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Do you want to know what Blank Spaces is all about? NO, it is not Collaboration. But it is Collaboration 2.0. This coworking space has a presence in Los Angeles, Pasadena, Santa Monica, Culver City, Larchmont, Long Beach, and Irvine. The aim is to reach the next level of collaboration by allowing the members to indulge with each other on a whole new level. They add the local flavors of the city from they operate and facilitate for all the members, top-notch services and amenities.

Blank spaces has curated for itself a community of diverse people working under one roof and leveraging from an energetic and vibrant ecosystem. The free vibe, community support, and infectious work routine is sure to produce results for all the members. Coworking spaces similar to this support and encourages all kinds of individuals and businesses to scale and grow to new heights. Blank Spaces thinks that every coworking space needs to build a community outside of the space. A community is what makes every coworking space what it is and also promote collaboration.

Excited? Their coworking culture and ideas piqued my interest too. Here are a few things more that are awesome about them.

Amenities at Blank Spaces Pasadena

  • High-Speed internet for seamless work experience and ensure that you never have to buffer the latest episode of your favorite series.
  • Energetic community culture which makes you think and rattle your brain for ideas
  • Ergonomic chairs and desks will increase your productivity and bring to a new level of concentration
  • The Founder of Blank Spaces is an architect. So, you can expect the best interior designing for a coworking space in Pasadena.
  • For Art and theatre lovers, this is the perfect coworking space because they will be working just across from the Pasadena Playhouse.
  • The networking events at Blank Spaces Pasadena are well planned and enable the members to expand their work knowledge and network.
  • The super-friendly staff will make work convenient and smooth
  • There is a small kitchenette to make sure that you have your food in a nice space surrounded by potential clients or partners.
  • The human fuel is also served at Blank Spaces Pasadena and it comes from the most amazing coffee house in town
  • Free to use microwave is there to heat up your food
  • There are dedicated meeting rooms which ensure that you have a separate and the perfect spot to meet with a potential client.

Blank Spaces Pasadena





Membership Plans at Blank Spaces:

The membership plans are devised after keeping in mind the minutest needs of a business or a solopreneur. For instance, private offices are divided among different team sizes. There are options for a window or a window-less office. You may think that this is not necessary but the environment and the area you work at means a lot for your work authenticity and mood.

  • WorkCafe: WorkCafe means hot desking, that is you will be given a seat in the common work lounge and it works on a first come first serve basis. A WorkCafe member has access to print, copy or fax machine. Also if you are a member at Blank Spaces Pasadena under this plan, then you will also gain access to their Santa Monica workspace. Per month membership for this plan will cost you $275 and if you choose to avail for three months together the rate comes down to $225/month. Only remember that an open lounge membership works on a first come first serve basis. If you want to avail a permanent desk, then you need to go for WorkStation Membership at Blank Spaces.
  • WorkStation: This means that you will get a desk all to yourself. Only you can work from this station as long as you pay the monthly rent. The chairs are even more comfortable and you will also get one hour of free meeting room access. Most importantly, with the WorkStation membership, you will be able to work from any workbar under their banner. A permanent desk at Blank Spaces gives a relief that you won’t have to search for the best seat to work from. You will have your own desk at $475/month. Similarly paying together for three months will bring down the monthly rate to $350.
  • Private Offices: As I have said before, that Blank Spaces takes special care of the small businesses. That is why they have three variants of the private office membership

i) Medium Private Office: for the business younglings or if two people want to share a private space there is a two-seater private office. Plus, for a small team of three people, the medium private office by Blank Spaces is perfect. This includes free meeting room time which is according to the number of members in the team. Other benefits of coworking under this membership include 5 days of access to any of the 100 LEXC global coworking locations network in a year. And you will get your own mailing address. As for the rates are concerned, a two-member team office comes at $1200/month and the three-member office will cost you $1275/month.

ii) Team Private Office: This membership option is suitable for 3,4 or 6 members in a team. The meeting room access (in hours) is proportional to the number of members. Also, with this office membership, you will have access to any Workbar location. And 5 days a year access to various LEXC coworking locations. The three-member office cost is $1400/month, for a four-member office, you will need to pay $1600/month. Lastly, the 6-member private office cost is kept at $2200/month.

iii) Windowed Private Office: want to gaze upon the beautiful sunset while working, go for the Windowed Private Office @ Blank Spaces. Of course, the membership rates are a little high in this membership plan. Starting from a 2 member office it comes at $1400/month. Going forward, the 3,4 or 6 member office will cost you $1400, $2000 and $2200/month respectively.

  • Virtual Office Membership: Running a business without-the-office option is also available at Blank Spaces. You can avail for a mailing address and much more starting at $135/month. Along with this the virtual members can avail a dedicated phone line and also have access to the workbar for 15 hours in a month. In terms of the meeting room access, one hour is free for all the virtual office members.

Location and Contact of Blank Spaces

Pasadena – Blank Spaces

You all must know The Paseo? It is an amazing three blocks wide entertainment and shopping avenue. Well, Blank Spaces operates near to the Paseo Colorado. This means that not only will you have an awesome workspace, you will also be working near to the biggest entertainment center in the city. Plus, there are plenty of finger-licking food pitstops all around the street from where you will be working. Let’s focus on work.

Address: 680 E, Colorado Blvd, #180, Pasadena, California 91101.


Email: [email protected]


Blank Spaces Pasadena is truly a wondrous coworking space because it has everything your business needs. Hence, the membership plans are such that they converge with your needs. And the environment that they have curated in all these years is sure to support you in scaling. This coworking space which runs on the single and one of the most important motives of Collaboration 2.0 believes in collective expansion. You will be able to amalgamate your resources and work with a new and proficient way of doing business.

All in All, I want to express that Blank Spaces Pasadena is all about sharing a common emotion when it comes to running a business. It is about forwarding the concept of community understanding and building a supportive environment around your venture. Old or new, single or a team, it does not matter what kind and type of business you are. There is a space dedicated to your business expansion and that has everything you require to develop and grow.

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