8 Awesome Coworking Spaces in Baltimore with Perks & Prices (2022)

There are quite a few famous options for coworking space Baltimore which offer various types of shared office spaces. These spaces are perfect for part-time workers, freelancers, startups and small to large businesses alike. These office spaces have modern interiors along with high technology infrastructure. Coworking has brought an increase in productivity with a smoother workflow. There is a welcoming and home-like vibe at these spaces.

The individuals work better in such an environment rather than in a cubicle. Different types of corporate needs are met at these office spaces. In Baltimore, there are many coworking spaces including famous and new local brands. However, the quality of all these offices is fine and as per the corporate standards. Various high-quality amenities and facilities are available. All the prerequisites are taken care of, hence, the work gets done smoothly here without delays.

Of all the coworking space Baltimore options, we have curated the best and listed out the details below. Check them out for complete information about the price plans and perks available at these spaces.

Coworking Space Baltimore

There are quite a few amazing coworking spaces in Baltimore. These provide all the high-quality amenities and perks. These spaces cater to the various business needs of different businesses. A lot of big businesses found a haven at these office spaces. Below are some of the best options for Baltimore coworking spaces.


Spark Baltimore


Spark Baltimore is a local coworking brand and a great option for coworking space Baltimore. They have various modern amenities and perks available here. Access to the kitchen is available at Spark. Also, you can park your bikes indoors at this shared office space. This coworking space also has a fitness center the services of which you can avail of. Furthermore, you can easily find a parking spot and thus it is hassle-free and easy. You can also choose to work in the lounge spaces here. High-quality coffee and beer are also served at this coworking space in Baltimore.

Also, many professional and social member-only events are organized here. Various other events are also organized which are beneficial for startups and small businesses.

Website: https://spark-bmore.com/

Location: 8 Market Pl #300, Baltimore, MD 21202, USA

Membership Plans: These office spaces have various options for coworking. Among these are a mailbox, day pass, workstation, private offices, and meeting rooms. You can get a day pass here for $15 per day and a meeting room for $50 per hour.


Impact Hub, Baltimore


This coworking space Baltimore is another preferred choice for coworking in this city. They have various coworking spaces in many cities all across the globe. Their services are top notch and interiors are modern. Frequent member events are organized at these coworking spaces. Also, 24/7 access is available for many of these office spaces. You can also avail of various discounts for renting out these office spaces. All the prerequisites are available here for the businesses to run smoothly.

Business class mail handling and packaging services are also available here. There are many commute options around here which makes commuting a breeze. The office supplies also remain stocked here throughout the day.

Official Web: https://impacthub.net/

Location: Impact Hub Baltimore, 10 E. North Ave, Suite 5, Baltimore, MD 21201

Membership Plans: There are three different kinds of membership plans available at Impact Hub Baltimore. These are support, connect and grow memberships. The grow membership costs $50 per month. 


Open Works


It is one of the best maker workspaces in Baltimore and a unique coworking space Baltimore. The coworking spaces here are flexible and spacious. There are a lot of high-quality amenities available in and around these coworking spaces. There are many highly rated restaurants, eateries, and cafes around here. Furthermore, this location is linked by various public transportation, hence commuting is very easy and hassle-free around here. You can easily find a parking spot at the free onsite parking lot at Open Works Baltimore.

Apart from this, high-quality coffee is also served here throughout the day. The interiors are modern here as per the latest corporate norms.

Website: https://www.openworksbmore.org/

Location: 1400 Greenmount Ave, Baltimore, MD 21202

Membership Plans: This coworking brand offers three types of coworking spaces. The resident membership plan at this office space begins at $250 per month. Under this price plan, you get access to the computer lab, metal shop, wood shop, and various other facilities. To know more about the membership plans of these maker-spaces, visit their site.


Regus Baltimore


This coworking space Baltimore is another famous option for coworking in the town. They have five locations for coworking in the city. All of these shared office spaces are located at the prime locations of Baltimore. All the necessary amenities and perks are available here for various types of businesses. These workspaces are fully equipped and fully serviced. Business lounges and meeting rooms are also available here. Furthermore, you can also rent out the virtual offices at Regus Baltimore.

Commuting around here is not a problem as many commute options are available around. Many exclusive perks and facilities are available for the member at these coworking spaces.


  • 111 South Calvert Street, Suite 2700, Baltimore, Maryland 21202
  • 100 International Drive, 23rd Floor, Baltimore, Maryland, 21202

Membership Plans: At Regus, private offices, business lounges, meeting rooms, virtual offices, etc are available. You can rent out a private office here at $207 per month.


WeWork Baltimore


WeWork Baltimore is yet another famous option for coworking space Baltimore. As of now, they do not have any operational coworking space in the city. Their first Baltimore space will open shortly. They have many promising amenities and perks at their spaces. Furthermore, the price plans here are quite flexible and spaces very spacious and airy. The interiors are modern and in line with the latest corporate trends. Their proposed space will open at a prime location in the city.

WeWork has a wide network globally and has locations across various cities. Business class perks are available at WeWork.

Location: Harbor Point, 1201 Wills Street, Baltimore (opening soon)

Membership Plans: WeWork Baltimore will most likely have private offices and meeting rooms.


Betamore Coworking


Betamore is a city-based option for coworking space Baltimore. It is more than just another shared office space. It also offers incubation and education to budding entrepreneurs. They have various amenities and discounts for renting out their shared spaces. For education, they provide workshops and corporate training. You can also avail of the mentoring services here which can be helpful specifically for startups.

Commuting is easy around here and thus hassle free. Also, their price plans are very flexible. There’s a lot that one can learn by joining their office spaces.

Official Website: https://www.betamore.com/

Location: 101 W Dickman St, Baltimore, MD 21230, USA

Membership Plans: Betamore has city garage and community memberships available. Their individual community membership costs $150 per year. You can also check out their corporate and non-profit price plans. Visit their site for more information.


Brewers Hill Hub


Brewers Hill Hub is a fine option for coworking space Baltimore. They are a local brand for shared offices. Access to their spaces is available for 24/7. Furthermore,   is free here and hence it is hassle-free. You can also enjoy free coffee at Brewers Hill Hub throughout the day. Moreover, the workflow is very smooth too as the internet is high speed and high quality.

Various high-quality restaurants and cafes are available around here. Also, the availability of many commute options makes traveling pretty easy. Overall, these spaces are a great choice for coworking.

Official Website: https://www.brewershillhub.com/

Location: 3700 O’Donnell St Suite 200, Baltimore, MD 21224, USA

Membership Plans: Here, you can rent out the private offices, office suites, cubes, and desks. You can rent out a single desk for $275 per month. For more information about their price plans, visit them.


Beehive Coworking Baltimore


Beehive is a fine coworking space Baltimore with various high-quality amenities available. They also have several incubators and accelerator programmes running from time to time. These are thus great for startups and freelancers. Also, there are many networking opportunities at these coworking spaces. A wide range of facilities and perks are available here.

You can enjoy free snacks and beverages all day long. The wifi is lightning fast here, thus, smooth workflow. You can also avail of their gym room facilities and take care of your fitness side by side.

Official Web: https://www.etcbaltimore.com/beehive/

Location: 101 N. Haven Street, 3rd Floor, Baltimore, MD 21224

Membership Plans: They have four kinds of coworking options. These are freelancer, worker, bumble and honey. Their freelancer price plan costs $70 per month and includes various necessary amenities. To know more about their spaces, visit their website.


There are several choices available for coworking space in Baltimore. These office spaces are fully equipped and fully serviced. Also, many of these spaces have amazing exclusive benefits for the members. The perks and facilities are also plenty. Few other options for Baltimore coworking space are The Co-op, Co-lab, Baltimore Hackerspace, etc. The above-mentioned list includes the finest options for coworking in the city. These have all the prerequisites available for small to large businesses. The price plans of all these spaces are invariably flexible.

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