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People choose Enerspace because coworking is the best alternative to working from home. You will work in a happy and collaborative environment which itself will help you get work done. This coworking space provides a perfect medium for you to work and prosper with the support of like-minded individuals. Bereft of any monotonous work routine, coworking spaces like these provide enough flexibility. The freedom to sit, stand or relax on the same floor gives you a lot of options to perform well and freshen up alike.

This workspace is the sister by Pacific Workplaces which is another brilliant coworking space provider. Enerspace Palo Alto has a number of beneficial aspects. The founder Jamie Russo founded this space because the other workspaces were not good enough and would cost a fortune. She personally wanted to work from somewhere which is accessible to all, is good enough to prosper and provides community support. Hence, we have Enerspace operating in two locations in the USA, Palo Alto, and Chicago. In this article, we are going to talk about Palo Alto location, a city which was named after a tree (El Palo Alto).  

Amenities offered at Enerspace Palo Alto:

This environment-friendly coworking space provides a number of amenities to the members. All these services and facilities are available for members at different levels. Here is a list of some perks facilitated at Enerspace Palo Alto.

  • First and foremost, this space has 24*7 access for the members. Be it the hot desk, dedicated desk or office membership plan.
  • There is a bike rack within the premises of the building.
  • You won’t find yourself dabbling for good coffee here and there. Enerspace provides Philz coffee and tea in-house and that too at no extra cost.
  • The office spaces at this space have separate door locks for extra security.
  • The whole space has ergonomic desks and chair. These two are the best acolytes of productivity and efficient working.
  • You will also find that there is a small kitchen within the space area.
  • When it comes to making an impression on clients, the hosted reception at Enerspace works beautifully and conveniently.
  • There are separate meeting rooms, so that you may not disturb others with your discussion and planning.
  • You can also bring in your dog whenever you like at this coworking space.
  • Car owners can also relax, this workspace also has parking facilities.
  • There are storage and locker facilities available at Enerspace.
  • You will be working near to the San Francisco Bay area, so you can take a stroll along the bay whenever you like. Also, check out our list of coworking spaces in San Francisco.
  • It is said that taking a bath is like rejuvenating your body. Well, it is a good thing then that this space has showers within the building.

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Membership Plans you can get at Enerspace:

Different membership plans are made available to everyone so that you can decide based on certain factors. For those who want something not so permanent and like a change every now and then, the hot desks are perfect. If you want to have a fixed seat day in and day out, well, the dedicated desk is what you need. Lastly, if you want to host your whole team under one roof, there are various office spaces at Enerspace. Palo Alto is an amazing city and spaces like this make it even more interesting and a sought after destination to work. Before you jump to any conclusion regarding which membership to go with, take a free day pass. I think one day is enough for you to make an informed choice before you spend your money.

Hot-Desk: If your work style is just sitting, plug and play then the hot desks are perfect for you. Moreover, with these type of desks, you will get an opportunity to sit with a new person every day. The hot desks at Enerspace will give you one chair and enough desk space area on a shared floor. There are more than enough charging plugs available on every common desk. You will get full-day access to the workspace, at $389 for the whole month. Plus, the coffee is free.

Dedicated Desk: next comes a permanent desk at Enerspace which is priced at $550 per month. The major difference between these two is that here you will be allocated a fixed seat. No, having a fixed seat is not a disadvantage, because you will be working in an amazing environment. Your neighbours will be equally excited to meet you and interact with you on a daily basis. Plus with dedicated desk space, you can do much more. For instance, space will be yours only so there is a bit of privacy involved. You will get your own locker and storage space on the desk, so handling all your stuff becomes easy.

We are going to talk about offices next, but if you do not want to spend all the money on renting an office. What you can do is hire adjacent dedicated desks at Enerspace, this way your team will be closer to each other and work will become easy.

Private Offices: no, you will not diverge from the amazing community that is flourishing right outside your office door. The Enerspace Palo Alto community is equally welcoming to all the members irrespective of their plans. But the private office does give a bit of an advantage over others. Like you can discuss whatever you want about your venture without anyone eavesdropping. You will be residing on the same floor like everyone else, everything offered by this workspace is right outside the door. The starting price for private offices is $1200 per month. The rest depends on your requirements and the strength of your team.

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Virtual Office Plans:

Even after knowing about this amazing space you are not convinced to join them, you can still be a part of them. That is through the virtual membership plans. These plans offer you an opportunity to call the Enerspace Palo Alto address as your own. All your posts will be delivered to their address, and they will handle your calls and emails. Plus, you can also conduct your meetings or even work from the common desk space every now and then.

Location and Contact:

Enerspace Palo Alto

This coworking space resides away from the bustling city area and is near to the San Francisco Bay. Enerspace is surrounded by various eating joints and bars including Joya, Reposado. There are coffee houses like Calafia Cafe and you can also find a juice place named Pressed Juicery. Just at the back of the building, there is a Municipal Corporation Golf Course and the Palo Alto train station is also nearby.

Address: 2225 East Bayshore Road Suite 100, Palo Alto, California 94303.

Website: http://www.enerspacecoworking.com/

Reviews = 4.9 out of 5


Enerspace Palo Alto is an amazing coworking space which provides enough work options to its members. But is that is not enough for you, they are also the members of LEXC short for the League of Extraordinary Coworking Spaces. This means that all the coworking spaces which are a part of LEXC provide a single membership. In other words, by the virtue of being a member of Enerspace, you can use all the spaces which are under LEXC’s umbrella. Isn’t that amazing.

Lastly, their tagline runs Work Well. This means that this coworking space works with the concept of workspace and wellness. That is why you will find that they host meditation, wellness, fitness, good dietary habits events, and seminars. All of them are aimed at providing crucial information to the members regarding healthy work practices. Plus you will learn how to maintain your health while working at Enerspace. That is all I have to say about this energetic and healthy coworking space. Happy Coworking!

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