10 Awesome Yet Affordable Coworking Spaces in Oakland (2023)

The coworking space Oakland and its culture are endorsed by the world-renowned Silicon Valley in California. It can be called as a melting pot of technological innovation and advancement. This is the region from where the world saw the rise of Mammoth Organizations like Apple, Microsoft, and Dell, among others. It is no surprise that we have some impressive and efficient coworking spaces operating in this city. Being a port city, it also houses a large potential for inter-state business.

This city boasts a lot of potential for the development of businesses and startups. Moreover, with a coworking space nearby to your home, you will be able to leverage the best of both worlds. People are readily abstaining from the mundane office culture and shifting towards coworking spaces. Oakland is an important city lying within the San Francisco Bay area. What will follow is a brief introduction to the major coworking space in Oakland along with their membership plans.


Temescal Works Oakland

Coworking space Oakland-Temescal Works

Are you seeking a noise-free, serene, and focused environment within a communal space that aids your overall progress? If yes, escape to Temescal Works, a legit coworking space provider that minimizes the interference and disruption you might encounter in a traditional office setting or a crowded coffee shop. Operating since 2018, this coworking space exudes a fantastic culture, stunning interiors, and relaxing furniture. Whether you are an aspiring startup or an established business house, this impeccable coworking space has got you covered, catering to your unique requirements. Moreover, work at any time of the day or night with the added advantage of 24/7 access to the workplace. Regarding amenities, at Temescal, you will find phone booths, a well-stocked kitchen, fast internet, on-site bike storage, well-built meeting rooms, sit/stand desk, ergonomic chairs, lockable cabinets, etc.

Address: 490 43rd St, Oakland, CA 94609, United States

Contact: (510) 454-9509

Membership Plans: At Temescal Works Oakland, you can purchase their day pass at an affordable rate of $30, allowing you to utilize their open workspace during business days. For those who need a different desk daily, choose their drop-in desk at $295/month, while a permanent dedicated desk is available for $495/month. A fully-equipped private office space is available starting from $1,650/month.




This space is also recognized as one of the best coworking space Oakland with regards to creativity as they provide exhibition space to budding artists. Oakstop is a spacious coworking arena residing in the heart of the city. The eloquent meeting rooms and work areas will surely impress your clients. With three types of different space options, you will find yourself in a vibrant community at Oakstop Coworking Space Oakland. These are workspaces, event spaces, and gallery spaces. The ergonomic chairs and inspiring interior design will make sure to entice your thinking neurons and provide an energetic environment for working. 


  • 1721Broadway Oakland, California 94612
  • 274 14th Street, Oakland, California 94612


  • Address 1: (510) 698-9370
  • Address 2: (510) 927-4068

Membership Plans: There are three major membership plans at this coworking space Oakland. Open desk, Dedicated desk, and Private office. The open desk can be availed on a daily or monthly basis. The daily pass comes at $15 per day, and the monthly pass will cost you $50 per month. Added to this, the dedicated desk will cost you $250 per month, and the private office rates start from $750 a month. Coffee and tea are free for all the members at Oakstop.


Pacific Workplaces


Yet another coworking space Oakland is blooming in Silicon Valley under the moniker Pacific Workplaces. They are spread throughout California, covering all the major cities. At Pacific Workplaces Oakland, you can rent out meeting rooms, coworking spaces, and private offices. Their USP is providing the workplace as a service to the members and allowing them to be a part of the best camaraderie in Oakland.

Address: 1300 Clay Street, Suite 600, Oakland, California.

Contact: (510) 468000

Membership Plans: Under the open desk membership, there are three plans to choose from. The daily pass, the 3 days a month plan, and the open monthly desk plan. The day pass starts from $25 a day, and the 3-day plans begin at $49 per month. And the open monthly desk membership rate starts at $139.  For a dedicated desk, you need to pay $249 per month. The prices can change as per the location.


WeWork Oakland


In the realm of coworking, WeWork is one of the best coworking spaces operating at a global level. You will find that WeWork has a similar culture in all of its 588 locations spread throughout the world. The canvas of the coworking space Oakland boasts the likes of WeWork operating at the helm from its Broadway location. They have covered four floors of the city center building, which is an eloquent glass-decorated high-rise building in the city.


  • 1111 Broadway 3rd Floor, Oakland, California, 94607
  • 2201 Broadway, Oakland, California, 94612


  • Address 1: (415) 228-3200
  • Address 2: (510) 470-9085

Membership Plans: The best feature of WeWork Oakland is that here you can get a bespoke office suite along with hot desks and dedicated desks. The hot desk starts at $375 per month, and the dedicated desk at $550 per month. Within the office suites, the starting cost is $810 for a single seat, and you can avail up to 50 seats or higher.


The Port Workspaces


How about a meeting room right beside the lakefront? Well, the Port Workspaces’ one location will take you to the Oakland harbor, and the other three locations are located in prime locations. This coworking space Oakland will provide you with desks and meeting rooms along with amazing event space and maker space. Port Oakland is best for budding entrepreneurs and for those who are new to setting up a business. The amazing community takes care that you achieve all your goals in time. And they also ensure that each and every member is always inspired and motivated to work.


  • Kaiser Mall, 344 20th Street, Oakland, California.
  • 101 Broadway, Oakland, California.

Contact: (510) 444-0770

Membership Plans: At The Port Coworking Spaces Oakland you will find that there are various options to choose from. These are the hot desks, dedicated desks, private offices, team spaces, and team tables. For a hot desk, you need to pay $250 per month, and a single seat in a private office will cost you $400 per month. The team tables and team spaces are designed after considering some special requirements of the members and will cost you $300 for a single seat. Also, this coworking space Oakland has event space, virtual membership, and meeting rooms.


Regus Oakland


The magnanimous Regus has yet again achieved accolades for its enormous network of coworking space Oakland. With Regus at the helm, the Oakland coworking scenario seems complete. Regus, as you know, is a global organization that has covered a plethora of cities globally. Regus Oakland represents a premier link between its own network and its other global locations. The amazing Regus has spread its wings in Oakland and nearby cities with 54 different spaces. This means that in every corner of the city, you will find one Regus coworking and office space blooming beautifully.

Address: 505 14th Street, Suite 900, Oakland, CA 94612

Contact: (510) 588-8400

Membership Plans: You can choose from three membership plans at Regus Oakland. These are the Lounge, Co-Working, and Private Offices. The monthly subscription for lounges starts at $93 per month, and for coworking, the range begins at $299 per month. The office membership at Regus Oakland starts from $539, and it is liable to increase as per the location and the space required.


Big Oakland


Why the name Big? Is it because they have a big space? Well, my best guess is the name resonates with the type of workspace Big Oakland is. They operate within one specific sphere, and that is the construction industry. From architecture to engineering to planning how to assemble every brick, all of it is done here at this coworking space Oakland. Another major factor is that the majority of construction and architecture companies are small. You will find that this Long Beach Coworking Space has provided spaces like these a place to call their own. For most of the people and clients where you work matters a lot, and that is why here, the office interiors are mesmerizing. They leave nothing to chance; once your client will see where you work, half the job is done.

Address: 1423 Broadway, Oakland, CA 94612, United States

Contact: (510) 277-3323

Membership Plans: There are plenty of options to choose from at Big Oakland Coworking Space. Once you get your priorities in line, it will be easy for you to choose the best membership plan for yourself. The Day-Tripper is a single-day pass that comes at $30 per day, and the Part-Timer plan starts at $225 per month. Moving on, there are Workaholic collaborative tables available here, with prices starting at $325 per month. For a more spacious and private workspace, you can go for the dedicated desk priced at $450 per month. Lastly, there are private offices that have separate locks with rent starting at $1500 per month.


Artthaus Studios

Coworking space Oakland-Artthaus Studios

Are you one of those professionals who are missing the sense of community and belongingness while working in an isolated home setting? If yes, discover Artthaus Studio in the lively city of Oakland, where you will get to work with diligent and energetic individuals, thriving collectively to scale their endeavors. This space is ideally curated to suit the needs of aspiring entrepreneurs, small business owners, or startups. Decked with abundant natural light and colorful aesthetics, this coworking space sparks your creativity at its best. Besides being affordable, you’ll find top-notch facilities to make your work environment effortless. This includes an enchanting lounge/game area, well-appointed conference rooms, a stocked kitchen, a spectacular rooftop area, ample parking facility, fast internet connectivity, etc.

Address: 2744 E 11th St, Oakland, CA 94601, United States

Contact: (510) 972-9600

Membership Plans: A day pass for accessing the space at Artthaus Studio Oakland for a single business day is priced at $15. In addition, they have three workspace membership options, Studio (2-4 people), Medium (6-10 people), and Premium (10-20 people), all available at a starting monthly price of $848, $1298, and $4448, respectively.


Circuit Launch


When you are in Silicon Valley, it cannot happen that there is no tech-savvy coworking space operating here. Circuit Launch is an eloquent coworking space Oakland that caters to startups working on IoT, AR, and VR. In Toto, if you are working on a tech-based hardware startup, this is the place for you. Their objective is to provide small startups with sophisticated and complex machines that are important for building something new. And small startups are not in a position to buy such tools and equipment. Hence this coworking space will give you all the necessary tools to work with. So, get cracking with your revolutionary idea and make the next best robot the world has ever seen.

Address: 8000 Edgewater Drive, Oakland, California 94621

Contact: (510) 560-7673

Membership Plans: The Inventor Plan at Circuit Launch Oakland is for beginners, and the membership price is $89 per month. You will get access to the workspace for 8 days a month. Next is the Entrepreneur plan, which comes at a monthly price of $145. This plan has unlimited access to the workspace along with limited conference room usage. The dedicated desk plan will cost you $250 per month, and this plan includes RFID locker storage plus using the laser cutter. Lastly, they have private offices starting at $750 per month.


Premier Workspaces


This coworking space Oakland is what makes it easy for the members to choose any type of office space they like. With such a large portfolio of workspaces in the country, Premier Workspaces is what you want as your next office. This space operator has gained a lot of experience over the years and has become the panacea of eloquent office spaces. The management staff is brilliant, and the office locations define their approach and ability to make a difference in your business. In Oakland, you will find premier business centers in one location.

Address: Lake Merritt Plaza, 1999 Harrison Street, 18th Floor Oakland, California, 94612.

Contact: 5104964600

Membership Plans: At Premium Workspaces Oakland, there are three working membership plans. Under the silver plan, you will get free internet access and a number of other services at $300 per month. Next is the Gold Plan, which will cost you $495 per month, and it has some extra amenities that are given to the members. The platinum plans include everything you desire from any coworking space Oakland has to offer to the members. This plan will also cost you $595 per month.


All the coworking space Oakland has a lot to offer for business developers and entrepreneurs. With the hub of technological advancement nearby, you can well imagine the scope of your business development. All you need to do is play the right cards, and you will find yourself very close to being prosperous and successful in your venture. If this is not enough, the adjoining Coworking space Berkeley and its participants will give you a lot more exposure than Oakland.

There are a lot of other coworking spaces in the nearby areas that resonate with a distinct mission. Every coworking space Oakland that I have come across aims to provide an amicable environment to the members. Some spaces invite successful entrepreneurs to let you learn from their mistakes. There is no dearth of people who want to build something of their own; the only thing they long for is a medium to make it all happen. All this means that you have the right tools in your hand; the only requirement for you is to choose the right front and start marching toward success. Happy Coworking!
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