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Ahoy coworkers! Welcome aboard this informative article on the Port Workspaces, one of the best coworking spaces in downtown Oakland. Though they are much more than just workspaces. Besides, they are the best escape from your mundane home office or garage startup space. Plus, this escape comes with many additional perks. They are home to a great community and feature-rich spaces at brilliant locations in Oakland. Apart from coworking, they also have a maker space, a commercial kitchen, and a plethora of meeting/ conference and event spaces. With all things top-notch!

The founders of the Port Workspaces are an entrepreneur-architect duo. Their purpose is to provide an environment of growth, opportunity, and connectivity to the entrepreneurs of the Bay Area. For that reason, their spaces have a variety of decor, plans, members, amenities, and offerings. The events here, including community yoga, acupuncture, business support groups, dance classes, member lunches, etc are always refreshing and collaborative. And also allows members to mingle with fellow coworkers and make connections that translate into growth, collaborations, and ultimately success. Keep reading to know more about the Port Workspaces.

Facilities at the Port Workspaces:

  • 24/7 Access: You can access the spaces at the Port Workspaces round the clock.
  • Digital Receptionist Service: Visit any of the locations in Oakland and a virtual Receptionist will greet you on arrival. A much easier facility to impress your clients as soon as they step within.
  • Free Food and Drinks: They also offer loads of freebies for your sweet tooth. When hunger strikes savor catered lunches and snacks. And when fatigue attacks, have a cup of tea or coffee. Or perhaps whine down with a glass of beer or kombucha.
  • Business Workshops: The Port Workspaces have all the support that startups need. For this, they organize a range of workshops, pertaining WordPress, Salesforce, excel, and the like.
  • Wellness Services: They know well that a sound mind resides in a sound body. For this, they have services like yoga, acupuncture, and massages also on offer. You can even choose to learn QiGong, Chinese martial art, for a gentle exercise of the body. Plus, there is a weekly schedule set for these events at the Port Workspaces.
  • Networking Events: Members get a lot of opportunities to meet and connect with each other over regular social and networking events.
  • Mail Handling: The staff here will take care of all your mail that reaches this coworking space.
  • Locker Storage: Locker storage is also available for most memberships. So you can leave behind your stuff at the location and access it on your next visit. And even if you don’t get a locker in your plan, you may even rent a locker.
  • Multiple Seating Options: The coworking spaces have many seating options for you. You may choose to work from an ergonomic chair, a bar stool, a bean bag, or a couch. Besides, at some locations, a spacious terrace and lounge areas are also at your anvil.
  • Showers: The Port Workspaces even have showers for members to wash off excess stress.
  • Phone Rooms: The soundproof phone booths are the best way to keep your conversations private.
  • Dog-Friendly: Two of their locations, Broadway and Washington Street are pet-friendly. So your little pooch can have a day out here.
  • Bike Racks: If you ride a bike to work, you will find a space to park it here as well.






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The Port Workspaces Coworking Membership Plans:

This Oakland coworking space has an abundance of spaces, work desks, and memberships. You can get a hot or permanent desk, a table, or private spaces for your team. Besides, you can also see the blend of coworking in kitchen and maker spaces. They are flexible on terms and offer simple monthly agreements. Keep reading to know more.

Hot Desks

The most flexible of all the plans at the Port Workspaces. You may hire a hot desk in the coworking area for $250 per month. These temporary desks are available on a first come first serve basis. Besides, there are not just sitting desks, but also standing ones, apart from bean bags, sofa, etc. Moreover, the coworking area at all the locations is accessible by key cards. Not to mention, this space is the spot for collaborations and connections. And you will make plenty on a daily basis. Also, except the Kaiser Mall location, an additional $100 as set up fee will be applicable to the rest of the locations.

Dedicated Desks

In case looking for a vacant desk is not your forte, you may opt for the dedicated desk space at the Port Workspaces. Dedicated desks are also a great option to work in the dynamic coworking setting but from a fixed spot. These desks are 24/7 accessible, along with storage spaces beside the desks. Additionally, you can set up your equipment on the desk like additional monitors, keyboards, etc. In fact, you will also get the option to choose from desks with window views, or in a quiet corner. And in accordance, different desks will come at different prices. Please note that these permanent desks are available only at Kaiser Mall and City Center. You may hire these for,

  • Kaiser Mall: $350 per month
  • City Center: $395 per month

Team Tables

Have a little team of say 4 or fewer? There is a better seating plan just for you at the Port Workspaces. Wherein you will get one huge 4 by 6 feet desk with seats for four in a common area. Also, your desk and seats will not be taken by any other team, even in your absence. Additionally, there are storage spaces for these desk members as well. So, startups with small teams can make it big on these team tables. Besides, you will be working alongside other startup teams, making collaborations and networking easier than ever before. The price of the team tables starts from $300 per seat. These are available only at the Kaiser Mall location.

Team Spaces

Kaiser Mall spaces of the Port Workspaces are also home to team spaces if you need more privacy at work. Starting from the price of $300 per seat, these spaces are more customizable than team tables. They have 5 feet of wall partitioning, with desks and chairs. So they offer just the right blend of office privacy and coworking dynamism.

Private Offices

For bigger teams or fully private spaces, go for a private office at the Port Workspaces. These spaces have room for 2 to 20 people. Besides, the huge windows flood the space with sunlight. Moreover, you can access your private office round the clock. Apart from the meeting rooms, a lounge area and a bunch of networking events will also be at your disposal. Additionally, you will also get free 8 hours use of the Conference rooms. You may hire a private office space at the starting price of $400 per seat per month. Though the usual starting prices for various locations are,

  • Kaiser Mall: $1500 per month
  • City Center: $2100 per month
  • Broadway Street: $1200 per month
  • Washington Street: $950 per month


Love the comforts of your home office, but not its address for your business? No problem! You can do so by opting for the virtual membership at the Port Workspaces. And after that, you can use any one of their addresses as your own business address, anywhere and everywhere. Be it the website, visiting cards, and the entire marketing collateral. Additionally, you also get mail handling service, via which all your emails arriving at their locations will be handled efficiently. Wait, there’s more! You can even access the coworking spaces for any four days of the month. Besides hourly access to meeting rooms on special discounts. Just great!

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Other spaces at the Port Workspaces

Maker Space:

The Kaiser Mall location is home to the port maker space. This maker space is further home to professionals from hardware, textile, prototype, designers, etc. And perhaps even those with a hobby for creating stuff. This space has a range of equipment. For instance, larger and/ or heavier ones like mini CNC, drill and heat press, 3D printers, vinyl cutters, etc. Along with sewing and embroidery machines, laser cutters, and even consumables. Further, there are three membership plans for this space. These are,

  • Work Table: The work table is available at a price of $350 per seat. You can access all maker space equipment, though during business hours. Besides, you can use the Conference room for up to five hours.
  • Maker Station: For 24/7 access to a key card accessible private maker station, you will have to pay $1500 per month. At this payment memberships for 4 people are inclusive. Moreover, you can also use the Conference room for eight hours at any of the Port Workspaces locations.
  • Work Station: The Work Station is slightly bigger, with 11 by 14 feet space. This membership is available at $1800 per month. And is inclusive of a membership of five people. You can access this space around the clock. Besides, just like the maker station, the eight-hour use of the conference room is included in this membership.


The Port Workspaces in Oakland brings coworking to budding master chefs too. Their commercial kitchen is available at the Kaiser Mall location. They have all the food industry-grade equipment and other resources, in an enormous 2400 sq. ft space. And even if you are naive at cooking, but have the interest to pursue the art, you are welcome. Further, they are not just home to budding cooks, but even some well-known commercial businesses. Thus, the opportunity to connect and collaborate with big names in the food industry will be in your hands. For prices to access the kitchen space, please visit their website.


The Port Workspaces’s Studio space too is in the Kaiser Mall address. This digital media space has options for color backdrops, video lighting, tripods, and many more similar pieces of equipment. So to record your next podcast, getting a photo shoot of your products or anything multimedia is all at hand. However, for the hiring price of studio spaces, visit their website.

Event Spaces:

Oakland’s Port Workspaces has a range of spaces that you can hire to host your business events. These are of various sizes, from 900 sq. ft to 8000 sq. ft. As to their fittings, they have spaces both indoors and outdoors. Plus with both classic and contemporary decoration. For instance, there’s a terrace bar and grill, or one with a view of Lake Merritt, or a lounge. Additionally, you may also avail of the catering service and access to the commercial kitchen (at Kaiser Mall location).

Meeting and Conference Rooms:

Need a professional space for client meetings? The Port Workspaces have a whopping fifteen such spaces where you can fulfill all meetup needs. These are spread across its four centers in Oakland. You may hire these for on one meetings, job interviews, conferences, or setting business agendas, etc. Ideally, they have a capacity ranging from 6 to 20 people. Moreover, they also have all tech gear, including whiteboards, and TVs, as well. These also include a theatre room and two in a shipping container. So you may choose as per your taste and needs. However, each membership comes with some meeting space use hours as inclusive. For extra use, you will have to pay a $25 hourly rate. Or else, you may also purchase a $150 per month package that will get you 8-hour access to these spaces. For any other info on pricing, visit their website.

Locations and Contact

The Port Workspaces has four great locations in the city of Oakland. Take your time and go through each location below.

Kaiser Mall

Address: 344 20th Street, Oakland, California 94612

The Port Workspaces location on 20th Street sits in a former well-known mall. The mall has been beautifully redesigned into a fine-class coworking space in a sprawling 47,000 SF area. The special features of this space include a spacious roof terrace, pitch room, yoga studio, and a digital receptionist service. They even have a Mother’s room for nursing mums and a digital studio. Apart from coworking spaces, it is also home to the largest mural in Oakland City. Besides, you will enjoy sitting on the Cacoon and bean Bags in the coworking space. As to the neighborhood, it is full of banking and financial institutions. The Kon Tiki bar is 10 minutes on foot. While the BART Station on 19th Street is only two blocks away. Moreover, the beautiful Lake Merritt is right adjacent to this location and visible from the terrace. You may contact Kaiser Mall space at [email protected].

City Center

Address: 555 12th Street, Oakland, California 94612

The 21st floor, 555 City Center on 12th Street, is another address of the Port Workspaces in downtown Oakland. This magnificent building needs no introduction, and will naturally make you go ‘Wow’. Besides, this skyscraper also has a LEED Gold certificate and is home to top businesses from diverse domains. And of course, there are breathtaking views of the city to enjoy. This location is also adorned with works of local artists. In fact, this is one of the most luxurious and impressive addresses in Oakland to work from. Also, the building itself has a lot of fine bars and cafes, along with retail stores. If you fancy a stroll in lush green space, Lafayette Square is just beside, at a 3-minute walk. Further, a parking garage is also available right underneath the building. To schedule a visit, contact at [email protected].

101 Broadway

Address: 101 Broadway Street, Oakland, California94612

The 101 Broadway is a historic 1901 structure with three floors. It has an entrance towards Jack London Square. It was once a house for travelers before they embarked on a sea journey. And now it is the address from where entrepreneurs set sail for their business adventures. It is also where you will find the only indoor slide in the city. And this spiraling bright blue slide is certainly worth a try. Besides, the Regal Cinema is at its rear, on Washington Street. Furthermore, the Port Workspaces here have ping pongs as well as a pool table as stress busters. Additionally, there are multiple options to eat out in the vicinity. Apart from many spaces for parking your vehicles. For any other information on this coworking location, shoot an email to [email protected].

Washington Street

Address: 317 Washington Street, Oakland, California 94612

This location of the Port Workspaces is only a block away from 101 Broadway Street spaces. Standing tall since 1925, this building still preserves its historic brick wall front facade. The interiors of this two-floor structure have glass wall separations. Moreover, most spaces have access to natural sunlight. But once you step within, what you will see, is modern lavish decor and furnishings. You can drink unlimited tea and coffee in the in-house kitchen. Or you may step out and enjoy them at the variety of cafes and restaurants nearby. Busses are available right in front. Furthermore, Jack London Square and Old Oakland are a mere, three and four blocks away, respectively. To book a visit, contact at [email protected].

You may also contact the Port Workspaces by calling at 510-444-0770 or send an email to [email protected].



If you are an entrepreneur based in the Bay area, The Port Workspaces Oakland will be great for the health of your brand. Home offices have their own set of distractions. When working from a restaurant, you keep wondering when someone will politely ask you to leave. Not to mention the constant noise. But at a coworking space, things get much easier. You can hire a desk space that suits your budget. You may also choose among a buzzing common room, sitting on a chair, couch, or a bean bag. Or you may sit in a quiet corner, next to a beautiful garden or a lakefront. Moreover, you can also access the global coworking locations of LexC. And you can access these absolutely free for five days per location, in a year.

A space full of ideas, creativity, and innovative mindset, The Port Workspaces are in the brightest corners of downtown Oakland. All the locations are spot on with facilities, amenities, utilities, and of course community. Besides, Port members are free to access any of the four locations with a single membership. Moreover, you can also access coworking for free once a month at the 101 Broadway address. Which is usually on the second Thursday, the month. And if you have additional guests, they are most welcome. However, the same guest can visit their spaces only twice a month. Though more visits are also possible via passes, for $25 per day.

Phew! So much under a single banner. But when are you visiting the Port Workspaces?

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