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Pacific Workplaces Sacramento is a fairly big coworking space brand. It has many office locations across various major cities in the USA. Thus, they have a wide network and the businesses joining them can benefit from it. A lot of professional and member events are organized here from time to time. They have a wide range of coworking spaces available for freelancers, startups, and small to large businesses. They offer various sizes and types of spaces. The price plans for these spaces are also very flexible and suitable for the needs of different types of businesses. These offices are fully equipped and fully serviced and have all the high technology equipment in them.

Furthermore, the built and structure of these offices is modern. Latest techniques and high-quality internet are also available. Pacific workplaces Sacramento have two locations in the city. Both of these spaces are at the prime locations of Sacramento. The complete details of these amenities and perks are listed down below. Check them out.

Amenities and Perks at Pacific Workplaces Sacramento

The amenities and perks at a coworking space help in a smooth flow of work. Also, an individual can have complete focus at work when all the essentials are looked after. Pacific Workplaces Sacramento, provides a wide range of top-notch facilities and services. Check these out below.

  • The office spaces here are fully furnished and fully equipped. These are modern spaces which have the latest technology and infrastructure.
  • Boardrooms, meeting rooms and day offices are also here.
  • An onsite free parking lot is also available at Pacific Workplaces Sacramento. Hence parking is also hassle-free and easy at these spaces.
  • 24/7 access is also available for these office spaces. Hence, you can drop by whenever you want and get to work straight away.
  • Top notch video conferencing facility is also available at Pacific Workplaces Sacramento.
  • High speed and high-quality internet services are also available. This lets you work without any interruptions and delays. Hence, the workflow is quick and better.
  • Here, ShoreTel VoIP technology is also available for office spaces.
  • On-Site staff always stays on duty throughout the day. This staff is readily available for your help and you can avail of their help whenever you feel the need to.
  • Moreover, a live telephone answering facility is also provided by this coworking space. It adds an edge to your business.
  • High-quality tea and coffee are available at Pacific Workplaces Sacramento throughout the day.
  • Business class mail handling and mail packaging services are also here.
  • Also, high quality and business class mail printing, scanning and photocopying facility are also available at this space.
  • This office space is just a few minutes away from the Downtown locale and the International Airport.
  • Furthermore, Pacific Workplaces Sacramento is BERC Sacramento Sustainable Business Certified.
  • Various snacking options are also available here to stave off your hunger pangs in between meals.
  • These spaces are secure as a reliable door lock feature is available for these offices.
  • Ergonomic furniture is also available here, hence, the individuals work comfortably at this coworking space. 
  • Frequently, many networking and professional events are organized here from time to time.
  • There is a lounge area which has a fridge, beverages, and a vending machine.

Pacific Workplaces Sacramento




Membership Plans

There are several membership plans available for Pacific Workplaces Sacramento. These are variably flexible and easy as far as terms and regulations are concerned. The various membership plan details are listed out below. Check them out.

Virtual Office: Virtual offices are the best option for those who require a professional business address but not a full-time office. Professional mail handling and mail forwarding services are also available in this membership plan. Also, this is a very cost effective plan for those working from home. Pacific Workplaces Sacramento has different options for virtual office here. The mail plan costs $49 per month. On-the-go virtual office plan includes personal call answering services and costs $119 per month. The V-office price plan also includes 20 free credits per month and costs $169 per month. The V-office plus plan includes 24/7 access and costs $239 per month. All the basic amenities and services are available under all these plans. The prices may vary from location to location.

Meeting Rooms: Meeting cum conference rooms at Pacific Workplaces Sacramento are fully furnished and fully equipped spaces. These have all the necessary amenities and facilities in them. The latest and modern technology and a video conferencing facility are also available here. These are spacious and airy. There are various options for meeting rooms available at these space locations which befit different business needs. Among these options are pocket meeting rooms, river boardroom, and the business lounge. The hourly rentals for pocket meeting rooms and river boardroom options are $20 and $60 respectively. You can rent out a business lounge on a daily basis for $25 per day.

Day Pass: A day pass includes a blazing fast internet facility and high-quality beverages. These cost $25 per day. Day passes are the best suitable for freelancers, travelers, and part-time workers. These are the cost-effective and flexible solutions for the freelancing jobs which are not time bound.

Dedicated Desks: Dedicated desks are the full-time desk spaces which are most suitable for part-time workers and freelancers. These desks are the permanent spaces in a coworking environment. You can customize this desk space as per your wish and do not have to take your belongings with you at the end of the day. At Pacific Workplaces Sacramento, a dedicated desk price plan costs $249 per month. Six credit access to day offices and meeting rooms is also available under this price plan. These spaces are accessible 24/7 and hence you can drop by whenever you want and get to work straight away.

Three days Per Month Plan: Under this membership plan, you get three-day access to the coworking spaces. Furthermore, you can also avail of the meeting room discounts in this plan. Various exclusive member services are also available.

Open Coworking: Another coworking option at Pacific Workplaces Sacramento is open coworking where you get 24/7 office access. You can buy this price plan for $139 per month. Scanning, printing, and photocopying services are also available under it.


There are two locations of Pacific Workplaces Sacramento. Both of these locations are at the prime areas of the city. There are various top-notch restaurants, cafes, and eateries around these spaces. Commuting around here is also very easy as various commute options connect these office spaces. 

Official Website:


  • Greenhaven: 1104 Corporate Way, Sacramento, CA 95831
  • Watt: 8880 Cal Center Drive, Suite 400, Sacramento, CA 95826
  • 770 L Street, Suite 950, Sacramento, CA 95814



Pacific Workplaces Sacramento undoubtedly offers one of the best office spaces in the city. Their spaces are modern and spaces and have all the necessary amenities in them. Few other famous office spaces by them are in San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Cruz, Reno, etc. Also, other coworking spaces in the city are WeWork (opening soon), Coffee and Coworking Sacramento and Outlet Coworking and few more.

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