

  • 2201 broadway

Address2201 Broadway Oakland CA 94612

This location of WeWork Oakland is opening soon. It is located in the centre of Oakland’s CBD and offers great facilities. Further, the workspace is situated on the third floor of the Art Deco building which has spacious coworking space and stylish conference rooms. You will be at a short distance from 19th Street BART Station, so it is easy to travel from this site. Also, there are various restaurants nearby. Not to mention, you can go to concerts as the Fox Theatre being nearby. All in all, this workstation in downtown Oakland is a great place to work. For more information, contact them at 646-491-9060 or visit their website https://www.wework.com/buildings/2201-broadway–sf-bay-area–CA


WeWork Oakland is a hub of business professionals who believe in working together to achieve better results. Also, establishing a business in the developing city of Oakland will help you gain more clients. The office building has four floors and houses well-contained work areas and beautiful communal spaces. Not to mention, they make full use of technology and own an application of their own. All of this is available to make coworking a great experience for you and your team.

Conceptualized by Miguel McKelvey and Adam Neumann, WeWork has grown to be one of the leading coworking space providers across the globe. From the time of its inception until now, it has undergone drastic changes. WeWork Oakland is one of the products of WeWork. So, be a part of a great community and work with like-minded people from diverse backgrounds. This is your chance to network and ultimately grow your business. What are you waiting for? Go book a desk now!  

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