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Sandbox Suites San Francisco is a coworking space that provides workplace solutions to entrepreneurs, business professionals and whosoever has an idea to work on. Further, they have built a facility where you can work on your ideas without any restriction. Even if you are a freelancer and prefer working alone, they have the right kind of environment for you. In other words, working from home can get quite lonely and you obviously lack certain facilities. Ultimately, this leads to unsatisfying results and failure. So, in order to ensure that you succeed in your endeavors, this center has come up with great alternatives. They provide everything, from a collaborative environment to essential services.

At Sandbox Suites San Francisco, you will have the chance to work beside some of the most talented lots from the city. Moreover, you can connect with them and grow your network. Also, working in a collaborative space results in better results. Other than providing well-furnished work spots, they also offer meeting spaces where you can conduct brainstorm sessions with your teams. Or, if you have got a client, receive him in an exquisite place and earn some extra points. All in all, this facility looks after all your professional requirements. If you want to procure more information regarding this space then keep reading further.

Amenities offered by Sandbox Suites San Francisco:

  • 24/7 access: You will have 24/7 access to the building of the workspace. That implies you can pay a visit anytime you want. No need to worry about following strict time schedules.
  • Friendly managers: The friendly managers at Sandbox Suites San Francisco are happy to assist you whenever you require any help. So, if you need anything, you can always walk up to them.
  • Internet facility: You can work online without facing any disruption by using the internet facility of the center. Further, it works at a great speed!
  • Meeting room: Conduct your important meeting sessions with your team members or clients in the well-equipped meeting rooms of the center. Moreover, they are equipped with great facilities that will make the experience even more better.
  • Phone rooms: Got an important call to take? No worries. At Sandbox Suites San Francisco you have the option to use the private phone booths. Further, these phone booths are sound-proofed and let you talk in a private environment.
  • Printing facility: The center has efficient printing, scanning, and copying equipment for your convenience. So, you do not need to leave your comfort zone for menial tasks.
  • Coffee/ Tea: Feeling drowsy? Help yourself with a warm cup of coffee or tea and refresh your mind.
  • Global access: Once you become a member, you can access all the locations of Sandbox Suites.
  • Events: The regular member events help you to learn new things and network with like-minded individuals.
  • Kitchen facility: Feeling hungry? Prepare yourself a tasty snack in the fully-stocked kitchen of Sandbox Suites San Francisco and chase away the hunger pangs.

Sandbox Suites San Fransisco






Sandbox Suite San Francisco Membership Plans:

Open Desks: This plan at Sandbox Suites San Francisco provides you with a desk space in the open workspace area. So, you will be working in the coworking zone with other members of the center. Also, you have the liberty to choose the desk of your choice based on their availability. This option is ideally suited for those who enjoy working in a shared space and fancy a change in the surrounding every once in a while. Not to mention, you can access the amenities offered by the workspace including internet, meeting room and much more. The membership price of this option is $265. You can visit the center anytime between 9 AM to 6 PM during business hours.

Private Desks: Sandbox Suites San Francisco also provides you with a more personalized option and that is a private desk. By renting a private desk, you will get a permanent spot at the workstation. So, every time you drop in for work, your desk will be awaiting your arrival. Furthermore, you can even customize the space to suit your specific work requirements. And no need to worry about carrying your stuff from one place to another as they provide storage facilities as well. You can start working from 9 AM to 6 PM during business hours while enjoying 24/7 access to the building. Other than this, you will get eight hours of meeting room time in addition to access to all the services. The cost of this option is $495.

Private Offices: Sandbox Suites San Francisco also provide spacious private offices that are equipped with all the basic facilities. Further, this option suits both solopreneurs and people who work in a team. These fully-furnished offices provide a great environment wherein you can work without any disturbance. Also, these offices are well-secured and no one can access them except for you and your team members. These offices are fitted with services like internet, printing equipment and much more. You can even participate in the community events organized by the center. The membership costs of this option depend upon the team size. For instance, for 2 person office, you will be charged $1480. Similarly, for 3 person office, $2170, for 4 person office, $2650 and the list goes on.

Virtual Office: If you are based outside the city and yet want to access the facilities of the center, Sandbox Suites San Francisco has a solution. They provide virtual office services that give you access to their facilities from the comfort of your home. Furthermore, these services include mail and package receiving and forwarding, professional business address, open & scan mail and more. You can also access the open desks for three days in a month. Another perk of this option is you get 10% discount on meeting room rentals. The price of this plan is $84. This is a budget-friendly way of accelerating the growth of your business.

Location and Contact:

Sandbox Suites SF

Sandbox Suites is located in a great location of South Park in San Francisco. This place is great for working on your innovative ideas. Not to mention, you will be working in an ideal surrounding that encourages growth development. The workspace is at a small distance from AT&T Park. Moreover, traveling from this place is quite convenient due to its connection to various routes. You will be able to locate great restaurants and cafes in the vicinity of the workstation. All in all, if you want your business to thrive, you should consider this option.

Address: 404 Bryant St, San Francisco, CA 94107, USA


Email: [email protected]


At Sandbox Suites San Francisco, you have the option to work on your own and that too without ever feeling lonely. Sounds strange? Not at all! You can enjoy the best of both worlds here. That is to say, you can either work alone or work with the other members in this coworking space at SF. Further, they have designed flexible membership options for you so that you can avail the best services. You have the liberty to work as per your terms and chart out the success graph as you go along. Other than this, the center has a team of friendly managers who are always available at your disposal.

Working with the motive to uplift its members, Sandbox Suites San Francisco understands your aspirations. Therefore, to help you achieve them, they provide top-notch services at a fairly lower price. This workspace is a great alternative to corporate offices as they offer flexible plans that will help you grow both at a personal and a professional level. Also, the center organizes regular community events to help members mingle with each other and form new connections. Every day at the work center will be filled with new surprises. Take a tour today and see for yourself. Happy Coworking!

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