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WeWork Los Angeles is a fairly large coworking space in the city. It has some of the best price plans for the office spaces here. Their offices are suitable for single entrepreneurs, small to large businesses and freelancers. WeWork has a huge network across many cities in several nations. By joining their spaces, businesses can benefit immensely. Their services are top notch and interiors are modern. Various necessary high-quality amenities are available here. The offices at WeWork are fully serviced and fully furnished which makes it easy in case you wish to shift immediately. Also, their offices are located at the prime locations of the city. Fresh fruit water is served here daily to keep you fresh and energetic. The comfort of the employees is a priority for them as ergonomic furniture is also available here.

WeWork Los Angeles has various locations for coworking spaces around here. All of their spaces are located at the prime locations in the city. Moreover, all the essentials are available here along with their business class and top-notch services.

Amenities and Perks at WeWork Los Angeles

WeWork Los Angeles has a wide range of top-notch facilities and services. These services help in the smooth flow of work and increase the productivity of the individuals. Also, the overhead expenses decrease considerably with these. Below is the detailed list of these amenities and perks.

  • High-quality mail packaging and mail handling services are available at this coworking space. This gives an edge to your business.
  • These office spaces are secure and have a reliable door lock feature. Hence, your security is well looked after at WeWork Los Angeles.
  • A cleaning crew stays on duty throughout the day, hence, WeWork Los Angeles remains speckless at all times.
  • An IT crew is readily available for your help here. Thus, you can avail of their expertise whenever you feel the need to.
  • The comfort of the employees is a top priority for WeWork Los Angeles. And this factor is well looked after with the ergonomic furniture available here.
  • Top quality micro-roasted coffee and tea is served here during the work hours. It helps in keeping you awake through your hectic work schedule.
  • Furthermore, fresh fruit water is also served here daily which keeps you fresh and energized.
  • You can easily get a parking spot at these shared offices. Hence, parking is absolutely hassle-free here.
  • These coworking spaces are modern and infrastructure is as per the latest corporate trends. The vibe is warm and welcoming at this coworking space.
  • Also, these spaces are airy and spacious. There is enough room for daylight in them. At WeWork Los Angeles, various coworking spaces of different sizes are available.
  • The office supplies remain fully stocked at this space at all times, just in case.
  • You can place both local and international calls here. At WeWork, the phone booths are soundproof and fully equipped.
  • Access to these spaces is available for 24/7. Hence, you can drop by whenever you want and get to work right away.
  • Various professional and social events are organized here from time to time. These are indispensable for the growth of budding businesses.
  • You can also avail of the facility of modern conference cum meeting rooms at WeWork Los Angeles.
  • The internet here is high speed and high quality. This allows you to get work done quickly without delays.
  • Business class photocopying, scanning, and printing services are also available here.
  • You can also choose to work in the common areas at this coworking space. These spaces are just perfect for informal meetings or brainstorming sessions.
  • Onsite bike storage is also available at WeWork Los Angeles. Therefore, it becomes more convenient for bike riders.

WeWork Los Angeles




Membership Plans

Private Offices: Private offices are the dedicated office spaces where you can have undivided focus at your work. These spaces are best for single entrepreneurs, startups and small to large businesses alike. Private offices of various sizes for different business needs are available at WeWork Los Angeles. You can get an office space for teams of 1 to 50 individuals or even more. At WeWork, private offices are secure and lockable. These are fully furnished spaces and include a chair, desk and a cabinet. Twelve credits are included in it for booking a conference room. Moreover, the rentals for these spaces vary from location to location.

Dedicated Desk: Dedicated desk spaces provide you with a fixed desk space in a coworking environment. Plus, these office spaces are the best suitable for freelancers, part-time workers, etc. You can bring your laptop or set up your system and get to work. You can also customize this space as per your liking at WeWork Los Angeles. In addition to this membership plan, you get a lockable cabinet, an ergonomic chair, and a trash can. Also, you receive 5 credit points for booking a conference room. Business class mail handling and mail packaging services are also available here.

Hot Desk: Hot desk is a temporary desk space that you get for the day in a common coworking space. You can bring your laptop along, choose a desk space of your liking and get to work straight away. Under this membership plan, you get two credit points to book a conference room. You can pay extra $ 50 to include the mail packaging and mail handling services.

Common Areas: The common areas at WeWork Los Angeles are the common workspaces where you can enjoy some quiet time, have an informal meeting or have brainstorming sessions. You can also choose to work in these spaces for a change.

Locations of WeWork LA

There are many locations of WeWork in Los Angeles. All of their coworking spaces are in the prime locations of the city. Various travel options are also easily available around here. Also, there are quite a few shopping centers around here. Furthermore, various high-quality restaurants, cafes, and eateries are also at a close distance from WeWork Los Angeles. 


  • 925 N La Brea Ave 4th Floor LA, CA 90038
  • 8687 Melrose Ave LA, CA 90069
  • 1601 Vine Street Los Angeles CA 90028
  • 750 N San Vicente Blvd Ste 800 West LA, CA 90069
  • 12655 W. Jefferson Blvd LA, CA 90066
  • 1019 E 4th Place Los Angeles CA 90013
  • 1031 S. Broadway LA, CA 90015
  • 21255 Burbank Boulevard LA, CA 91367
  • 1003 E. 4th Place Los Angeles CA 90013
  • 555 West 5th Street, 35th Floor LA, CA 90013
  • 12130 Millennium Drive LA, CA 90094
  • 7083 Hollywood Boulevard LA, CA 90028
  • 10250 Constellation Blvd Ste. 100 LA, CA 90067
  • 5792 Jefferson LA, CA 90016
  • 811 W 7th St Los Angeles CA 90017

Contact: +1 855-593-9675


WeWork Los Angeles is undoubtedly the finest coworking space in the town. Hence, it is a preferred choice for coworking space Los Angeles. It has a wide range of amenities that are exclusive to these spaces. Furthermore, the price plans are very flexible here, so there is no rigidness, unlike various other spaces. You can find various types of coworking options here. Their headquarters are located in NYC. They have many other coworking spaces across various cities. The popular options are in Santa Monica, NYC, San Francisco, etc.

You can also explore various jobs and career opportunities at WeWork Los Angeles. To get more information about their spaces, visit their official website.

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