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Pacific Workplaces Palo Alto is a great coworking facility that tends to the requirements of professionals. As more people are discovering the benefits of working in a collaborative community, coworking spaces keep adding to their list of services. Likewise, this center delivers excellent services that are bound to transform your work experience. Besides providing workplace solutions, they are also known for giving exclusive business services. That is to say, they will not only help you settle your business but also to expand and grow it. Would you consider joining a strict traditional office if given a choice of a more flexible option? The most general answer to this query would be obviously not!

Further, Pacific Workplaces is a perfect alternative to other workspace options. You will be working in a close-knit community of budding professionals who understand the value of dreams. That is to say, they will help you grow your venture and simultaneously widen your network. The center offers you multiple choices when it comes to booking a perfect spot for yourself. For instance, you have the liberty to work in the coworking area by hiring a desk or book a separate office. The workstation also offers a number of amenities that are associated with the membership plans and do not cost you anything extra. So, schedule a tour today and see for yourself what this amazing space offers.

Amenities offered by Pacific Workplaces Palo Alto:

Pacific Workplaces offers exclusive amenities which are inclusive of the membership plan you choose. Further, these amenities not just help you to run your business smoothly but also enhance the productivity levels. How, you might ask? Well, when you have creative facilities at your disposal, you tend to come up with innovative solutions to different types of problems. Also, these additional perks lessen the workload which subsequently leads to more fruitful results. Some of the basic amenities offered by this work center are:

  • Internet facilities: Pacific Workplaces has an enterprise-grade internet connection within the center. Further, you can use this service to stay connected with the outside world. And you do not need to worry about a poor connection or carrying an alternative option, as it is secure and durable. Stay connected always!
  • Printing facilities: You can get your documents printed at the center itself. That is to say, they provide efficient printing and scanning facilities to their members. And these are networked colored printers!
  • Business address: Receive benefits by adopting the business address of this center and witness a high growth in your clientele. In other words, you can use the address of this workstation to carry out your business operations.
  • Mail handling: Why do you bother about your emails when you have better options at hand? Pacific Workplaces provides mail handling services. To elaborate, they will take care of all the mails you get and notify you once a new one arrives. So, no more bothering about meagre things!
  • Coffee: Do you find it difficult to work without coffee? No worries. At Pacific Workplaces, you can enjoy coffee from Starbucks! In addition to this, options for tea and other beverages are also available. So, refresh your mind with a warm cup of coffee.
  • Meeting rooms: This work center houses well-contained meeting rooms that enable you to hold conferences in a fully professional environment.
  • Lexis-Nexis programs: This is a special program for lawyers and can be availed at a discount! Hurry up!
  • Video conferencing: The meeting rooms at Pacific Workplaces also have the option for video conferencing. So, you can easily interact with a client who is at a different location.
  • Onsite staff support: The cordial staff of the center is always ready to help you in case you come across a problem. They make sure that you are able to accomplish your tasks without facing any hurdle.
  • Fun events: Pacific Workplaces organizes a lot of events on various topics. Further, these events provide you with an opportunity to mingle with the like-minded peers who can help you pave the path to success.

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Membership Plans at Pacific Workplaces Palo Alto:

Pacific Workplaces offer flexible membership plans that allow tenants to choose the services they need or require. Also, these plans are super economical as you only have to pay subscription fee once a month to avail the facilities of the center. Isn’t that convenient? The membership plans are designed based on what plan you choose and the number of individuals in your team. Given below is the list of options available at your disposal.

Shared Office Space: The shared office space at Pacific Workplaces Palo Alto includes office space, full-time office space, and meeting rooms. Further, they are fully furnished and offer all the necessary facilities. Finding office space is no longer a tedious task that requires a lot of research! These shared office spaces will benefit you in two ways. Firstly, you do not need to hire a whole office room when all you require is a single desk. Secondly, you can communicate with fellow coworkers who might help you in establishing your venture.

Additionally, if you are working in a team and need a large space to accommodate them, the center has devised another solution. They house vast private offices that are ideal for a big team of professionals. Apart from this, they also provide various business services which include live telephone answering, IT services, staff support and much more! To know about the membership prices, please feel free to contact them.

Meeting rooms: Pacific Workplaces Palo Alto offers a diverse variety of meeting rooms so that you can have great sessions with your team or colleagues. Moreover, you can book these rooms online without any fuss. These rooms are equipped with all the basic facilities and act like collaboration stations where new ideas are generated and worked upon. In other words, you and your team have a chance to ponder upon the growth rate of the venture and discuss new strategies in a professional environment.

One of the major advantages of these meeting rooms is that they have the latest technological inventions that include flat-screen displays, Apple TV, and VoIP conference phones. The meeting rooms also have internet facility so that you are always connected to the outer world. To procure details regarding membership costs, contact their team.

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Virtual Office At Pacific Workplaces Palo Alto:

Virtual Office Space: Pacific Workplaces has a great solution for businesses who need the benefits of a business grade location without actually being present there. Well, this is actually possible! This workstation gives your business an identity that will eventually lead to its growth. Further, under this plan, you will get a series of services. For example, instead of using a PO Box, you have the option to get efficient mail handling services. To avoid missing important business calls, you have call handling services wherein a dedicated team of professionals will take care of your calls.

That is to say, whenever you receive a call, they will notify you immediately. In addition to this, you are eligible to use the meeting rooms of the center to conduct professional meetups. Also, in case you want to collaborate, you can drop in to use the office space. To know about the membership cost associated with this plan, kindly get in touch with the respective team.


Pacific Workspaces, Palo Alto

Address: 2225 E. Bayshore Road, Suite 200, Palo Alto, CA 94303-3220

Pacific Workplaces is situated in an ideal location just a few minutes from downtown. You can access the workspace quite easily as it falls on various transportation routes. Also, at a small distance from the center, you will find the iconic Ming’s Restaurant where you can binge on your favorite meals. This address will upgrade the status of your business that might prove to be quite helpful in the future.

To know more about this coworking space, you can contact them on (650) 320-7600 or drop them an email at [email protected]. You can also pay a visit to their website


Become an integral part of the diverse community at Pacific Workplaces and make your work experience worth remembering. Moreover, this vibrant community comprises of attorneys, entrepreneurs, startups, accountants, and people belonging to other industries. This increases your chances of networking with people from different backgrounds. Further, the workstation has communal spaces for you to take breaks in between your tasks and meetings. This helps to strike a balance and keep all the stress at bay. Think for a moment. Would you get such flexible facilities at a corporate office?

Pacific Workplaces has grown through the years and has seen many developments. They encourage their members to push through the limits and reach for the best. That is to say, they don’t just provide you with a workspace but a great experience of growth and development. From coworking desks to meeting rooms, you can avail any option you want to. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to work alongside great people in an amazing environment. It is rare that you get all these benefits at a single place. Schedule a tour and check it out for yourself!

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