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Forage Kitchen Oakland is a coworking space for food entrepreneurs. It harbours a community of enthusiasts who share a common love for food. Whether you are a newbie cook or a veteran chef, your dreams of taking your food business to the next level can finally come true. Further, the main motive behind the concept of a shared kitchen is to support the local food economy. They help their tenants establish their firm by offering business support and promotional help. The people behind this amazing concept are Iso Rabins and Matt Johansen. After facing a lot of challenges in setting up their food business, they came up with the idea of setting up a collaborative space for food lovers.

At Forage Kitchen Oakland, you will find shared office space, a cafe and exciting events. For instance, BatchMade Market wherein you can see and taste whatever is cooking in the kitchen. Not to mention, you can even partner with them in case you want to market your product by directly talking to people. So, basically, at this place, you will find everything you require to grow your business and achieve all your goals. For a closer look, keep reading!

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Perks of working at Forage Kitchen:

  • Recycling facilities: Forage Kitchen believes in saving resources and therefore uses recycled paper, cans, cooking oil and much more.
  • Dishwashing facilities: There is a surprise for you! You do not need to worry about doing the dishes anymore. That is to say, they will clean all your utensils so that your work becomes easier. So, the dishwashing is on staff!
  • Refrigeration and Storage: Spacious refrigerators and storage facilities are available at the centre. So, no need to worry about the food you prepare. It will remain fresh and healthy!
  • Health Department approved: This kitchen is approved by the health department and is the cleanest area to cook your recipes. So, no need to bother about working in a clean area.
  • Free Wi-Fi: At Forage Kitchen Oakland, you will have access to free and secure Wi-Fi.
  • Catering and event referrals: They even offer catering services in case you are planning to organise an event at this centre.
  • Onsite marketing events: There are special events for the marketing of your products. So, you won’t just be cooking food but also selling your ideas to potential customers.
  • Showcasing products: There can be a special showcasing of your products in their cafe if you decide to collaborate with them.
  • Kitchen equipment: Forage Kitchen has all the tools available that you might possibly require in the kitchen. For example, Baker’s racks, 6 stock pot burners, Deep fryer, Tilting skillet, 36’’ range, 30 qt mixer, Slicer and much more.
  • Personal reach-in freezers: There are specially designed reach-in freezers just for you!

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Membership Plans at Forage Kitchen:

Membership Plans at Forage Kitchen are flexible and provide plenty of options so that you can choose what is best for you. Another great thing about these plans is that you do not have to indulge in any long-term lease ( just the initial sign-up for 6 months). These plans have a number of benefits associated with them. For instance, you will be provided with double storage, towel and apron service. Also, you can access the coworking office space if you want to. The other great news for you is that you will get discounts on events and classes! Did I mention that they will take care of all your dishes? Well, there is a special staff for this purpose who is available five days a week from 9-5 pm. Given below is the list of plans available and their costs:

Chefs: If you want the space at Forage Kitchen for the maximum time, then this option is perfect for you. Further, you have 100 hours of kitchen time at your disposal. In other words, in a month you can access your work spot for a minimum of 100 hours. So, you have ample time to prepare all your delicious recipes. The membership cost is $2500/month.

Santoku: Earn 60 hours of kitchen time under this package. So, if you require the space for less time, then go for this option. Also, you get access to all the facilities. The cost of availing this option is $1800 per month.

Paring: If you are a newbie and just want to explore your options then you should try this package. Further, you will get 40 hours of kitchen time under this package and access to all the facilities. The membership price associated with this plan is $1200 per month.

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Other features at Forage Kitchen Oakland:

Small Batch Co-packing: These are a special type of events that are held every month. Moreover, in this option, you have the chance to sell your product to more than 1000 attendees. Forage Kitchen Oakland can help you prepare your product and make it ready for sale. So, you will have time to focus on other important details such as a promotion or handling the website.

Cafe: A cafe is a special space awarded to a startup after a certain period of time. For instance, previously Smokin Woods BBQ was using this space. During its time here, it was lauded as the best BBQ in California. However, it has its own space now and has undergone great development. So, you could be the next startup eatery to own this place! Moreover, this option is an opportunity for a startup to get exposure without investing a huge amount of money.

Events: At Forage Kitchen, you have the option to organise your own events. Here, you can host everything, from a small event requiring 10 people to a wedding event with a 200-guest list. Further, they offer a lot of services including a well-equipped kitchen, cafe area, in-house chefs and a lot more. Apart from this, there are other facilities available as well. Some of them are listed below:

  • Excellent catering services tailored according to your requirements
  • You can even insure your events at to remain stress-free and relaxed.
  • Photography and videography services are also available
  • You can book for florists beforehand and choose what kind of decorations you need.
  • You can even check for the availability of musicians and bands.

So, host your next big event here and experience the difference!

Location & Contact:

Oakland – Forage Kitchen

Address: 478 25th St, Oakland, CA.

The building housing Forage Kitchen has two floors. Furthermore, this place is easily accessible as it is linked to many transport routes. Also, it is just half a mile away from 19th St. Bart Station. Situated in a great neighbourhood, you will be in close proximity to many cafes and restaurants. Apart from this, the area has a lot of business firms.

To know more about the place, email them at [email protected] or pay a visit to their website



Culinary coworking space Forage Kitchen strives to provide its members with a communal kitchen area well-equipped with all the resources. Also, the place has a diverse community of chefs, food entrepreneurs as well as food lovers. It not only houses a coworking area but it has a cafe also. Not to mention that the tenants can check the public’s reaction to new recipes and menus. Apart from this, you have the chance to work with people who share your interests. In this manner, you can not only collaborate but learn about new trends in the food industry.

The founders of Forage Kitchen want to contribute their bit in bringing transformation to the food ecosystem at large. Further, they want to aware people of the benefits of working in a shared environment.  At this workspace, a lot of exciting events are held to foster creativity. For instance, a special event ‘Batchmade’ is held every first Friday of the month. In this event, people enjoy good food, dance and live music. So, if you have a passion for the food industry and want to explore new realms within it then there is no better place than this. Book yourself a spot today and experience the difference. Happy food making!

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