Top 11 Coworking Spaces in Sacramento With Perks & Prices (2022)

Coworking Space Sacramento scenario is thriving as more people realize the benefits of working in a shared space. The main advantage of working in a coworking community is that you have endless flexible options at your disposal. For instance, you can choose what plans you want to avail based on your requirements and then specify the services you want. Also, your productivity increases when you are surrounded by people who share your goals and aspirations. Another positive aspect of working in a shared workplace is that you only have to pay once to get access to all the facilities available at the center. Isn’t that great? 

Did you know that Sacramento is considered amongst the top places to set up a business operation? The place is teeming with innovative industries who are contributing to the economic development of the city. The California capital houses some of the major coworking spaces Sacramento which are a great alternative to working in a corporate office or a coffee shop. From a great variety of workstations to a long list of perks, you will find everything in a single place. Also, you have the opportunity to mingle with the vibrant community of coworkers who can help you as you figure out new strategies for the growth of your business. Given below is a list of top coworking spaces in Sacramento. So, go through them and choose the most suitable option. Happy Coworking!

Coworking Space Sacramento


Pacific Workplaces


Pacific Workplaces Sacramento is an ideal coworking space that caters to workspace requirements. More people are considering working in a shared space as it offers numerous benefits that can help you accomplish your goals more easily. Besides providing workplace solutions, they also give business support services so that you don’t face any hardship. Are you tired of running your business in a strict traditional environment? Do you feel uninspired while trying to work on your projects in a coffee shop? If the answer to these queries is yes then it suggests that you are in need of a new workplace. And that too not just for work but for enhancing your potential as well. You can discover solutions to these problems by hiring space at this amazing coworking center.


  • 770 L Street, Suite 950, Sacramento, CA 95814
  • 1104 Corporate Way, Sacramento, CA 95831
  • 8880 Cal Center Drive, Suite 400, Sacramento, CA 95826


Membership Plans: Pacific Workplaces Sacramento offers a wide variety of membership options that include private offices, virtual memberships, and coworking desks. The private offices are tailored according to professional requirements. Further, you will be given 24/7 access to your rooms. On the other hand, virtual membership provides you with all the benefits that a regular member enjoys but from the comfort of your home. In other words, you can avail all the facilities of the center without being physically present there. To know about the membership prices of the above two options, kindly connect with their team. They also offer coworking desks wherein you can work with a community of professionals. For instance, you have various plans at your disposals such as day passes ($25), 3-days/month ($49), open coworking ($139)  and dedicated desks ($249).



Capsity Coworking Space Sacramento


Capsity is a simple yet elegant coworking space Sacramento that provides a long list of amenities to its members. Whether you are a business enthusiast searching for a full-time workplace or a freelancer in need of temporary office space, Capsity has it all planned out for you. Interestingly, you can contact them to get your desk or office space customized as per your needs. Other than this, you will be working in a close-knit community of professionals who understand the significance of working in a collaborative environment. So, if you want to witness your business prosper, apply for a membership today!

Address: 2572 21st Street, Sacramento, CA 95818

Contact: Got questions? Call them on (916) 426-6008 or drop a mail at [email protected]


Membership Plans: Capsity Sacramento offers diverse rental packages for different work areas that include private offices, virtual membership plans, and dedicated desks. Virtual office plans comprise of services that will help you boost your business from your couch. Further, it can be availed at a cost of $95/month. Another option is that of a dedicated desk wherein you will be assigned a fixed spot to work. The membership cost of this option $357/month. You can even hire your own private office in case you are a big team at a cost ranging from $487-$1157/month.


Outlet Coworking


Outlet Coworking is a multi-disciplinary coworking space Sacramento. It offers various workplace solutions which are loaded with ample benefits and facilities. Moreover, they also offer spacious event spaces in case you are planning to organize one. The center houses a vibrant community of like-minded individuals who can help you with your tasks. Additionally, the dedicated staff at the workspace is always ready to help you. Not to mention, the building is situated in an ideal location and is easily accessible. It is at a stone’s throw distance from retail spaces and restaurants. All in all, it is a great place to work!

Address: 2110 K Street, Sacramento, CA 95816

Contact: To know more, contact them on 916-476-9606 or you can email them at [email protected].

Membership Plans: Outlet Coworking Sacramento offers private and shared workspaces under flexible membership plans. The coworking option comprises of part-time membership, day job membership, and resident membership. The first one gives you access to the workspace for 4 days a month and is available at a cost of $49/month. Similarly, the second option provides you the access to a coworking desk during business hours at a cost of $150/month. The last one is for those who require a permanent space to work and can be accessed at a cost of $225. Apart from this, you can even hire a private office at Outlet Coworking at a cost ranging from $349-$700.  


The Urban Hive Sacramento


The Urban Hive is a creative coworking space Sacramento which brings together a group of people who share common interests. Further, it is Sacramento’s largest coworking community with a family of 300 professionals from diverse backgrounds. For instance, you will find here entrepreneurs, creatives, designers, and much more! This workstation understands your requirements and therefore has come up with flexible workplace options. For instance, you can choose to work in a community or in an exclusive space of your own. Whatever suits you! This is a great place to cowork and discover new possibilities for your venture.

Address: 1601 Alhambra Boulevard, Sacramento, CA, 95816

Contact: If you want to know more about the place, you can call them on 916-585-4483.

Membership Plans: The Urban Hive offers productive workspaces wherein you can work without facing any hindrance. Furthermore, they offer part-time access to common areas plus meeting rooms at a cost starting from $199/month. Whereas, to get full-time access to common areas and meeting rooms, you will be charged a price starting from $299/month. Lastly, you can hire a private suite at a cost of $1200/month. In addition, you can use all the facilities of the center without having to pay anything extra. What else would you need when you are getting everything at a single place?


The Trade Collab


The Trade is a collaborative workspace set-up in a beautiful location of Sacramento. It is a place that celebrates the fusion of coffee with delivering a task. That is to say, they believe that coffee has an important role to play when it comes to getting your work done. The place offers dedicated and open seating arrangements. Further, the environment of the workstation boosts creativity and productivity. You will have ample opportunities to grow your clientele and eventually expand your venture. It is one of the finest space to explore work opportunities. Believe me, it will be a great experience to work at this amazing coworking space Sacramento.

Address: 2220 K Street Sacramento, CA 95816

Contact: If you want to know more about The Trade, contact them on (916) 538-6878 or email them at [email protected]


Membership Plans: The Trade has made available a number of flexible workspace options to its tenants. Moreover, these plans are exclusively designed in a manner that they coincide with your work schedule and style. The memberships available include monthly memberships, private offices, designated seating and drop in specials. To enumerate, the monthly memberships are available at different rates such as $60, $90, $140, and $265. Whereas the private offices are available in two different sizes (Large: $975 and Small: $625). You can even hire a designated desk at the costs of $190 and $290. Need workspace for a limited time? No worries. Become a member for a day by obtaining a day pass at a cost of $7.


Cowo Campus Coworking Space Sacramento


Cowo Sacramento is a cool coworking space exclusively designed for entrepreneurs and creative professionals. Covering an area of 12,000 sq ft., this space has beautiful interiors that will enhance your productivity levels. Not only do they provide exclusive work areas, but also great additional amenities. Further, you get a chance to widen your network as you chance upon professionals from various backgrounds. So, apply for a membership today and benefit from the opportunities that will come knocking at your very doorstep!

Address: 1507 21st Street, 2nd Floor, Sacramento CA 95811

Contact: To know more, send them your queries at [email protected]


Membership Plans: Cowo Campus Sacramento offers flexible membership plans that will completely match your requirements. Whether you need the workspace for a single day or want to settle in for a longer period, they have got it all covered for you. Monthly memberships are available at the costs of $95 or $195. Apart from this, you can even apply for a day pass ($10 & $15) or weekly pass ($50). They also provide conference rooms and large event spaces in case you are planning on organizing one. So, what are you waiting for? Go and book a spot now!


E49 Hub Sacramento


E49 is an incubator striving for the development of startups, innovators and business professionals. They help budding professionals set up their ventures and empower them to take it to another level. So, you will be encouraged here to turn your dreams into reality. Further, working in a collaborative community will help you build connections with other professionals who may share your interests. Also, they are known for providing a great platform to startups who might find it difficult to establish themselves in the beginning. As an example, social enterprises like Compassion Village Martucci Mission came to existence under their guidance. So, book yourself a spot at this amazing coworking space Sacramento and witness the expansion of your dream profession!

Address: 2830 G Street, STE 210 Sacramento, CA 95816

Contact: In case you want to know more about the place, call them on (916)  400-3101.


Membership Plans: You can gain access to the work area of e49 by applying for a membership that will enable you to use all the facilities of the center. To know about the membership cost, please get in touch with their team.


The Workshop Sacramento


Are you looking to develop your business by adopting an innovative approach? If yes, then The Workshop Sacramento is an ideal option to fulfill this requirement. Besides providing you with a great place to work, they will train you to attain your goals more easily. Furthermore, they also offer certain tools and resources that will help you grow your business. Collaborate with like-minded individuals that will help you grow your venture and enhance your network circle. All in all, The Workshop is an ideal coworking space Sacramento that you need to succeed in your endeavors. Apply now!

Address: 3301 C St., #1000, Sacramento, CA 95816

Contact: You can procure more information about e49 by calling them on 916-465-8065 or just drop them a mail at [email protected]


Membership Plans: The Workshop Sacramento provides plenty of coworking options to choose from. This includes dedicated desks ($225/month), open table space ($125/month), a day pass ($20/day), and private office space ($50/hr- $100/hr). Apart from this, you can even book conference rooms to hold your meetings at a price range of $50/hr.(max 8), Large $100/hr.(max 20). In addition, the center offers exclusive memberships that include various business services. For instance, IT services, training courses, and networking opportunities. To know about their prices, please refer to their website. Not to mention the additional amenities at your disposal that are associated with these plans.


Hacker Lab Sacramento


Hacker Lab Sacramento is a coworking firm dedicated to the growth of potential innovators. Besides providing a space to work, they offer sophisticated types of equipment that are worth $500,000. Additionally, they organize informative workshops on metalwork, entrepreneurship and on other topics. That implies you do not have to spend a huge amount of money on purchasing these tools as you can use them at the center. Isn’t that great news? They also offer hefty discounts if you opt for a membership plan. So, don’t let this amazing opportunity pass you by. Become a part of this amazing Sacramento based coworking space today! 

Address: 2533 R Street Suite 120, Sacramento

Contact: Have queries about this workstation? Call them on 916-514-7044 or send them an email at [email protected]


Membership Plans: Hacker Lab Sacramento offers flexible workstations wherein you can carry out your tasks smoothly. Further, their membership plans include All-Access Membership (starts at $124.99), Maker Cage (starts at $299), Private desk (starts at $249) and private office (starts at $599). With these plans, you get a list of amenities that will lessen your workload. For instance, you get access to high-speed internet, conference rooms, makerspace, kitchen and a lot more! So, choose the one that suits your schedule.



Coffee and Coworking


Coffee and Coworking provides entrepreneurs and professionals a workspace where they mingle with other members, giving rise to successful collaborations. Further, you have the opportunity to polish your skills and learn more about the business you are operating. This coworking space Sacramento also provides large event spaces and conference rooms which are fully equipped with the basic necessities. Not to mention, you can drink as much coffee as you desire at the center! People working here belong to diverse backgrounds which include entrepreneurship, journalism and more. So, become a part of this vibrant coworking space in Sacramento.

. Address: 3428 3rd Ave, Sacramento, California

Contact: In case you want to know more about the services they offer, feel free to drop them a mail at [email protected]


Membership Plans: Coffee and Coworking has several options when it comes to membership plans. The center provides shared desk space and private offices as well. The former will give you 24/7 access to your fully furnished work spot which includes a chair, trash can, and a filing cabinet. Additionally, you can enjoy privacy as well as the benefits of working in a community. To know about the price, connect with their team. Apart from this, you can hire a private office for you and your team. However, only three members can accommodate in the office. The membership price of availing this option starts from $450/month.


Amen Coworking


Amen Coworking space Sacramento is a community-driven workspace providing services to independent professionals. The environment of the center will boost your creativity and help you reach your goals. Also, they have spacious breakout areas where you relax for a while before starting with another task. So, work in a fun community and experience the difference. This is a great space in Sacramento for coworking.

Address: 3257 Folsom Blvd Sacramento CA 95816 US

Contact: To procure more information, call them on (916) 218-4500.


Membership Plans: Providing a series of membership option, the plans at Amen Coworking are tailored to meet your demands. You have the option of choosing a work bar membership for $129/month. Also, you can hire a dedicated space at the center at the costs of $249/month or $349/month. In case you prefer working alone, you can hire a private office and get your work done. However, the price of the office depends upon its size and the number of members in your team. To know about the cost, please refer to their website.


All these spaces are bound to provide you with great working experience. You will discover new boundaries and get in touch with great people. Apart from this, you will be working in a great environment that encourages growth and development. Not to mention, you will get additional benefits that will ease your burden.

All these features point towards one thing and that is, these collaborative workspaces provide unlimited benefits. The above-given list of workspaces operating in Sacramento is designed to make your search much easier and flexible. Schedule a tour in any of the coworking space Sacramento and bring the much-needed change in your working style.

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