7 Awe-Inspiring Coworking Spaces in El Segundo, CA

Ready to spice up your telecommuting game? Then it’s time to pick a coworking space in El Segundo, a vibrant Californian city near Silicone Beach. From green energy initiatives to robotic advancements, the city also emerges as a leader in driving progress. Not surprisingly, most shared office spaces here are a boon for thriving through collaborations and exposure.

Most of the El Segundo coworking spaces will provide you with a fresh working atmosphere and energy. They may also boost your productivity while you dwell in the city’s exciting nightlife and diverse business culture. Plus, with a mix of tech startups, freelancers, and everything in between, you’re sure to find your work tribe. So, whether you’re a jet-setter or a hometown hero, check out these top picks in El Segundo, CA.

Coworking Spaces El Segundo, CA

Pick out any of these El Segundo coworking spaces to gift your business the space it deserves.

1. Spaces El Segundo

Spaces El Segundo

Get ready to navigate LA’s concrete jungle like a pro with Spaces’ prime location on Sepulveda Boulevard. The location connects with a plethora of metro lines for enhanced accessibility. Here, you may impress your colleagues when hunger strikes with a power lunch on-site. Or, you may indulge in some fancy dining at one of the many nearby restaurants. So plug into the energy of like-minded people and watch your business soar at Spaces coworking space in El Segundo.

Spaces also features several amenities, like three meeting rooms with the latest equipment. There are 330 parking spots that members can use to park their vehicles. Use the breakout areas or the beautiful outdoor seating whenever you need a break from work. Further, the space keeps organizing regular networking events so that you keep connecting with the right people.

Pricing: The office space is available for $465 per month, and coworking is available for $255 per person per month. The dedicated desk and virtual office are available for $445 and $119 monthly. Additionally, the meeting room prices start from $65/hr.

Location: 360 N Pacific Coast Hwy Suite 2000, El Segundo, CA 90245, United States

Website: https://www.spacesworks.com/los-angeles/el-segundo-lax

Phone: (424) 367-1100


2. WeWork Coworking Space El Segundo, CA

WeWork Coworking Space El Segundo, CA

WeWork is not just another company but an embodiment of shared spaces that know its game well. Its swanky El Segundo spot spans not one, two, or three, but four fabulously designed floors in a 20-story building. With luxurious lounges, top-notch conference rooms, and sleek private offices, you’ll have every and any arrangement at your fingertips. Plus, getting here is a total snap, thanks to the Metro Green Line close by, along with plenty of parking options. This El Segundo coworking space is heaven on earth and can benefit your mental health significantly. 

Additional amenities include a wellness room, recreational games, EV charging points, and lockable mother’s rooms. There are on-site tech experts to ensure the smooth functioning of your business. The shared space gets disinfected and cleaned daily. Further, if you’d like to bring your four-legged partner to work, WeWork is the place to go.

Pricing: You can book a private office, dedicated desk, full-floor office, and coworking space here. However, the pricing of these is available on request. Other options are a hot desk for $29 and a meeting room for $10/seat/hr.

Location: 222 Pacific Coast Hwy, El Segundo, CA 90245, United States

Website: https://www.wework.com/en-GB/buildings/222-pacific-coast-hwy–los-angeles–CA 

Phone: (424) 266-8386


3. Bizhaus El Segundo Coworking Space

Bizhaus El Segundo Coworking Space

Bizhaus’s El Segundo coworking space is home to a vibrant workplace community. The site is located close to popular dining and entertainment options. With an office here, you might also love cycling to work by canvassing the quiet streets of the beach city. Further, the community here is next level as they collectively organize various events that promote bonding.

This coworking space in El Segundo takes pride in providing its members with the amenities that matter the most. Besides the fast internet connection, you’ll get ergonomic furniture and front desk services. They serve artisan coffee and tea to help you stay focused throughout the day. Moreover, this shared space understands the importance of a clean and tidy environment, so it has professional sanitization staff.

Pricing: The private offices start from $810 and, based on size, go up to $3.120 per month. The team pods and desks are available for $1.200 and $175 monthly.

Location: 1730 E Holly Ave, El Segundo, CA 90245, United States

Website: https://www.bizhaus.com/el-segundo-office-space/ 

Phone: (310) 870-1730


4. Unità El Segundo

Unità El Segundo

The Unità coworking space in El Segundo, CA, boasts fun and beachy interior decor. They throw their weight behind local businesses and generously lend out their event spaces to nonprofits in the area. Moreover, the space pumps up the jams on artistic, musical, and cultural things. In short, they’re a one-stop shop if you are looking for an all-encompassing space.

Their amenities are equally fabulous. Unità offers 24/7 access to the building with several parking spaces. There are business-grade printers and a fast Wi-Fi connection. Additionally, there’s a 3D printing lab and Makerlab for people who are into designing. You’ll love the podcasts and AR/VR studios if you’re a digital nomad. On top of everything, you’ll find tasty snacks, tea, and coffee all day.

Pricing: There’s a native membership for $1,400, dedicated desks for $600, and coworking for $450.

Location: 215 Arena St, El Segundo, CA 90245, United States

Website: https://www.unita.club/workspace/elsegundo 

Phone: (310) 480-2728


5. Premier Workspaces

Premier Workspaces

Located in El Segundo, California, Premier Workspace’s PCT building is a shining trophy of architectural excellence. Boasting the coveted LEED Gold Certification and Energy Star label, this building is the perfect fit for the environmentally conscious workers. With floor-to-ceiling windows, you may feast your eyes on breathtaking views of the LA skyline, LAX, and Palo Verdes Peninsula. Moreover, their contract offers flexible terms, which can benefit you if you want to cut down on some services.

The Premier coworking spaces in El Segundo offer several valuable amenities. There are fully furnished private offices, a high-speed network, mail collection, and support staff. Additionally, a fully equipped kitchen is always stocked with snacks. This El Segundo coworking space also provides its members with a professional address to add value to their businesses. 

Location: 222 N. Pacific Coast Highway, Suite 2000, El Segundo, CA 90245, United States

Website: https://www.premierworkspaces.com/california/el-segundo 

Phone: (310) 364-5200


6. CENTRL Office El Segundo

CENTRL Office El Segundo Coworking Space

The CENTRL Office coworking space in El Segundo is built for peace and productivity. This haven allows you to escape the mayhem and find your perfect focus. Plus, you’ll share the space with like-minded folks who’ll keep you motivated and inspired. And did we mention that the CENTRL Office is only 10 minutes from the beach?

On the roster of perks, there lies a treasure trove of amenities to enjoy. Lightning-fast internet, printers and scanners, on-site parking, and cleaning services are just the beginning. The lounge and lobby areas will be your sanctuary. For those who need a daily dose of caffeine, rest easy – free coffee and an endless supply of tea will be at your fingertips. And the cherry on top? The event space is a prime spot to throw all kinds of shindigs, from meetups to workshops. For environmentally-conscious bike riders, daytime storage is a convenient option at this EL Segundo coworking space.

Pricing: CENTRL offers monthly offices, coworking, meeting rooms, and virtual offices to its customers. The prices of these options are available upon request.

Location: 840 Apollo St #100, El Segundo, CA 90245, United States

Website: https://centrloffice.com/locations/california-los-angeles-south-bay/ 

Phone: (424) 426-5855


7. Regus El Segundo LAX

Regus LAX

Regus LAX Continental Grand coworking space is a magnificent steel and glass workspace in the wealthy neighborhood of El Segundo. You might even run into some big-shot execs from Chevron or Mattel to grab networking opportunities. It helps you stay focused with well-lit, stylish rooms or take a break and relax amidst the soothing fountains and gardens. When you call it a day, make a beeline for Manhattan Beach to walk along the scenic shore. Or you can check out the area’s myriad of trendy shops, cafes, or eateries.

Regus coworking space in El Segundo has got your back when it comes to amenities too. You’ll have everything you need, from high-speed Wi-Fi to unlimited coffee, business-grade printers, and complimentary newspapers. And if you need to make a last-minute phone call, the business lounge is the perfect spot. Alternatively, take a breather in one of the breakout zones. Plus, the community is full of growth-oriented professionals, making it easy to connect with like-minded people in your field.

Pricing: Book office spaces for $355 per month and coworking for $339 per person per month. Also, you get to choose from a virtual office and meeting rooms starting from $109 per month and $29 per hr.

Location: LAX Continental Grand, 6th Floor, 400 Continental Blvd, El Segundo, CA 90245, United States

Website: https://www.regus.com/en-us/united-states/california/el-segundo

Phone: (310) 426-2000

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Coworking spaces in EL Segundo are a great way to chase your work goals and make them a reality. These spaces are the best in terms of amenities and services. Additionally, the locations are close to the beach or great eateries, parks, or trails. The many opportunities to network and grow your team and business are extra perks. Therefore, make a wise decision and choose the one you like the most.

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