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The Hivery is a women-focused coworking space based in San Francisco. Further, they create an atmosphere that encourages creativity and enables you to pursue your passion. Moreover, they offer a multitude of services in addition to providing workplace solutions. So, if you are looking for collaborations or want to host an event, this place will serve as an excellent venue. So, no more do you need to wander in cafes or restaurants in search of inspiration when you have a great alternative at your disposal. Even if you have just started with your profession, they will guide you all the way to success. Each day at work will be filled with learning and imbibing new skills.

The Hivery is home to scores of people who belong to diverse professions. This talented mix forms a great community who share your dreams and aspirations. So, working beside them will give you the advantage of procuring more productive results. After all, working together yields better results in comparison to working solo. The workspace has a modern decor that has been thoughtfully designed keeping in view your requirements. Furthermore, they provide flexible workspace options keeping in consideration every individual’s needs. So, whether you want to work in a communal area or prefer a private environment, they will provide you with many options. To get a closer glimpse at this center, please keep reading further.

The Hivery Locations in San Francisco:

Mill Valley

The Hivery is located in one of the premium coworking locations in San Francisco. You will be working in a great surrounding from which all the facilities are nearby. So, all the major conveniences are available at your doorstep. Whenever hunger strikes, you can visit cafes and restaurants including Mill Valley Beerworks, Boo Koo, The Depot Bookstore and cafe and a lot more. Some of the best entertainment venues in the vicinity comprise of theatres, music hall, art club and so on. All in all, you will have everything you could possibly require here!

Address: 38 Miller Avenue, Suite #20, Mill Valley, CA 94941

Fort Mason

The Hivery is soon opening its other location in San Francisco’s Fort Mason Center for Art and Culture. The workspace has around 25-foot ceilings and covers an impressive area. Further, they provide abundant car parking facilities. From your office window, you can enjoy the views of the Golden Gate Bridge. Apart from this, the area around the center is home to great retail stores and entertainment venues. Keep checking the website of The Hivery so that you stay informed once the location is officially launched.

Address: Fort Mason Center for Art  and Culture, San Francisco, CA


Email: [email protected]

The Hivery





Amenities offered by The Hivery:

  • Events: Once you sign up as a member at The Hivery, you will get access to member events for free. So, you will have ample opportunities to build your network.
  • Workshops: You will also get discounts on The Hivery Workshops so that you are able to participate in the informative sessions at the center.
  • Venue rental: Want to host an event? Great. This workspace is also an amazing event space. Further, when you become a member, you will get great discounts.
  • Online Member Directory: The center maintains an online directory of the members. So, you will be able to view the directory of your fellow members and find a like-minded match.
  • Online Community Board: Another great thing is that The Hivery has an online community board. This shows that they have made full use of the technology.
  • Phone booths: To enable you to conduct your phone calls in private, the work center has private phone booths as well. Now you do not need to worry about facing any disturbance.
  • Conference rooms: The center has well-equipped conference rooms that will enable you to conduct your meetings in a professional environment. So, reserve a conference room and see the difference for yourself.
  • Creative studios: The Hivery has spacious multipurpose creative studios. So, you can use this special area to carry out various tasks as per your interest.
  • Free Virtual Membership: Once you become a member, you will also get a free virtual membership. Further, this membership will make you eligible to use various facilities.
  • Internet: The reliable and secure internet connection at the workspace will always keep you connected with your peers outside the workspace.
  • Printers: The efficient printing equipment of The Hivery lets you get the best quality printed document. So, no more venturing out for menial tasks.
  • Standing desks: This workstation cares about your well-being. Therefore, they provide standing desks so that you do not strain yourself from sitting for too long.
  • Coffee, Tea, and Snacks: Can’t work without coffee? Well, no worries. The workspace provides surplus coffee, tea, and snacks. So, help yourself with some coffee and snacks and get ready for a new task at hand.

The Hivery Membership Plans:

Coworking Flex-4: This option at The Hivery gives you access to the workspace for four days in a month. In addition to this, you use the conference room for four hours per month. So, if you do not require a workstation on a full-time basis, then you should consider this option. Also, you will be working alongside like-minded peers who can help you accomplish your tasks. All you have to do is bring along your work materials and get down to work. The membership price of this plan is:

  • Mill Valley: $195 per month.
  • San Francisco: $200 per month.

Coworking Flex-8: If you need more time at The Hivery, this is another option at your disposal. Under this plan, you can visit the center for eight days anytime during the month. Additionally, you will get eight conference room hours as a complimentary gift. You can also use the additional amenities that the center provides including internet, workshops, events and so on and so forth. Not to mention, you will be surrounded by a vibrant community. The cost of availing this option is:

  • Mill Valley: $295 per month
  • San Francisco: $300 per month

Unlimited: This membership plan will give you access to the workspace for an unlimited period of time. That implies you can visit the workspace whenever you want to without facing any time restrictions. In addition to this, you will also get 20 hours a month to use the conference rooms. As an added advantage, you can avail hefty discounts on member events and workshops. The price of this option is:

  • Mill Valley: $395 per month
  • San Francisco: $350 per month

Community: There is another form of membership option available at The Hivery. Under this plan, you can purchase day passes and can rent meeting rooms. Moreover, you can access 5+ member events at the center and avail discounts on workshops. All this is available at a price of $95 per month.

Virtual: Become a virtual member and a part of the online community of The Hivery. So, you will have all the facilities of the center available at your fingertips. Be a part of their amazing community and discover your potential. The cost of this option is $35.


The Hivery is the ideal place to transform your dreams into reality. If you have an idea that you would like to work upon, the supportive community at the workspace will provide full assistance. Further, this collaborative space focussed on the upliftment of women will help you feel like you belong. Not to mention, the workshops and events revolve around the topics that are meant to raise the stature of women in society. So, if you are a working woman and are unsure about working in an office. Well, I suggest you try this place. The sense of belongingness in addition to top-notch services will definitely change your mind.

The Hivery is brimming with inspiration and community. If you, due to any reason, had to stop working for a while and are planning to restart your work journey, they will support you. That is to say, they conduct various programs so that you are able to grab an opportunity and kickstart your career once again. Isn’t it great? All your work solutions are available at a single place. You can take a tour of this place before committing to a membership plan and see for yourself. More power to you!

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