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Nomadic Press is a unique coworking space provider operating in Oakland. The mission statement of this space is to support the works of established and especially emerging artists and writers. In this capacity, they provide publication support, give opportunities, and hold events on your behalf. It is a not-for-profit organization that also works as an incubator for performing arts and artists. They take care that your work is presentable and curate a tailored plan just for you to give you a chance to exhibit yourself.

From visual arts to performing arts, you can get spaces at Nomadic Press and build up your own repute in the city. They are also associated with several fellowships spanning from Brooklyn and New York. You can get a chance to be a part of these fellowships through this organization. As a community, they are welcoming towards people from all walks of life, especially vulnerable individuals. Nomadic Press does not tolerate any type of misogyny, racist comments, or homophobic remarks. All this means that it is a safe work and event space for anybody and everybody.

Nomadic Press Incubator

Nomadic Press works as an incubator for individuals who are looking to give voice to their thoughts. You can be part of a bi-monthly series or ongoing series that is based on their vision and work statement. An incubator is there for you to hone your skills and represent yourselves in front of the audience. If you want to have your own workshop and need a space to conduct it, you can use their space. You can also use the space to write a publication and there is a welcoming and encouraging on-site team to review your work. If selected your publication will be available for sale on the Nomadic Press online store.

They are operating to break the language barriers and drive out the stigma surrounding your opinion. The writing workshops and other visual and performing arts workshops are aimed at giving you a way forward.

When you apply, the on-site team will review your application, if approved you will be able to use the workspace. You will have to pay $80 to conduct the workshop for four hours a month. For workshops, space is provided at 111 Fairmont Avenue, Oakland.

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Space Rental:

The space rental program is for visual artists, performing artists, musical, and an informal gallery. This space is given at two other locations of Nomadic Press in Oakland. These are:

  • 2926 Foothill Boulevard, #1, Oakland, California 94601.
  • 2301 Telegraph Avenue, Oakland, California 94612. (Upcoming).

Both of these spaces are open for writers, readers, travelers, artists, and viewers during the open community hours. At the core, Nomadic Press aims to give a platform to writers who are otherwise shadowed by the publishers. It is often the case that the publishers pre-exist the writers and contributors. This shared workspace cum a publishing house aims to alter the status quo. Here the writers and the artists will get an opportunity to represent themselves to the audiences. You can also use the spaces at both of these locations to perform and showcase your art and performances. You can use the informal gallery for an exhibition to put forth your opinion in front of the viewers.

Beta Space Chair Program

This is a new program where nomadic press gives coworking spaces to the applicants. You will be sharing the space with some coworkers in two sessions from Monday to Saturday. The timings for using the space are 9:00 to 12:00 and 1:00 to 5:00 PM. As of now, there are a few spots, only 8 in each session. You need to book your space in advance to avail of the shared workspace at Nomadic Press at $20 per week.

Location and Contact

Oakland - Nomadic Press

2926 Foothill Blvd, Oakland California: This artistic location offers shared workspaces and is also a publication house of Nomadic Press. The nearest bus stop is at Foothill Blvd and Fruitvale Ave. There are a few eateries and pizza corners nearby to this location. It resides in a quiet environment away from the boisterous city center, a perfect spot for artists and writers.

2301 Telegraph Avenue, Oakland, California: Nomadic Press has yet another gem in their kitty. This location resides in the historic Telegraph Avenue which is in the downtown district of Oakland. This street reaches to the University of California and is one of the major links between the university and the city. This location is yet to open and is in the process of development.


Email ID: [email protected]

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Apart from all this, another amazing aspect of Nomadic Press is its book readings and poetry sessions. You can see in the images how they create a serene and tranquil environment to conduct the sessions. It consists of a closed group of members and individuals who are present in the readings. This gives the writers an opportunity to share their work with others and make connections with like-minded people. All in all, this coworking cum workshop space provides a medium to all the struggling and ignored individuals of society. It gives them a chance and sometimes one chance is all we need to build something, to show our true worth. Happy Coworking!

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