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Nextspace Berkeley is a fairly big and famous coworking space in the city. This space is powered by Pacific Workplaces Berkeley. It makes this coworking space a stronger coworking platform with a better network. The Nextspace coworking spaces are vibrant and dynamic. These are modern in architecture and fully equipped with high technology amenities. Coworking is a relatively new trend in corporate culture. This idea has transformed the work dynamics and made the offices a fun space for working. These spaces are now all across the globe courtesy its growing demand. The old cubicle offices are now obsolete and for all the right reasons.

The comfort and ease of working that coworking spaces provide are unmatched. Nextspace Berkeley is one of the best coworking spaces. It is a mix of both professional and home-like vibe. This makes for a perfect workspace where you can devote all the focus at your work. These spaces provide all top notch amenities and services. The detailed list of the amenities and services available at Nextspace Berkeley are as below.

Nextspace Berkeley Amenities and Perks

A wide range of amenities and perks are provided at Nextspace Berkeley. These are high-quality amenities which allow the businesses to run smoothly here. These facilities and perks are explained in the list below.

  • This Downtown location is close to BART. Hence, this coworking space is located at the prime location of the city.
  • Also, there are many topnotch restaurants, cafes, and eateries in close vicinity. Therefore, quick bites are just a short distance away.
  • The membership plans here are cost-effective and variably flexible.
  • Community managers are present at Nextspace Berkeley at all times. You can ask them for help in case you need any.
  • Meeting rooms and conference rooms are also available at this coworking space. These spaces are fully equipped with all the necessary amenities.
  • The interiors here are modern. These spaces are fully furnished and fully serviced.
  • A cleaning crew is present throughout the day at Nextspace Berkeley.
  • Unlimited high-quality coffee is also provided at this coworking space Berkeley.
  • Ergonomics are given due importance at this office space. The comfort of the employees is a priority for Nextspace Berkeley.
  • A live telephone answering facility is also available at this coworking space.
  • An IT crew is also available here. You can avail of their expert services whenever you require it.
  • Both professional and social events are also organized at this office space from time to time. These events occur on a weekly basis. Members can participate in these events. There’s a lot to gain from these events.
  • Professional and high-quality printing, scanning photocopying facilities are also available here.
  • You can also place local and international calls at Nextspace Berkeley. Private and soundproof phone booths are also available here.
  • Finding a parking spot is also very easy around here. Therefore, parking is absolutely hassle-free at Nextspace.
  • Furthermore, the office supplies also remain fully stocked here at all times.
  • High-speed internet facility is also available at Nextspace Berkeley. This ensures smooth workflow without any delays.


Nextspace Berkeley





Membership Plans at Nextspace Berkeley

A wide range of membership plans is available at this coworking space. These membership plans are largely flexible and adjustable. Day passes are also available here among many other coworking plan options.

Hot Desks: Hot desks are the best option for freelancers, part-time workers, and travelers. These coworking spaces are flexible. You can choose a spot of your liking in a common space and get to work right away. These spaces are spacious and welcoming. Finding a desk here is guaranteed. At Nextspace Berkeley, you can buy a day pass or get a monthly membership to avail of this facility. Day pass price is $25 per day per individual. All the necessary amenities are included in this membership plan. You can also buy the 3-day plan which costs $49. Furthermore, a monthly plan is also available for $299 per month for the open coworking space. The monthly membership plan also provides you a 24/7 access to these spaces.

Dedicated Desks: The dedicated desk facility is the best suitable for part-time workers and freelancers. This is a private space of your own. You can customize it the way you like at Nextspace Berkeley. These desk spaces are perfect for having better focus. Dedicated desks are a fast selling facility at this coworking space. You can buy a membership plan for it at $375 per month. Access to these coworking spaces is for 24/7. Also, you can avail of free access to the meeting rooms and day offices under this membership plan.

Virtual Office: This membership plan is the best suitable for individuals who do not require dedicated office space. Under this plan, you can avail of the professional mail handling and packaging and live phone answering services. Also, you can access the meeting rooms and the shared office spaces at Nextspace Berkeley. This space provides four options for a virtual office. All the essential amenities are available under these membership plans. An all-inclusive monthly membership plan for V-office-plus costs $289. While for the V-office, on-the-go office and mail-plus plan the rental prices are $209, $129 and $59 per month.

Shared Office Space: A shared office space at Nextspace Berkeley is private office space. These office spaces can accommodate up to four individuals. Here you can have a little more privacy than in an open coworking space. You can but this membership plan for a month. All the important essentials are available under this membership plan. To know more about this membership plan, visit their official website.

Meeting Rooms and Venue Spaces: Meeting rooms and event space are also available here. At Nextspace Berkeley these spaces can accommodate from 20 to 150 people. These are spacious and vibrant spaces with a welcoming vibe.


Berkeley – Nextspace

Nextspace Berkeley is located in the prime Downtown location of the city. It is just a few minutes away from BART. This space is planted in the historic Wells Fargo Bank Building. Also, this coworking space is just two blocks away from University Avenue. There are a lot of topnotch eateries, restaurants and coffee shops around this space. Therefore you can easily enjoy a quick getaway. Also, Commuting around here is a breeze as many transport options are available nearby. This coworking space enjoys many priveledges.

Location: 2081 Center Street, Berkeley, CA 94704
Email: [email protected]
Contact: (510) 990-0500
Official Website:


Nextspace Berkeley has it all that you need. The coworking spaces here are modern and airy. All the necessary prerequisites are available here. Ergonomic chairs are also available here. And hence the comfort of the individuals is a priorty at this coworking space. There is a wide variety of membership plans available for each coworking space option. These price plans are also very flexible and bendable as per the peculiar business needs.

Nextspace Berkeley is their famous coworking space among other locations like San Jose and Santa Cruz. This space is powered by the famous Pacific Workplaces and therefore, it is a power-packed coworking space. For more information about their space membership plans do visit their official website. Also, confirm the availability of these spaces beforehand. Happy Coworking!

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