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Without a doubt, WeWork Irvine is one of the best coworking spaces in Orange County. They are so high on flexibility that they can provide you spaces from a single desk to full fledge headquarter. In Irvine, WeWork has three locations, of which two are yet to open. Born in 2010, this coworking brand has come a long way. They have not only created spaces and amenities but tenable communities of like-minded people from diverse professions. And this very community is the real factor that goes into becoming great success stories.

WeWork Irvine community is a mix of innovators, leaders, and entrepreneurs, who have set sail on a journey to success. The beautiful and classy buildings also render the spirit of motivation and fulfillment when you work under their roof. Writers, coders, photographers, lawyers or animators, you will find all kinds of professionals here. Plus the memberships are easy to scale either way or to end altogether. So, if you are a south Californian entrepreneur, join their space to see your brand transcend to new heights. For now, keep reading to know more about WeWork spaces in the city of Irvine in Orange County.

Perks of WeWork Irvine Spaces:

Becoming a member at WeWork comes with many additional benefits. A few are,

  • Support Staff: A professional staff will always be at all the locations. Be it some queries or inconvenience with workspaces, front desk, or anything else. You will always have someone to attend to you.
  • Phone Booths: Some conversation might get embarrassing with either an eavesdropper or background noises. But at WeWork Irvine you can use a phone booth for all your personal and professional calls. Maintaining your privacy and communication quality.
  • Hot and Cold Beverages: Are you a coffee person? If you are, you know how important a cup of coffee is to keep up with the pace at work. And not just a cup, you will get unlimited supply to freshly roasted coffee. Besides, the remarkable fruit water will be a great option to stay fresh throughout the day.
  • Super Fast Internet: Internet is a basic need of every business of the day. So this coworking space has a high-speed Ethernet network besides wifi. Plus, an It guy will be present round the clock. They have a login facility for your guests as well.
  • Conference Rooms: Running a business needs more spaces than workstations. For instance, spaces to meet and greet your clients or setting team goals. Thus, the conference rooms here not only have the usual furniture but also all the audio-video gear to enhance your competitiveness. Moreover, the work on detailing, add character and class to your work experience.
  • Printing Facility: All members have enterprise-grade office machines including printers, scanner, copiers etc at hand. So you will not have to step out of WeWork Irvine space to run such errands.
  • Refreshing Lounges: The lounges at WeWork spaces are nothing less than a majestic living room. With grand sofas and couches and vibrant interior decor, they are an instant attraction. You may either bring in your laptop and work from here or bring in your clients for a casual chat.
  • Cleaning Service: A big reason for WeWork Irvine locations being speckless are the awesome cleaning crew. They are present round the clock and keep all spaces super clean.
  • Networking Events: This place is also host to multiple members and non-member events. These range from workshops, product launches, speaker events etc. These are not only good for a good learning experience but will also allow you to make connections.

Membership Plans at WeWork Irvine:

Wish to be a member at WeWork in Irvine? It’s simple! You may go for a hot desk, or a permanent desk, besides private office spaces is also available. Please note that the prices given here are the starting prices, as these are exclusive additional add-ons and taxes.

Hot Desks

Hot desks or temporary desks present coworking at its best. These are ideal for casual coworking needs. Plus, these work stations are in an open plan setting, wherein professionals from diverse domains sit next to each other. You can sit at any desk that is free. Subsequently, each day at a hot desk gives you the opportunity to interact with a new coworker. Moreover, you can move around on different vacant desks and also use multiple seating options. Including lounge area, kitchen etc. The hot desk prices for this WeWork Irvine locations starts from,

  • The Boardwalk: $415 per month
  • 200 Spectrum Center: $410 per month
  • 400 Spectrum Center: $410 per month

Dedicated Desks

If you are not the sharing type and need more space than a shared hot desk, a dedicated desk might be ideal for you. These desks are also in a common area, but unlike hot desks, no one will use your desk but you. Even in your absence. In addition, if you need to set up extra hardware on your work station this desk will be beneficial. As, you can set up additional monitors, charts, or other equipment permanently on your desk space, till your membership duration. Dedicated desks are available at only one location of WeWork Irvine, i.e. at the 200 Spectrum Center. And the desk is hireable for the starting price of $550 per month.

Private Offices

Leasing private office space in the city often burns a hole in the pocket, especially for startups. If you too have a young venture and a growing team, it’s better you go for flexible and scalable spaces. And a private office at WeWork will provide you just that. In fact, comes with many additional advantages, as you will also get access to all the perks of their spaces. Moreover, the professional address they provide looks impressive, both physically and on-papers. Another great reason is that these spaces are highly scalable to match your growth needs. So adding more seats or removing a few can be done at reasonable notice period. Also, WeWork has office spaces for teams of all sizes. One, two, fifty, or more, just contact them with your requirements and you will get the best solutions. The starting prices for office space at different WeWork Irvine locations are,

  • The Broadway: $830 per month for 1 person, $1,560 for two, to $19,950 per month for up to 50 seats.
  • 200 Spectrum Center: One seat office price is $750 per month, and goes up to $13,050 per month for 50 seat space.
  • 400 Spectrum Center: Here, 2 seat private spaces come at $1,550 per month. For teams of fifty, the price begins from $22, 650 per month.

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WeWork Irvine Locations:

WeWork has three office locations in Irvine. One on Jamboree road and two at the Spectrum Centres, in Irvine. A noteworthy fact is, that two of these space are still in the processing stage and will open soon. Though you may apply to avoid the late rush. Now, let’s walk through the three WeWork Irvine locations one by one. 

200 Spectrum Center

Address: 200 Spectrum Center Drive Suite 300 Irvine CA 92618

WeWork’s first Irvine location came up at this address. WeWork operates from two floors of this svelte high rise glass tower. Further, its bold and engaging interior decor are also drool-worthy. Windows here are wide and bring in lots of sunshine. Not to mention the pleasant city views. Besides, they also have a patio, where members can work directly under the sun. Coming outward, there are also many fine dining eateries at close proximity. A parking space is available right next to this WeWork Irvine location and is available at a fixed monthly fare.

For the fitness conscious, this location is also home to a gym space on floor two. In addition to the presence of two Charging stations for electric vehicles. Moreover, two of Irvine’s train stations, Tustin Metrolink and Amtrak too are located very close to this address. And, the shuttle bus service is accessible right in the front, when you step out.  

400 Spectrum Center

Address: 400 Spectrum Center Drive Irvine CA 92618

400 Spectrum is a 20 story business tower, all enveloped by the glass. This building is, in fact, a magnificence in itself, especially when it reflects off the beautiful south Californian sky. And it is not just about looks, this location is feature rich, inside out. Parking is available next door, along with the end of the trip facilities. So when working from this WeWork Irvine location, showers, bike racks, charging station for electric vehicles, etc, will be handy. This buzzing building is also close to many retail stores, eateries and entertainment hot spots. And if you have a love for nature or adventure, lovely beaches, and hiking trails are at a stone’s throw. Besides, there’s an onsite fitness center too. This skyscraper is worth calling home for your business. Moreover, Highway 5 is only around 350 yards.

The Boardwalk

Address: 18575 Jamboree Road Irvine CA 92612

Working from WeWork Irvine’s Boardwalk location is simple as a cake walk. And this location is yet another glass building. The Newport beach is only 10 minutes by car. While the way to John Wayne Airport is a 6-minute drive. This locale is full of many small and large bars and restaurants. Moreover, you may park your car just a couple blocks from this site, at the Birch street parking.

For further information on any of the WeWork locations in Irvine, you may call at 1800 123 365 365 or send an email to [email protected].

Website: https://www.wework.com/l/irvine–orange-county–CA


WeWork Irvine is home to one of the most sought after business community in this part of the country. And this very community is the catalyst to multiple collaborations and breakthroughs. If you have a home office, get out of the work seclusion, be a part of a bigger fellowship and make things happen. And if you are already coworking, the facilities you get here will be far better than other similar spaces. The staff too is friendly and make your workday smooth and stress-free. So, bottom line – schedule a visit soon!

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