9 Awesome Coworking Spaces in Detroit With Perks and Prices (2022)

Detroit is a city on the rise. The coworking space Detroit scene has become so popular that numerous coworking spaces have popped up over the last few years. With its low cost of living, an influx of investment capital, and creative class, Detroit has been garnering national attention as a hotbed for innovation and entrepreneurship.

Coworking spaces offer start-ups from all over the state a space to work with other like-minded people. These shared workspace buildings are set up like small business incubators; they provide affordable rental rates for entrepreneurs who might not be able to afford rents elsewhere in the city.

Coworking spaces in Detroit provide an ideal workspace that offers dynamic amenities and facilities to elevate your work environment. It is a great way to harmonize culture and a professional community, where people can thrive together. Coworking spaces can be very adaptable and multifunctional as you can rent a single desk or a larger room if you have a small team.

If you are in search of a coworking space in Detroit that is verified and reliable, continue reading!

Coworking Space Detroit

This listicle will delve into the details of some of the best coworking spaces in the city of Detroit. Let’s get reading.


SpaceLab Detroit

They are a coworking space that prides itself as a “community of urban innovators.” With comprehensive workshops and a “material library” at your disposal, they aim to help others achieve success. Moreover, it is a space for professionals to come together and interact with individuals dedicated to prosper.

SpaceLab Detroit has a modern workspace with tools like drafting, displaying, and printing. Certainly not just limited to these tools, SpaceLab even offers rooms that can be rented out for various events. Each room has a different seating capacity and unique setup for all types of events. They even have a kitchen area, a bar space, and a room available for live music.

Location: 607 Shelby Suite 700, Detroit, MI 48226

Website: https://spacelabdetroit.com/

Pricing: A single desk with 24/7 access costs $40 a month. Any other type of membership information is only available on request.


Bamboo Detroit

A longtime player on the coworking front, Bamboo Detroit has two locations now. The current one is in Downtown Detroit and the other coworking space is Royal Oak. This co-working space was named after the bamboo plant itself, and that’s where they seek inspiration from it. Just like the fast-growing plant, their design is an inspirational and favorable setup with tons of perks and amenities to help you grow. There are networking opportunities, coaches, and a cluster of diverse creators and founders to learn from.

The Bamboo coworking space Detroit has plenty of office sizes and types available to be utilized. Anything from private office space for a team to single desks can be rented on a monthly basis. They even have a virtual office membership that comes with a complimentary Bamboo Detroit day pass.

Location: 1420 Washington, Suite 301, Detroit, MI 48226

Website: https://www.bamboodetroit.com/

Membership: An office for a team of two costs $800 a month. Dedicated private desks cost $250 per month. Coworking spaces are $150 a month. Lastly, there are virtual office memberships as well that cost $60 per month. All types of memberships include high-speed internet, access to events, classes, and networking. For more details related to their membership benefits, you can visit their website.


WeWork Detroit


One of the best features of the workspace is that you can instantly book a listed number of offices on the WeWork On Demand App. Also, they have at least 100 WeWork buildings across the world. And three locations within Detroit itself. All their workspaces are modern, with grade A amenities and commercial office solutions.

It is one of the many high-end and dynamically decorated office spaces in the city. These buildings come with food and beverage options, along with speedy internet. WeWork helps you create a workplace that suits all your business needs with your choice of building, security, IT, and branding. Moreover, with neighboring buildings full of tech, design, and marketing entrepreneurs, forging connections and networking couldn’t be any more convenient.

Location 1: 1001 Woodward Ave, Detroit, MI 48226
Location 2: 19 Clifford St, Detroit, MI 48226
Location 3: 6001 Cass Ave, Detroit, MI 48202

Website: https://www.wework.com/

Membership & Pricing plans: Prices for all of their various office types are available on request.


The Green Garage (Coworking Space Detroit)

The Green Garage Detroit is not just any old co-working space but one that empowers sustainability along with professionals seeking success. This Detroit coworking space is a true gem as it only produces 10% waste compared to other commercial office buildings.

The owners have even installed a rainwater harvesting system next to the building to replenish local water tables. Also, the building has tons of native plants to boost biodiversity. Therefore, this coworking space Detroit is different from the others. Their team believes in working as a community and helping one another learn, thrive, and succeed. It’s a place that celebrates diversity and encourages self-worth.

Location: 4444 Second Avenue, Detroit, MI 48201

Website: https://greengaragedetroit.com/

Membership and Pricing plans: Green Garage offers various membership types. A shared table seat starts at $75 a month, and an individual desk is available from $189/month. Also, their 2 people and 3+ offices are rentable for $490 and $680 per month, respectively. Lastly, they even have workshop spaces that cost $657 a month.


Grand River Workplace

When the Grand River WorkPlace opened in 2015, it was one of the first neighborhood-based co-working spaces to be established. This coworking place is a dynamic space that provides small businesses with the opportunity to grow and thrive. It offers an affordable 24/7 working environment, as well as pop-up retail opportunities. Perfect for future entrepreneurs who want their storefront without all of those costly overhead costs!

Grand River Workplace is a place where entrepreneurs can go for resources and support. They provide weekly events, and monthly programs to help small businesses launch or grow their business. This co-working space flaunts amenities like free parking, 24/7 access, a printer, high-speed internet, and events and workshops.

Location: 19120 Grand River Avenue, Detroit, MI 48223

Website: https://www.grandriverworkplace.com/

Membership: Coworking membership is $75 a month, while dedicated office spaces cost $300/month. Lastly, a pop-up retail space is available for $500 per month.


Cocoon Detroit

For entrepreneurs and creatives of the city, Cocoon Detroit is a collaborative workspace purely designed for those who are actively supporting Detroit’s evolution. Moreover, they are committed to developing individuals, ideas, and affiliations that engage in conscious urban transformations and rational redevelopment of Detroit.

This coworking space Detroit location is all about creating a work environment that is affordable, collaborative, and inclusive. In addition, they want to be a resource for the people with endeavors to revitalize, beautify, and stabilize the city.

As far as business development goes, Cocoon Detroit offers a community of mentors ready to provide their expertise to help you grow. This coworking space encourages everyone to network in a diverse community for maximum exposure.

Location: 2785 E Grand Blvd, Detroit, MI 48211

Website: https://cocoondetroit.com/

Plans: All prices for their various spaces are available on request.


Hunt Street Station (Coworking Space Detroit)


At Hunt Street Station, they offer a truly personalized experience where your ideas and opinions are valued. Also, they promote an ideal environment for growth and prosperity, where learning is encouraged. This coworking space Detroit provides spaces for work, rooms for meetings, and areas for events. Therefore, they have an elbow room and hot desk; these options are ideal for creative professionals and freelancers. Also, these spaces are suitable for people looking for accessible and affordable workspaces.

Nevertheless, Hunt Street does have some dedicated and private spaces available for rent as well. If you are looking for some storage space, the dedicated desk may be the best option for you. On the other hand, if you are a small business owner and need office space for yourself, the private office is the go-to.

Location: Hunt Street Station, 2200 Hunt St., Detroit, MI 48207

Website: https://www.huntstreetstation.com/

Pricing plans: Elbow Room $99/Month, Hot Desk $149/month, Dedicated Desk $275/month, and Private Office $499+/month.


The Detroit Writing Room

Perhaps one of the most suitable coworking spaces in Detroit for people with creative backgrounds. This co-working space has beautiful and minimalistic interiors with plenty of sunlight seeping through every room. The concept of the whole work area is open and airy.

The Detroit Writing Room owner prides herself in establishing a place where people can come and work on achieving their goals. Therefore, at this co-working space, they provide services like editors/proofreaders to help you with any kind of written work. In addition, they also have coaches with expertise in various backgrounds. Lastly, they also host a variety of events that can make networking super easy and fun.

At this workspace, they provide professional advice on specific topics such as Corporate Communications, Social Media Content, Graphic Design, and several others.

Location: 1514 Washington Boulevard, Suite 203 Detroit, Michigan 48226

Website: https://www.detroitwritingroom.com/

Membership plans: Virtual Membership $199/Year, Private Meeting Space $100/hour for under 8 persons, and $200/hour for 9-20 people groups.


The best coworking spaces in Detroit are waiting to be discovered. These co-working spaces have everything you need for a productive day at work, from coffee shops and restaurants to libraries and gyms.

If you’re looking for the perfect office space that matches your needs, no matter how specific they may be, then take some time today to explore what’s available around town. There’s nothing more valuable than finding an environment where your ideas can thrive!

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