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Station Houston exists to create a difference in the entrepreneur journey of various startups who are looking for a little push. Within a few years of the launch, it has become a talk of the town by providing not only space but also moral support to people who have just stepped into the world of innovation and entrepreneurship.  

With different membership plans, you can easily grab an opportunity to grow at Station coworking space in Houston. The people not only work but also engage in other activities. This helps them unfold a culture of innovation and progressive development, which motivates them to move further. 

This particular coworking space in Houston was launched in the year 2016. In just a few years of its launch, it has already crossed the milestone of 350 members and 180 startups. Several corporations have also partnered with Station coworking, which has led them to triple their office space. As of now, they are a member of more than 20 people, most of which comprise female members! More power to such workspaces!

Amenities at Station Houston

The concept of Station Houston was influenced by the need for a space for various technological startups. People had ideas, but they didn’t have a place to show their caliber. Therefore, this amazing coworking space came into existence. Want to know what this place has to offer? Read along.

  • Mentorship: One of the most important things a startup requires is mentorship. Station Houston is providing a dedicated amount of time to people who have an idea and just require a little guidance. They look into A-Z needs of a business and help them find a foolproof solution. 
  • Creative Work Culture: What is a coworking space that doesn’t induce creativity in the workspace? It is a robot manufacturing factory and nothing else! However, this innovative workspace makes creativity the center for everything great. It helps foster an environment that is not restricted by imagination and other boundaries. People share their experiences with each other and make sure each story has something positive for others to take. 
  • Hands-on Education: Need help with your business? Don’t worry. This team of brilliant people is here to help you throughout your entrepreneurial journey. They carry out various workshops and help people understand the importance of learning in their journey.
  • Events: At Station Houston, various events related to different businesses take place which play a fruitful role in the development of startups at an early stage. 
  • High-Speed Wifi: For a company, whether it is in its nurturing stage or has turned successful needs a strong internet connection. The people working here have access to high-speed wifi which enables them to connect to the world and turn into a successful venture.
  • Air-Conditioning: Most of the time, the temperature in Houston is hot and humid. For this reason, the coworking space provides air conditioning services to the people working there. 
  • The bond between Station Houston Community: For the people to collaborate and work in such an environment, bonding plays an important role. They are encouraged to act as a community that makes sure that each person leaves with something innovative and fruitful.
  • 24*7 Access: Some people prefer working on a day shift while others are more productive at night. This coworking space provides 24*7 access to its members and makes sure they get their work done at their convenience. 
  • Lounge Areas: Lounge areas are a great place to get the work done. Comfortable chairs and good vibes allow you to work in a more relaxed manner. Also, you can take some time out of your busy schedule and start a productive conversation with the people around you. Who knows, it might even spark a different idea in your mind!
  • Demo Day: Have an idea which you want to pitch to a potential investor? Take part in Station Houston’s monthly Demo Day, where you can get your ideas implemented. 
  • Chill Zone: Not able to concentrate on your work? Don’t worry. Get your headphones out and blast some good music. Not only it will refresh you, but it will also help you concentrate on your work after a great me time! The chill zone is a perfect place to lay down your stress and get something productive done afterward.
  • Comfortable Seatings: The workstation comprises comfortable ergonomic chairs, which add to the overall chilled-out ambiance of the place.
  • Conference Rooms: The members at Station Houston get access to the large conference rooms where they carry out important presentations and meetings. 
  • Private Cabins: If you don’t like to indulge in the hustle-bustle of a coworking space, then you have an option of a private cabin. Work comfortably inside the space that you are paying for.
  • Basic Office Supplies: The Houston based Station Coworking is full of basic office supplies. We often see some people carry a huge load of stationery, but this coworking space is a one-stop-shop for all your requirements. From printer to a scanner, they have everything at your disposal. 
  • Kitchen: The kitchen at Station Coworking in Houston is a great place to search for your daily dose of caffeine. If you aren’t such a big coffee fan, you can work up for a cup of tea instead! FYI, IT’S FREE!
  •  HoustonVR Lab: This coworking space is, without a doubt, one of its kind! Supporting the economic development of the city, the HoustonVR Lab is the hub for innovative AR and VR technologies from all around the world.

Station Houston


Membership Plan of Station Houston

Station coworking space in Houston facilitates a manageable membership option. If you are planning to begin your startup, they have a fullfledged membership plan. On the other hand, if you want to shift the tech community, they have a membership plan for you too. It simply depends on what you what. Based on this, here are the membership plans of this innovative and one of a kind coworking space. 

Startup Membership

Get access to the initial phase of entrepreneurship by stepping into the field of innovation and technology by paying just $200 a month.  Various benefits of Startup Membership include an introduction to startup opportunities where you can pitch an idea and make lots of money by selling it! Another perk of this membership plan gives you the advantage to use different services without having to pay extra bucks. Yet another way to save money!

Community Membership

To become a part of the biggest tech community of Station Houston and take part in the innovative events, you can subscribe to a monthly membership at $30 or take the yearly subscription of $250. Community Membership gives you access to exclusive community events and educational programs along with an invitation to the Digital Community!

Freelancer Membership

Freelance Membership gives access to startup gigs. Also, when you are your own boss you will be able to save on a lot of things. The basic amenities provided by Station Houston help you invest more in your projects and things work well you can make more money with a simple idea. If you are a budding freelancer and are looking for an opportunity to thrive, contact [email protected]

Location and Contact

Station Houston is located in one of the best cities in Texas. Each year it attracts a number of people from all over the world to start a venture that they can call their own. In addition to this, you will find several important facilities in the area surrounding Houston’s most popular coworking space. There are grocery stores along with various parking lots, therefore, accommodation of your vehicles couldn’t be easier than this. From restaurants like Forks, Pappa Bros. Steak House, and McDonald’s you will find this place on the apt location to get to as well. There are different bus stops that connect Station Houston to different places in the city. These bus stops are located on Fannin Street and Travis Street as well. To get to know the place more closely, visit them at 1301 Fannin St, Suite 2440.

You can also reach them at [email protected].



Stepping into a world full of unknown possibilities can be a bit scary. This is why Station Huston has come up with a platform that not only gives space for an idea to grow but also holds crucial events and sessions that perk up the morale of people with ideas. It is not only a workspace but also a place where people from different backgrounds collaborate and bring about a change by helping each other. 

You may have dropped the idea of becoming your own boss at some point in life. The reason could be anything from lack of confidence to lack of moral support. This amazing coworking space not only gives wings to your dream but also provides a startup guide so you never get lost in this journey. If you collaborate with Station Coworking Space chances are that you will save money on various things from printing to scanning! Therefore, if you are a budding entrepreneur and need a direction to grow, Station Houston is undoubtedly the best choice you can make.

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