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Sandbox Suites Berkeley is a famous coworking space in the city. They have a few other coworking spaces across various cities in the USA. Their office spaces are spacious and vibrant. There is a warm and welcoming vibe at the Sandbox Suite coworking spaces. It poses a tough competition to other spaces in the city like The Office and NextSpace. With the coming of coworking spaces, the work dynamics have changed for the better. Working is a breeze now. These spaces are preferred over the traditional office setups. The reason is that the latter is unable to provide a comfortable environment like the coworking spaces.

Also, in a coworking culture, the entire focus is on the work, hence better productivity and growth. Sandbox Suites Berkeley is one of the best options for coworking in the city. Here all the amenities and services are of high quality and business class. Their professional approach to work is both result-yielding and flexible. You can add volumes to your business by working with them.

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Sandbox Suites Berkeley Amenities and Perks

This coworking space provides a wide range of amenities for the businesses operating here. These services and facilities are of high quality with a professional approach. The details of all the amenities available at Sandbox Suites Berkeley are given below.

  • The membership plans for these coworking spaces are invariably flexible. Hence there is an ease of functioning.
  • The access to the coworking spaces here is for 24/7. This implies that you can come when you feel like and get to business right away.
  • A secure door lock feature is also available for these coworking spaces.
  • Space managers are present at Sandbox Suites Berkeley. You can avail of their professional help whenever you require it.
  • The latest fiber high-speed internet is also available here. So you don’t have to worry about any work delays.
  • You can easily find a parking spot around here. Therefore, parking is also hassle-free at this coworking space.
  • Meeting rooms are also available at their coworking space Palo Alto and Berkeley.
  • You can also access the special areas which are available for private conversations.
  • There is a strong network of printers, photocopiers, and scanners at this coworking space. So printing, scanning, and photocopying are also hassle-free at this space.
  • BART is also at a short walking distance from this office space.
  • High-quality tea, coffee, and mineral water are also provided at Sandbox Suites Berkeley.
  • With the membership of this space, you can access their coworking spaces in the other locations too.
  • Professional and social events are organized here from time to time. So, this provides a chance for networking and collaboration.
  • Their coworking spaces are open from Monday to Friday.
  • Mail handling and mail packaging services are also available at Sandbox Suites Berkeley. Furthermore, you also get a professional mailing address at this office space. It reflects positively in your business image.
  • Also, a fully equipped kitchen is also available at this coworking space. So, hunger is something that will not hamper your work for sure.


Sandbox Suites Berkeley





Membership Plans

The Sandbox Suites Berkeley provides various membership plans for its coworking spaces. Many kinds of coworking spaces are available at the Sandbox Suites. The price plans for these spaces are largely flexible. Also, you can customize the space as per your need. Check out the membership plans details as below.

Day Pass: You can also avail of the coworking space services on a daily basis with the day passes. You can get a day pass for nine hours. These are only available from Monday to Friday. The day pass rental price is $20 per head.

Private Offices: Private offices are the most suitable option for small businesses and startups. As the name itself is suggestive, these spaces are private and dedicated. You can devote all your focus here without any distractions. At the Sandbox Suites Berkeley, you can rent out these office spaces for 2 to 5 individuals. The prices vary as per the size of the space and the requirements. The rental prices for private offices for 2,3, 4 and 5 individuals are $1100, $1450, $1800 and $2150 respectively.

Private Desks: Private desks are the dedicated desk options that provide you a dedicated space of your own. These coworking spaces are the best suitable for freelancers, part-time workers, and travelers. These dedicated desks are available at Sandbox Suites Berkeley at a monthly rental price of $495.

Open Desks: Open desk is a flexible coworking space that provides you a spot in the common coworking area. You can choose a desk of your liking in the common space and get to work right away. At the end of the day, you have to take your belongings with you under such a coworking space plan. At Sandbox Suites Berkeley the rental prices for these spaces are $265 per month. This membership plan is the best suitable for freelancers and travelers.

Virtual Office: In a virtual space plan you get a professional mailing address. This plan is the best suitable for those who do not require a dedicated space but a professional presence. This membership plan includes a mail and packages receiving service. The charges for this service are $84 per month. In this membership plan, three drop-in days facility is also available.

Conference Rooms: Conference and meeting rooms are also available at this coworking space. This coworking space Berkeley is fully serviced and fully furnished. All the high-quality amenities are available under this plan. You can rent out these spaces at daily, weekly and monthly rental prices. You can book these spaces even if you are not a member at the Sandbox Suites Berkeley. Also, you can book these spaces online or in person. These conference rooms are spacious. These have a capacity to seat up to 12 people. Large and medium conference rooms are available here. The hourly rent prices for small, medium and large conference rooms are $39, $49 and $59 respectively.

Frequent Flyer: You can get the frequent flyer membership plan at this coworking space for $265 per month. In this membership plan, you get 24/7 access. This means you can drop by whenever you wish and begin working at this space. Also, you get 4 meeting hours per month.

Second Home: Under the second home membership plan you get 8 meeting hours per month. At Sandbox Suites Berkeley, you can take up this membership plan at $495 and above, per month.

Location & Contact:

Berkeley – Sandbox Suites

This coworking space is two blocks away from the Downtown BART area, which is the prime location. There are plenty of gourmet restaurants, cafes and various eateries around this coworking space. So quick bites are just a short distance away. Also, many shopping centers and recreational spots are at a close distance from here. Hence, this space has a lot to offer to those working here. You can also find a parking spot easily around this coworking space. Furthermore, traveling around here is also very hassle-free. Cabs, trams and other modes of transport are easily accessible from Sandbox Suites Berkeley.

Address: 1900 Addison Street, 2nd Floor, Berkeley, California, US
Contact: 415-659-8197
Email: [email protected]
Official Website:


Sandbox Suites Berkeley is one of the best options for coworking in the town. The coworking spaces here are spacious and modern. There is a warm and welcoming vibe around here. These office spaces have a high technology infrastructure and all the prerequisites available. The meeting space facility here is also very convenient to use. They do not have any rigid long term contracts. The membership plans here are on a monthly basis.

For the first three months, the rental prices are the same. While after the three month period, the rent charges will alter. For more information about these coworking spaces and their price plans, reach them on their email address.

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