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Pacific Workplaces is a coworking firm that has a wide variety of office space solutions. For instance, there are private offices, coworking spaces, meeting rooms, and much more. Also, these workspaces are available at very flexible costs. You can hire an office space on demand in case you have specific requirements. Not to mention the amenities associated with these plans. In short, at this center, you are in for a treat. Also, never miss on an opportunity to mingle with like-minded peers who can help you move forward and grow your venture.

Pacific Workplaces Oakland has always been a hub for attorneys who are given full support to continue their practice. If this space had been a law firm, undoubtedly it would have been counted among the best ones. If you are tired of working in a traditional corporate environment and want a more flexible space to work, then this is your solution. To take a close look at this place, keep reading further.

Amenities at Pacific Workplaces Oakland:

  • Business-grade Wi-Fi: At Pacific Workplaces, you will have access to enterprise-grade internet. Further, internet facilities are available in shared as well as private spaces.
  • Printing facilities: You do not have to leave the premises of your office to print your documents. Also, there is an availability of photocopiers.
  • Friendly staff: This work center has an amazing on-premise staff who are always available at your disposal.
  • Lounge area: Feeling tired from sitting at the desk for too long? No worries. At Pacific Workplaces, there is a breakout area so that you can recharge yourself before indulging in another task.
  • Events: Events help you to grow at an individual level besides providing you with a chance to network with other professionals.
  • Beverage service: Savour tasty fruit juices and work your way through all the tasks at hand.
  • 24/7 access: You will have 24/7 access to your workspace. So, come whenever you feel like working!
  • Meeting rooms: Well-furnished meeting rooms are available at Pacific Workplaces Oakland. That is to say, you can hold your meetings in a very professional manner and impress your clients.






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Membership plans at Pacific Workplaces:

Full-time offices: At Pacific Workplaces Oakland, you have the option for both short-term and long-term office spaces. Further, this includes private offices and team spaces which are fully furnished and can be customized as per your requirements. You only have to pay for the space you occupy and the services you avail. In addition, you can access your work spot 24/7. This is a dedicated space where you can carry out all your tasks plus enjoy the benefits of a collaborative environment. What else would you need to attain your business goals? For membership prices, get in touch with their team.

Day Pass: If you are frequently traveling and are unsure about the days you can drop in for work, this option will provide you with a solution. That is to say, by using day passes at Pacific Workplaces you can pay for the day you spend at the workspace. Also, you do not need to apply for a full-time membership as this is a very flexible option. The cost of this plan starts at $25 per day. In addition, you will get wifi and beverage service for free.

3 Days/month Plan: This is another flexible option for frequent business travelers. By applying for this option, you can access the workspace 3 days a month. Apart from that, you will get some added benefits. For instance, free Wi-Fi, beverages, meeting room discounts, and membership resources. The package for this option starts from $49 per month.

Open Coworking: This option at Pacific Workspaces allows you to access your desk whenever you want to. In other words, you can become a hot desk member with unlimited access. Every day you can choose a different desk and work in a new environment. Also, you get to avail of all the facilities of the center including free access to the meeting room and 200 free prints.

Dedicated Desk: Dedicated desks are personalized spaces that are only meant for your use. That is to say, nobody else can access it apart from you. Also, you do not have to fret about where to keep your work materials. Dedicated desks at Pacific Workplaces Oakland You will be closely working with other professionals who can help you with your work. Isn’t that great news? Wait, there’s more! You also get to access a bundle of amenities including internet, meeting rooms, beverages, and much more. The membership cost starts from $249 per month.

Virtual Office: A great business presence without a full-time office membership is what you need if you travel a lot. Further, you can grow your clientele by using the address of Pacific Workplaces as your business address. You can even access day offices and meeting rooms depending on the plan you choose. Other services include call answering services, mail services, digital mailboxes, and a lot more!

  • Mail Plan: Under this program, you will get mail services in addition to internet, meeting room discounts, member services, and beverage services. The price starts at $49 per month.
  • On-The-Go-Office: Apart from all the services available in the mail plan, you will get additional benefits like package notification, local phone number, and call answering. Moreover, the membership cost starts at $119 per month.
  • V-Office: Get all the facilities mentioned in the first two plans and access to meeting rooms, offices, and coworking spaces. So, the price of this package starts from $169 per month.
  • V-Office-Plus: This is a full-fledged virtual membership package that will give you all the facilities you can think of. Apart from the basic ones, there are options like digital mail, coast-to-coast call answering, 24/7 access to workspace, printing, and more! The price starts at $239 per month.

Technology: Pacific Workplaces Oakland understands your bandwidth needs and therefore offers a variety of packages. These include:

  • Fueled: This option provides 10 GB/mo/user. Also, this package is suitable for browsing, downloading small files, and checking emails. It is available at a cost of $49/mo/user.
  • Energized: This option includes 20 GB/mo/user. It supports a number of activities including downloading, webinars, and streaming. The membership cost is $79/mo/user.
  • Tempo: Get unlimited data by availing this option at $99/mo/user. Also, this option is ideal for those who require a lot of data while working.

Special Workspaces for Lawyers: Pacific Workplaces understands the needs of attorneys. So, they have special office spaces dedicated to their use. You can either book a full-time office or opt for part-time office space. To know about the membership costs, get in touch with their team.

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Oakland – Pacific Workspace

Address: 1300 Clay Street, Suite 600, Oakland, CA 94612-1247

Pacific Workplaces in Oakland is situated in the center of the financial district in Oakland. Further, you can find a number of restaurants, cafes, and retail stores just around the corner. The office building is at a small distance from The Oakland Federal Building, Alameda County Courthouse, and the City of Oakland offices. Moreover, if you want to grow your business then this location is an ideal place to do so.

To procure more information, contact them at (510) 464-8000 or visit their website

Email: [email protected]

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All in all, Pacific Workplaces will cater to all your needs and help you grow as you traverse toward your goal. If you ever face a problem, their dedicated team is always ready to support you. Apart from this, the regular events at the center will provide you with a chance to interact with great minds. And who knows? You might chance upon a new client for your business.

Get a chance to work in a great environment that supports mutual growth and collaboration. Not to mention, you will be working at a great location that will help you summon your productive self and get the tasks done! Sounds amazing, no? So, stop doing everything else and book yourself a seat at Oakland’s Pacific Workplaces. Enjoy!

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