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WeWork Santa Monica is a great coworking facility where companies benefit from mutual growth. It provides elegant workspaces in the form of coworking desks and private offices. Further, you will get abundant amenities that are associated with these options. This will be covered in your one all-inclusive rate so that you can avail of hassle-free services. So, if you are a freelancer or a business professional with a large team, all your problems will be catered to here. They have a series of facilities that I bet your old office did not provide. For instance, they have a micro-roasted bar, business lounges decorated with custom murals, and a lot more. Not to mention, you will increase your network by meeting new people from various backgrounds.

All three locations of WeWork Santa Monica provide easy passage to various retail spaces and entertainment venues. Further, they are located in a beautiful setting that allows you to enjoy breathtaking views from your office. The vibrant community of this workstation comprises people from various backgrounds. For instance, there are people from accounting, business, graphic design, and more. The center organizes events that give you a chance to get to know new people and increase your connections. So, shun all your second thoughts and book a space at this amazing workplace. Happy Coworking!

Locations of WeWork Santa Monica

WeWork Santa Monica has its centers in three convenient locations. Moreover, each center has an exclusive set of facilities to offer. Ideally set in a conducive environment, you will always be motivated to strive for more. The three locations include Lantana, 520 Broadway, and 312 Arizona Ave.

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Address: 3000 Olympic Boulevard Santa Monica CA 90404

One of the centers of WeWork Santa Monica is located in a prime location with easy access to the Expo Line. Moreover, the center is easily accessible as it connects with major transportation routes. If you are hungry, you can eat from the restaurants located near and around the workspace. All in all, you will find a lot of facilities just around the corner

520 Broadway:

Address: 520 Broadway Suite 200 Santa Monica CA 90401

This location of WeWork Santa Monica is just a few blocks away from the beach. The center is surrounded by a relaxed environment and has a lot of green space around it. Due to this reason, you will always be driven towards accomplishing your goals. Further, there are a lot of eateries in the area which are perfect for business meals. Some of the famous eating points include Umami Burger, Bay Cities Italian Deli & Bakery, and more. The icing on the cake is that they also have onsite parking facilities. All these reasons are enough to consider joining this amazing coworking space. Additionally, the workstation is close to Santa Monica Downtown Metro Station.

312 Arizona Ave:

Address: 312 Arizona Ave Santa Monica CA 90401

This WeWork Santa Monica location is one of the best places to work. Located on the famous Third Street Promenade, the people of this area believe in working in a relaxed environment. Apart from this, the office space has large glass doors and windows that provide easy passage for natural light. So, the rooms are well-lit and equipped with all the basic facilities. Further, it is nearby to the Metro Blue Line.


WeWork Santa Monica





Amenities offered by WeWork Santa Monica:

WeWork Santa Monica provides state-of-the-art amenities that will lessen your workload.  We have compiled a list of amenities that they provide. Read further to explore these features in detail.

  • Onsite staff support: WeWork Santa Monica has a team of a dedicated team of professionals who are there to fulfill your needs. From the front desk to personal support, they offer full assistance to the team members.
  • Private phone booths: The center also houses enclosed booths for conducting private calls and video chats. Further, these booths are soundproofed so that you do not face any sort of disturbance.
  • Cleaning and Maintenance: The WeWork center is always in a presentable state as the cleaning crew keeps the place tidy and neat!
  • Beverages: Always stay hydrated by sipping on the fresh fruit drinks available at the center.
  • Printing facilities: There is a business class printer available at all the floors of the center. Also, there are other stationery items available with these printers. So, no need to leave your spot for menial tasks.
  • Conference rooms: The conference rooms at WeWork Santa Monica fulfill all professional requirements. Further, these spaces are ideal for organizing your meetings. Also, they include AV gear and other facilities.
  • Internet connection: The work center offers a secure Wi-Fi facility to its members. Also, the speed of the connection is quite high.
  • Coffee: You can drink as much coffee as you like at the center. So, help yourself with a warm cup of coffee whenever the urge strikes.
  • Events: At the center, you will have infinite opportunities to mingle with new people. Not to mention, this will help you to widen your network circle.
  • Creative lounges: WeWork Santa Monica also houses creative lounges meant for relaxing and taking a break. Also, they are extremely comfortable and will recharge you for the new tasks.

Membership Plans at WeWork Santa Monica:

Hot Desks: WeWork Santa Monica has the option of hot desks which allows you to access any spot in the common area. In other words, you have the liberty to pick any spot and get to work. It is as simple as it sounds. So, bring your laptop, choose a spot, and get to work! You can also use the facilities of this center at zero additional cost. Further, this option is most suitable for those who do not work all through the week. Say, for instance, a freelancer who requires a workspace for a limited period. And yes, if you fancy a change in scenery every once in a while then I would suggest you try this option. However, this option is only available in the Lantana location at a cost of $525/month.

Dedicated Desks: Get an exclusive space at WeWork Santa Monica by opting for the option of a dedicated desk. Further, the other features include a chair, trash can, and cabinets for storage. You can customize the space according to your taste and preferences. After all, the desk is going to be your second home. Also, you will get 5 extra credits whenever you want to hire a meeting room. In addition to all this, you have another great benefit which is access to mail and package handling services. So, bring your laptop plus all the things you need and settle in. You will have 24/7 access to your desk which will enable you to work for flexible hours. And not to mention, the numerous benefits of working in a coworking community. The membership cost of availing this option is $600 per month. However, this option is not available for the Lantana location.

Private Offices: The private offices at WeWork Santa Monica are ideal for a team or even a single individual. So, if you prefer to work in a secluded environment, then you have the option to book a private office. Further, these offices can accommodate a team of various sizes. You can even customize the space by specifying your requirements by getting in touch with them. These offices are fully furnished with chairs, tables, and filing cabinets. Once you sign up for this option, you get 12 credits for booking a conference room at the center. You will also get excellent mail-handling services. Under this service, all your emails will be taken care of by the dedicated team of the center. The cost of hiring a private office depends on the number of people in a team and the location you opt for. Also, this option is not available in Lanta.

  • For 520 Broadway: The price starts at $600 per month.
  • For 312 Arizona Ave: The price starts at $950 per month.

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WeWork is a global network with its centers scattered in various parts of the world. They have built a reputation for providing amazing spaces to professionals who have certain targets to achieve. Among the many locations, WeWork Santa Monica has a variety of services to provide. Not only do they provide work spots but also onsite staff support. That is to say, a special team will always be available at the center to help you with your tasks. From front desk service to team support, you will get everything at this place. They ensure that your business grows and reaches new heights. Apart from this, the airy spaces of the workstation provide a productive aura. You will discover a new way to approach and handle work!

It is a great alternative to corporate offices as you have a lot of flexible options at your disposal. Furthermore, you are answerable to no one but yourself! This center is also meant for freelancers who are unable to work from home due to distractions. So, strike a balance between work and fun by becoming a part of WeWork Santa Monica. Believe me, it will be the best decision of your life. Take a tour of this place and see for yourself. All the best!

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