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WeWork Brickell is an awesome place to be explored by the people looking for shared office space. The neighborhood of Brickell is well known for the huge buildings that have multiple offices and residences. Brickell has always remained a hub for banking and financial sectors and several offices can be found in this region. Besides, with over two hundred thousand people working here in these offices, Brickell is a major spot for private organizations. WeWork in Miami’s Brickell city offers a solution to all the entrepreneurs who want to establish their businesses and get successful in the corporate world. 

WeWork Brickell is a great co-working space that along with the fantastic space offers multiple perks to its users. You can find people here from multiple fields and the ambiance of the place is such that the productivity of the work gets highly enhanced just by spending some time here. With plenty of sitting options to several rooms for conducting meetings and presentations, this place has it all and is just amazing. 

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Perks of WeWork Brickell

This unique and beautiful coworking place has so many amenities and perks to offer that the people working here fall in love with this place and comes time and again to work at this place.

  • High-Speed Internet: The internet of this place is just like a flash, one click and the page would be loaded in a split second. Also, you get the option to connect through the Wifi or the hardwire connection. Moreover, there is a login facility for guest users. 
  • Business Class Printers: Each floor of the WeWork Brickell space has its own office supplies, paper shredder, and business-class printers that can be accessed by its members. 
  • Onsite Staff: The staff here have expertise in their jobs and are experienced with service focused backgrounds. Also, the team is available on all the working hours and days of the office space. They assist the users in any problem or trouble they face. 
  • Cleaning Services: There is a cleaning team that maintains the hygiene of the place. The crew members regularly clean and wipes each desk and the area of the office. Thus, making the place shine every time of the year. 
  • Phone Booths: The co-working space also has phone booths available on each floor. You can use them to conduct private calls or video chats.
  • Meeting Rooms: This is one of the best facilities in this coworking space. There are multiple rooms available with the whiteboards to conduct meetings with your teams. Also, many rooms have the provision of monitors and projectors for giving a presentation. 
  • Complimentary Refreshments: WeWork Brickell not just provides the space to sit and work, but have other benefits too. It will also provide you with refreshments to boost up your energy can lift off your fatigue. Here you get free coffee, fruit water, and tea to freshen up the people. 
  • Common Areas: A superb lounge area is available for users to work comfortably and enhance their productivity. Also, you can use this area to have a casual meeting with someone, you can enjoy a hot cup of coffee and also comfortably have the meeting. 
  • Social Events: At this coworking space, you can increase the bond of your work teams by taking part in the various social events that happen here. The office conducts many events here that have multiple themes.
  • Parking: There is a sufficient parking space here at the Brickell center. There is also a parking right across the street where you can park your car. So parking would not be a big problem when working at WeWork Miami Brickell center.  
  • Booth Seating: If you like to work in a closed environment and do not like any disturbance, then this is the place for you. Sit in a comfortable booth and do your work without anybody’s botheration. 
  • Pet-Friendly: WeWork Brickell Miami is a pet-friendly place. They allow you to bring your pet inside the office with you. This is a huge advantage for people having pets as they are often concerned about where to keep the pet while working.
  • Full Privacy: If you are a person, who likes to have their privacy, this is the place for you. You can take your cabin and not a voice will come in. You will have full privacy for the work you are doing. 

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WeWork Brickell Miami Membership Plans

This coworking space has many membership plans to offer to its users. The list of all the various memberships plans is given down below.

Hot Desks: This option is best for the people who are here, just to complete a particular work. Here you can come, pick any spot in the common area, sit and start with your work. Hence you will always get a working space here on taking the membership. You can enjoy all the perks of the office here and get done with your work. The price of this membership starts at $450 a month. So if you are in the city, and need some time to get work done, then pick a spot for you in the WeWork Brickell space and start working. 

Dedicated Desks: These are the office spaces where you will be allotted a specific seat for the entire time period you have paid for. Nobody else will take your seat. So, this is a good option for people who want their desks reserved and do not like constant change. 

In this space, you will get a desk and a chair that will be reserved for you. So whenever you come to this place, you do not have to search for a new place to work. You can just work on your regular seat. The price range for this seating space will start at $550 a month. 

Private Offices: You can take membership for offices that are private, lockable, and have sufficient space to accommodate teams of all sizes. The office here is fully furnished with chairs and desks. Moreover, if you will book a conference room, you will be given 12 credits. 

These credits can be used for several activities and bookings later in the future. The private office is the best place to work if you are having a team of few members. There will be no kind of botheration and it will work as your own office. The price for the private rooms in WeWork Brickell starts from $820 a month to $13,180 a month depending on the seating capacity needed. 

Location and Contact

Working at WeWork Brickell is going to be fantastic for you because of the wonderful location it is in. It is located in the second tower of the Brickell City Center, and have four dedicated floors to this shared office space.  There are numerous options to reach this shared office space. It is only 3 minutes walk from the Brickell eighth street metro station. However, you may also take a Metrobus service to reach here from 6, 8, 24, and 102 RouteB stations. Also, you can reach here through the S Miami Ave street. Brickell city center is so popular that you won’t have any trouble reaching there.

Working here is also great as the nearby area has plenty of options to explore. If you are hungry, you can go and pick a burger from Burger King right across the road. This place is also amazing for the people having Tesla as there is a Tesla Supercharger on the ground floor of the building. You can put your car to charging here and go complete your work. Likewise, many other options to eat, shop, parlor, and much more is available near this arena.  

Address:  Brickell City Center, 78 SW 7th Street

Website: www.wework.com

Email: [email protected]


WeWork Brickell is an awesome place with great friendly staff to assist you in any problem. In addition to this, Brickell isn’t called the Millionaire’s Row without a reason, the region has a culture of South American Luxury. Here at WeWork Miami Brickell, you have the freedom to choose and work according to your mood. If you are having a little chill mood, you can pick a spot at the private outdoor patio which has an amazing view of the cityscape and Miami River. If you want a little private environment, you can pick one of the private spaces. 

The place is just brilliant if you like to work in an engaging and productive environment. The location of WeWork Brickell is such that all around it, there is a wide community of members in financial, banking, and many creative fields. Working here will give you the opportunity to meet new people and get exposed to several diverse fields.  

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