7 Best Coworking Spaces in Minneapolis with Perks & Prices

Do you know which coworking spaces in Minneapolis deserve to be called the best workspaces in town? What I can tell you is that there isn’t one coworking space in the city that deserves this title. There are to be exact, 10 of them. 

Just back in 2010, not everyone knew about coworking in Minneapolis. But today, Minneapolis understands what is coworking and has adapted to this culture beautifully. As an entrepreneur, artist, freelancer, business owner, or remote professional, you will find the right mix of amenities and services in your favorite coworking space. 

In Minneapolis, you will find workspaces that will allow you to work in excellent community culture. All across the city, you will have a workspace that is distinct from each other. A few of them are general coworking spaces, while others are niche or dedicated workspaces.

It is said that Minneapolis has the best of both worlds. It is filled with various high-worth Fortune 500 companies and the parks, lakes, and bike trails to give it a leisurely appeal.

Coworking Spaces in Minneapolis

Let us now take a round-up of coworking spaces in Minneapolis. Our list carries some of the best places with exquisite perks and benefits. See if you can find your preferred place.

1. Greyduck Collective

Coworking Space Minneapolis- Greyduck Collective

Is your work getting affected due to the distractions of working at home or in a crowded coffee shop? So, if you seek a perfect work/life balance to elevate your work experience, Greyduck Collective in Minneapolis is ideal for you. This creative coworking space in Minneapolis offers workspace to innovative minds, entrepreneurs, and creators. In terms of amenities, Greyduck Collective offers storage lockers, office supplies, a dog-friendly policy, a stocked kitchen, phone booths, high-speed internet, a parking lot, and much more. 

Location: 6020 Nicollet Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55419, United States

Contact: (507) 420-1361

Membership Plans: You can avail of their monthly membership at $150/month, offering access to their shared space and all its amenities. At the same time, a dedicated desk can cost $300/month.


2. WeWork Minneapolis

The fact that Minneapolis has WeWork cements its amazing potential for coworking space culture and growth. WeWork, being a pioneer in this industry, has three addresses in the city. WeWork is an amazing coworking space in Minneapolis that adds to the efficient services and stupendous workspaces with a huge network to offer. There is coffee, meeting rooms, event access, internet, phone booths, cleaning services, and much more at your disposal. 

Location(s): You can find three WeWork coworking spaces in Minneapolis

  • Address 1: Capella Tower, 225 South 6th St, Minneapolis, MN 55402, United States
  • Address 2: 1330 Lagoon Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55408, United States
  • Address 3: 729 N Washington Ave 6th Floor, Minneapolis, MN 55401, United States


  • Address 1: (612) 504-7549
  • Address 2: (612) 504-9517
  • Address 3: (612) 504-9517

Membership Plans: Hot desks at WeWork Minneapolis start from $200 per month. Further, you can also take a dedicated seat in any of the three locations in the city. The price for the same starts from $290 per month. Lastly, office spaces begin from $440 a month.

3. Industrious Coworking Space Minneapolis


Minneapolis is a great place to start your own business; there is no doubt about that. And added to it, when you have Industrious as a coworking space in Minneapolis, it further amplifies your work efforts and makes for a profitable outreach. Industrious is more of a professional coworking space. It has two locations in Minneapolis and, in both of them, you will find a productive yet flexible work culture. Amenities include conference rooms, office supplies, wellness room, printing services, fitness centre, outdoor work area, and much more. 


  • Address 1: 323 N Washington Ave #200, Minneapolis, MN 55401, United States
  • Address 2: 60 South 6th St #2800, Minneapolis, MN 55402, United States


  • Address 1: (651) 900-7839
  • Address 2: (651) 900-7897

Member Pricing: There are two types of memberships available at Industrious Minneapolis. One is Community Membership, priced between $410 per month to $545 per month. Further, the private offices at this coworking space based out of Minneapolis start from $655/month.


4. Modernwell Women-Centered Workspace


Modernwell is not only a women-only coworking space in Minneapolis, but it is a women-centered workspace. This is where women from all walks of life gather, interact, strive, and work Most of all, this workspace is inspirational through its communal workspaces along with private work areas. Best of all, Modernwell coworking space has a ton of services and amenities to offer. You can take part in several creative classes and workshops conducted within the workspaces. Added to this, there is coffee, tea, even food, community engagement opportunities, relax rooms, nap areas, and much more. To top it all, this coworking space boasts its all-inclusive community. 

Location: 2909 S Wayzata Blvd, Minneapolis, MN 55405, United States

Contact: (763) 999-7920

Membership Plans: One Desk Space at Modernwell Minneapolis will cost you $325/month. Moreover, a private office that can accommodate multiple members is priced at $700 per month. Shared office space with space for up to three members starts from $1000 a month. Corporate Membership is also available at Modern well.

5. 1600 Executive Suites

Coworking Space Minneapolis- 1600 Executive Suites


1600 Executive Suites stands out as one of the most remarkable office spaces in Minneapolis that not only boasts top-notch amenities but also is visually captivating. With convenient connectivity to all the major transportation options, this coworking space enjoys a prime location in downtown Minneapolis. Apart from providing flexible workspaces to boost your productivity, it offers perks such as on-site IT support, a bike storage facility, a fitness center, high-speed internet, mail & package handling, and conference rooms, among others. 

Location: 222 S 9th St UNIT 1600, Minneapolis, MN 55402, United States

Contact: (612) 337-9000

Membership Plans and Pricing: Catering to your needs, 1600 Executive Suites offer private office suites, team offices, shared office spaces, virtual office space, and conference rooms. Their private executive suite office is available, starting at a monthly price of $1,000.


6. The Coven ( Coworking Space Minneapolis)

This is a coworking space in Minneapolis for women, transgender, and non-binary people, right in the heart of the city. The redesigned historic place has come as a whiff of fresh air for embers here, as they can now gather, chat, make connections, learn and celebrate life. The historic building’s high ceilings and rich architecture have all been restored to their past glory with a hint of modernity. The founders of the place believe in women’s empowerment and economic growth and offer several membership benefits. So, you can become a part of this physical workplace at a nominal price. 

There is a 5-for-1 scholarship model; for every five memberships, there is a full one scholarship. The beautifully designed coworking space has all the modern amenities you may expect to have. The Coven coworking space also supports local women artists, and the place is beautifully crafted with murals, paintings, weavings, tapestries, and prints. 

Location: 2429 Nicollet Avenue, Minneapolis, MN 55404, United States

Contact: (612) 699-0850

Membership Plans: Want to access The Coven virtually? You’ll need to pay $25/month. For hustlers who want to access the space twice a month, it is available at $95/month. And those who want unlimited access, it costs $225/month.

7. The Reserve Edina (Coworking Space in Minneapolis)


The Reserve has spacious 38 offices with windows from floor to ceiling, keeping them bright and lit all day long. While working here, you get access to premium facilities such as a members-only kitchen, free parking, premium Wi-Fi, and high-quality printing & scanning. Apart from this, you get a variety of meeting rooms with a range of facilities in them. These have different names and are priced differently. 

At The Reserve, there are coworking spaces in Minneapolis for individuals, teams, and also enterprises. You can customize your office as per your needs while enjoying the shared facilities such as kitchen, meeting space, business center, podcasting room, and scanning/eFax.

The Reserve has two more offices in Roseville and Woodbury.

Location: 4951 W 77th Street, Edina

Contact: (952) 217-5825

Memberships Plans: You get access to today’s passes for virtual mail services and have to pay $75 only. Unlimited access to meeting rooms and mailing addresses is for $320/month. 

Membership for unlimited nights and weekends, member discount on a day pass, and meeting room is divided into three categories:

  • For base memberships, the price is $75. 
  • 5-day membership is capped at $125/month. 
  • 10-day membership is for $220/month


8. The Wilderness Fitness and Coworking

Coworking space Minneapolis-The Wilderness Fitness and Coworking


The Wilderness Fitness and Coworking is a new coworking space in Minneapolis, ideal for both individuals and small businesses that need a flexible office space. If you want a healthier and happier work environment, The Wilderness is your best bet.

Location: 1010 W Lake St, Minneapolis, MN 55408, USA

Contact: (952) 894-0721

Membership Plans: For individuals who need occasional access to a gym and coworking space, they offer day passes ($25) and punch cards (5-day passes for $100). Open desk memberships are $199 a month, dedicated desks that come with a monitor, a sit-stand adapter and storage cabinets stand at $299 a month and private offices start at $599. All memberships include full access to our gym and yoga room, as well as free daily guided classes.


Parting Thought

The all-inclusive coworking spaces in Minneapolis give you ample reasons to give them a try. And it is not only about the amenities but also the attentive and helpful staff, which is an excellent reason to work at these places. Besides, there is something for everyone here, from startups to hustlers and entrepreneurs.

Combined, all these will inspire you to be at your best and stay productive. Plus, the connections you will make here are sure to take you a long way. Rest assured, you won’t regret choosing any of the workspaces listed in this article.

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