9 Awesome Coworking & Shared Office Spaces in San Jose (2023)

Find The Best San Jose Coworking Space Among The Top Ones

Googling for the best coworking space in San Jose? It’s time to halt the search because you have arrived at the right stop. If you are reading this, we guess you are already an entrepreneur or plan to be one. Firstly, if you have been working from home, you know of the many distractions that come along with it. Secondly, the exorbitant office space rent in San Jose is enough to crush the dreams of a naive starter. Thus access to any of the coworking space in San Jose will be nothing short of a boon for you. These engaging spaces not only provide you with workspaces but also with a great bunch of amenities. Which are more than essential for any business to grow and get known.

Finding a coworking space in San Jose is not an uphill task, but picking the best might be. San Jose is the largest city in Silicon Valley and is also home to thousands of tech firms. Naturally, it has loads of fresh pool of talent that has the nerve to take risks with their ideas. Moreover, the generation next looks towards means of ditching traditional 9 to 5 office hours. But additional freedom and flexibility, access to a great community and premium downtown locations are add-on perks. To make it easier for you, we have listed the top ten coworking spaces in San Jose. So all you have to do is read through this list and pick the one that suits you best.

Coworking Spaces & Shared Offices in San Jose


1. WeWork San Jose


WeWork, an American coworking company, has spread its wings all across the globe. And such is its impact that most coworking spaces on earth have one common goal, to surpass the WeWork network. Coming to your city, thanks to WeWork finding office space in downtown San Jose is now a cakewalk. Hot or permanent desks or an entire private office suite, all WeWork locations exude class and professionalism. In fact, WeWork’s amazing coworking space in San Jose is just spot on.

Perks: WeWork offers magnificent perks to its members. These include facilities like support staff, work desks, printers, etc. In addition to private booths for phone calls, mail handling, fine micro-roasted coffee, and refreshing fruit water. Not to mention the events they hold are ultimate networking opportunities.

Prices: A hot desk can be yours for the starting price of $380 per month at WeWork San Jose locations. While for dedicated desks, you will have to shell out around $475 per month. And if you need a private office here, the price begins from $700 per month.

Locations: WeWork coworking spaces in San Jose operate from two locations. These are,

  • River Park Tower, 333 West San Carlo Street, San Jose
  • 75 E Santa Clara Street, San Jose

Contact: Need more info? Call their toll-free number, 1800 123 365 365, and get answers to all your queries.


2. Pacific Workplaces


Pacific Workplaces San Jose, with a vibrant community, is our next stop for the best coworking space San Jose. Professionals who need a change of pace from their home setup can book a space at this incredible coworking space. They offer flexible solutions for startups and entrepreneurs looking for a space to work from. These range from temporary and permanent work desks, private offices for small teams, and even virtual office services. That too in a feature-rich setting.

Perks: They have ultimate spaces and a crowd, which makes working fun from here. The mention-worthy perks include unlimited coffee, member events, workshops, hi-tech conference rooms, fast Wi-Fi, etc.

Prices: Prices at Pacific Workplaces start from just $25 for single-day access to coworking. They even have a 3-day per-month access plan for $49 per month. Monthly memberships include $139 for hot desks and $249 for dedicated desks.

Location: Pacific Workplaces San Jose resides at 111 N Market St, Suite 300, San Jose, CA 95113, United States

Contact: Call (408) 332-5800 for any queries you have about this location. You may contact them through their email ([email protected]) as well.


3. Spaces San Jose


Spaces, too, deserve a seat among the best San Jose coworking spaces. This Silicon Valley coworking space is a notch above the rest. And the credit not just goes to the facilities they house but also to the community. Coming from diverse business backgrounds, they work next to each other to achieve collaborative goals. Plus, member startups also have the opportunity to connect with top US corporates. Plus, you can choose from different workspace options and meeting rooms.

Perks: Spaces coworking facilities include super fast internet, premium locations, food, and beverages. In fact, one of the two locations has an outdoor space as well.

Prices: The price range for members starts from $330 per month for coworking hot desks at Spaces San Jose. Private desks have a price tag of $500 per month. And as to the private office spaces, around $825 per month will be your bill. These prices, however, are only indicative and may vary across different locations.

Locations: You can find Spaces at 3031 Tisch Way, 110 Plaza West, San Jose.

Contact: To contact the By Santa Row location, call on (408) 689-4550 or send an email to [email protected]


4. Regus San Jose Coworking Space


Due to its footprints around the globe, Regus is a name to count upon in the coworking realm. Regus San Jose also stands true to quality and flexibility. The interiors have impeccable designs and technology top grade. Its excellent San Jose coworking spaces give members the to choose the one nearest to them from under a single banner. And you want to move into another Regus space; it’s quite simple. All the locations are also home to a community of innovative change-makers. However, Regus Coworking Space San Jose is one of its most prominent locations in the city.

Perks: A major perk of Regus is its superior office locations, besides a number of facilities. For instance, availability of showers, cafes, video conferencing, gyms, parking, disabled access, etc, either onsite or around it. Also, its business lounges are especially collaborative spaces.

Prices: Generally, the prices at Regus are around $299 per month for coworking desks. The monthly rental to access its lounges is around $99. And if you are looking for private office space, the payment will be close to $539 per month.

Locations: Regus has six locations spread across the Silicon Valley city of San Jose.

  • 99 South Almaden Blvd., Suite 600, San Jose
  • 2033 Gateway Place, 5th Floor.
  • 3031 Tisch Way, 110 Plaza West.
  • Suite 203, 2880 Zanker Road, San Jose
  • 6203 San Ignacio Avenue, Suite 110.
  • 325 South 1st Street, San Jose, CA 95113

Contact: Call at 1855 400 3575 for any info on Regus San Jose.


5. Silicon Valley Business Center

Coworking space San Jose-Silicon Valley Business Center

Have a brilliant business idea but need help to figure out where to start? Or do you prefer a quiet and inspiring workspace to elevate your aspiring business to the next level? If yes, without any second thoughts, hit the Silicon Valley Business Center. This coworking space occupies a top-notch spot in Silicon Valley, renowned globally as a hub for technology companies. With this extraordinary coworking space, you don’t need to worry about spending on long-term leasing. However, rent the space on an hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis, depending entirely on your preferences and business requirements.

Perks: Upon availing of their membership, you can access their vibrant Plug & Play Coffee & Internet Cafe, a perfect place to munch and relax! Besides providing 24/7 access, this coworking space offers complimentary coffee, high-speed internet, a mailbox and forwarding service, well-appointed conference rooms, professional IT support, a multi-purpose event space, etc.

Prices: A flex desk and hot desk at Silicon Valley Business Center San Jose are priced at $250/month. You can rent their fully-furnished private office space starting from $1,000/month, accommodating teams of various sizes.

Location: This coworking space is at 1900 Camden Ave, San Jose, CA 95124.

Contact: Call (408) 558-3600 for any queries regarding this space.


6. Premier Workspaces


Premier Workspaces couldn’t have had a better name. You may hire their excellent spaces for an hour or two, up to a day, or even longer terms. San Jose coworking spaces / shared office spaces are ready to move in as they have all the furniture a team needs to operate. And not just private spaces, this coworking space also offers virtual office services in San Jose for work-at-home professionals. Plus, you can choose from office spaces with magnificent city views or one in the interior.

Perks: Further perks here are the services of receptionist, mail handling, call answering, internet, etc. Apart from the multiple alternatives for meeting and conference spaces.

Prices: The prices of different office spaces are different depending on their size and amenities. Though these range between $300 to $595 per month.

Location: Premier Workspaces San Jose sits on the 2nd Floor of 2570 North, 1st Street.

Contact: To book a visit, call (408) 273-4500.


7. Zed Coworking San Jose


Zed is one of the dynamic coworking spaces in San Jose. The interiors have access to natural light most of the day time. While many desk spaces have a fine window view. They have creative, focused, and private zones for people to pick spaces as per their liking. And not just that, the first preference of the staff here is to make members feel at home. Plus, you are free to personalize your space. So work, share, and collaborate in this space and see the prosperity that follows.

Perks: This round-the-clock accessible place is full of perks. You will get access to a kitchen space that has all the general stuff, like a microwave, toaster, etc. Along with fine brands of tea and coffee, to the likes of Starbucks, Verve, Lipton, etc. You may also avail of locker storage, phones, whiteboards, and various meeting spaces.

Prices: The coworking hot desk costs start from around $224 per month. The price of dedicated desks is slightly higher at $269 per month starting price. Besides, prices for private office spaces begin from around $1079 per month.

Location: Zed coworking spaces in San Jose resides at 690 Saratoga Ave Ste 100.

Contact: Call (669) 272-8660 to contact Zed Coworking Space San Jose. Alternatively, you may also send an email to [email protected].


8. Action Spot


Are you passionate about an idea you wish to see making a difference in this world? The Action Spot is one such amazing coworking spot in San Jose, where your actions can make a visible dent. Work from a hot desk in the common coworking area. Or from a private office suite if you have a team working together. And if you don’t wish to leave your home office, they offer virtual office services too. So at or out of this space, your business will get all the right opportunities.

Perks: At Action Spot San Jose Coworking Space, unlimited snacks, coffee, parking, wifi are absolutely free. Plus, you can also use the mail handling and forwarding services. They also have event spaces and blockchain school.

Prices: The price of coworking desks here is $185 per month. Though you may also hire them for a day or a week. Besides, they also have round-the-clock accessible medium to large private office spaces. The price for this begins from $500 per month, depending on size and interior location. In addition to spaces for meeting and conference needs, renting fare starts from $30 per hour.  

Location: To visit them, 453 W San Carlos St, San Jose, is the address of the spot.

Contact: For more details, call them on 408 899 4128. Or leave your message at [email protected].


9. HQ San Jose

Coworking space San Jose-HQ

A coworking space that ranks high on elegance, comfort, and quality, HQ stands out with its inviting ambiance, minimalist interiors, and spacious workstations. Without any hassle, you can conveniently commute to and from this coworking space as it offers connectivity to primary transportation options. This coworking space has provisioned special facilities for individuals with disabilities, empowering them with equal access to opportunities. Moreover, their thoughtfully designed outdoor and rooftop areas offer the bliss of working in a serene atmosphere with majestic views and refreshing air.

Perks: Housed with abundant amenities, HQ San Jose offers meeting rooms, on-site restaurant options, a sandwich/coffee bar, a shower facility, fast internet connectivity, vending machines, and much more. 

Prices: To have an overview of the prices for their flexible spaces, contact their team via the provided phone number or take a tour of the premises to see if the space aligns with your needs. 

Location: This coworking space is situated at 2880 Zanker Rd Suite 203, San Jose, CA 95134.

Contact: To get in touch with HQ Coworking Space San Jose, call (408) 432-7200.



Coworking spaces in Silicon Valley are easy to find, but finding the best is a tough nut to crack. Often referred to as the capital of Silicon Valley, San Jose has a high density of businesses in the world. And working from an office address here opens multiple opportunities for a business. Most spaces come with amenities like free internet and coffee, multiple desk spaces, and add-on services. Besides, you will also be able to access meeting and conference rooms that have quality tech and interior fittings. Choosing the best space will give you better professional outcomes. So, gift your venture the address of one of the best coworking and shared office spaces in San Jose. All the best!

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