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Searching for a refreshing coworking space in the Bay area? Well, Impact Hub Oakland is the end of your search. So give Google some rest and read this piece to know how it can meet your demands. To start with, they have a grand space, with ergonomic furniture and friendly staff. Besides, they not only offer coworking but a range of event spaces and conference rooms as well. Plus, they are easy on terms and offer multiple choices to use their spaces. In fact, they even present the opportunity to trade 6 hours per week of work for them with an unlimited membership. Did you hear that before at any coworking space? I think not!

The Impact Hub Oakland is a spacious place to be in. Thanks to its high ceiling, glass walls and wide floor plan. Besides, the huge windows supply it with sunlight most of the daytime. Further, they have designer desks and ergonomic chairs. So they don’t just please the eye but lend support to your back and rear as well. And hence improve your stamina, and consequently your productivity. Besides, if you need more comfort, move on to the gorgeous sofa in the lounge area and continue your job. Also, you will have the option to shift to the balcony area. Wherein, you can enjoy a nice view of the floor below while working.

Amenities at Impact Hub Oakland:

  • Reception Service: The reception service is available during business hours. So both you and your guests get a welcoming arrival.
  • 24/7 Access: This building is accessible round the clock for members. Hence, a day worker or a night owl, work at your will.
  • Printing Facility: Members can also access many general office equipment at minimal costs. For instance, you can use printers from $0.08 to 0.15 per print.
  • Fast Internet and Wifi: The most essential part. Impact Hub Oakland has pretty good internet and wifi facilities in all their spaces.
  • Mail Handling: You can even use their address as your business address. And whenever a mail arrives, the staff will handle it all.
  • Tea and Coffee: Tea and coffee are the fuel for a workaholic. Rest assured, you will get a consistent supply of it at this location
  • Kitchen: Oakland’s Impact Hub also has a little kitchen space, where you can cook around a quick snack or two.
  • Quiet Space: When the mind needs some solitude and the ears some peace, come to this calm area.
  • Phone Booths: They also have quiet phone booths where you can keep your phone calls private and personal. So neither can anyone eavesdrop nor interrupt your important call.
  • Whiteboard Walls: My favourite part. Impact Hub Oakland has huge walls turned into whiteboards. So go on writing endlessly. It will be difficult to run out of space.
  • Event Access: This Broadway location is regularly hired for many events. These range from skill workshops, and product launches, to yoga or motivational sessions. Members get discounted access to these events.
  • Pet-Friendly: If you have a little motivator that walks on all four paws, you may bring them into this space. Except that they can enter only private office spaces. However, they might be allowed into the main coworking area if they are trained to service pets.
  • Disabled Access: The  Impact Hub Oakland facility is on the ground level and thus is easily accessible by the disabled.
  • Car parking and Bike Racks: There are many metered street parking spaces for four-wheelers. Besides, you will get plenty of bike storage space too.
  • Storage Facility: For storing your valuables stuff. So you don’t need to carry back and forth the usual stuff on a daily basis.

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Impact Hub Oakland Membership Plans

They offer memberships to both individuals and small teams. Membership here gets you access to the many amenities they offer. And there are further options for you to choose from. Which includes a day pass and an array of monthly agreement alternatives. These include,

Individual Memberships

If you work from home, it’s time to step out of the distractions of your home office. And if you are an entrepreneur, get your venture an identity, and a network so that it can grow and expand. How? Through one of the individual memberships at Impact Hub Oakland of course. These memberships get you a hot desk in an open-plan area. And, these are temporary, so on each visit, you have to find a vacant desk to work from. So read below and choose the best fit from the following four.

  • Oak 25: The Oak 25 membership allows you to access the coworking space for 25 hours in a month. And you may get this for a payment of $99 per month. Besides, you will be able to access the facility only during normal business hours and on weekdays.
  • Oak 50: This plan brings along the ability to use the coworking area for 50 hours a month. That too on a simple payment of $175 per month. And just like the previous plan, you can access coworking desks at Impact Hub Oakland. But only during business hours, Monday to Friday.
  • Oak 100: If you need to work with additional flexibility, this plan will get you 24/7 access to the location. While you can access it for up to 100 hours in a month. Just grab a desk and start off! The price of this plan is $295 per month.
  • Oak Unlimited: To get the luxury of flexibility at its best, get this plan. And you get round-the-clock access to their coworking space, 7 days a week, the entire month. The price of this plan is $415 per month.

Organizational Memberships

Need a private office space at Impact Hub Oakland? Or in case you have a small team and need a change of place, this plan is for you. Or even if you just wish to be a part of a bigger community of like-minded people. This plan is also suitable if you are a small bunch who needs to gather a few days a month to chart strategies etc. Further, you will get a glass wall-enclosed area to work from. Besides, please note that the following plans will allow you entrance only during business hours on weekdays. So, get one of the two memberships below and work from a space that is abuzz with energy.

  • Org 10-Day Passes: The 10-day pass at Impact Hub Oakland comes for $150 per month. You and your team will get access to this space and all its amenities during your visit. During this, you may drink unlimited coffee and work while they take care of everything else.
  • Org 20-Day Passes: If 10-day passes are a little below your work demands, get one for 20 days. The 20-day organization passes are available for $275 per month. So using these 20 passes, you can manage a few more visits and a few more members into their coworking area.

Work Trade

An amazing element of this space is that you can barter your skills for membership as well. It is plain and simple. You may have a skill or two that matches the requirements of the Impact Hub Oakland. Like managing the kitchen or the front desk or a project, etc. You have to put in 6 hours per week into their work. In lieu of this, you will get the power of Oak Unlimited membership. That too without paying a penny. Charming!

Other Hireable Venues at Impact Hub Oakland

Event Spaces: They have a variety of event spaces that you can hire for a wide range of events. You may hire the JingleTown, Lakeside or the Atrium, which have the capacity for up to a hundred. Or you may also hire the outdoor Patio space. Or perhaps the bigger On Broadway, which can accommodate around 300 people.

Conference Rooms: The conference rooms at Impact Hub Oakland are suitable for meetings, workshops, and a lot more. The East Oak, Fruitvale, Lakeside, The Town and the Uptown are your choices. These are of different sizes and setups. The capacity ranges from 8 to up to 40. So you can choose the one that is most suitable.

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Impact Hub Oakland Location

Oakland – Impact Hub

Address: 2323 Broadway Oakland, CA 94612

2323 Broadway is home to this amazing coworking space in uptown Oakland. The building is a two-level space. With bike racks right in front. Additionally, there are a number of restaurants and cafes in the neighbourhood. As to public transport, the buses are accessible right in front. While the Oakland Bart Station is only 0.3 miles away. Besides, a free shuttle service is also available along the route between Jack London Square and Grand Ave. The latter is only a block away from this coworking space.

For more information, or to schedule a visit call +1 510-858-2323 or send an email to [email protected].




Impact Hub Oakland is a part of more than 50 coworking spaces family, cast around the world. London, Shanghai, Tokyo, and Honolulu, the long list of its locations are spread across five continents. So if you are a vivid traveller, a membership here will allow you to work from multiple locations on the go. Besides, you will get the flavour of a space that collectively caters to a global set of entrepreneurs. Making it a great place to work, collaborate and grow.

Working from Impact Hub Oakland is an easy way to escape the high prices of an office in the city. You can choose between working from a hot desk area or private office space if you have a team. And both are definitely on the lower side of expenses in comparison to a space on lease. Moreover, perhaps it will not only meet your demands of a coworking space but also exceed them. Brace yourself!

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