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New York, a hub of creative and entrepreneurial minds. If you are in New York and looking for a co-working arena, feel sorted as “The Yard NYC is here. You definitely want a comfortable one where you can launch your ideas into actions. And that is what this coworking space in NYC is all about.  After bringing professionals together in Brooklyn, Philadelphia, Washington, and Boston, The Yard’s premium coworking community has opened at eight major spots in New York. It is a perfect area for innovative minds and inspired professionals. 

Whether you are a freelancer, remote worker or a budding entrepreneur, The Yard NYC is just the perfect place for you to shape your ideas. Also, it is beautiful, vibrant and open which will make your mornings fresh and energetic. With lots of people of varying skills and expertise, they allow you to enhance your knowledge and skills. Not only this, the most incredible part of this shared workspace is its staff who are always willing to go above and beyond for the members.

Amenities And Perks At The Yard NYC

As a person spending considerable hours in a co-working area, you will definitely want your space to offer the best amenities with the utmost hospitality. Therefore, the primary element that everybody looks for before choosing a shared space is the amenities it offers.

  • High-Speed Wifi: Fast internet is the most important component of a coworking office. The Yard NYC provides reliable and high-speed wireless internet and ethernet connectivity to its members so that they can focus on their work.
  • Keycard Access: An ideal coworking hub must have airtight security systems that enable quick access and smooth operation. Plus, It is equipped with the latest security technology and provides keycard access. And, this enables the members to have  24/7 access to their home location through security keycards and a smartphone app. 
  • Coffee, Espresso, and Tea: No one can survive long hours of work without a break and refreshments. Hence, their shared office includes modern kitchens that offer complimentary coffee, espresso, and tea. 
  • Friendly On-site Staff: The staff in a co-working space represents its brand and culture. Because, they are the ones who interact the most with the members. And, this workspace understands the importance of well behaved and friendly staff. Therefore, The Yard NYC’s community managers are on-site daily to greet the guests and make sure that they are well taken care of. The reception and sorting of the mails are also done by them.
  • Media Screen: A great environment paired with the latest technology makes an ideal shared work hub. Media screens are available at Yard New York City for presentations and events.
  • Meeting Rooms: Group discussions and meetings are an essential part of office work. They have a tech-enabled conference and meeting rooms to regroup with the team as well as to host guests.
  • Neighborhood Discounts & Perks: A unique element at this workspace is that it provides discounts on local restaurants, retail, and services. Therefore you can dine and relax at affordable rates after long hours of work.
  • Printing: Every participant at The Yard NYC includes access to the printing facility.
  • Security: They ensure 24/7 security so that the members can stay relaxed and work in a safe environment.
  • Storage Options: Most of the member plans here provide lockable filing cabinets, shelves, and lockers so that members can secure their belongings safely.
  • Network: Members can download The Yard mobile application and have access to its digital network. Through the BackYard app, members can book conference rooms, RSVP to exclusive events and post jobs to seek new opportunities.
  • Art Gallery: They have merged an art gallery and an office space. Moreover, its art gallery has curative artwork through the in-house Art Program that features new artists’ shows every quarter.
  • Wellness Program: You can also benefit from the in-house Wellness Program that hosts fitness and health events on-site every now and then.

The Yard NYC


Membership Plans At The Yard NYC

They offer flexible month-to-month membership options that are ideal for everyone and the new businesses in particular. Besides, members can customize their space to amplify their brand and accelerate their business growth. There are four major plans across New York namely – open coworking, dedicated desk,  offices, and enterprise. 

Open Coworking

This is the most affordable option facilitated by them and it also offers 24/7 access to its members. Under this plan, the members get complimentary access to conference rooms for 2 hours a month. They also get complimentary pages of both black & white and color printing. Besides, open coworking provides an opportunity to meet other coworkers or neighbors from various fields and expertise. This option starts at $395 a month.

Day Pass

They offer a day pass for $35 under which members can enjoy a free 7-day plan. A day pass provides access to:

  • Beautifully designed workspaces and lounges 
  • Complimentary coffee, tea, and water
  • Admitted attendance during on-going events.
  • Use of any one of14 workspaces
  • Free Croissant Membership – which is a monthly service that gives access to more than 200 co-working spaces  

Dedicated Desk

The Yard NYC has a beautiful dedicated space on a monthly membership basis for those who want a little privacy in a coworking space. This pricing plan provides the members with a desk of their own in a shared space. This membership starts from $ 550 a month and allows access to most of the amenities. Additional amenities can be availed of by paying extra.

Private Office Memberships

For somebody who wants a personal space, The Yard’s NYC individual offices are enabled with a lock and key security. Moreover, such offices can be availed of by a single person and a team of 30+ members as well. Private office membership starts at $800 a month and all the members under this plan have access to everything that they offer. Under this membership plan, there are 7 different options based on the number of individuals a team has.


Looking for an isolated space for two people? You can get a quiet, lockable space that is perfect for a team of two. Further, members may use the space for office work, consults and meetings and are given access to all the amenities. The membership starts at $1600 a month

3-Desk Office

This is one of the most popular memberships at this amazing shared workspace. With room for up to three members, this membership allows access to everything. Further, it is best suited for small teams looking for an affordable secluded space to grow their business. The plan starts at $2800 a month.

4-Desk Office

Starting at $3200 a month, this membership is available at all locations of The Yard NYC. Further, with the availability for teams of four, this plan is perfect for small teams wanting a dedicated, private space with in-office storage needs.

 Offices for more than 4 people

5-Desk Office

With the ability to accommodate up to five individuals, 5-desk office gives access to everything within the premises. In addition to this, the plan starts at $4000 a month and the community members will work with the team to find an arrangement that best suits their needs.

6-Desk Office

The plan starts at $4200 a month the 6-desk office is an ideal choice for a team of 6 employees. Further, the members can easily collaborate in a conference room or a luxurious executive office. In case you need more room, you can talk to the Community Manager about additional space options. The members under this plan have access to all the amenities.

7-Desk Office

This membership provides a spacious, 7-desk office for larger teams. Membership starts at $4700 a month and can be customized as per the number of members and the team’s requirements.

8-Desk Office

Starting at $7000 a month, The Yard NYC’s 8-desk office is a quiet, lockable office for teams who want to work in a personal space. With ample room, members can enjoy a luxurious space to work and collaborate. Further, they have the advantage of utilizing every amenity provided by them.

Becoming an Enterprise Member at The Yard NYC

Are you looking for a perfect space for your growing enterprise team? Well, the Yard’s in-house enterprise team works to provide customized, tailored space for teams of 24+ employees. In addition to this, the Enterprise membership includes various options like:

  • Executive offices & open workspaces
  • Dedicated entrances & amenities
  • The option of single floors for the entire team
  • Exclusive penthouse workspaces
  • Storage solutions 
  • Branding of the area occupied by a team/company
  • The option to set up satellite offices at other locations in NYC, D.C., Philadelphia, and Boston.

Virtual Office

This option is for people who are looking for a business community but do not need a daily workspace. Virtual membership is provided at The Yard NYC. The plan costs $50 a month and provides:

  • An address to your startup/business
  • Access to all membership perks through The Yard app
  • Entertain guests for an hour in the conference room each month
  • Mail address as well as mail reception. The mail must be picked or if labels are provided, the staff can assist with mail forwarding.

Event Spaces

Event spaces are available at two locations in New York – The Stairs at Herald Square and The Roof at Delancey. Further, they include several paid amenities and range from $1000 to &1800 depending on the event and requirements.

Location And Contact

In NYC, The Yard is situated at 8 top locations of the city. Also, all the locations offer great public transit options and are packed with great amenities.

Herald Square: It is an absolute favorite location and is the most popular among coworkers. Some credit the venue for its high ceilings and spacious arrangement while others admire its beauty, natural light, and great environment. Also, the location is highly convenient and offers several transit options. It is also close to some great restaurants and dining spaces. Almost the amenities and membership at Herald Square coincide with other locations of The Yard.

Address: 106 West 32nd Street, New York, NY, United States

Flatiron North: This location is also highly preferred among The Yard’s customers. Flatiron North is an entire building that features four spacious floors of the offices and other coworking options. Besides, an entire floor here is dedicated to conferences, meetings, and events and is available at discounted rates. The location also includes some bonus amenities like world-class restaurants and transportation convenient (due to a great location).

Address: 246 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY, United States

Other locations

  • Bryant Park: 510 Fifth Ave
  • City Hall Park: 116 Nassau Street
  • Columbus Circle: 33 West 60th Street
  • Flatiron South: 234 Fifth Ave
  • Lincoln Square: 157 Columbus Avenue
  • Lower East Side:85 Delancey Street
  • The Yard Headquarters: 195 Broadway, Floor 3


Email: [email protected]


The low-stress, high-energy environment of The Yard is the major reason why you should be here. Secondly, the coworking space has an excellent, responsive staff that is always there to assist you. With flexible policies and customizable membership plans, The Yard offers a premium working platform for the growing as well as budding entrepreneurs.                         

This coworking space boasts with its efficient services and state of the art facility. Moreover, as a member, you will get access to several top-notch office additions. All these facilities will certainly help you get the best out of your business proceedings. In addition to this, The Yard NYC is one of the most popular and high in demand coworking spaces in the city of New York. And, that is only because of the well-knit community and growth potential offered by them.

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