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Oakstop is a large coworking firm offering spaces for work, events and art exhibitions. It is a perfect place for creative entrepreneurs and startups. Also, the workspace has plenty of rooms with comfortable seating for tenants. Within the rooms, you can find almost all the services that you would require to make your tasks easily attainable. Apart from the shared desks, there are large office spaces suitable for small business teams. The design of the rooms is such that you will not feel stuck inside an office. This will consequently transform work into a fun task!

Oakstop Oakland understands the struggle an artist has to go through. Therefore, deeming it a responsibility, they display the work of local artists across all the walls of the work area. Moreover, the paintings convey a cultural message and are rotated after a certain time period. There is an abundance of exhibitions as well! Not to mention, you will have a chance to work alongside emerging professionals who can help you with your goals. The site offers full-day prices along with full membership options. You can choose the one that suits you the most. So, keep reading and know more about this amazing coworking space.

Amenities offered by Oakstop:

  • Mail service: You no longer have to worry about receiving your emails. That is to say, your emails will be collected by the team at the centre. Further, they will be kept safely in a dedicated slot until they get delivered to you.
  • Internet: You have access to the high-speed internet connection at Oakstop Oakland. So, you don’t need to bring a dongle along or pay any extra fees.
  • Coffee and Tea: Keep your mind fresh by sipping a cup of coffee or tea while working on a task. Believe me, it helps!
  • Beanbags: Tired of sitting on a chair for too long? Well, there are plenty of beanbags at Oakstop. So, sit back and work comfortably.
  • Relax zones: During work breaks, you can rest in the relaxed zones of the centre. Also, these breakout areas can be used for hosting various events.
  • Equipment: Oakstop has video recording equipment for those who need it.






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Oakstop Oakland Membership Plans

Day Passes: Are you unsure about coworking and want to give it a try for a day? No worries. Oakstop provides you with flexible day passes with access to all the amenities. For instance, Wi-Fi, printing, beverages and much more. So, before becoming a full-time member, this option lets you explore the place so that you can determine whether you want to work there or not. Drop in whenever you like and just pay for the day spent at the centre. The costs of availing of this option are:

  • $15: Single Day Pass
  • $120: 10-Pack Day Passes
  • $10: Member Rate Pass
  • $80: Member Rate 10-Pack

Open Coworking: Oakstop Oakland offers a wide variety of coworking options for those who prefer working in a shared space. Further, this option will grant you access to all of the open spaces available at the centre. Besides, you can benefit from facilities like the Internet, printing and a lot more. In addition to this, these spaces can be customized in order to suit your requirements. All you have to do is get in touch with them and they will take care of the rest. The membership prices are as follows:

  • Basic: Under this package, you will get 2 days of access in a week. Further, you can print about 200 pages and can pursue rental discounts. The membership price is $50 per month.
  • Plus: This option at Oakstop will give you 5 days a week access to your work spot. Apart from that, it is an open seating arrangement. You can print a total of 200 pages and use the meeting room for four hours. The cost of this option is $125 per month.
  • Premium: Need a permanent desk to work at? If yes, then this option is perfect for you. Oakstop Oakland provides you with a premium desk that will give you 24/7 access. Additionally, you can print 200 pages and use the meeting room for four hours. The price of this option is $175 per month.

Dedicated Desks: Dedicated desks are a great alternative to offices. So, if you are an established business professional and require a fixed spot to work, then this package is meant for you. These desks at Oakstop have a number of benefits, such as lockers, cabinets, chairs etc. Also, you have the liberty to personalize the space to make it home-like. Besides getting access to all the basic amenities, you can also use conference rooms for a duration of 4 hours a month. The membership costs of this package are:

  • Basic: $250
  • Plus: $350
  • Premium: $400

Office Space: Get the best of both worlds by renting office space in Oakstop, Oakland. That is to say, apart from having your own private space, you can still work in a collaborative environment. Private offices will give you 24/7 access in addition to all the amenities available at the centre. The membership prices are in accordance with the size of your office and team.

  • $700+/mo — Small Office
  • $850+/mo — Medium Office
  • $1200+/mo — Large Office

Mail Service: You can receive your important mail even if you are away from your home. Once you opt for this option, all your emails will be stored in a dedicated slot at Oakstop. So, you can come anytime on weekdays (8 am- 8 pm) and collect your mail. In addition, they will inform you whenever your mail arrives. It includes two business or personal recipient names. The membership costs are:

  • $30/mo — 3 Month Cycle
  • $25/mo — 6 Month Cycle
  • $20/mo — 12 Month Cycle

Other spaces: Oakstop also houses other spaces like event spaces, meeting rooms, production and training spaces. The rooms are spacious and can accommodate 100+ people. Meaning, that you can easily organise large sessions for a big crowd. Furthermore, these spaces have many breakout areas. To check availability and cost, please connect with their team.

Reviews of Oakstop = 4.3 out of 5

Locations and Contact:

Oakland – Oakstop

Oakstop is situated at two locations in Oakland. Both locations are easily accessible and offer a lot of services.

Broadway: Address: 1721 Broadway, Oakland, CA 94612The work centre is located in the heart of Oakland. It offers stunning views from the windows and has spacious rooms. Apart from this, you can access all the facilities available close to the workspace. You will be working in a great location. From car parking to eateries, you can avail all the services here. Also, there are some major retail spaces within the vicinity. 

14th Street: Address: 274 14th St, Oakland, CA 94612Work in a great environment and witness your business flourish. This centre of Oakland will provide you with everything you require. Also, with plenty of restaurants and cafes just around the corner, you can munch on tasty food while getting your work done. In addition, parking facilities are also available. 

For more information, ring them at 510-698-9370 or visit their website http://oakstop.com/

Email: [email protected]


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For a casual and collaborative work environment, Oakstop is perfect. The workspace is spacious and filled with abundant natural light  Also, there are regular events and exhibitions at the centre. So, you will have frequent chances of meeting new founders and professionals. If you are looking for a place to hold your next big event, look no further! They have great event spaces in addition to other rooms.

So, if you want to mould your future, Oakstop Oakland can assist you with that. Also, you will be working in a community of inspiring entrepreneurs who can be of great help. This space offers a lot of facilities as well at no additional cost. All in all, working at this site can prove to be cost-effective and very fruitful. Happy coworking!

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