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Greetings my friend, so you are searching for a coworking space based in Oakland. Well, have you heard about Ace Monster Toys? A coworking space residing on the borders of Berkeley and Oakland. More often than not, you will find yourself amongst a creative or a curator who has big dreams but does not follow that path. Well, AMT (as it is famously called) is just the space for those people who are searching for an avenue to represent themselves. This coworking space will provide an incredible pathway to you if you are on the same path. This space works on the models of volunteering and acquiring membership in the workspace.

Everybody at Ace Monster Toys Oakland is either a hobbyist, an entrepreneur, a creative, a craftsman, a hacker, or a programmer. When you bring them all together, the result is a space that resonates developing something new from scratch. All in all this space is for a curious mind, it does not matter what you know and what you don’t. The only thing that is important at AMT is that you have the zeal to know. You will be amongst a community that is self-sufficient, which progresses with sharing and which advances with collaboration. If you are someone whose curiosity piques with everything you see and you are filled with the “How” and “Why” questions, read along to know what AMT has to offer.

The Programs and Tools at Ace Monster Toys:

There are different programs and areas within which AMT operates. You will be able to use any of these spaces depending on your interest and prowess.

  • Laser Cutting: for all the Star Wars fans and those who like to play with fire the laser cutting space is the best work area. They have an 80-watt CO2 Infrared Laser. The novices can go for training and the cost of operating the laser is ¢25 a minute.
  • Coworking Space and Classes: This is where you will learn about the intricate techniques of craftsmanship or any other field in which you choose to achieve mastery. The coworking area houses comfortable desks, an open bar, and cafeteria for the members, a projector, a lounge area, and storage lockers. The added benefit of the classroom space is that you can opt for any training that you would like to learn. But the condition is that you need to have a quorum and a trainer who is ready to teach you. The available classes at Ace Monster Toys Oakland range from a general soft skills workshop to more precise 3D printing and software coding classes.
  • Clean Fabrication: There are three domains in this program, 3D printing, Electronics, and Textiles. Within the textile segment, you will be able to leverage large cutting tables, state-of-the-art tools, and machinery to work with. The electronics workshop is a dream come true for every innovator and creative. All the desks have soldering irons, magnifying glasses, and a plethora of sundry tools and equipment. For the fun part, you can participate in Box-Bots, a bot-fighting event held outside of the electronics area. Lastly, there is 3D printing in which you will be able to learn the different techniques of 3D printing.
  • Workshop: You can call this area an engineer’s paradise. You will find each and every hand tool that is being used in the 21st century at Ace Monster Toys workshop. From sanding blocks to hammers and from files to a mammoth collection of screwdrivers, you name it and they have it. On the other hand, you will also find that AMT facilitates all of the necessary power tools for the members. They have the table saw, grinders, finishing sander, rotary tool, miter saw, router, vertical saw, and whatnot.
  • Metal Machining and Storage: The metal works space also has various metal grinding and altering tools. The bench grinder, CNC engraver, and Jet Lathe are only a few of the many types of equipment present at Ace Monster Toys Oakland. Here too you can avail of on-demand classes subject to a few conditions. With regards to hot metalworking classes, they are associated with the Department of Spontaneous Combustion. Within this space, you will find your storage lockers, some of them are the basic lockers available by virtue of being a member. If you want to avail larger spaces, they are available on a rental basis priced at a per foot basis.

Ace Monster Toys Oakland Membership Plans:

A coworking space like Ace Monster Toys is not just run with the help of money. They also need the valuable time of the members, their resources, and their expertise. Hence we are going to discuss the membership plans for two types of coworkers. One is a paid subscription and the other is volunteering.

Paid Subscription: This is the basic model with which all the coworking spaces operate. You need to pay a price for being a member of AMT.

  • Scholarship: The scholarship starts at $45 per month. But you need to earn this scholarship to be able to enjoy being a member of AMT under this scheme. They have a limited number of seats under the scholarship program so give it your best shot to it.
  • Starving Hacker: for this membership, you need to pay $60 a month and you need to be a student, or unemployed or underemployed to apply.
  • Standard: The standard membership plan is the next best thing that you will find at Ace Monster Toys Oakland. At $80 per month, you will be able to enjoy all the services and access to areas at AMT. This cost includes the price for programs and workshop access.
  • Premium: well, this is the plan you have been searching for. It includes everything there is to be given by AMT at your service. After paying $120 per month you can enjoy 24*7 access to the workspace and unlimited guest privileges. 

Beyond the monthly membership, Ace Monster Toys also provides you the option of a yearly membership. At $720 per year and the membership of your choice, you will be a proud member of AMT for the whole year. Beware, there are cancellation charges to the tune of $200.  

Volunteering: This is a rather beautiful concept available at Oakland’s Ace Monster Toys. Here you can be a member of this amazing workspace without paying a single penny. The twist is that you need to devote 8 hours in a month to work for AMT. After availing this membership you will be a part of Monster Corps and work in areas like onsite and shop tool maintenance. Plus you can also dedicate your time as a developer, social media content generator, and a laser teacher. The doors are open for everybody but the approval is subject to an interview and a 30-day training period.

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If that’s not all for you here is a list of some more perks that you can expect to enjoy at Ace Monster Toys.

  • Meetings with the experts in their field within the premises of AMT.
  • There is a bike park space along with the metal workshop area.
  • They have a dedicated online store for the members with items at lower prices than the market.
  • The classes and programs are really helpful in learning new skills and honing your current skill level.
  • The machines are as good as new and they are certified for safety and security.
  • The whole culture exudes cohesiveness and a distinct collaborative environment engulfs the whole area.

Reviews as per Google = 4.7 out of 5 


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Location and Contact:

Oakland – Ace Monster Toys

One of the most awesome coworking spaces in Oakland resides in a quiet street with an ample amount of parking space. The surrounding area also has a number of other commercial addresses which means that you can knock and grind all you can. Nobody will bat an eye. Here is the address for your next workshop:

Address: 6050 Lowell Street, Oakland, California 94608.


Email: [email protected]


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It is true that the coworking culture in the USA is distinct from the world. One of the main reasons for this distinctiveness is the presence of spaces like Ace Monster Toys in Oakland. This coworking space divides the whole space into certain segments. The work areas have modern machines, top-notch equipment, and a big portfolio of sundry tools to use. You can call this space a ground zero for innovation. This is where you will find yourself amongst an infectious ecosystem of innovation and creativity. Above all, when you are among like-minded individuals you will feel more comfortable and energetic to build something from scratch. Bring your ideas, use your imagination, and build a reality. Happy Coworking!

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