12 Awesome Yet Affordable Coworking Spaces in Oakland (2022)

The coworking space Oakland and their culture are endorsed by the world-renowned Silicon Valley in California. It can be called as a melting pot of technological innovation and advancement. This is the region from where the world saw the rise of Mammoth Organizations like Apple, Microsoft, Dell among others. It is no surprise that we have some impressive and efficient coworking spaces operating in this city. Being a port city it also houses a large potential for inter-state business.

This city boasts with a lot of potential for the development of businesses and startups. Moreover, with a coworking space nearby to your home, you will be able to leverage from the best of both worlds. People are readily abstaining from the mundane office culture and shifting towards the coworking spaces. Oakland is an important city lying within the San Francisco Bay area. What will follow is a brief introduction of the major coworking space Oakland along with their membership plans.


Impact Hub Oakland


Do you know what is the best feature of any coworking space? It is serendipity, the opportunity to connect with someone who was unknown to you until now. And when you strike the perfect chord with that person, the result is collaboration, engagement and learning experience. This is what you will find brimming at Impact Hub Oakland. This coworking space Oakland is also ranked as the topmost workspace in the USA. From idea generation to becoming a part of an inspiring community, you will be surrounded by everything that is related to progress and cohesiveness.

Address: Impact Hub Oakland, 2323 Broadway Oakland, California 94612.

Website: https://oakland.impacthub.net/

Membership Plans: The membership plans are divided into two subparts at this Oakland coworking space.

  • Individual Membership: This membership plan is available on an hourly basis. Meaning that you can choose the hourly plans for the whole month. It starts from 25 hours and goes on to 50 hours, 100 hours and unlimited hours. The 25 hours and 50 hours plan will cost you $99 and $175 per month and you will be able to use the space within office hours from Monday to Friday. Plus the 100 hours and the unlimited coworking plan will cost you $295 and $415 per month. In these plans there is no limit on access hours, you will be able to use the space 24*7.
  • Organizational Membership: The organizational membership is available for multiple members who are a part of an organization. You will get day passes every month to the tune of 10 and 20 passes. The 10-day pass package at Impact Hub Oakland comes at $150 per month and the 20-day package at $275 a month.




This space is also recognized as one of the best coworking space Oakland with regards to creativity as they provide exhibition space to budding artists. Oakstop is a spacious coworking arena residing in the heart of the city. The eloquent meeting rooms and work areas will surely impress your clients. With three types of different space options, you will find yourself in a vibrant community. These are workspaces, event space, and gallery space. The ergonomic chairs and inspiring interior designing will make sure to entice your thinking neurons and provide an energetic environment for working.


  • 1721Broadway Oakland, California 94612.
  • 274 14th Street, Oakland, California 94612.

Website: http://oakstop.com

Membership Plans: There are three major membership plans at this coworking space Oakland. Open desk, Dedicated desk, and Private office. The open desk can be availed on a daily or monthly basis. The daily pass comes at $15 per day and the monthly pass will cost you $50 per month. Added to this the dedicated desk will cost you $250 for a month and the private office rates start from $750 a month. Coffee and tea is free for all the members at Oakstop.


Pacific Workplaces


Yet another coworking space Oakland is blooming in the Silicon Valley under the moniker Pacific Workplaces. They are spread throughout California covering all the major cities. At Pacific Workplaces Oakland you can rent out meeting rooms, coworking space, and private offices. Their USP is providing workplace as a service to the members and allowing them to be a part of the best camaraderie in Oakland.

Address: 1300 Clay Street, Suite 600 Oakland, California.

Website: https://pacificworkplaces.com/

Membership Plans: Under the open desk membership, there are three plans to choose from. The daily pass, the 3 days a month plan and the open monthly desk plan. The day pass starts from $25 a day, the 3-days plans begin at $49 per month. And the open monthly desk membership rate starts at $139. Then is the dedicated desk plan, for a permanent desk you need to pay $249 per month, this is the starting rate. The prices can change as per the location.


WeWork Oakland


In the realm of coworking WeWork is one of the best coworking spaces operating at a global level. You will find that WeWork has a similar culture in all of its 588 locations spread throughout the world. The canvas of the coworking space Oakland boasts with the likes of WeWork operating at the helm from its Broadway location. They have covered four floors of the city center building, which is an eloquent glass decorated high rise building in the city.


  • 1111 Broadway 3rd Floor, Oakland California, 94607.
  • 2201 Broadway, Oakland, California, 94612

Website: https://www.wework.com

Membership Plans: The best feature of WeWork Oakland is that here you can get a bespoke office suite along with hot desks and dedicated desks. The hot desk starts at $375 per month and the dedicated desk at $550 per month. Within the office suites, the starting cost is $810 for a single seat and you can avail up to 50 seats or higher.


The Port Workspaces


How about a meeting room right beside the lakefront? Well, the Port Workspaces’ one location will take you to the Oakland harbor and the other three locations are located in prime locations. This coworking space Oakland will provide you desks and meeting rooms along with amazing event space and maker space. The Port Oakland is best for budding entrepreneurs and for those who are new to setting up a business. The amazing community takes care that you achieve all your goals in time. And they also ensure that each and every member is always inspired and motivated to work.


  • Kaiser Mall, 344 20th Street, Oakland, California.
  • City Center, 555 12th Street, Oakland, California.
  • 101 Broadway, Oakland, California.
  • 317 Washington Street, Oakland, California.

Website: http://portworkspaces.com/

Membership Plans: At The Port Oakland you will find that there are various options to choose from. These are the hot desks, dedicated desks, private offices, team spaces, and team tables. For a hot desk, you need to pay $250 per month and a single seat within a private office will cost you $400 per month. The team tables and team spaces are designed after considering some special requirements of the members and will cost you $300 for a single seat. Also this coworking space Oakland also has event space, virtual membership and meeting rooms.


Regus Oakland


The magnanimous Regus has yet again achieved accolades for its enormous network of coworking space Oakland. With Regus at the helm, the Oakland coworking scenario seems complete. Regus, as you know is a global organization which has covered a plethora of cities globally. Regus Oakland represents a premier link between its own network and with its other global locations. The amazing Regus has spread its wings in Oakland and nearby cities with 54 different spaces. This means that in every corner of the city you will find one Regus coworking and office space blooming beautifully.

For further information, you can visit their website: https://www.regus.com/locations/united-states/california/oakland

Membership Plans: You can choose from three membership plans at Regus Oakland. These are the Lounge, Co-Working, and Private Offices. The monthly subscription for lounges start at $93 per month and for coworking, the range begins at $299 per month. The office membership at Regus Oakland starts from $539 and it is liable to increase as per the location and the space required.


Big Oakland


Why the name Big? Is it because they have a big space? Well, my best guess is the name resonates they type of workspace Big Oakland is. They operate within one specific sphere and that is the construction industry. From architecture to engineering to planning how to assemble every brick all of it is done here at this coworking space Oakland. Another major factor is that the majority of the construction and architecture companies are small. You will find that this Long Beach Coworking Space has provided spaces like these a place to call their own. For most of the people and clients where you work matters a lot and that is why here the office interiors are mesmerizing. They leave nothing to chance, once your client will see where you work, half the job is done.

Location and Contact:

Address: 351 15th Street, Oakland, California

Website: http://www.bigoakland.space

Membership Plans: There are plenty of options to choose from at this Oakland coworking space. Once you get your priorities in line, it will be easy for you to choose the best membership plan for yourself. The Day-Tripper is a single day pass which comes at $30 per day, and the Part-Timer plan starts at $225 per month. Moving on, there are Workaholic collaborative tables available here with price starting at $325 per month. For a more spacious and private workspace, you can go for the dedicated desk priced at $450 per month. Lastly, there are private offices which have separate locks with rent starting at $1500 per month.


Ace Monster Toys


Moving on to the next coworking space Oakland, Ace Monster Toys.  It not about working with tools you like and thumping on metal every now and then. AMT is a built-in makerspace community which resonates efficiency, learning, and cohesiveness. You will be among a respectable and invigorating community. The members here are either volunteers or they are here to learn something. AMT invites people from all walks of life to come and work here, the only requirement being that you should have a curious mind. Curiosity is what keeps this place running. There are all the modern tools available at AMT. From state of the art infrared laser machines to every single type of screwdriver there is to work with. They have it all.

Location and Contact:

Address: 6050 Lowell Street, Ste 214, Oakland, California 94608.

Website: https://www.acemonstertoys.org/

Membership Plans: The two types of members that you will find at this unique Coworking Space Oakland are volunteers and subscribed members. The paid members can choose from four types of plans, including the scholarship, the starving hacker, the standard member and the premium member. The membership rates are as follows:

Scholarship: $45 per month, Starving Hacker: $60 per month, Standard: $80 per month and Premium: $120 per month.

You must be wondering what is then volunteer membership then? Well, it is when you pledge to devote at least 8 hours in a month to AMT for assisting with some tasks. Then you are a proud member of Monster Corps and can work at Ace Monster Toys.


Forage Kitchen


Who’s hungry? Well, you need to hold your horses because we are about to enter a space which prepares mouth-watering food. Yes, you read it right. Forage Kitchen is a type of community kitchen but for members only. This coworking space cum kitchen offers kitchen space to budding chefs and food entrepreneurs. The mission of Forage Kitchen Oakland is to help the local food economy scale up by helping the food crafters. Plus every Friday you get the chance to showcase your talent to everyone who can come and eat at the BatchMade Market hosted by a an amazing food-centric coworking space Oakland. 

Location and Contact:

Address: 478 25th Street, Oakland California.

Website: https://www.foragekitchen.com/

Membership Plans: You can avail for the membership of this Coworking Space Oakland by choosing any one of the three plans. The Paring membership is best for the beginners and will cost you $1200 per month. Moving on there is the Santoku membership plan which will cost you $1800 per month. Lastly, for professionals, there is the Chef Membership priced at $2500 per month. For all the membership plans services like dishwashing and cleaning is within the cost you pay for your membership.


Nomadic Press


It’s a bookstore, it’s a publishing house, it’s an event space, a space for publishers, writers, artists and every creative mind. Nomadic Press is another unique coworking space Oakland which caters to one group of the economy. This coworking space is for those who are looking for an avenue to publish their work or to showcase their talent. The nomadic press has in-house editors who will review your work before publishing it. It has various associations with certain art organizations and can help you build your network easily. You can consider them as the local book printing house of Oakland.

Location and Contact:

Address: Nomadic Press Space, 111 Fairmont Avenue, Oakland California.

  • 2926 Foothill Boulevard, #1, Oakland California 94601
  • 2301 Telegraph Avenue, Oakland California 94612

Website: https://www.nomadicpress.org/

Membership Plans: As such, there is no membership plan of Nomadic Press. But what I have learned is that you can hire out a coworking space from them at $80 per month with 4 hours of access. But the condition is that you need to pass the application review and then only can you use the space.


Circuit Launch


When you are in Silicon Valley, it cannot happen that there is no tech-savvy coworking space operating here. Circuit launch is an eloquent coworking space Oakland which caters to the startups working on IoT, AR, and VR. In Toto, if you are working on a tech-based hardware startup, this is the place for you. Their objective is to provide small startups with sophisticated and complex machines that are important to build something new. And small startups are not in a position to buy such tools and equipment. Hence this coworking space will give you all the necessary tools to work with. So, get cracking with your revolutionary idea and make the next best robot the world has ever seen.

Location and Contact:

Address: 8000 Edgewater Drive, Oakland California 94621

Website: http://www.circuitlaunch.com

Membership Plans: The Inventor Plan at Circuit Launch is for beginners and the membership price is $89 per month. You will get access to the workspace for 8 days in a month. Next is the Entrepreneur plan which comes at a monthly price of $145. This plan has unlimited access to the workspace along with limited conference rooms usage. The dedicated desk plan will cost you $250 per month and this plan includes RFID locker storage plus using the laser cutter. Lastly, they have private offices starting at $750 per month.


Premier Business Centers


This coworking space Oakland is what makes it easy for the members to choose any type of office space they like. With such a large portfolio of workspaces in the country, Premier Business centers is what you want as your next office. This space operator has gained a lot of experience over the years and has become the panacea of eloquent office spaces. The management staff is brilliant and the office locations define their approach and ability to make a difference in your business. In Oakland, you will find premier business centers at one location.

Location and Contact:

Address: Lake Merritt Plaza, 1999 Harrison Street, 18th Floor Oakland, California, 94612.

Website: https://www.pbcenters.com

Membership Plans: At premier business centers there are three working membership plans. Under the silver plan, you will get free internet access and a number of other services at $300 per month. Next is the Gold Plan which will cost you $495 per month and it has some extra amenities that are given to the members. The platinum plans include everything you desire from any coworking space Oakland has to offer to the members. This plan will also cost you $595 per month.


Powerhouse fund


This time we are talking about a coworking space Oakland which focusses on energy startups. There are over more than 100 energy professionals currently working with them. From developing the cleaning technologies to conducting events about the energy sector they cater to a lot of services in this sector. Most importantly, you will be among the like-minded individuals who are also keen on living in a sustainable future. Powerhouse fund makes it possible or the energy pioneers of the 21st century to become the energy leaders of the future. The community is a collaboration of the representatives of the White House, ARPA-E, and several university ventures.

Location and Contact:

Address: 426 17th Street, Suite 700, Oakland California 94612

Website: https://powerhouse.fund

Membership Plans: Powerhouse fund has not shared its membership plans on the website. But they have an impressive portfolio of services and amenities. Some of them are 24*7 access to space, a rooftop deck and barbeque, showers, and hydraulic solar panel desks. Every entrepreneur who has an interest in the energy sector has to check out this unique coworking space Oakland. 


All the coworking space Oakland has a lot to offer for business developers and entrepreneurs. With the hub of technological advancement nearby you can well imagine the scope of your business development. All you need to do is play the right cards and you will find yourself very close to being prosperous and successful in your venture. If this is not enough, the adjoining Coworking space Berkeley and its participants will give you a lot more exposure than Oakland.

There are a lot of other coworking spaces in the nearby areas that resonate a distinct mission. Every coworking space Oakland that I have come across aims to provide an amicable environment to the members. There are a number of spaces which act as incubators like the Nomadic Press, others are there to teach you something. Some spaces invite successful entrepreneurs to let you learn from their mistakes. There is no dearth of people who want to build something of their own, the only thing they long for is a medium to make it all happen. All this means that you have the right tools in your hand, the only requirement for you is to choose the right front and start marching towards success. Happy Coworking!


Ajay Deep

Ajay Deep is the brain behind Coworking Mag. He founded this website to help startups and aspiring entrepreneurs find a coworking space in their city. He is a successful entrepreneur who started and scaled a bunch of startups – all from shared office spaces. He has visited hundreds of coworking spaces in different countries and is now an investor in this evergrowing idea of developing new coworking spaces. You may reach Ajay Deep at [email protected]
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