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Nest Cowork is a coworking facility that provides a chance for young startups to establish themselves in the market. Furthermore, with their modern workspaces, they are trying to transform the concept of shared offices. Unlike the usual corporate offices, they offer a plethora of flexible services. Not only will you accomplish your tasks easily but also you will fall in love with the idea of work. This applies to freelancers as well. Especially those you feel uninspired while working from home. No worries! This workstation has come with a long list of solutions to satisfy your work requirements. Also, they will help you realize your potential and push you towards greatness.

Work without any stress at Nest Coworking San Diego and witness the change in results. Not to mention, they have made available budget-friendly programs that cater to diverse needs. This implies that whatever you need to make your dreams come true is available here. In addition to this, they offer modern facilities that will enable you to work more efficiently. And not to forget the most important feature, you will be working in a community of talented people. Besides, the dedicated staff at the workspace is always ready to help you whenever you face a problem. So, work in a collaborative environment and discover new arenas in your work journey. Stop whatever you are doing right now and read further to know more!

Perks of working at Nest Cowork:

Nest Coworking provides a long list of additional facilities to transform your work experience. Furthermore, these amenities are included in your plans at zero additional cost!

  • Internet facility: At Nest Cowork San Diego, you will get access to a high-speed internet connection. So, you will not face any problem while working on those important assignments.
  • Coffee shop: What could be more intriguing than having a coffee shop inside your workspace? Yes, it is true! This workspace has a coffee shop just for you!
  • Friendly staff: At Nest Coworking, you can always take help from the friendly staff. Moreover, they are always available at your disposal.
  • Events: Become a part of the community events of this center and grab a chance to meet exciting people. Also, this is your chance to form new connections.
  • Phone booths: Nest Cowork San Diego has private phone booths for your convenience. So, whenever you need to make an important call, feel free to use these booths.
  • Conference rooms: The well-equipped conference rooms at the work center will help you conduct your meeting in an efficient manner. Also, these rooms will give you the privacy required to discuss the important things.
  • Printing facilities: Why to go out for small tasks like printing or scanning your documents? Nest Coworking provides these basic facilities to make things more convenient for you.
  • Projectors: The meeting rooms have projectors as well. So, make a great presentation and impress your clients.
  • Fully-furnished: The workspace is fully furnished and has a comfortable seating arrangement to make your work experience better.
  • Video conferencing: Nest Coworking San Diego offers video conferencing facilities also. So, you can conduct meetings with people outside the workspace. Isn’t that great!
  • Shower facilities: Take a quick shower at the center and refresh yourself for another task!

Nest Cowork San Diego




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Membership Plans at Nest Coworking:

Monthly membership: At Nest Cowork San Diego, you can apply for a monthly membership that gives you access to a number of facilities. In addition to access to a floating desk, you can use all the amenities available at the center. However, this plan can be availed for a duration of 10 days a month. Also, the timings for accessing the work center are from 7 AM to 7 PM. This plan is a suitable option for freelancers who do not need a workspace on a full-time basis. Additionally, you will have unlimited access to the conference room, two shower locker rooms, and IT support. The membership cost of this option is $140 per month.

Floating desk: With the help of this plan at Nest Coworking, you can access the floating desks 24/7 in addition to all the amenities. Furthermore, you can use the conference rooms to conduct your meetings. Another great thing about this option is that you are at liberty to choose the desk you like working at. The cost of availing this option is $250 per month.

Reserved desk: Need a permanent workspace to make things easier? Well, no need to worry! Nest Coworking San Diego offers reserved desks as well so that you get your own permanent spot to work at. Not to mention, you can access your desk whenever you feel like working. Facilities like internet connection, conference room usage are all inclusive in the membership plan. Also, you can leave your work materials at the work center to avoid unnecessary baggage. Conclusively, you will be working alongside members you share your aspirations and dreams. So, the price of this plan is $350 per month.

Private office: Nest Cowork has made arrangements for you and all your team members. That is to say, they offer modern office space that is equipped with all the necessary facilities. So, you will have a more personalized space to work without facing any intrusion. You can also avail all the facilities offered by the center to make your work journey a memorable one. Not to mention, you will have 24/7 access to your office space. The cost of this option is $450 per month.

Location and Contact:

Nest Cowork

Nest Coworking has an ideal location in the city of San Diego. You will find it quite accessible and easy to reach. Moreover, the surrounding of the office building is serene and you can work in peace. At a short distance from the workspace, you will come across great cafes and entertainment venues. All in all, working here has all the benefits that you could possibly need. To know more about the location, please get in touch with their team.

Address: 1855 First Avenue, Suite 103, San Diego, CA 92101


Email: [email protected]


Nest Cowork San Diego is a unique shared workspace that provides office solutions to all kinds of businesses. Whatever you require to attain your business goals is available here. The informative events held at the center revolve around various developing fields such as IoT (Internet of Things). Further, they provide accessibility on a monthly as well as on a daily basis. You will have numerous options to choose the desk of your choice and turn it into your private working spot. The currently operating coffee shop at the workspace is a perfect place to hold interesting conversations while devouring a great cup of coffee!

Work in the courtyard or get comfortable in one of the desks at Nest Coworking. Anything that makes you focus on your work! This community of amazing people offers all the resources that will help you with your work. Other than this, you can even find your business partner or a potential client here. If you are still not convinced, well, I suggest you take a tour of this place. And experience what it is like to work with full freedom. You may also check out another coworking spaces in San Diego named Moniker Commons San Diego. Happy Coworking!

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