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Regus Santa Monica serves as one of the locations for Regus. Further, Regus is known to be one of the largest workspace providers in the world offering great facilities and services. Apart from the basic amenities provided by almost every coworking space, they have special offers for you. They have come up with flexible options so that businesses of every size are able to settle in. Even if you are a young startup and run on a low budget, they will make sure all your needs are tended to. Offering services from time immemorial, they have a clientele of successful business executives and companies. Not to mention, they have grown to become one of the most trusted workspace providers.

Regus has four locations in the region of Santa Monica, California. Moreover, all the centers are well-organized and offer state-of-the-art services. They have undergone numerous expansions. For instance, you can now find workspaces at airports, train stations etc. Working was never this easy and convenient before, right? So, if you are traveling but need to send in an urgent report, you can access these business lounges. It’s as simple as it sounds. Apart from this, you do not have to pay a huge sum to set up your business. All you need to do is hire a suitable space and get to work. Regus California offers a cost-effective alternative to expensive corporate offices. To get a closer look at this space, keep reading further!

Regus Locations in Santa Monica

Contact: +1 855 400 3575


Address: 2500 Broadway, Building F, Santa Monica, California

Another location of Regus Santa Monica is set up in the heart of Santa Monica Media District. Further, in the surroundings of the building are situated some of the largest ventures. They include Yahoo, HBO, Apple, Colony Capital, MTV Networks, Advanstar, and others. The outside area has large spaces for outdoor activities which include tennis courts, parks, water features, and others. Also, the district has abundant fitness and food centers for your convenience. Some of the famous restaurants nearby include Bistro of Santa Monica, Café Bizou, Daily Grill, Subway, and Prego Ristorante. All the services that you could possibly require are just a few blocks away!

Arizona Avenue:

Address: 730 Arizona Avenue, Santa Monica, California

This location of Regus is a beautiful creative space located in the heart of Santa Monica. With modern interiors and well-lit spacious rooms, it is a vibrant space to carry out your tasks. Also, did I mention anything about outdoor patios? Well, you will find here those too! Apart from this, the surrounding areas are bustling with food courts and retail spaces. You can dine at famous restaurants such as Baja Fresh, Tar & Roses, and Bangkok West Thai located nearby. Just a few blocks from this place, you will come across Third Street Promenade shopping center. Other than this, you can refresh your mind by taking a quick session at nearby yoga and fitness centers. All in all, you are in for a great treat!

Avenue of the Stars:

Address: 1901 Avenue of the Stars, 2nd Floor, Los Angeles, California

In this location, Regus center is situated in a 19 floors tall building. Due to its impressive height, it offers magnificent views of the Santa Monica city. Further, the workspace is accommodated on the second and nineteenth floor of the building. So, you can work while enjoying beatific sceneries from your office window. The center is easily accessible as it falls on some of the major transportation routes including 405 and 10 Freeway. You can locate several retail spaces and entertainment venues nearby. Additionally, you will have 24/7 access to the building. So, work whenever you feel like it!

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Santa Monica Boulevard:

Address: 10100 Santa Monica Boulevard, Suite 300, Century City, California

This location of Regus Santa Monica is situated within a large business district in Westside Los Angeles. In close proximity to this center, you will find some of the tallest skyscrapers home to large entertainment corporations like 20th Century Fox. Furthermore, transportation from this place is quite easy as it is close to the 10 and 405 freeways. At a small distance, you can locate Beverly Hills which harbors companies like Fortune 500 Company. So, this is quite an impressive location for your business.

Regus Santa Monica






Amenities offered by Regus Santa Monica:

  • 24/7 access: You will have 24/7 access to your work spot at Regus center.
  • Onsite coffee bar: This center of Regus in Santa Monica has an onsite cafe. So, enjoy a warm cup of coffee whenever you feel like it.
  • Business lounge: Another feature of this center is that they provide business lounges as workspaces that come with all the facilities.
  • Disable friendly: Regus Santa Monica provides disable friendly services.
  • Internet facility: Make full use of the high-speed internet at Regus workspace.
  • Terrace: Feeling tired after working for a long hour? No problem. Take a short break and relax on the terrace.
  • On-site parking: You do not have to worry about parking your vehicles as onsite parking is available.
  • Videoconferencing facilities: Regus California also provides video conferencing facilities in case you want to hold a meeting online.
  • Customer service: They have a dedicated onsite staff to look after your requirements.

Workspaces at Regus Santa Monica:

Office Space: Regus Santa Monica offers a variety of office spaces that can be customized to suit your requirements. Further, you can hire an office for a day, a week or a whole year. It all depends on what you need. Not to mention, the offices have comfortable seating arrangements and modern decor.

  • Window office: This option at Regus California offers office space with large windows. So, you can enjoy the panoramic views while dealing with your projects. Membership cost of this option is $7.50 per person per day.
  • Interior office: Get a flexible office space with basic facilities. Also, this office is available at the lowest cost in comparison to the other options. The cost of availing this plan is $6 per person per day.
  • Office suite: This option will provide you with a large office that has a meeting space as well. Generally, it comprises of two desks and a meeting table. To know about the price, please get in touch with the team.

Virtual Office Plan: Virtual office plans at Regus will help you gain popularity in the business world. How? Well, their professional office address will make your operation more authoritative. This will also help you to impress your clients and win their approval. To know about the membership prices, you may contact them. Moreover, these virtual plans give you a number of benefits as mentioned below.

  • Professional address: You have the option to use any of the business center’s location as your business address. This helps you to earn credibility. Also, you can access mail handling services.
  • Virtual office: In addition to professional business address, you also get mail handling and telephone answering services. To top it all, you can access the business lounge in any Regus center.
  • Virtual office services: With the help of this plan, you will get all the virtual office services in one package. Also, you can drop in at any Regus center to access a private office.

Meeting rooms: For your professional requirements, Regus Santa Monica houses exclusive meeting rooms. The rooms are well equipped and are technologically well-advanced. You can rent meeting rooms by the hour for as long as you need. Besides, they offer additional services like catering, coffee, and equipment to enhance your experience. Another great thing about these rooms is that they are customizable. That is to say, they can be used for a variety of occasions. For instance, as interview rooms, boardroom, training room, and conference room. The moment you arrive for your meetup, you will find everything ready. So, don’t be surprised by the efficient services of this space! For membership prices, please connect with the team.

Business lounge: In my opinion, this is the most flexible service offered by Regus. So, if you need to work while traveling, this center has come up with great service. They have set up business lounges at airports, train stations, service stations, and business parks. Further, you can have on-demand access to these lounges. That is, just drop in and get to work. You can pay at the end of the day. Isn’t this a great option? You can also get unlimited access to these lounges by opting for a membership. Contact them to know about the cost of this plan.

Coworking: Coworking at Regus Calfornia gives you the benefit of working alongside like-minded individuals. Further, you only have to pay for the number of desks you hire in the shared space. You can rent these coworking desks by the hour, day or a month. Not to mention, you have the opportunity to build your network by increasing your connections. For information regarding price, please contact them. Under this plan, you have two options.

  • Hot Desks: This option is ideal for those who require a workspace for a limited number of days. Moreover, they have the liberty to work on any available desk. Yes, this is true! So, every day you can work at a new desk in the collaborative space.
  • Permanent Desks: Reserve a desk at Regus Santa Monica by becoming a permanent member. Also, this is the most suitable option for those who work on a full-time basis. This option also gives you access to phone handling services. It will be like working in your own office but in a shared space.


Working at a Regus center has its benefits as you get a first-hand experience with a lot of new things. To enumerate, they have made available some of the most convenient options so that you get a lot of benefits. Further, you always have the option of making changes in your memberships depending on your requirements. Whenever you face any hardship, a dedicated team of professionals is always there to help you 24/7. Why set up your own space and get caught up in capital investments, when you have a more flexible option?

The most interesting service offered by Regus is that it provides workplace solutions at airports, train stations and more. So, this gives you a chance to work while you are traveling. Further, this option is available for the California location as well.  No matter how small your business is, they will help you set up at any budget. Work in a productive environment and watch your business thrive. All you need to do is sign up for a contract. It will cover everything from the space you utilize to the facilities you use. So, why are you still waiting? Take a tour and apply for membership.

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