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“Innovation across the border”, Vestlink thrives upon these three words, small but very meaningful. They are much fond of innovative ideas, startups, business and try to connect people with international markets. As they are not limited to one place or country, through cross border collaborations, they help to boost startup growth and profits. 

Apart from the shared workspaces provided here, they also have a learning platform for entrepreneurs. So that all of them can help one another and move towards an innovative future. At Seattle’s Vestlink, you will find a better and comfortable environment for coworking. Here you will get a chance to build relationships with other companies as well. With the waterfront office and outdoor terraces, the motivation to work harder is just around the corner. Apart from that, you will get access to Houghton Beach Park, so when its time for a stroll or you want to head out for some cool air, it is good to know you can do it easily. 

Perks at Vestlink Seattle

  • Lounge area: Want some fresh air or chill environment? At Vestlink, you can benefit from an open area. The motive is to help you feel relaxed and recharge your body so that you can work with higher concentration levels. 
  • Games: Not all people are boring, many of us need some cool stuff for relaxation. Hence, for the cool personalities, they have many interesting games Ping Pong table, through which you all will be relaxed. 
  • High-speed Wi-fi: With high-speed internet, you can complete your tasks without any hindrance. Because when it comes to work and efficiency, obstacles should not be there at all.  
  • Printer: The in-house printing facilities will never leave you searching for shops to get everything done easily.
  • Wheelchair accessibility: Vestlink Kirkland has a design that is accessible for the disabled. With the movable chair facility in Vestlink Seattle, everyone can work harder, better and maintain their efficiency. 
  • Kitchen facility: The in-house kitchen has the necessary appliance and equipment to get you sorted out for all sorts of food requirements. Also, there are a few goodies and snacks always available in the workspace. 
  • Unlimited coffee: Vestlink knows how hard you are working to build a great future. Coffee is something that keeps me going. The best thing is that at this workspace you can get coffee at no cost and that too have as much as you can.
  • On-site staff: Their dedicated staff is always there when you need them. They know how to treat the clients and how to welcome them with respect. 
  • Events: To build community and relations among all the members of Vestlink Seattle, they also organize some events so that we all can build up relations. 
  • Conference room: For members only, they have provided conference rooms with no extra charges. The number of seats available in the conference room is 5-50 seats.



Membership plans at Vestlink in Seattle

Different people have different choices and plans, that is why Seattle’s Vestlink is providing you with different memberships. Choose the best plan for your venture and start building an innovative tomorrow. With free access to 405 to 520, there are other benefits here like access to Vestlink incubation center networking events and one-on-one meetings with investors and partners. 

Hot desk

This plan is working upon the “first come, first serve” policy. Choose the place where you feel comfortable. All the work area here belongs to members. With this membership plan, you will benefit from each and every amenities that are curated specifically to take care of the member’s needs and requirements. At $100 to $150 per month, you can buy a subscription to hot desking at this Seattle based co-working space. 

Dedicated desk

As the name itself suggest that your reserved desk will only be dedicated to you. No one can sit at your place. You just have to choose your desired desk and that seat will only belong to you, until the period of your monthly subscription. This membership plan also gives you access to this coworking space Seattle 24*7. No scheduled period, no business hours, you can decide when you want to leave and when you want to work. The per head charges for a Dedicated desk at Vestlink Kirkland ranges between $350 to $500/month. 

Contact and Location of Vestlink 

Vestlink resides at a location where you will not face any kind of distractions. With a large parking area, the outer view is also very alluring. Because of the wider roads and enough green cover all around commuting to office is hassle-free. The nearby lake is yet another reason to opt for this relaxing co-working space in Seattle. Within the walking distance, you will find several restaurants and metro stations.

Address: 5808 North-East Washington Blvd, Kirkland WA.

E-mail: [email protected]


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At Vestlink, everyone is passionate about innovation and technology. Their dedicated team is highly experienced and knowledgeable in management, business, and finance. Many of them are running their successful business.  Join them today, if you have that passion and ignite inside you to driving the innovation. 

Vestlink Seattle is not just a coworking space, it is much more than that. You will find a well-fabricated environment within its premises. The networking events, incubation center, funding, startup showcases, and investor meetings, all of it is designed to help you scale, grow, develop and succeed.

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