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Need a space that is both flexible and inspiring? TechSpace Costa Mesa is the space of your dreams. With the best of location, amenities, plans, and staff, this space is all about collaborations and networking. Apart from communal coworking areas, they have a range of private offices with capacity for one to twenty-eight seats. And also beautiful spaces for meetings, conferences and business events. And if need be, you can also avail the benefits of their premium address, from the comforts of your couch. Thus your business will have all the chances to acquire efficiency, productivity, and repute as its character. Great isn’t it?

TechSpace Costa Mesa is a coworking space, that is full of creative minds and energetic souls. The multiple events at their locations, on top, bring members together on the same floor. So while working from here, you can have the advantage of this great crowd and sparks of ideas flying around. The Game Room and the Kitchen spaces are other great gems in this space where many become friends within minutes. And who knows a casual hello may turn into a great partnership. Or might even get you a mentor, investor or simply a motive to move forth.

Amenities Available at TechSpace Costa Mesa:

This magnificent space has a long list of eminent amenities on offer. Read through and know them all.

  • Reception Desk: An efficient receptionist service is available at the front desk. So, on every visit to their space, there will be a person to greet you and your clients.
  • 24/7 Access: The entire space is fully air-conditioned and centrally heated. Plus members get round the clock access to their spaces, allowing them to more elasticity with respect to time.
  • Unlimited Tea and Coffee: Work can be tiring, but all is well when you get a constant supply of coffee. In fact, this Costa Mesa space offers endless tea and coffee to all members and their guests.
  • Kitchen Space: The kitchen at TechSpace Costa Mesa has all the appliances such a space needs to have. From fridge, microwave, to toasters and dishes, this space is a comfort.
  • Conference Room: Separate rooms for conferences or meetings are important for businesses on daily basis. Apart from conferences, their many uses include presentations, brainstorming, goal setting etc. These spaces are available on demand and have a capacity for around 16 people.
  • Game Room: All work and no play can make you dull and your venture boring. Take out some time for a little game or two in the game room. A game of table tennis with a fellow coworker is a great way to relax your mind from work stresses.
  • Networking Events: Startups and entrepreneurs face one particular inconvenience – of making growth worthy contacts. But at the regular member and nonmember events here are full of opportunities to meet people. And also enhance the possibilities of collaborations.
  • Support Staff: Need assistance with the lighting, IT or anything else, support staff is present 24/7. So for all your queries and troubleshooting will have support.
  • Fast Internet: All spaces have the power of the internet and wifi connectivity which is super fast. So you will have all your online processes run smoothly and without lags.
  • Patio Space: The beautiful patio space at TechSpace Costa Mesa is where you can enjoy the sun or the rain perhaps.
  • Vending Machine: Need some gas filled pack of snack or drink? You may get them from the vending machine present here.

TechSpace Costa Mesa




Techspace Costa Mesa – Membership Plans:

Costa Mesa’a TechSpace is not just for digital nomads. Professionals from different fields have an equal variety of membership plans to chose from. Namely a flexible work desk in a coworking area


At TechSpace Costa Mesa, maximum flexibility and freedom are what this membership plan is about. With the price of $250 per month, it includes hot desks in an open plan common area. The hot desks are temporary seats available on first come first serve. So though you are guaranteed a seat with the membership, but not any particular seat. Thus, whenever you come, you have to look around for a seat that is empty and grab it for yourself. And every next day you might have a different seat to work from. And, you may change your seat multiple times within the day as well, just that it must be vacant. Moreover, if you are looking for connections and business opportunities, this space will fit your bill.

Private Office

Cozy office space for a close-knit team is a blessing for any business. But you don’t have to shell out all your funds for a private lease and its excessive rent. As you may hire a flexible private space at this location. The private office spaces at Costa Mesa’s TechSpace, are ready to move in. They have a number of office suites of various sizes, starting from one man business to any number you need. Price for a single seat private office space is $500 per month, for three it is $1500. And may go on to $14,000 for 28 seat office space, and even beyond. Also, whenever you need to scale up your seats, it can be done on a reasonable notice time.

Virtual Office

Content with your work at home experience? You may still get the benefits of a corporate address, without stepping out. For that, you will have the avail the virtual membership at TechSpace Costa Mesa, for a fee of $50 per month. What you will get is the use of their Costa Mesa address anywhere and everywhere for your business. You can put it up on your website, marketing material, postal address etc. And thus all your posts that arrive at their address will also be handled for you.


Techspace Costa Mesa

Address: 3420 Bristol Street, 6th Floor, Costa Mesa, CA 92626

The Bristol Street location of the TechSpace Costa Mesa is at close proximity to Santa Ana and Irvine. TechSpace here occupies a whopping 2000 sqft space spread across two floors. Buses are available at a few steps on the same street. While, Maggiano’s Little Italy, Yogurtland, and many more restaurants are within stone’s throw from this building. Plus, this location is also close to some banks and financial institutions, besides retail stores. Besides a Fitness 24 gym is at a distance of 15 minutes on foot. The John Wayne Airport on the other hand only takes a ten-minute drive.

For any queries or information, you may call at 949 284 7672 or shoot an email to [email protected]



Costa Mesa’s TechSpace is the best way to escape the monotony of the home office. And also from the excessive costs of a private lease office. The coworking culture itself is about flexibility and collaborations. And a space like this is a bonus package. How? For the simple reason that the access to the community you get here is hard to match in the area. Plus the awesome locations in the heart of the city are at easy access to many other prominent services. And of course, it puts a great impression on your clients and boosts up the level of your own motivation.

Apart from Costa Mesa, TechSpace, in fact, has around nine more office spaces spread across the States. From LA, San Francisco, NYC, to Houston, they are a big family of coworking provider. With most locations set in the heart of major corporate and transit centers. It is especially beneficial if you are a startup or an entrepreneur in the process of making one. In fact, TechSpace will make the light bulb glow over your head, white and bright. So without further ado, switch to this more productive coworking culture at TechSpace’s Costa Mesa location.

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