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Bored with noisy cafes and backyard desks? Then the Collective Agency Portland could be the perfect answer to your office space needs. This coworking space has the fastest internet connection in Portland providing a smooth workflow to its members. Moreover, the cozy and friendly work environment here can help you to create connections with like-minded people and thrive like never before. This coworking space also helps you dive into a creative and collaborative mindset and work productively. Here you can grow together with a diverse community of talented individuals.

The Collective Agency Portland is one of a kind coworking space with a unique blend of a friendly and professional atmosphere. Further, you’ll have easy access to the catering services, so that you can order lunch any time you feel like. Moreover, free coffee and networking events here are worth drooling over. Here coworking is all about connecting to people and progressing together as a community.  They have a total of three coworking spaces in Portland. Further, all of these locations are easily accessible through public transport as well.

Perks at Collective Agency Portland

At Collective Agency Portland, you will get much more than a desk to work. Here you’ll have access to a number of facilities so that you can make the best out of your coworking office. The amazing amenities offered here can help you sail through your deadlines easily satisfying one your office space needs.

  • 24/7 access: They have the fastest internet connection in Portland. With high-speed internet service, you can achieve a smooth workflow easily and meet deadlines with ease.
  • Free coffee: You can have a cup of coffee here any time you feel like for increasing your focus and energy. Moreover, you can sip your favorite tea or hot chocolate also whenever you feel like.
  • Easy to access: The locations of the Collective Agency Portland is surrounded by amazing cafes, restaurants, bars, and pubs. You can easily grab a slice of life in these places with your friends and family.
  • Friendly staff: The staff here is very friendly and are always happy to help you out with anything you might need. Moreover, you can always have a say in decisions by either becoming a council member or by simply taking part in surveys.
  • Amazing Community: With diverse and friendly members this place is ever evolving and changing. You will always have a helping hand in any field you need.
  • Professional atmosphere: Although people are friendly here and the community loves sharing ideas but the atmosphere here will surely increase your productivity.
  • Great Ambience: Offices don’t always have to be a close artificially lit space. The ample sunlight and window view here can help you to focus on work and increase productivity.

Membership Plans

The Collective Agency provides flexible and reasonable membership which can easily cater to your workspace needs. Moreover, they also provide discounts for people with low-income rates. This space makes sure that valuable and innovative minds always gets a chance to be a part of this amazing community and thrive along with everybody. So take a peek at all the membership prices offered by this coworking space and choose your best pick:

Shared Desk: You can walk in with your work essentials any time and get your self a shared desk. Further, they aren’t only regular office desks but can be the perfect cauldron to cook fresh ideas with like-minded people as well. This membership plan can be especially beneficial for you if you are looking for networking opportunities as well. There are two variants of the shared desk plan for you to choose from:

  • 6 days per month: If you usually work from home but still need a change of pace every now and then. You can subscribe to 6 days of monthly access at just $120 per month. Also, you can opt for the yearly prepaid plan for this membership at just $100 per month.
  • Daily Subscription: A fan of coworking at the collective agency Portland? You can opt for a daily subscription as well at just $250 per month. Moreover, you can also pick the monthly prepaid plan which costs $208.

Reserved Desk: Hate the hassle of finding a shared desk space each time you walk in? You can book yourself a reserved desk at just $320 per month. Also, you can opt for a yearly plan as well as a monthly payment of $ 266. With a fixed desk here you can work in peace while taking all the benefits of networking in this coworking space.

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Location and Contact

The Collective agency has a total of three locations in Portland. All of their locations are easily accessible through public transport. Moreover, this coworking company makes sure that you have access to bars and cafes for networking sessions after work.

Downtown Location

You can reach their downtown location at  511 SouthWest 10th Avenue at Suite 1108. This location is a short walk away from Red and blue MAX lines and Pioneer Square as well. This space also has a lot of parking space and dine out options available for its members.

Division Location

You can reach the Division Location of the Collective Agency at  3050 Southeast Division Street at Suite 245. At this location, you will have access to free street parking and a number of cafes and restaurants to chill. Moreover, it’s very easy to access through buses as well since the bus stop is right outside the building.

Montville Location

The Montville Location opens from 1st August. You can access this coworking space at  7819 SouthEast Stark Street. The free car parking is just a block away from the building also there’s an on spot bike parking available. Moreover, it’s at close proximity to cafes and restaurants as well.

For any further queries about any of their locations, you can call them at 503 915 4769 or drop a mail at [email protected]



The Collective Agency Portland is not just a common coworking space providing you with a desk to work. Along with all the perks and benefits that a coworking space offers they also provide an expert community as well. In this coworking space, you will get to be a part community that thrives to grow together and believes in knowledge sharing. With their diverse members, you will always have help at hand.

A coworking space can like this help you to boost your productivity and get motivated by the like-minded people as well. Moreover working at a coworking space will help you in networking and sharing ideas as well. Therefore this coworking space is a community of people armed with ideas and knowledge aimed to grow together. Moreover, you might miss out on all the fun events and snacks as well by choosing a noisy cafe over this coworking space. So walk in with your laptop and book yourself a seat and you will surely get addicted to the coworking community of the Collective Agency.

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