11 Best Coworking Spaces In Greenville SC With Perks & Prices

Greenville has witnessed soaring inflation in the business sector over the years. Presently, a massive influx of marketers and entrepreneurs in Greenville has given rise to a gateway for property owners who wish to rent the workspaces for employees. Each space is exemplary and worthy of mention here; this should stop you from searching “Coworking Space Greenville SC’. 

With a lot of excitement surrounding the idea of coworking, it isn’t your typical, monotonous office atmosphere. These shared workspaces in Greenville invite uniqueness for employees engrossed in their work and provide opportunities to indulge in a multifaceted environment. The Coworking spaces in Greenville SC are fitting the needs of both the entrepreneurs and space providers. From private meeting rooms to kitchenettes, they are equipped with all the contemporary facilities. 

One reason why many start-ups and entrepreneurs are taking to coworking spaces is that it cuts on the additional charge of extra space that you’ll most likely never use in a private office. You can rent the area in accordance with your primacy of the space needed. More than half of the coworking community are freelancers; however, the remaining users are employees from large and small businesses. These Coworking spaces in Greenville SC are the best workplaces to meet the needs of employees and employers alike.

Coworking Space Greenville SC

If you are down for the exploration of newness that comes with the added benefits of working in this space, we promise not to disappoint you. So, gear up, and read the following list of fascinating coworking places in Greenville, SC, where you could build a successful business. 


Venture X Greenville- Plush Mills


This Coworking space is a modernised collaborative office and is explicitly designed to cater to all forms of businesses and numerous startups. Venture X provides good hospitality, which suffices your need for a healthy workplace that nurtures creative minds. It offers various services, including a welcoming reception, on-site parking and breakout zones.  It features artistic shared desks and corporate event spaces that lead as a developed model for all aspiring entrepreneurs.

The space has lofty exposed ceilings that give a raw texture to the ambience. The events at its lounge area host up to 100 guests who open a plethora of opportunities to diversify the idea to change the business world. It is fitted out to provide provisions for high-speed fibre internet and hi-tech meeting rooms. It helps your growing businesses find wings to fly toward success. It is an inspiring coworking space Greenville SC is blessed to have.


The prices at Venture X start from $99 per month to $800 per month. The prices differ upon your choice of the kind of space you’d like to work in. From being in a private office or virtual space to a dedicated desk, you can have it all at reasonable prices in this Coworking space. You can also book the different types of meeting rooms charged hourly for as low as $29. 


141 Traction Street, Greenville, SC 29611 

Website – https://venturex.com/?cn-reloaded=1


Endeavor – Coworking Space Greenville SC

Located in the heart of Greenville, this Coworking space is packed with lavish facilities. Endeavour is keen to provide you with focused surroundings along with a dreamy environment with your coworkers. Members will receive bottomless coffees at their convenience and get free professional training aimed to develop business skills. If it’s not enough, you will surely be satiated with fun food events conducted every month. 

The list goes on, and the interesting part is that the work seems to gratify with such exciting rewards at Endeavor. This Coworking space hosts inspirational events from mentors and offers several chances to build vital community networking. Are you tired of the workload and would like to take some minutes off for a quick workout? Endeavour provides Gym and shower facilities, ready to help you tap into the working mode.


The price ranges from anywhere between $125 to $300 per month for Flex Space Coworking. However, the rates go higher if you choose a dedicated desk or a private office, to which you’ll have 24/7 access.


1 North Main St., 4th Floor, Greenville, SC 29601 

Website – https://endeavorgreenville.com/


Atlas Local


It is established on the grounds of providing a quality environment. It is an epitome of a synergic workforce, all of whom are driven by hard work and a passion for a better life. There are three different memberships provided, which include Desk, Cafe and Office. Each member has access to open seating at couches and a bar top with a super-fast internet connection. Once you join a community full of creative people, you open yourself up to a multitude of events like Zero Day and get acquainted with developers, writers and entrepreneurs.

The availability of unmatched amenities in Atlas Local gives you full access to a world-class gym and a steam room to shun your worries away. It is a Coworking space Greenville SC boasts about. It provides everything to help you come baggage-free to a place that will feel your own. You must have a laptop, and the rest will be taken care of by this hotel cum office. 


Get a desk membership at $350 a month with a year of license. You also get complete 24/7 access to AtLo with $150 to pay for a month of Cafe Membership. Your office membership will be $750 per month. Grab a deal and book your favourite spot in this breathtaking coworking space.


25 Draper St Suite A, Greenville, SC 29611,

Website – https://www.atlaslocal.com


Comradery (Coworking Space Greenville SC)

Here you can bounce ideas off other people and enlarge your client base. This coworking space is a hub for connecting like-minded people. Strategic guidance given by experts will help you grow in venturing out with a successful career. You will discover great amenities suited for web developers, writers, designers, and whosoever is on the lookout for a workplace to call home. Comradery is located in a historic building, just miles away from the middle of downtown Greenville. 

It plants in you excellent stamina to get your creative juices running. Its patio is 200 square feet, and the workspace personalises your experience by encouraging the members to keep family photos and souvenirs on the desk. Comradery has about five meeting spaces that you must reserve to get unlimited hours of access per month. There’s plenty of space for socialisation and hosting events.


All the members have access to parking, internet, printers and discounts on nearby Soul Yoga and Swamp CrossFit. Full-time membership starts at $350 per month and can unlock all the benefits. Part-time membership starts from $199 per month with access to flex space and other areas between 8-5. For people who need a lovely setting for a day, you can get a pass for $25. 


25 Delano Dr A, Greenville, SC 29601

Website – https://www.comraderycowork.com/


Open Works


This Coworking space in Greenville SC is sure to take you back. If you’re done piling up your work because your work environment doesn’t instil in you confidence and passion, OpenWorks is here to help. It connects people and organisations across Greenville, SC lending them a shared desk. It ensures to give you a space that is more than just a usual office. This community workspace consists of several organisations working online, and the members come from diverse backgrounds with a united mission. 

It was built in 2013 and has since served people to become leaders. You will have some great amenities at your disposal when working here. From kitchens fitted with all the essentials to a Bar area that’s directed to calm your horses, OpenWorks has it all. It hosts monthly meetings for women who code, Greenville Java and more. Some of the most famous meet-ups hosted here are Tedx Greenville, Next CEO lunch and Upstate.


You can get part-time access for $100 a month from Monday- Friday, 8 Am -6 pm and full-time access for $185 a month. You can get facilities like your own desk, gym and showers with a full-time membership.


101 North Main Street, Suite 302 – Third Floor, Greenville, SC 29601

Website –https://joinopenworks.com/


Regus Square

This vibrant Coworking space in Greenville SC is a getaway from routine work and helps you tune into an environment where passions reside in the coworkers. It primes you with much-needed skill development and helps build networking. You can avail the benefits of using the common areas, including a fully stocked kitchen and high-speed internet. You will have a desk all to yourself in a shared office with minds that thrive on innovations.

It is branched into 2 locations in Greenville, Falls Tower, Nona Tower and 128 Millport Circle. Regus is located in thousands of places around the world. Join the global community of 2.5 million professionals and give your business a perfect shape. Security cameras are installed in each space, and the workplace is cleaned at frequent intervals. You focus on the business, and the staff will take care of all the other details. Are you looking to pitch an idea or take interviews? Worry not, because Regus has you covered with the specialised meeting rooms.


The prices are affordable and vary from place to place, and Regus mostly charges around $330 per person per month in Greenville.


220 North Main Street NOMA Tower, Suite 500, Greenville, SC 29601

128 Millport Cir Suite 200, Greenville, SC 29607 

Website –https://www.regus.com/en-us


Bellamore – Coworking Space Greenville SC


This space was built in 2020 to create a smart way for independent start-ups and remote businesses. It has ten offices to lease out based on a yearly contract. Your personal business needs will be met with care. The facilities here at Bellamore provide a communal service to strengthen the team spirit. The offices are furnished with wireless and wired high-speed internet. If you want some time out from a stressful work atmosphere, you are more than welcome to get in the break room with a microwave and refrigerator. 

Furthermore, you get a free parking area with lobbies designed for you to greet guests. It provides you with optional IT help at an additional cost. It has tailored options for you to schedule meetings with clients and attendees

Prices at Bellamore

The price for Bellamore goes up to $400 a day for a meeting room with a capacity of 24 people. However, the Newbury Boardroom (approximately 140 square feet) has all the basic amenities for $100 a day. 


552 Memorial Drive Extension, Greer, SC

Website – https://www.thebellamore.com


Spaceworks – Coworking Space Greenville SC

It’s a workshop you wished you could take everywhere. Spaceworks is an all-glass building allowing natural light to shine upon the workers in a downtown Greenville Location. It is spaced in a 17 story building offering various amenities. The staff is the friendliest and helps you go through your day smoothly. 

It provides parking, super fast Wifi, breakout areas and an entrepreneurial community with good transportation links. This furnished workplace will have you coming again and again for the endless retreats. You can request a tour only to find that it’s an ideal workplace


The office space comes at a price of around $400 a month, and for a coworking membership, you get it for $230.


4423 South Main Street 1st and 2nd Floor, Greenville, SC 29601

Website – https://www.spacesworks.com/greenville/falls-tower/


Coworking is the new way to get set for a future waiting for you, a future that will behold success and passion. Freelancers fret about being secluded and snag a bargain by getting the best of both worlds with Greenville coworking spaces that assure great company. For start-ups, it is an exciting way to connect and learn from others while they are still looking at ways for successful entrepreneurship. We hope, the list of coworking spaces in Greenville SC must have lowered your work fever. 

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